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these areas have slavery. i think it's more of a issue these teenagers have their kids in you can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter not old enough for him to be a far there and he said check out. we actually lost our place in knots over my car you know breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time so they let me go in with my paycheck that i bring home i have really enough to pay my car insurance. gas in my car.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world covering the world of business and finance and packed on us all i'm kristie i feeling in our part shelton in washington or glad young man today as the father of the u.s. china trade war reached its third act richard wolffe professor of economics a number of us at the university of massachusetts amherst is standing by to sift through what it means for shipping and us market. plus there are some major mix ups in the markets today and we here back around to check in on live where looks like the stock has slammed on the brakes out a mesh of out a mesh trading group gets behind the wheel and drives us through the numbers. and finally drags it is bearing down on british business and business leaders are sounding the alarm hillary for which of the british american business association joins us to break it all down all of that directly ahead but first some headlines.
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the latest round of u.s. trying to trade talks leads are global report today as negotiators sit down here in washington. early global market activity seems to be on the upswing this morning an optimistic progress reports including markets stateside the trump and ministrations director of national economic council larry kudlow said this morning the issue of huawei and the charges against the chinese tech giant c.f.o. which some feared would derail the trade diplomacy has not been a significant topic of the talks. also today president signed a presidential memorandum targeting trade in counterfeit branded goods white house trade advisor and reputed anti china hard liner peter navarro rejected any link between the memo and the china trade talks but in an opinion column on counterfeiting published yesterday mr navarro accused us based e-commerce companies
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amazon e-bay and china's ali baba as middlemen for counterfeiters. in one other china item the u.s. state department said today that they will not send high level officials to summit on china's belt and road initiatives later this month china's foreign minister called criticism of b r i prejudice and said that for the world leaders will attend the summit. and joining us from our new york studio to help give us an outlook on what could be the dust of this trade war is richard wolfe professor of economics m.r.s. at the university of massachusetts amherst richard thank you so much for joining us glad to be here kristie such a negotiations between u.s. and china are due to restart today in washington and negotiators from the two of the world's largest economies are aiming to resolve the dispute over technology among other issues both sides claim that they're making good progress towards a deal but how close are they remain unclear the markets are already reacting
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positively and pricing in a resolution but is this premature. i think so i think being jerked around by this whole process and ultimately that's being jerked around by mr trump since he started the whole business with tariffs this is a kind of a play a see a there it has much more to do with politics than with economics whatever their agreement is it won't change much so it's the uncertainty that's the biggest factor here and keeping the uncertainty going keeps the attention on mr trump and the theater he's playing of being mr tough guy and forcing the chinese to come to the table it's all of this that will keep going on until the moment comes that mr trump feels he can milk all theatre get a boost in the stock market which again only helps people that have stocks and then it'll all pass over and we'll look back and wonder why we spend so much time on it
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i agree so the world trade organization is also very concerned and reduces global trade growth forecasts due to this conflict the economics explained here so if trade cannot play a role in driving growth how will this impact the rest of the economy. well there's the real part of it besides the theater. the real part is you're creating incredible uncertainty nobody knows how far this theater will go nobody knows when the theater will stop being a theater and somebody will take an irreversible step and therefore companies are hesitating making commitments to invest to grow to move to sign a contract because they can see where this is going that's the real impact that's why the w t o and the i.m.f. are saying that the economies are slowing down because they don't know quite where to go with this ongoing theater it really is an example of
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a leader in this case the american one playing to his political base with a kind of i don't care where the chips may fall but the chips themselves as they sit there in this stool of uncertainty are having negative affects on the whole world economy and that will in the end be the most profound legacy of all of this not some adjustments in the trade relations between the united states and china now i agree this theater play acting is really hurting business sentiment and it's really hurting the trade on war and movies chief economist also warns that the global economy is likely to fall into recession in the u.s. and china don't reach a trade deal within three months do you think that's true or is that an overexaggeration. i think it's a bit of an exaggeration i think it's possible that that could turn out to be the case if it lasts a long time if the uncertainties are not resolved by whatever deal they make
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they're going to make a deal because both sides need to posture for their populations in that way but if that deal makes no bigger change than what we had before in a manner that the new nest doesn't change very much from the old nafta other than what's hyped about it if that comes to be the case then you might see a kind of reaction in which all of this is seen as joe. temporary that any moment it could flare up again and then that uncertainty will continue and that will continue bad consequences absolutely so who do you think is hurt the most by their game. i don't think it's possible the tell the damage being done here will ramify over time both in the united states and in china and for that matter in other parts of the world as well china is repositioning its relationship with the europe in response to learning that the united states is not a reliable trading partner american producers are looking elsewhere for markets as
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they're being shut out of china not all of that will be immediately reversed so that the effects of this will take a good long time to filter out but there are negatives everywhere and the little we'll see over time whether it tilts more towards one side than the other absolutely so right now i feel like the shareholders are losing out the most in this entire trade war if the shareholders and the business owners and the business and busters right now they're hesitating of hiring and upping their employment because they don't know how the economy is going to go and how the global growth outlook is going to go do you think this is going to have any long term memory occasions. if it were the only thing going on yes i would but it isn't mr trump is not stupid as he made the uncertainty press down on the business community he took great care to do two things to boost up the shareholders own the top of the
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economy number one the massive tax cut our corporations in december of two thousand and seventeen and more recently reversing the rising interest rates of the federal reserve stopping all of that making the next move likely to be a down turn no reduction of interest rates that is wonderful for the stock market that's wonderful for the profit bottom line both of those things so in that way he's insulated himself if he hadn't done those things then this china sea or would be costing him much more among the very top of the society on which he counts for his reelection that is fascinating thank you so much for and cite richard law professor of economics amor at us at the university of massachusetts thank you so much. my pleasure.
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overnight a massive spike occurred in the price of big point breaking through four forty two hundred when we last saw it too roughly forty eight hundred where a rally passed to five thousand following the move the entire community is speculating on what caused this enormous price increase and if this rally signals an end to the krypto winter well it seems like this spike was triggered by a massive whale in the market according to b.c.b. group c.e.o. oliver bong landsberg saidee an order worth of about one hundred million dollars was spread three ways across the changes coin base pracon and that stamp if you look at the buy ins on each of these three exchanges they were in concert units of volume us. seven thousand vacant were bought every hour for a total of twenty thousand bitcoins compared that to the average daily trading volume and only five thousand decline per day previously since january. a huge move like this speaks to the confidence level of the market this is a real buy most likely from an institutional or smart money investor bullish
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momentum has picked up again and speculation is that it could run all the way back to six thousand as there's very little historical resistance between current levels and the next major level. we see real interest and demand returning to the market as trading volumes for total market has reached an all time high of eighty eight billion and bitcoin volume has reached the same level as its january two thousand eight hundred feet now let's talk some technicals this is a very big positive to the market to see bitcoin breaking through the resistance of the forty two hundred range crossing over the two hundred day moving average for the first time since march two thousand and eighteen notably quite has traded through and sustained price action above three key moving averages the fifty one hundred and two hundred the two hundred day moving average is commonly regarded as the dividing line between a strong market and a weak one what we would really like to see now is cross which would be
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a strong confirmation to the help and momentum of the markets to continue the bullish trend. now time for a quick break here because when we return there's some major mix up in the market today and we steer back to check in on libya where looks like the stock has been slammed adam mesh of adam mesh trading group gets behind the wheel and drives us through the numbers. and finally brags it is bearing down on british business and business leaders are sounding the alarm hillary for which of the british american business association joins us to break it all down. and as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell.
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us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the search for answers officers were going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort or an easy for. joining me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there.
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young elephants have come to. us basically brutal budgeting incidents because sadly the baby elephants often do see their mothers out only to be killed but also be caught up and. i do believe they laugh and smile i see it in these little ones they all say so they express some changes. the game.
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turning to the automobile sector japan tell you notice says that they will provide royalty free licenses of the twenty four thousand patents held by the car manufacturer to other companies as a way of spurring development of hybrid electric vehicles the move was announced by toyota board member and executive vice president shaking he to rashi who cited a high volume of inquiries about hybrid and tech and quote there is a need to populi hybrid and other electrified vehicle technologies toyota is making a calculated choice that promoting conversion to hybrid vehicles will create more competitors in the near term while in the long run will help the company produce greater profits from its current advantages and hybrid tech some industry observers cited a similar patent sharing move by tesla in two thousand and fourteen as a precedent for skepticism on the question of whether toyota's toys would ultimately excel or the development of hybrid vehicles others noted that toyota's
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offer to share is limited to efforts in creating hybrids excluding all electric vehicles. the u.s. securities and exchange commission has denied a bid from exxon mobil shareholders to force the company to say what is is doing to address the climate change the f.c.c. ruled that exxon mobil's management can legally keep shareholder proposal for the company to divulge plans to address emissions produced by exxon's product that could turn lead threaten human civilization the group of activists shareholders was led by new york state comptroller thomas the napoli in a campaign to get exxon to endorse the goals of the global two thousand and fifteen paris agreement at the may two thousand one hundred shareholder meeting. an f.c.c. lawyer said that the proposal attempted to micromanage the corporation mr de napoli the new york contra lawyer said we will continue to press exxon and others on climate risk and consider all options available to us in our next steps. and moving
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from exxon's latest internal moves will now check out how the oil giant is sparing in the markets and much more joining us to lend a hand to drill into exxon stock we're now joined by adam mesh the c.e.o. of adam mesh trading group who joins us from our new york studio adam thank you so much for joining us thanks so much for having me happy to be here as always so we just covered the exxon story which seems to be a key internal point of contention but how has the company's stock reacted and what do you make of exxon stock. so the stock has a really move that much of the news that impacts the stock but it's really interesting what they're doing because essentially they're trying to. you know stave off. what what the investors are doing but the investors it was never going to pass it was never going to pass so this is who knew this and. that's why the
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stock to move that much saw another story which was toyota which will has allowed world the free access to others to promote electric vehicles every check out their stock which is trade on the new york stock exchange. when it comes to toyota this is actually a really interesting move because what they're doing is they're trying to prevent the move to an all electric car so by releasing their patents be create more hybrids and the qana sense is calling the strategic time out from the move to full after it so very interesting move and i think people will look at a lot look bad look in the future to see how this played out and whether it was the right move very interesting to watch yeah and now moving on we move over to neal kids blue apron who dominates the sector and we have seen their stock on a bit of a roller coaster over the past few days we see that their stock spiked at the opening of trading today but has since cooled off a bit what does it take on blue apron. blue apron is another amazon.
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one sam isn't came out with the meal plan and they bought whole foods the stock used to be seventeen dollars and went to one just today. amazon announced a whole foods going to cut prices again so the news for blue apron today was good because the c.e.o. left so can't feel too good for brad dickerson this is they want to step down and we saw the stock go up because of that but. the only positive are safer from the force completely destroyed is their partnership with weight watchers that's interesting and if they could play that out and give it some extra value maybe they could stay alive but just a pure victim of amazon been really bad for the stuff it's a difficult business to be n. so now that it is the one what happened to lift it seems like lifted a snap rising double digits on i.p.o. day and then subsequently selling off to below i.p.o. prices what happened their. lives been all over the place.
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seventy two which was the high end of its range hit a high of eighty nine went down to sixty's now it's back in the low seventy's at the end of the day the people who are winning are the investors who. at the pre-i people pricing it like forty seven dollars a share that's who's winning the public doesn't when we're trading at a disadvantage relate to the game there's so many people who get in early that are just looking to get out and count their millions i heard carl icahn so millions of dollars worth of his shares already when you're the public and you're trading an i.p.o. you have to remember simple it's nine one one nine hundred eleven million dollars in losses in two thousand and eight so they've got to show us how they're going to make money before the public can feel comfortable in the stock right now looks like honestly a great ponzi scheme you know probably lost nine hundred eleven million dollars you just hand it off to the public so they made money i don't want anything to do with this i agree with you but it seems like right now it's startups are actually
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delaying their i.p.o.'s the current media and right now is fourteen years old before they i.p.o. whereas previously in one thousand nine hundred nine it was only four years old and that kind of contributed to their bloated. well it's all about the individual companies and there's no doubt that the day it's always going to be about how the companies execute and if they can find a way to be profitable make money facebook certainly figure out how to make money and that's why they hit. one hundred seventy five right now and they were i believe even above two hundred so facebook found the answer for you take a company like go pro which was much higher now it's trading at six dollars one from sixty to six there's a company that didn't figure it out so the end of the day with all these companies it's always going to be about execution and if you execute and you can be profitable you going to win and if you can't you're going to fail so now the big question this left they traded on a nine point one multiple that's very generous do you think it's going to take the
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same valuation. over is a little bit different because they also offer the delivery service is not a big part of their revenue but it is something else over is international whereas lift is just national so. i think over system viewed as a much bigger player in that if you ask anyone. given the choice what you'd rather invest in live through breath think right now everyone would say over but again it's all about execution of lift turns out and then him second to the market it's all going to be about execution and now that these companies are going to publish they're going to open their books they're going to show us the numbers and then we can make decisions based on what they're showing us absolutely this is going to be very exciting to see if can actually deliver on expectations and exceed expectations given their high multiples adam ashley adam mesh trading good thank you so much for your time. this is fun thank you.
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another day another turn in the braggs a conundrum across the pond as the plot thickens here to help us break down all the latest twists and turns is hell a for bush the british american business. association hilary welcome pleasure christy the break that uncertainty is a big negative for the entire center and their company as right now they are expect her only expanding into the latin american or to prop up their books what is it take on the absolutely you're right forty three percent of their earnings actually come out of latin america so they have diversified like any great things they're actually making it harder to extend loans in the u.k. so strict a loan foresman in britain and also secondly they're reinforcing their emphasis on digital transformation across the globe for efficiencies center and there is very concern but so is any multinational corporation with exposure yeah so what industries are which company do you think how the most to lose with this
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uncertainty with good sort of that actually is not before there are four companies that they actually mention particularly of course on the manufacturing side where there's a number of supply chain complexities with of course the border and those in particular ford for example ford is the number one car sold in the u.k. and ford has already predicted that they might lose eight hundred million in two thousand and nineteen and then also nissan another japanese manufacturers because what they've done is they've used the u.k. as a base and now many of them are looking at using the netherlands and other european countries but also food k.f.c. and donal's of said the same thing and then also booking holdings they are the parent company for cry at some of the online. booking services online and they have said the same thing mainly because a lot of british tourists are traveling internationally and european concerns about of course the the barrier and customs and of course the pound is a little bit weaker so a lot of the u.k. tours that normally we're booking are going abroad or they're actually staying in
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the u.k. absolutely specially now of the increasing globalization of every single business segment exactly call to weave these out so let's talk about what happened today the pm and jeffrey cole brand met this afternoon to discuss the brakes a plan and so what happened was a tie some. then without we haven't seen in thirty nine years the question is what happens now or germany corben of course the opposition leader of the labor party they met now theresa may is actually between a rock and a hard place the reason for this is because look if she decides to side more germy korvin he's obviously a declared socialist and if she does that basically her backbenchers and actually lots of her lawmakers and most of her cabinet the breaths of tears because he obviously wants to be closer aligned with europe that's one side of it and that's how she loses the other side that she loses is if she goes it goes away from his party because if she goes away she won't have those votes so she won't be able to get anything through my prediction is there might be a general election coming up soon and the reason for that is quite frankly you know she could call that very quickly and let the british public decide she has said
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that the commons is running out of patience and time and there's no not many options. stuck in a hard place between a rock and a hard place absolutely yes so now what about ireland and north ireland this is going to be very tricky right because two of them want completely different things yes the house is going to be settled well they really want to front things and there's really going to be no settling the major issue there is of course a frictionless border and that's very difficult you could actually say like in easy paulson the u.s. you want everybody to go through an easy process it would be easy absolutely not because you've got so much trade that goes across that border and i think it's going to be very difficult it's the buck stop that is holding all this up to get the do you people to agree and shown find it's going to be very very difficult that is the biggest holdup. thank you so much hillary thank you so much for being here oh it is it any time. that is it for this time you can catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel two eighty are streaming twenty four
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seven on pluto t.v. the free t.v. at channel one thirty two or as always hit us up on youtube dot com slash boom bust r.t. c n x time. brace for a single. day of a super moon. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going out for the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of
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their own soldiers either there already several generations of them just. this memo from a certain french officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort. for .
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nato mark seventy year creation of the alliance of birthday bashes marred by members feuding over budget contributions and some buying russian weapons. plus a un expert says atrocities are on the rise in the west african country of mali with munis massacred despite a strong presence of french and u.s. troops. and hearing in right activists claims western visitors to the country. thank the undermine efforts to abolish the law requiring women to where the head covering we debate the issue. i think it's i think it's ridiculous i think asking women to comment when they come into a country. and way inside iran there is a rule and there.
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