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tv   News  RT  April 5, 2019 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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a young. eight months of intensive school. and very safe lives. wiki leaks claims its founder julian assange will be expelled from the ecuadorian embassy within hours today it's high level government source. nato accuses russia of imperialism throwing its weight around the world in the same time and iran saying the alliance is military expansion in the black sea. the french government holds foul of its own fake news go to temporarily bans one of its ads with social media platforms apparently left confused as to what content the law
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actually told it. and the head of boeing admits for the first time that it. was a factor in the recent crash that claimed the lives of one hundred fifty seven people . it's nine o'clock here in boston you're watching altie international line from our studio with me. welcome to the program. all eyes are on the ecuadorian embassy in london where supporters of whistleblower julia sancia have set up camp in case the wiki leaks founder is expelled from the compound he's been holed up inside since being granted asylum six years ago it comes after wiki leaks tweeted it expects to be expelled within hours to days citing its high profile sources in the ecuadorian government ecuador and president eleven ring earlier claimed the whistleblower had
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repeatedly violated his asylum terms. too many times mr sanchez violates the cream and we reach with him and his attorney he can freely talk he can freely express himself but he cannot lie private counsel for we keep leaks and gauges and espionage and hacking snooping on phones even getting photos of my bedroom what i eat and how my wife and daughters and friends dawns yes just mentioned is connected to the latest papers released by wiki leaks in february alleging wearing a benefit from an offshore account in panama they leak including e-mails and phone calls the ecuadorian president to a series of corruption cases including money laundering something marina denies former ecuadorian president rafael correa though says there's plenty of evidence of guilt. this is a huge case one of the most important serious corruption case this.
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history proves we have a lot of proof it really really really is we have been in secret out the reasons you come to my world and we have to sit there can't we know really. on a lot of. good when days where the more you know where you stand the. major and ghost are used. for mutual. extremely. fine. things but when nice account will be open we will be able to see where does the money go on the. most. i repeat there is no choice. for the audience he has citizenship so how good or a constitution will be to him if they know where i'm sure they go remember
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most probably the most but there is right where we will see what. we do ecuador's foreign ministry has reportedly called a sanchez purported expulsion a rumor if expelled from the embassy a science fair he could face extradition to the u.s. where federal prosecutors are investigating leaks the program lays to wiki leaks releasing classified u.s. documents including secret ones on the afghan war and cia spy tells it's focused on alleged russian meddling into the u.s. presidential election in twenty sixteen. and here are more live pictures from outside the ecuadorian embassy where people have been camping out in support of genocide earlier we spoke to some of them. closest time from a sanctuary for trying. really for julian with the challenge of presidency and i would go and it seems that mr marino once a quarter be calling you know it started to get. to my farm and credibly
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toxic inside the building hoping to walk around billion he's being blamed for having leaked or having exposed the scandal surrounding marina at the moment that the world should know he does not have access to any form of communication and he is no longer in charge of heat so how he could possibly do that we don't know this is just a whole sham and a whole scam. nato has agreed a package of russia to step up its efforts in the black sea and counter russia in the region with more surveillance and exercises promised us according to the alliances secretary general speaking seventieth anniversary celebrations. so we are a first stepping up our efforts. to see we just agreed on the backs of huge and we just agreed the package would more surveillance actually sources i know do shoes
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which we. strongly believe or relevant for the black sea region and of course all of them working with all partners georgia and ukraine mentos named russia as a global threat with the end stoltenberg saying the country has made the world a more dangerous place for him or putin harbors dark dreams of imperialism he wants to split our alliance and weaken our democratic result still russian aggression russia's attacks on western democracies and in the context of russian efforts all around the world if russia did not exist it would be necessary to invent russia just to keep nato going that's the impression that you get from the summit and the anniversary celebrations that just took place in washington d.c. what worries them seems to be russia's presence anyway. they're russian efforts all around the world whether that's efforts in ukraine. russians continued. in activity
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in syria talked about it in venezuela talk about what they did in the save as of em's they want them out in each case we are doing our best collectively to respond in the case of venezuela the united states says it's responses being prepared as well and what doesn't worry them is their own presence at russia's borders really why would russia be nervous about such moves nato is adamant to present itself as purely a defensive bloc quickly forgetting the havoc it regularly creates around the world .
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but even with nato as number one enemy so clearly pronounced there is still kind of a lack of unity within the block the loudest retort seems to be coming from turkey we just don't question and so eager to join it to join nato is demand for turkey to abandon a deal that has already been completed shares disrespect for terrorists over it seems like that's how nato second biggest members seem to respond to washington's ultimatum turkey must choose. those who want to remain a critical partner the most successful military alliance in the history of the world. or doesn't want to risk the security of their partnership. by making reckless decisions that undermine our line and even mr stoltenberg was somewhat disconcerted by this us or them rhetoric it is a national decision. for each other to decide on determined capabilities actually from washington's point of view it's not just russia that nato member
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countries shouldn't be purchasing from china is also dangerous for the risks associated with the installation of chinese technology and systems related to security there is undoubtedly a risk and every sovereign nation that will make its own decision and then the united states will make its decision so it sounds like friends of the united states are free to trade with the united states alone beyond the u.s. not trading or blocking us corporations from trading with other countries is very conscious and energetic attempt that's carried out by the u.s. by the state department and the treasury department prevent other countries from trading with those countries that have been targeted and we see this in regard to iran we see sanctions against russia cuba venezuela north korea sanctions against china many many countries in the world are sanctioned to one degree or another in order to block certain kinds of trade and normal economic relationships what are
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considered today normal economic relationships in again the interest of a strategy of global domination. the u.s. congress has passed a bill against american involvement in funding arrangements war in both chambers and the so-called war powers act to stop the u.s. from supporting riyadh without congressional approval but the motion occurred to have passed much earlier equal hit on a explain. fine print a few lines of text that can ruin you financially and allow facebook to know more about you than your family and friends ever will and keep the u.s. sponsoring a war that has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis the us has passed a resolution to stop washington support for the saudi led complain in yemen for a very long time many have been desperately calling for this while the war hawks in congress have been equally desperate to prevent it from passing and the means that
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they've resorted to to derail any such initiative absolutely spectacular. when house democrats put forward a resolution like this last time republicans added an amendment to it which condemned anti semitism this tragedy is merely one part of an upset in development that is a merged in recent years a resurgence of anti-semitism now what does anti semitism have to do with the war in yemen you are ask nothing but follow the hands the resolution passed in the house but was eventually refused to vote in the senate because it contained a bit irrelevant to the main subject yemen and that bit was yes the anti semitism amendment which house democrats didn't have the guts to argue to get rid of out of fear as to sounds in a phobic and it's not the only time when humans fate was decided by the small print
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. last year donald trump signed into law a bill which he described like this through fires floods and freezing weather we will always stand with the american farmers the farm bill doubles the amount of farmers that they can borrow to expand and improve their farms you sure sounded pleased in this clip yet i have my suspicion that concerns for american farmers have little to do with it because this bill appeared on his table with an attachment blocking the vote on yemen and an identical thing happened the month before that. the house rules committee voted to advance the manage our wolves act that lifted the ban on hunting gray wolves and yes blocked a vote on the u.s. involvement in the yemeni war which is an absolute outrage if you ask me because look in these big this is how can you allow hunting
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a creature as beautiful as that but in all seriousness though congress finally passing the human bill without any cabinets is a major milestone indeed but it is set to appear on donald trump's table next and just take a wild guess what's going to happen if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran so yeah when you fix all the farmers' misery and manage all your wolves you always have mr president to rely on yad intervened in yemen in twenty fifteen after the process president was ousted by her the rebels the bill passed by congress has yet to be approved by donald trump and the decision sarah plant is the head of international action center doesn't think trent will find. the resolution will very much likely go back again they'll be other votes and other efforts president trump has absolutely tied
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himself to the feudal monarchy. and to the hollande and. so there is a certain level of international embarrassment the saudi failure to to crush the movement in yemen and that's what's really behind this well the vote was important and at least pushing back the total and overwhelming u.s. support for saudi arabia's criminal war against yemen it's a war that would not one day of it would be possible without u.s. support naval blockade air refueling for years it's been four years of disaster for the people of yemen. is trying to get tough on fake news with president emanuel micron pushing through a new law to battle misinformation however it seems some social media giants are confused over just how to implement it shall it do penske reports ahead of the e.u.
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elections the french government information service or g.i.'s launched a campaign aimed at boosting voter registration but twitter found that the we usually vote campaign is in violation of france's own anti fake news law and through an accident and the storm broke twitter his actions were called i want all date. does not know how to do this at this time and has therefore decided to have a completely extreme posing causing any supposedly political campaign they were. illegal i thought it was an april fool's joke to do blocks public complain for voter registration is not to respect the un two feet can use transparency appalling and illegal to reduce priority should be to find content glorifying terrorism not campaigns to register on electoral rolls of a democratic republic. after
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a lot of pressure twitter quickly. after numerous discussions we have decided to allow an encouraging electoral put suspicion but such burns don't always end on a high note the social media platform is known for banning and suspending accounts often without reason including those it considers russian bought. even movie accounts have been suspended for no obvious reason take the pro-life film on planned off to raking in six million dollars at the box office on opening weekend it found its twitter account was banned though it was reinstated mysteriously around one hundred fifty thousand followers were dropped and it doesn't stop from the left to the right of politics twitter often acts as the judge and the jury so enraged to users that many are leaving the platform altogether the problems become
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so embarrassing to twitter that it's now going to stop and now seeing how many uses it keeps using twitter may have appeased the french government for now but all the birds circling overhead charlotte dubin ski r.t. paris. has apologized after admitting that system failed it was a factor in a recent crash involving the company's new seventy seven x. eight model it was the second such disaster in six months together claiming three hundred forty six lives we had boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent seven thirty seven max accidents the history of our industry shows most accidents are caused by a chain of events this again is the case here. the disaster involved the boeing seven three seven months which has an anti stalling feature and the c.e.o. explained that in both cases it reacted to incorrect data causing the noses of the
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planes to be forced down when the pilots were trying to gain altitude. we heard from commercial airplane pilot keith involved he says the pilots should always be able to override commands from a plane's automated system. the system repeatedly kicked in and the pilots were forced to fight against it that is a as you say a terrifying concept we should always be able to override any electronic system software system protection system on the airplane that stability augmentation system was fed from the angle attacks answers the question that i would ask is why was it feeding that information to the system is there something wrong with the angle of attack sensors the way they were installed the way they were connected to the aircraft systems was their manufacturing defect i think those sensors were not manufactured by boeing but perhaps by a third party supplier but i think everybody is focusing on the software that
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caused the nose down motion when i think the initial question should be why is it giving bad information the u.n. security council meets on friday to discuss that lentulus when a chance to national nuclear war on a story after the break. join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to the world of politics sports i'm sure i'll see you then.
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bernie made off out on me and said if you don't buy into my ponzi scheme on going to shoot my god if you even know the bodies game was well known to be a ponzi schemer yes you see it investigated bernie madoff police twice before they found the boss of them and they it was a well known ponzi scheme invested by well known people imagine a bernie had an army now apply that to the u.s. dollar the u.s. dollar is a ponzi scheme why do people want the u.s. dollar because if they don't the u.s. military said and they're obliterated whether it's iraqi or libya or some other place like this around and so that's what we're going to send to new york times rightly so the u.s. dollar is worthless it's backed by bomb. welcome back to the program the u.n. security council will be convening on friday to discuss the latest military escalation in libya u.n. secretary general anti-nuke attendances now in tripoli and gave a statement calling on all sides to avoid bloodshed i want to make
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a very strong appeal. and the view for. us. there is no military solution for any problem in the world and that he's loved the solution for the problems. earlier on thursday and minute treat leader ordered his troops to march on the company raising the prospect of a large scale confrontation field. forces which he also posted online. oh you a lot of us are heroes the time has come only use your weapons against those who have decided to fight those who have chosen bloodshed but those who lay down their arms must be spared it is your responsibility to protect the citizens institutions and interest of the capital. the country has been torn apart by warring factions since the fall of gadhafi regime eight years ago since then two rival
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governments have emerged one backed by the u.n. and based in tripoli and another in the eastern city of topic which is controlled by khalifa haftar his announcement comes days before a un brokered peace conference which is supposed to pave the way the new elections . a joint statement has been issued by the u.s. france italy the u.k. and. they're calling on all sides to avoid military posturing and show restraint and they stress that there is no military solution to the libya conflict independent political analyst. says the situation in libya could deteriorate. it's a very serious situation no matter what happens general. after has gained political currency because military because whether or not the conference in. which the reconsideration conference goes through or not he has the big hand right
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now and also there are various i mentioned various city states let's call them which are very significant interest of the role in maintaining a certain autonomy from everyone else one of these is maybe the most important one. they will probably put up a fight. i don't think they see very kindly to. have to so potentially. absolutely exists bludgeon. the president of brazil has caused widespread to outrage sharing a visit to a holocaust museum in jerusalem on an official visit to israel jail or both and are offered up some unconventional views on the political leanings of the nazi party. socialist party was else if not it was the national socialist party.
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ball scenarios nickname is trump of the tropics and that seems to fit as his u.s. counterpart uses every available opportunity to denounce socialism at this year's state of the union address trying to found that america would never be a socialist country he also called upon the international community to fight the politics of the left all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery that it brings us to everyone we spoke to martin dalton a member of the german and democratic socialist party and me as a key way editor of the powerful can use why about how socialism has become a new political target. well we can see a very dangerous polarization and an enemy pitches so we're trying to just look also not do they try to do to meet every leftwing attempt and they try to
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denounce socialism communism as being in. activist for politicians like the locals are not true socialism local community communities and this is a contradiction of their idea of society and i think they understand what it means but they try to prove it try to change the discourse of the current time well meaning to follow their own aims but has a lot to do with the failure of capitalism to eradicate hunger the feria of capitalism. hope wars today we have the largest number of people displaced by conflict since the conclusion war two a lot of those displacements are direct result of wars that have been led by the pentagon and nato so i think that. the dying imperialist system
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feels threatened by any type of economic alternative and therefore they are once again blaming their opposite for the crisis that exists today or even a national level. anything back around thirty minutes had no updates pointing style but that's the politicking which is apt right fail not international.
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seemed wrong. to me but he's yet to stamp out. that's ok and in the game equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. china has arrived in europe in a very big way and not everyone in the west welcomes this italy's support of china's belgian road initiative is a game changer the washington consensus that has dominated the world for the past seven decades is being challenged to turn to the east continues.
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to gain is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you'll be to state his. mark was the day that when he was five. most contentious critically he is the first time i noticed something was an infant. pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or things like that it's. a wing it wasn't what i wanted to do. in this county. drug and went to his website began featuring the comments about the. family the show it's like ten men going to squash you like a bug you know we should stop then he said stand a let us stop i believe what i'm doing so it's ok. if you're if you're a living f.b.i. raided p.b.s.
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said critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia where i can political find. a man they know as bad wolf. in a partisan speech donald trump said it's the republican agenda so that's why he's won the elections but it's a different agenda from what he announced soley last week which agenda will his party go with linux for that topic on this edition of. politicking on larry king only last week donald trump promise an immediate repeal and replacement of obamacare and this weekend threaten to shut down the us mexico
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border as part of his tough stance on illegal immigration on tuesday however the president said health care reform will be saved for the twenty twenty g.o.p. agenda and his border shutdown threat went from imminent to uncertain as it rises one trump of the economic disaster a lockdown would cause. so what is the president's and his party's agenda going to be the twenty's one events begin there with the political power in dallas george c. republican strategist and in chattanooga tennessee brian joyce host the brian joyce show on talk radio w g o w f.m. ok joy jeff the surprising many people last week including his own party with a pledge to immediately replace the affordable care act the president backed tracks and says wait will the twenty's when the election what happened george.
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well it was a real head scratcher a first larry and.


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