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tv   News  RT  April 1, 2019 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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facebook calls for global internet rules sounds for governments to play a more active role in regulating its. media and followed amid a lengthy lead to the polls in the first round of ukraine's presidential election but so far he's taken thirty percent of the love. police in the u.s. release body count video of the fatal shooting of a black american with his twenty five.
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very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me mickey aaron great to have you with us and our top story this hour the internet's needs more regulation government should play an active role in policing it ses facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg the facebook chief says he wants international systems in place to keep polypill content to a minimum plus the laws on protecting elections should be updated and new industry standard said he's also pushing for a framework to better cover privacy and data protection and allow people to safely move data from one service to another our senior correspondent lourdes garcia takes a closer look into the story i'm jewish and there's just sort of people who deny the holocaust right i find that deeply offensive but. i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think that there are the different people get it wrong we don't check what people say before they say it in front. really i
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don't think society should want us to freedom means you don't have to ask for permission first and that by default you can say what you want who would have thought that it could come to this book begging governments to tame the wild wild web to police censor and control it to think it all began so innocently people want to go on the internet check out their friend someone at the website that offers that i'm talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online it was so simple then a place for teenagers to share their relationship status for friends to share pictures announce parties keep in touch but. somewhere along the line facebook group dark gathering and selling people's personal information bots fake news election meddling censorship and suspensions targeting innocent people at
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times and the videos streams mass murders the new zealand shooting rapes snuff videos it seemed facebook c.e.o. did nothing but apologize now it was a big mistake now was a mistake and it was my mistake and i'm really sorry that this happened and i'm sorry and i'm sorry for it it seems zuckerberg is tired of keeping facebook his own platform clean in now wants governments to do it ministries to police the net with rules and regulations. the saying goes the route to hell is paved with good intentions though something tells me. less interested in good intentions and more concerned about bad
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press and profit but hey who knows he talks so pretty by updating the rules for the internet we can preserve what's best about it the freedom for people to express themselves. remarkable ease actually saying that government censorship politicians deciding what you can and cannot do or say will somehow make the internet freer when has that ever happened before in fact one of the scandals facebook was embroiled in was its wholesale cleansing of pages and news feeds it didn't like in full was alex jones even for a while artie's math ik media all four of magic pages including the now were taken down for no reason other than pressure from pro-war think tank and i'll leave the report from the messages are slick filled with graphics with grass gradually.
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left leaning americans getting news from social media and the videos have been viewed tens of millions of times billions of times thank you apparently it's all for you your freedom your safety so here it is a corporate billionaire with dirty hands asking politicians to censor and regulate the web you don't get five hundred million friends without making a few enemies he once said but it seems heading towards having just a few friends and millions of enemies. and recipes are generalists dave lyndall plays logs uk a bug is something that thing off to his own interests. wolves are getting closer regulation of his company there's a lot of anger and it's a growing call to break up facebook to regulate facebook and i think what's
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everybody's doing is recognizing that something is going to happen and rather than face it alone he wants to. call for regulation of all his competitors to because if he's the only one who's regulated he gets broken up the company gets smaller has less power. and to get hurt in the competition with larger entities like google he's trying to shape it but i don't think his argument holds a lot of water that is that he's been making all along that somehow facebook is just a free speech issue. where most of the votes counted comedian followed him as a lengthy is leading the polls in the first round of ukraine's presidential election so far he's won thirty percent of the votes and will be up against incumbent president petro poroshenko later this month in the second round.
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this is ukraine where anything can happen during the elections disses a country that went through two revolutions in the course of just ten years and the nation right now it is fair to say is sick and tired of the familiar faces from the old political elite and the liberals and then the comedian who has already dug himself ziska president well indeed has never taken part in any kind of election
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but has long been a politician already and the sense that a great deal of his humor was always about the active political elite. and we didn't know. yeah how can you just love it if he had to. give it to you but it's good. i. do is what you. see my son we don't know whether he'd planned it or not but a few years ago today was a man ski began starring in his own sitcom where he played the part of an ordinary teacher of history at school who all of a sudden became the president of the country what went wrong for petro poroshenko.
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was this expected or well first of all we still have to be fair there is going to be the runoff so he must still come out on top but experts are saying that his chances are decreasing but it is very important to remember how petro poroshenko got into power that happened as a result of the revolution the nation wanted a country without poverty without corruption probably a country that's part of nato or the european union and the most vital thing a country without civil war and portugal failed to achieve any of that yes there were some other minor team and to be fair for example cranes can now go to the european union without visas. managed to give independence to the crane in order to dr churchill from moscow but he kept on going on with this anti russian rhetoric promises to bring crimea back let's take
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a listen to some of that. we were bringing back crimea we were three of those men and women who found themselves in the illegal turn of the tree we will bring ukrainian marines to we do not forget them for one second. but it really seems given the results that we're getting the numbers that we're getting that people weren't really buying it so loosely people want to win the change this wish of the younger people veteran. pm beulah to michelle she was the voting she was in the top three of this what forty people the ballot my own bitterly disappointed vote for her well first of all for a long time she was the symbol of ukrainian opposition she was definitely expected to challenge president bush and co for years while he was incumbent president and then three months ago selenski came out and said i'm running and i guess most of the votes were taken from you the machine because again we can predict out all
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what's going to happen in that case this is ukraine as i've said where politics can really turn wild. well for it even california have released body count video of the police shooting of an american rapper willie mccoy it apparently shows that the musician was asleep at the time and next video contains disabling images and sounds. there. was no. story. the incident took place in february police were initially called to check on mccoy's wellbeing six officers shot at him twenty five times claiming he leaned for
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his gun when he woke up in his car the video evidence suggests police did not try to wake him up something that his family also claimed. the big picture the police in the united states killed more than a thousand people in two thousand and eighteen most of the officers involved did not go on to face criminal charges african-americans and latinos are statistically more likely to be shot by the police than other groups michelle gross from communities against police brutality say the office is unwilling mccoy case to be charged with murder it is in no way a best practice of police they should not have shot him and you know it was ridiculous they shot him twenty five times and then the roughly twenty five times nobody knows for sure and then they started screaming all of your hands put up your hands the man was dead and the fact that they chose to wake you up with bullets.
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is completely wrong there can be no other explanation that you know i understand but they were maybe a little spooked by the fact that he had a loaded gun in his law it didn't have a clip of it but are the bottom line is that you know they should have attempted to wake you first in the united states you know an extremely small fraction and i believe these police officers should be charge of marcus. and international chain a fertility clinic has been flattened for helping hundreds of australian couples choose the gender of their children the procedure is bound in australia itself and was carried out in the united states. outrage over the latest move toward designer babies the world's first genetically engineered baby else you get down the slippery slope of does genetically altered designer babies includes designer babies with the gene editing procedure clinic's can alter a child's d.n.a.
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and allows them to change physical features such as the eye color and even kill such an illness is a ban on editing human human embryos it with a stablished in twenty nine countries and around the globe the u.s. to has restrictive rules on research but gender selection is not to prohibit scientists blind how many explains concerns surrounding genetic engineering the risks are so hard right now know that you know that's that's why the large american jew nearing has been banned for humans because in animals you get you get situations where you get say thirty going to bring those that are considered good enough to implant and out of those you get two or three that can survive for a few weeks and one that is considered by we're just on the on the air edge of. being ready to do that in
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a way that is reliable enough. for human use human rights lawyer jennifer braden and money who also put a politician on the activist exchanged views on the issue. we're not talking about getting a vehicle or buying a car and be able to design your car we're talking about a human life a child a baby and what this opens up to the danger that this opens it up to where society now things that they can basically just pick and choose i mean it even said that the science was going towards a way not just of eye color and of gender but also of skin color of race and so while we could be afraid that there might be another area in society out there actually i have a lot of mixed feelings about this issue because you know on one hand a lot of this genetic testing has been used for women who can't have children i guess they do the genetic modification. and then in that case she's able to have a baby the other hand is what does open it up to and hand spins for you have this
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concept of designer babies not only does that create a dangerous precedent for motherhood as an example or for parenthood as an example but it's now glorified glorifying and placing his glorification so to speak on and on the baby's appearance at birth what more is that going to create say a parent paid for something in the eye color wasn't quite what the parents wanted and now the child going to be forever shamed or living in shame that on the converse that the parent gets everything they paid for and the qualities of a child how is that child going to raise knowing that to treat others with respect and dignity based on their character and their personality because they're going to have been raised knowing you know we paid for you and we got you exactly the way we wanted you i don't want this issue of designer babies to come to fruition because i feel that would. it would essentially be what professor stephen hawkins argued that we're creating this super race which would add more inequality into the world
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but at the same time if this is a medically necessary procedure for a mom to have her child what's wrong with that i just think the president this creates is very troubling specifically in the science community and in parenthood and in the family system as a whole. coming up the u.s. rubs his hands together over a post breaks that trade deal with the u.k. we'll have some live reaction to that after the break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be. actually going to be close it's like before three in the morning people are.
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interested always in the long. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next about different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing. you. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can sink i was going to go. by the way what is it that's like here. welcome back when it seems the united states conway to the u.k.
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to exit the european union national security advisor john bolton promises that person will be top of the queue for trade when the divorce deal is done. people who worry about the u.k. crashing out of the european union that's the phrase they use they're going to crash right into the united states we're standing here waiting to make a trade deal britain will be at the top of the queue for us but tough u.s. negotiating objectives so britain it will be treated like any other trading partner meaning it has to provide access for u.s. agricultural products they should also remove barriers on the lao access in full for american medicines there is growing alarm in britain at the possibility of a process opposed brags that deal with the us people fear it will open the door to chlorine wash chicken and hormone pumped beef and raise the costs of medicine in the national health service well we asked people in london what they thought of the offer. i think the trade deal with america sounds awful there's no point in.
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living in the e.u. and jumping straight into bed with the u.s. that's never we were never going to be a negotiator for point a straight and we would call even the brics it from a point of strength we should be striking deals wherever we can if we're going to be. the u.s. would. get more from not do it than we do we don't. i don't want to hormones that might be you know they've got lower welfare standards for their food system for their medicines so that everything one of the reasons why i wouldn't go and live in america is because while the food is treat it would probably try to kill me. a spokesperson for the prime minister tried to calm fears saying the u.k. is not going to lower its food standards well we're joined live now by former british m.p. and senior research fellow at the defense academy of the u.k. matthew gordon banks thanks for joining us on the program so there you can hear is top of the queue for trade with the us that is britain's markets so lucrative.
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i don't think it's very lucrative for the united states it's very important for how we do and cope if and when we leave the european union but. we're a very tiny country that small of the many us states. i'm surprised that there's such a fuss in the united states at the moment what's the current situation and how will it change after break that. well. i must give the health warning that i'm not even sure whether we're going to be leaving the e.u. at the present moment in time politicians in u.k. are making a real mess of the. process it's already being extended and.
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goodness knows when we should actually be believing but i think that assuming we were to leave this sama with going to be. really struggling to fix and sign a lot of trade deals with all the countries in the united states. and i personally am very worried that we may end up having food shortages shortages of prescribed medication and drugs and all sorts of other things. we spoke to some people on the street says. things that only a lot of people are worried about and dangerous products will enter the u.k. as a result of a deal with the u.s. do you think these fears are justified. i think they are very justified the people that you interviewed. i am
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myself. always try to buy products which. do not have. hormone home and tend to them as you as you mentioned in relation to beef. and i certainly myself don't want to have chlorine was chicken these are two very good examples there are many more or one of the things that it's a great worry is that if and when the u.k. leaves the european union. food standards may be lowered. the united states is such a big and powerful country we could be very easily taken for a ride. i think people generally in the u.k.
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are concerned about that. if say an increase in trade with the u.s. would be sufficient significance in filling the gap left by e.u. companies leaving the u.k. could also plug that get gaps left by people out of jobs for example plug that hole . no i don't think so at all. all although. i should say for the benefit of your viewers the time i voted to remain within the you. nevertheless thinking very positively have a sense about how we can move forward if and when we leave. i'm afraid that many of the people particularly in northern england and northeastern england who voted very
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significantly to do. they are unfortunately not going to see a jobs bonanza or an economic bonanza that some people had hoped for we've we've seen in the loss of jobs. car manufacturers home landreth jack. it should be very worrying because if you lose three and a half stars in the workers at the honda factory in. the county in middle southwestern england such as will then it's not just those workers it's their families and all of the other businesses which which service the industry and it's going to affect an offer. a lot of people
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and i really don't think we're going to quickly see replacements for them and certainly not from the united states on the no to former british m.p. and senior research fellow at the defense academy of the u.k. matthew gordon banks thank you for your time. coming up unusual farty the canadian province of quebec are preparing to ban government employees from wearing religious symbols such as the islamic headscarf the hit job and the jewish . it's important for us. all people. position along religious lines i don't think a lot of people feel that in a free society we should be we should i'm icing discrimination of our citizens based on religion it proposed banning incubate covers public workers in positions of authority including schoolteachers we heard from a citizen journalist and a muslim woman whose plans to become
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a teacher in canada are now under threat. we're already running a lot of manifestation resending petitions we're talking to the titians lawyers so that this can even come into law a lot of movements are going on right now so that disk can become a lot because it's it's going to set a very bad precedent however if this does become a lot then a lot of religious minorities will leave the province and will have to find more safe and inclusive place where they can work as they want to live as they want to know this they can see well no this state has to be secular you can wear a headscarf wherever you want but if you represent a state like the police officer or a judge or a teacher in a public school because people teach in private school will be allowed but if you teach in a public school you represent the state you have to wear and you really have to sign you don't want the person who you are interacting with so that maybe you have
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some prejudice because of religion religion this has to be something that belongs to the personal fear is not part of the state thanks for chasing our tail we're back in thirty minutes with the latest thing that. when else should seem wrong. why don't we all just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days you can get educated and gain from it equals betrayal and. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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you know world a big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. desperate for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. they've months of intensive schooling. rats. and they save lives.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the biggest political hoax in american history russia gate is almost a thing of the past brags that on the other hand only seems to drop into deeper levels of purgatory and what is next for russia's relations with the west.


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