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tv   News  RT  April 2, 2019 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral buddy. p.b.s. and critics in this town. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political science. men they know is bad wolf. how does fi to return to europe posing as a refugee is reportedly issued with a prepaid debit card one of some sixty four found seven hundred islands find easy to new companies. these. days at times to relax a ban on sales to saudi arabia and over british special forces reportedly fighting on the same scientists child soldiers in yemen. and with the deadline for leaving
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the you just ten days away the british parliament jags all tabled options to resolve the broad set deadlock making the prospect of crashing out with a deal more likely. the prime minister's deal that is david moyes called me refuses to compromise. it's midday here in moscow and you're watching our international live from off studio with mina david welcome to the program. to angry now where the government claims a suspected jihad assented europe as a refugee and obtained a prepaid debit card the e.u. has issued some sixty four thousand such cards to new comers as artie's peter oliver reports imagine a suspected islamic terrorist receiving aid money meant for refugees not just any
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terrorist a senior eisel commander and not just any money taxpayer money and it gets worse reports say that he received a monthly payment of five hundred euros on his debit card that's well over today's gross minimum wage in hungary these prepaid cards are issued to a joint project between the united nations and the european union that's supposed to be a strict screening process in place to make sure that only those eligible have access to the phones but this wouldn't be the first time that a suspected terrorist hiding among refugees inadvertently being given taxpayer money.
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the european commission insists that the prepaid debit cards are not just handed out to anyone that they know exactly who these cards are being distributed to and check up on their status on a monthly basis so hungry is wondering why did brussels not know that they were funding a suspected terrorist this not only creates another pole factor it also raises serious security concerns the citizens of europe have a right to know the problem of how to provide much needed funding and aid to refugees in europe isn't an easy one to solve but it's cases like these that fuel the popularity of anti immigration parties across the continent and with new parliamentary elections coming up next month question is will the establishment parties dealt another blow ups of the territory that so-called isis was holding it
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will generate more people trying to get in through and that's why very carefully orchestrated and internationally coordinated this is where international cooperation is key i think the threat for a period of time will grow because foreign fighters will start to come back but i think what we're seeing no with. so-called isis and with al qaeda is we're seeing a time of transition they will transition into something different this is a very very dangerous and very difficult period we need to monitor the transition very closely to be able to identify and track. foreign secretary. jamey hunt is under fire after reaching a deal with germany over the export of certain weapons components but unlike london has banned all. there's a loophole has found to sell parts ultimately destined for riyadh to the u.k. one of the reasons arms sales to saudi arabia controversial is its involvement in
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neighboring yemen. both a peace broker and an arm sales among. if it wasn't for the joint british us saudi in u.a.e. naval forces the existing famine and the tragic humanitarian situation wouldn't reach such critical levels the saudi led coalition backed by britain commits war crimes and does not abide by his britain claims the most stringent guidelines for the export of weapons in the world and reports adding context to
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a tragic reality the u.k.'s man on sunday has reveals that at least five british special force commandos were wounded in gun battles as part of the secrets military campaign in north in yemen believed to be part of the special boat services said that they are now back in britain recovering to spark the controversy you case forces a relentlessly fighting alongside child soldiers here in the u.k. the news triggered protests and condemnation from an m.p. with the war in yemen already and it's here i'm hit to express my outrage of the complicity of the british government of the war in yemen british soldiers were fighting alongside i did don't shoot child soldiers who are forced to fight in the yemen this is a war crime this is a crime almost against humanity and britain has been complicit in it and we must say no more inside westminster the shadow foreign secretary is questioning the
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scope of britain's involvement if that is in any way true because if it is then it will confirm that off forces are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes when pressed on the issue mark fields from the u.k. foreign office said he would seek to get to the bottom of the allegations but khan's comment on the presence of u.k. soldiers on the ground as for the ministry of defense they apparently don't comment on the special forces but with a little sign of an answer to the conflicts we asked people here in london what they think about the crisis in yemen i'm very surprise. is that the troops are getting involved didn't know that typical of them to be saying. you know that they're kind of. trying to evade the many conflict there fueling the many conflicts you know they should be have anybody personally no i don't think they should be doing that it should be. with you know internally but i also understand yemen is
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you know phenomenally complicated situation some people we asked were unsure about the u.k. six at mission in yemen but then not the year you want to ask the secretary of state for defense what recent assessment he's made of the effectiveness of operations involving british forces in the yemen in the last six millions on the brink of famine doubts is again being cast on the u.k.'s role and whether it is his party to the conflicts commission sethi. writer and commentator abdel bari atwan says the british public should be horrified. this is the first evidence that the. troops on the ground fighting alongside the saudi forces and the saudi backed militia and this lobby or i believe it is it is a disaster is to be honest for the british people to pay for this war from their own pockets actually from their own taxes and finance a law which is you know well
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a war crime is committed in yemen and to know that there are special forces but dissipating with the saudi who are very good sort of here who are actually the. bombing hospitals schools i believe this war actually wouldn't be ended either by fees or by war because there's a poll made that. the british government should actually uses knowledge to put pressure on saudi arabia in order to stop this war because the saudis tend to want to play is. that they sent also personnel they composed a coalition and all of the five this was hoping to win it and few weeks time but that i've gone for now four years if this is the fifth year is that it's we. totally miles says his support has prompted a u.n. investigation we've often un to comment on the.
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antivirals seen activists in the us have suggested that being persecuted like the holocaust donning a star of david to make that point an fact for them to children upon from entering certain public places. actually how we going to rescue. you won't do it the same way we did the last time so for you. jews in york right now there never thought this moment will come. with. a polish holocaust museum has lashed out at the use of the star of david by anti vaccine activists the symbol that was used to label jews during the holocaust museum accuse the activist of belittling one of the pages of history. instrumental rising the feet of jews who are persecuted by hateful anti-semitic ideology and murdered in extermination camps like auschwitz with poisonous gas in
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order to argue against vaccination that saves human lives is a symptom of intellectual and moral degeneration according to the us government agency dealing with diseases in twenty eighteen the country suffered seventeen outbreaks of measles the cases were registered mainly among unvaccinated people in the orthodox jewish community the number of cases this year is almost four hundred and is expected to rise livia raffle with a jewish community adviser says the way the star of david was used by the anti vaccine activists cheapened it meaning. little star for the jewish people is about remembrance for us you know it's to mark people because of what they are we paid the jewish people paid a terrible price because of the you know star drew another jew you don't you have no right to use these symbols because you make them becoming part of
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political i would say game and you make them becoming cheap we cannot forget when children women and people were in the civil style what happened to them and what happened to them to have this too has to be burns to be sent to a gas chamber so if people are doing so even jews they are doing a terrible mistake for me it's a deliberate abuse and i think it's. it's it's of the be punished by law. the british parliament has rejected all four motions put forward to resolve the break that deadlock and peace held a second series of so-called indicative after the prime minister's withdrawal plan was resoundingly defeated when all plans failing to command a majority a new third round of votes has been proposed by opposition leader jeremy corbett. if it's good enough to the prime minister drives three chances of her deal i then i
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suggest possibly the house should have a charge to consider it again. the options that we had before us today needed to break. so that the house can exert see where the prime minister has value in presenting a credible economic relationship with europe for the future the prudential is crashing out with no deal the prime minister's deal is done it might cost me refuses to compromise it is crystal clear to us from start move that our books and most times not disrespect to the m.p.'s debated on four issues staying in the single market seeking a customs union another referendum and potentially cancelling bragg's it altogether if no deal is agreed none of them gained a clear majority the braggs it deadline is just ten days away meanwhile the government is struggling to come up with a clear plan on how to leave the european union with only ten days remaining prime
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minister may has to either seek a longer extension from the e.u. offering some new plan of action or leave the without a deal professor of european law francesco his ditto told us there is no clear way out for theresa may. she's really caught between a rock and. the customs union she's going to be on the other hand. trouble the only way she's going to go through because her resignation heard it up departure without any agreement a binding agreement on a customs union. it's going to touch you where the she's going to get through that if we crash out will be that it's us to really it's a minority view you just go away and everything will be fine. should even harbor experience in the cabin except that there would be one price to pay for
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. their debates over banks that have been pretty heated but some think that's not the hottest issue that needs addressing or rather untrusting. these environmental activists wanted to draw attention to the naked truth about climate change they stripped off in the house of commons public gallery twelve people were arrested over the stark instant which was designed to impress upon m.p.'s and the public that there are more potent matters even then brags that. place in the u.k. are granted in greater stop and search powers in areas where knife crime is on the rise that story after this break.
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because there's a survival guide book stacie just like the story. you should. replace. it with the rest of seventy. or. so.
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welcome back to the program fresh clashes in venezuela where people have been running against power outages and water shortages protesters set fire to calls and threw stones at police the opposition blames president nicolas maduro but his government says the power cuts a plan to ration electricity in order to deal with the crisis. meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader has been touring the country trying to ross support but he hasn't always received a warm welcome the video has emerged online purportedly showing a group of protesters attacking his convoy. i.
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call making its way past the angry crowd and the government i.e. pro soldiers protecting it from being attacked journalist my experimental gave us his thoughts on the video. it's ironic to see government security forces actually protecting why do or figure who's calling for the government to be toppled and who's actually attempting to fragment the security services from within. so ironic because we constantly hear about venezuela as some kind of ruthless communist dictatorship but here you have a situation that certainly would not be tolerated in the united states or other countries where someone who's leading a coup is protected by the security services of the government he's trying to take out what kind of dictatorship is this well apparently it's not a very effective one and what's happening here is really interesting is in elvira this is where nicolas maduro his base is this is where he. actually lives why is quite over there why is he in a government stronghold because the u.s.
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wants him to get arrested to create a provocation that's why he's there. police in england and wales are being given more power as in a controversial scheme to combat knife crime epidemic campaigners have called the move requests if concerned the powers could be abused but the home secretary says offices need protection to. the police and on the front line in the battle against serious violence and his voice will we give them the right tools to do their jobs the so-called section sixty checks will be child in several hotspots areas officers will be able to search any person or vehicle without reasonable suspicion the change comes after forty nine people he stopped this year alone families of victims have welcomed the move but say it should have happened earlier critics though say the powers give the police the opportunity to racially profile individuals.
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according to the home office data there were almost forty thousand and nine crime offenses registered in england and wales last year that's a two thirds increase on the previous year discussing the problem on our. form a london police officer. i'm afraid discrimination is a fact of life of urban policing in large inner cities there's nothing to say that if there is any disproportionality in there probably assume that it's due to the racism of police officers that an officer of the law with out any reasonable cause . can stop and detain you is a form the mental breach of our civil liberties you can't do the public health approach without establishing peace on the streets in the first place and the only way of doing that the only way of stopping someone getting stabbed tonight tomorrow next week next month maybe even next year is policing that's the only chance we've got of stopping knives that around the streets are being used so i think
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a bit like the flat earth society people are just making stuff up to justify their political position is very clear the prime minister has said that stop and search is on just looking to the police to sort it out and that's what they've always done in the past and the police have always had some contingency capacity and show that they need to establish peace on the streets for these are the things to take a chance of taking root and having the longer term effects but i think that partly politicians are under pressure because of the media reports of the killings of young people in all sorts of age groups really who've lost their lives on the streets of london and we see this repetitive cycle of media commentary police on the pressure call for more powers more heavy enforcement approach more people criminalize situation doesn't get any better. a federal judge in north carolina ruled a local school's policy unconstitutional after it required girls to wear skirts in
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a bid to promote traditional values the initial complaint from one of the people came in twenty sixteen when she argued the skirts limit girls physical activity the girl also claimed that wearing a skirt disrupts the learning process and makes some girls feel uncomfortable how mother helped to bring public attention to the process that ultimately led to the court ruling. all i wanted was for my daughter and every other girl at school to have the option to wear pants so she could play outside so you come to bleed and stay warm in the winter we're happy to court agrees but it's disappointing that he took a court order to force the school to accept a simple fact that in two thousand and nineteen girls should have the choice to wear pants. the judge ruled that these schools attempts to force skills to wear skirts violates the equal protection clause which states that nobody can deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law the chance of
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a school board is analyzing the opinion and will be meeting with counsel in the very near future to discuss their options moving forward he spoke to political activist kate smith wait she says gentling teena forms are dated and it's high time for a change. what it reminds us is that what we should actually be doing is not waiting for parents to complain and start a lawsuit but legislating a national level two way students should not be told what to wear or what courses to attend or what sports to play based on whether they're boys or girls it's so obvious that school uniform needs to be something comfortable and practical and appropriate for the twenty first century and the idea that it's going to bear for have a boys version of the girls version of come on so discriminator towards children who don't want to do that for whatever reason there are so many reasons why children might not want to wear the particular uniform that's been assigned to their gender it's not it's not the right step so i think it's great that we're moving away from it. the u.s. has frozen an arms contract with turkey in protest over and chris purchase of
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russian weaponry the pentagon says it's halting deliveries of equipment for f. thirty five stealth fighter jets which turkey is in the process of buying and washington is demanding that anchorage cancel its purchase of the russian x. four hundred anti aircraft system so it is washington's key allies with nato and u.s. defense officials have said of turkey were to use the f. thirty five and the s four hundred within the same integrated system moscow would gain back door access to crucial intelligence. this cullen's or to difficult time for turkey's president on sunday his party suffered a major blow in local elections losing control of major cities including the capital ankara thousands of opposition party supporters have been out celebrating however the a.k. party is reportedly planning on challenging the results alleging they have been widespread voting irregularities despite the setback the ruling party and its
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allies still came out on top nationwide taking fifty one percent of the vote we discussed this with author and historian gerald horne and ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop war. i think that there was dancing in the hallways at the pentagon this morning when news trickled in that mr a.k.p. party might have lost not only istanbul but also. this is reflective of the sharp deterioration in relations between and washington the u.s. needs the u.s. military industrial complex which is the most powerful economic and political force inside the usa needs to make maintain its monopoly over sales to all its nato allies and other allied countries in order to maintain change its profits and its power and its influence in washington so having a nato country like turkey turn down our or
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using russian weapons is a very very bad precedent and they certainly don't want it to happen. american acted jim carrey is widely known for his comedy evolves but the two time golden globe winner has now found himself in the spotlight for a different reason. if you're wondering what fascism leads to just ask benito mussolini and his mistress
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claressa. your art. that's the news i'll be back in around thirty minutes time but do stay with us from bust which is up next here on.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to see what the before three of them or ten people get. interested always in the waters of. their ship. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge member fresh perspective and i'm used to surprising. what not to give you. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else if you think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of that slide here. desperate for a single campus. asuka been. training very young. eight months of intensive school. reps. and they save lives. social security accounts should have a mandatory one percent of all stock bonds for x. transactions to go into social security so that every individual will say when they become eighteen they've got fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars in there that they can go spend out of college if they want to that's a that is a that is an extra analogy of this economy that's being recycled repurposed
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regenerated into an ecosystem an economy that is like more mimics that of nature.


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