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the. comedian. wins the first round of ukraine's presidential election setting the stage for. president. as the british parliament rejects all options on the table to rule the said raises the prospect. on april twelfth. when facebook calls for global internet for governments to play a more active role in regulating the web. thanks for joining us on r.t. international and. welcome to the program. ok media and political newcomer
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has won the first round of ukraine's presidential election but he took the lead in sunday's ballots with twice as many votes as incumbent president petro poroshenko the two rivals will face off in a second round on april the twenty first takes a look at why support. has been plummeting. they counted on him gave them all kind of help and thought he'd take the x. soviet republic somewhere new the result roughly eighty five percent of ukraine voters want to show petro poroshenko the door the western establishment is baffled for them choosing between someone as hated today as the chocolate king pershing co and funny guy all of them are selenski aka is a president is a tough one backing the winner of round one who has no political background at all is like opening pandora's box well look at who he's been destroying with jokes for
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years the names are all they're way behind him now how's that for a political background. we going to. bring back crimea. ok this is. what about his own sitcom launched in two thousand and fifteen selenski character just a schoolteacher on a fast track to be president turns the whole system upside down. just like maybe he never even thought of it and maybe his sensation came about because someone once randomly told the man why don't you give it a try in real life anyway world leaders should probably start watching out for comedy shows or at least avoid petro poroshenko mistakes like making
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a ton of promises you can't keep petro poroshenko came to power after the mud on revolution he was loved in america and europe ukraine was then desperate for a strong new leader what did the people hope to get from mr poroshenko a country with no corruption less poverty a proper alliance with nato and the you and to the civil war in ukraine's east and hold men abroad he lost a lot of support by failing at all that with probably one exception ukrainians can stay in the you for ninety days without a visa the president did his best to cut off all possible ties with russia and that was the essence of his campaign it was russian has been waging a hybrid war against a country for five years. under the threat of fools going to war with russia the tactic didn't really work in the country where millions still speak russian and have relatives there it looks like it probably won't help mr poroshenko in the run
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off either almost fifteen percent is just too big of a margin even in round one all the hugs and kisses from nato's most powerful people have a sell by date this year as you. presidential election seems to have going less attention in the west than it did back in twenty fourteen the countries also received less u.s. financial assistance for the vote than in previous years political analyst martin summers says that significant. open amount of money that they've committed to the election suggests that they're losing face in their pockets in ukraine. is clearly a busted flush and they don't particularly want to waste any more time and energy trying to keep him in power no doubt they will be beating a path to zilinskas door at this minute hoping that if he does win that they will be able to influence in the directions they would like to see but they clearly
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clearly if they don't see it was one of their candidates i think that's hopeful for ukraine and hopeful for the general situation because we do need you know independent people who've got a bit an independent data today and maybe he's going to come up with some more sensible policies than we've seen in the last few years we'll have to see it's not clear. the british parliament has rejected all four motions put forward to resolve the books at bad luck m.p.'s held a second series of so-called indicative vote so after the prime minister's e.u. withdrawal plan was resoundingly defeated one option was to remain in the european single market that was turned down by a margin of twenty one a plan for a permanent customs union got the closest to winning majority blocked by just three votes and lawmakers rejected giving the british people of final say on the withdrawal agreement finally a motion to further delay breaks it was the most unpopular of all so as things stand by the full legal position is that the u.k. will leave the e.u.
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with no deal in place on april twelfth. after the vote the european parliament achieved go shares and tweeted the day hard breaks it is becoming nearly inevitable guy verhofstadt says that when as they will be the u.k.'s last chance to break the deadlock of face the us now he was referring of course to a new possible round of votes proposed by the opposition leader gerry mccall but. if it's good enough for the prime minister to have three chances at her deal i then i suggest that possibly the house should have a chance to consider again the all the options that we had before us today. on wednesday so that the house can exert see where the prime minister has failed in presenting a credible economic relationship with europe for the future the prevent is crashing out with no deal the prime minister's deal is my past me refuses to
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compromise it is crystal clear to us don't stop with the report said nurse time's not disrespected. before the vote took place activists stripped off in the house of commons public gallery to raise awareness about climate change and twelve people were arrested the stunt was aimed at m.p.'s to remind them big issues other than for exits which need to impasse talking about off with. a professor of european law francesco that sort of told us there is no clear way out for two reasons. she's really caught between a rock and hard place in this issue for the cast. party on the other hand. trouble the only way she's going to get through because her
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resignation. without any agreement binding agreement on a customs union means it's going to touch and go whether she's going to get through it if we crash out would be a bit is hasta and really it's a minority view you can just go away and everything will be fine actually with it even harder in the cabinet except that there would be one price to pay us. government so being the play a more active role in policing means that as facebook boss mark zuckerberg calls for more regulation online he says he wants mechanisms put in place to reduce the amount of harmful content on social media platforms is also one of the measures that will help to ensure the integrity over elections and protect users personal data mark zuckerberg the models represent a radical departure from the original vision he had for facebook. i'm jewish
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and there's a set of people who deny the holocaust right now i find that deeply offensive but the end of the day i don't believe that our platform should take that down because i think that there are things the different people get wrong we don't check what people say before they say it and frankly i don't think society should want us to freedom means you don't have to ask for permission first and that by default you can say what you want this is really about our mission and our philosophy not about just kind of some short term business decision i really very deeply believe that we are best serving the world and best delivering on our mission to connect everyone by continuing to. portion in these environments and push this much expression is possible who would have thought that it could come to this face book begging governments to tame the wild wild web to police censor and control
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it to think it all began innocently people want to go on the internet check out their friend someone at the website that offers that i am talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online it was so simple then a place for teenagers to share their relationship status for friends to share pictures announce parties keep in touch but. somewhere along the line facebook group dark gathering and selling people's personal information bots fake news election meddling censorship and suspensions targeting innocent people at times and the videos streams mass murders the new zealand shooting rapes snuff videos it seemed facebook c.e.o. did nothing but apologize now it was a big mistake now was a mistake and it was my mistake and i'm really sorry that this happened and i'm
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sorry and i'm sorry for it it seems zuckerberg is tired of keeping facebook his own platform clean in now wants governments to do it ministries to police the net with rules and regulations. the saying goes the route to hell is paved with good intentions though something tells me. less interested in good intentions and more concerned about bad press and profit but hey who knows he talks so pretty by updating the rules for the internet we can preserve what's best about it the freedom for people to express themselves. remarkable ease actually saying that government censorship politicians deciding what you can and cannot do or say
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will somehow make the internet freer when has that ever happened before in fact one of the scandals facebook was embroiled in was its wholesale cleansing of pages and news feeds it didn't like in full was alex jones even for a while artie's math ik media all for vatican pages including the now were taken down for no reason other than pressure from pro-war think tank and i'll leave even more from the messages are slick filled with graphics with ground grab the. left leaning america's getting news from social media and the videos have been viewed tens of millions of times billions of times thank you apparently it's all for you your freedom your safety so here it is
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a corporate billionaire with dirty hands asking politicians to censor and regulate the web you don't get five hundred million friends without making a few enemies he once said but it seems heading towards having just a few friends and millions of enemies visited of journalists believes mark zuckerberg isn't looking out for his own self interest. wolves are getting closer of regulation of his company there's a lot of anger and it's a growing call to break up facebook to regulate facebook and i think what's everybody's doing is recognizing that something is going to happen and rather than face it alone he wants to. call for regulation of all his competitors too because if he's the only one who's regulated he gets broken up with the company gets smaller has less power. and to get hurt in the competition with
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larger entities like google he's trying to shape it but i don't think his argument holds a lot of water that is that he's been making all along that somehow facebook is just a free speech issue. video online propose unleashing a group of protesters attacking a convoy carrying venezuela's self-proclaimed leader one and why do the opposition figurehead was reportedly on his way to speak at a rally in a deprive part of the capital. was according to what local media reports military police officers who are loyal to president would do a kind of a scene in the video protecting kwan gotos convoy the protest was held in sold so the country's self declared leader and the mana to leave the most populous district
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in caracas journalists much blumenthal gave us his thoughts on the footage. it's ironic to see government security forces actually protecting a figure who's calling for the government to be toppled and who's actually attempting to fragment the security services from within it's also ironic because we constantly hear about venezuela as some kind of ruthless communist dictatorship but here you have a situation that certainly would not be tolerated in the united states or other countries where someone who's leading a coup is protected by the security services of the government he's trying to take out what kind of dictatorship is this well apparently it's not a very effective one and what's happening here is really interesting as an alibi this is where nicolas maduro his base is this is where he. actually lives why is why don't they or why is he in a government stronghold because the u.s. wants him to get arrested to create a provocation that's why he's there british police are being given
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a controversial new powers to tackle a crime that's florimel just off of a short break. security council should have a mandatory one percent of all star transactions to go into social security so that
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every individual will say when they become eighteen they've got fifty six thousand dollars and there they can go to college if they want to do that so that is that is an extra analogy of this economy that's being recycled repurposed regenerated into an ecosystem an economy that is like more mimics of nature. facing renewed pressure to resign over a corruption scandal that saw for secretly recorded phone conversation between senior officials was leaked that justin trudeau tried to protect that allegedly corrupt company from prosecution now the allegations surrounding the engineering joint. go back to twenty fifteen when it was charged with bribery and fraud to
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secure contracts in libya. for several senior government officials in a towel have stepped down in the league of his top civil servant saying that trudeau is firmly against the company facing prosecution on several occasions. michael i have to say including this conversation previous conversations that i've had with the prime minister and many other people around it it's entirely inappropriate and it is political interference a kind of his prime minister's denied any wrongdoing while stressing that his support for the country's largest construction farm was intended to protect jobs independence political analyst had a son reporter thinks the scandal is down to political incompetence. well it's certainly a mess in the office and i think the we haven't seen the end of it but not necessarily
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just because of the s. and c. scandal. which i think this is just more than illegality that the the prime minister is incompetent so far he hasn't gotten anything done and perhaps with a better political strategy he could have gotten the. s n c eleven and protected and wilson. placed in an equally important position in cabinet that she would not have spoken out or created the rift with the prime minister so there is a level of political incompetence here because many prime ministers are called to do what to do it was called to do to protect jobs and a canadian company. policing and of wales have been given more powers in a controversial scheme to combat knife crime a bit of x. campaigners have called the move regressive find a concern the powers could be abused. says officers need protection as well. the
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police are on the front line in the battle against serious violence and it's vital we give them the right tools to do their jobs the so-called section sixty checks will be trialled in seven hotspot areas in england and wales and will allow police to search any personal vehicle without reasonable suspicion the change comes in response to at least forty nine people being fatally stabbed this year alone the families of the victims have expressed their support for the measure but say should have been implemented years ago critics however argue the powers give police the opportunity to racially profile individuals we spoke to people in london what they think about the new stop and search measure. i think if you look at the crime stats so in communities we talk you'd rather i was in stop and search but i think with a little north problem we got a moment to really go do something so let's see if it works because. i think he is quite intimidating as he would be for that every time. i think he's not
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always essential and you have no reason to do you say. he isn't always. something you just. look at how to present in the end of the day nothing to hide. problems they can come and. you know we're discussing the problem on r.t. earlier former london police officer peter cook and social activist leigh just who is a former equality advisor to the mayor of london. i'm afraid discrimination is a fact of life disproportionality and racial profiling is part of the culture of urban policing in large inner cities there's nothing to say that if there is any disproportional sooner probably assume that it's the racism of police officers than officer of the law with out any reasonable cause. can stop and detain you is a fundamental breach of our civil liberties you can't do the public health approach without establishing peace on the streets in the first place and the only way of
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doing that the only way of stopping someone getting stabbed tonight tomorrow next week next month or maybe even next year is policing that's the only chance we've got of stopping knives that around the streets being used so i think a bit like the flat earth society people are just making stuff up to justify their political position is very clear the prime minister has said that stop and search is on just looking to the police to sort it out and that's what they've always done in the past and the police have always had some contingency capacity in the past but that doesn't mean there's not a role for police in that absolutely isn't class go. to show that they need. peace on the streets for these are the things to take a chance of taking root and having the longer term effects but i think that partly politicians are under pressure because of the media reports of the horrific killings of young people in all sorts of age groups really who've lost their lives
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on the streets of london and we see this repetitive cycle of media commentary police on the pressure call for more powers more heavy enforcement approach well people criminalize situation doesn't get any better. police tactics are also under scrutiny in the u.s. so authorities have been in california have released disturbing video of the police shooting of american rapper. it appears that the musician was asleep at the time or the next video does contain upsetting images and sounds. was the boat was was. the incident took place in february police were initially called to check on
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mccoy's wellbeing six officers shot him twenty five times claiming he lien from his gun when he woke up in his car video evidence suggests police did not try to wake him up something but his family also claimed. the big picture police in the us killed more than a thousand people in twenty eighteen most of the officers involved did not go on to face criminal charges african-americans and latinos are statistically more likely to be shot by the police than any of the groups we show gross from communities against police brutality says the officers in the willie mccoy case should be charged with murder. it is in no way a best practice of police they should not have shot him and you know it was ridiculous they shot him twenty five times and then they started screaming clip your hands out of your hands the man was dead and the fact that they chose to wake him up with bullets and of course kill him is completely wrong there can be no
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other explanation that you know i understand but they were maybe a little spooked by the fact that he had it on loaded gun in his lap the bottom line is that you know they should have attempted to wake you first in the united states you are an extremely far small fraction and i believe these police officers should be charged with murder as well. turkish voters have dealt president out of one's ruling party a major blow in local elections electoral commission isabelle's that his party has lost control of encore and istanbul thousands of opposition party supporters have been out celebrating in both cities over the age a party is reportedly planning on challenging the results in the country's two main population centers alleging there have been widespread voting irregularities despite the setback the ruling party and its allies still came out on top nationwide taking over fifty one percent of the vote turkish president has welcomed the victory. and the results show that in these elections as has been the
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case in the november two thousand and two election does that mean we as the a k p or have once again come first by a wide margin or should i be injured party all that turkish political analyst few so far i'm told us he believes they're gay parties done very thoroughly well given the country's economic woes. c.h.p. had a very good strategy going in they changed it up a little they're normally recognized as a left party and they took a step to the right during the selections to go out and embrace the conservative electorial you have to realize that the party's been in power for seventeen years now it's a party that had up to fifty two percent of the vote at one time and we see at this election that there are votes around forty five percent when you look at the political conjecture of the country over the last two or three years you see a coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen the turkish lira has dipped over thirty
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percent recently in the last year the economy has slowed down after a period of high growth so there's an overheating of the economy when you take all these into account forty five percent being the top parties still a very good result everyone knew that. there were going to be a very tight race but we need to realize that there's three hundred thousand votes that were ruled invalid last night that the party does plan to contest so we're going to see if these votes are going to be contested in kind of change the result who knows that remains to be seen as the headlines for the. national back in thirty minutes with the latest global updates. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial clearing around the lives only the one percent. of the time we can all middle of the room signals. to leave the room for the real need is real. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to signal from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of that slide here. we've always you got a problem of a lot of extremism from a religious perspective and particular from within the muslim communities. and because we haven't been addressed enough to effectively. it's no doubt dots that narratives rather than come out from within societies is going to give rise to the white supremacy and fire right extremists.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the biggest political hoax in american history russia gate is almost a thing of the past bragg's it on the other hand only seems to drop into deeper levels of purgatory and what is next for russia's relations with the west. talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow grandees and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of russia's geo economic strategy for a greater eurasia and in brussels we cross and i'm a show and she is a former m i five intelligence officer or across the uk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate any let me go to you first here i was look i don't usually read the washington post but some.


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