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tv   News  RT  April 6, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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wiki leaks has obtained and published a press strategy for ecuador and the u.k. apparently connected to athens to extradite its founder julian assange. he's about to be takes time to compose london embassy. u.n. security council calls on libya's rival factions to avoid to bloodshed as a commander from the east of the country advances his troops towards the capital tripoli. and called him a drug charge of her not rule. and israel prepares for elections some of those vying for the prime minister ariel sharon postponed controversy with at and t. palestinian homes.
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it's eight o'clock here in los baños watching also international live from our studio with me. welcome to the program. wiki leaks has obtained and published a press strategy for ecuador and the u.k. apparently connected to efforts to extradite its founder julian assange wish he was granted asylum in key to his embassy in london almost seven years ago it comes amid rumors he's about to be kicked out and potentially handed by britain to the americans the press strategy states that ecuador will claim he's broken quote invented terms of asylum which was granted to avoid his being sentenced to death in the u.s. while the u.k. will promise to ensure he's not killed if indeed extradited to the u.s. u.s. federal prosecutors are investigating wiki leaks over the release of classified u.s. documents ecuador in turn has dismissed room is it will hand over his supporters
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say the whistle blow is doing important work and must be protected. but it's not possible to mistreat someone this way just because he revealed by their breach and powerful people and as a publisher he has revealed all kinds of human rights violations war. this information needs to get out united states says that they're defending democracy around the world and they're not doing. the united states is is. trying to silence people. who are revealing what's happening and julian assange is just the person who made it possible for those people to be heard much as changed in ecuador since aslan she was granted asylum in london's embassy almost seven years ago including relations between crito and washington. takes up the threat. thank you for. your show.
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we are going to show. what a beautiful video what a beautiful well. maybe that's the reason the us vice president was pacified enough not to call out names when he brought up the dark times in the u.s. ecuador friendship while visiting president lenin moran oh in quito price your election our nations did experience ten difficult years where our people always folk loose but our government drifted apart though that was clearly a jab at someone who proudly stood up against america's whip cracking hand while in charge of the small south american nation just think of how rafa korea sheltered julian a songe what a slap in washington's face that was imo though with given diplomatic asylum to do
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in the sun softly exhausting all means want to guarantee that he's not likes to die just to third countries which could put his life in danger who life of misters sons is a driscoll's life sentence which is being dead live under lenin maranoa who was praised by outgoing leader chorale at the election the tide has clearly changed mr korea even ended up calling his successor a traitor absolute. to the united states is doing. what it is let's look at what he could have meant by that. the first signal joyous could soon be shown the door at the embassy in london was when the american media reported president moran oh had once met donald trump's former campaign boss paul man afford it was claimed mr moran no was trying to negotiate concessions from the u.s. like debt relief and exchange for kicking the whistleblower out back then that led
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to nothing but today it's clear he's not a fan of assad yet us bases to get out too many times mr sanchez violates the cream and we keep leaks and gauges an espionage and hacking. as a real u.s. imperialism hating tough guy rafael corral was known as a staunch ally of it as well as nicolas maduro while for ecuador's current president someone else quite well known as the true leader in caracas i have spoken with president hu on going i've invited him to ecuador to receive the affection and support of a people he loved more crecy. mr chorale was on a mission to rid his country of uncle sam's folks step by step he first refused to extend the lease of an ecuadorian air base to the americans beyond two thousand and nine and then told all u.s. military attash to leave the country and two thousand and fourteen only
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a few years later sam is coming back the governments of ecuador and the united states decided to resume bilateral military cooperation training and assistance to contribute to ecuador's ability to combat shared threats. wonder corrals moves were annoying those in charge in d.c. to say the least so starting from two thousand and fourteen millions of us aid cash stopped flowing ketones way under mr moran the box of freedom are slowly starting to find their way back today i'm pleased to announce that the united states who support that effort to root out corruption merely want to have million dollars to support your efforts. to end corruption and strengthen civil society in ecuador it seems it didn't take long since the right man came in. human rights campaign and. it is being used as
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a champ in relations between equitable i mean less. i would suggest it's highly likely that the u.s. government has been putting pressure on the government of ecuador and we know that president. in ecuador himself is under huge pressure and his popularity is to about seventeen percent the new york times reported that president moreno had offered to hand over to the u.s. in exchange for debt relief so i think there is something much deeper going on here and it would be a great great shame if i could all be proud to american pressure and gave up the important principle that a citizen of its country a political refugee being granted asylum should be handed over to a foreign power to face draconian charges cooked up by a secret grand jury the content of which is not known to anyone that would be
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a very very grave step to take. france is expected to see the twenty first consecutive weekend to fantic government you know best protest on saturday ahead of this country's constitutional council an old government planned to ban certain individuals from protesting saying the measure would grant police excessive powers but other parts of the crackdown on the rioters were approved as r.t. charlotte explains a big slap in the face for the french government as the country's constitutional council has ruled that named yellow vest protesters can't be banned from taking part in the continued demonstrations the canceled the last word on this said plans to give the power to authority would give officials excessive latitude the provisions leave therefore it is too much leeway in assessment of the reasons did me justify the ban so called anti breakers' law was passed here in france as part of measures to try and control the weekend protests that have rocked the country
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protests that often disintegrate in. to writing and see as clashes with the police so much so that some cities have banned them because. god. was. half. the streets destroyed buildings set alight cars and motorcycles torched the damage has cost him two hundred million euros so the french economy with business is tearing their hair out even french banks waded into the debate cooling and en route for more than four months hundreds of local branches through essential links and local life has been targeted vandalized pillaged and bank offices physically threatened it is time for everyone to condemn acts committed against the bank we
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must quickly put a stop to this unbridled and unjustified violence and it's not just the destruction of towns and cities that has made the headlines since november seventeenth thousands of people have been injured some suffering life changing injuries. is it that. you. feel. that the. government. but while some protesters may see this decision by the constitutional council as a when it's not all music to that is the council about held other controversial elements of the breakers new meaning that more severe penalties for organizers of
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north weiss demonstrations. and for those who cover their faces during violent protests well police now have the right just search individuals and vehicles near demonstrations in a bid to prevent objects being brought in that could be used as weapons. arty paris. yellow vests movement began last november driven by rising fuel prices and i decline in living standards for last the first check says the protesters aims are too vague to succeed lynch mobs fall into this fray of. gold. you know this. really slow you wish to remain you know billy baldwin who will. we should never forget that. opened up. all
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the people received and still perceive very little of the. world powers have called on the warning signs in libya to seize hostilities and deescalate the german ambassador to the u.n. statement after an emergency meeting of the security council. members of the security council expressed deep concern that the military to fitty called on the forces to halt all military movements meanwhile a commander from eastern libya khalifa haftar is now outside tripoli and has ordered his forces to take the capital down cohen has more on the situation on the ground. our forces moved north coming as close as forty kilometers to tripoli by taking the village of sukkot after some fighting earlier on have to ordered his
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forces to not open fire on civilians tripoli is controlled by the un backed government of prime minister five years also raj the u.n. chief antonio gutierrez says he is leaving libya with quote heavy heart and deep concern i still hope you can be possible to avoid love equals rotation in and out all tripoli. and the united nations the main. available to facilitate any political solution able to uni fight the libyan institution to briefly explain the situation in libya the country has been torn apart by warring factions since late libyan leader moammar gadhafi was ousted by nato backed militia men in two thousand and eleven since then two rival governments have emerged one backed by the united nations and based in the western city of tripoli and another in the eastern city of tobruk as allied to huffed are only u.s.
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diplomatic game catch us believes the coming chaos in libya is an inevitable result of the western intervention eight years ago. this is what happens when you have violent regime change from the outside in the country and happened in libya in two thousand and eleven this is this is squarely on the doorstep of david cameron nicolas sarkozy and of course hillary clinton barack obama they are the ones that lead this this merry campaign for democracy and democracy for the libyan people and once it got them but years of chaos years of killing years of civil war this is simply the latest round in it whether we will see some early resolution to those where one government or the other frank which is its rival stands to be seen but until then i don't see anything good happening in this country unfortunately. american prosecute to secretly counted information on chinese tech giant weiwei the
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revelations came to light at a hearing in the us federal court the us government has warned the company of intentions to use this information in the future lawyers have around five months to gather more data before a decision is taken on how to proceed meanwhile former u.s. military officials have expressed their concern over chinese built find g. networks according to them china will be able to gather data through them potentially putting military operations of its youth in that what's at risk and moreover these technologies could prove improve china's high tech authoritarianism . chinese designed five g. networks will provide new persistent data transfer back to china that the chinese government could capture at will this is not our opinion and even that of our intelligence community but the directive of china's two thousand and seventeen intelligence law u.s. allegations against weiwei have been a major source of contention with china since the arrest of
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a company executive in canada last december on charges including money laundering and battlefront says than washington has encouraged allies to way from building five g. networks but this week the secretary general of the un internet and telecoms agency suggested that u.s. allegations may have more to do with politics and trade than security concerns. every country in the world that uses high tech telecommunications is using the american version of those if you we can't trust which we really can't then the biggest country that runs the risk of others saying we're not going to use your equipment because we can't trust it that's the most dangerous thing for the united states will the chinese try to use their equipment for something other than what it's designed to do probably will you have to defend against that yes our country is doing that europeans yes but they've been doing that to defend against
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american companies that have a much bigger role in the world and so that the hypocrisy here has to help you understand it's fear or it's not serious i mean yes vice president joe biden faces accusations of misconduct more or not after this break. in the world of political matchmaking the european union has long put values before wealth as its most desirable attribute. in the time it takes for the e.u. to make a policy decision china can set up a whole new industry. leaders that's attractive to potential partners.
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you know world of big partners new things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to the program. president joe biden has confronted claims against him of allegations of inappropriate touching he has issued
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a video to explain his behavior and acknowledged it could make some people uncomfortable but it seems not everyone has been taking his message seriously. people are going. to. why.
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did they don't did a version of the find and find trump was being presidential as always. one of the women who was accused biden of misconduct has found her own behavior under scrutiny and journalist for the atlanta highlighted the woman's old posts about russia and vladimir putin quickly provoking she could be of russian agent legal analyst line or gave us his take on the story. i don't think it's doctored i think it's cold loser oh yes i think there was a clue. here because that makes as much sense is dr ed said you know it's. it's said take off it's photoshop remember those jib jab send people the. back it's not doctored it's a it's a parody my god this is this just strong rages behaviors and by the way in the under photos less somebody talks about you know up
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a pat on the back we're talking about standing behind women and children and grabbing them all those are the poor going up to people and this sort of see hi how are you like boy it's good to see it neil good to see your pal what if i would up and grabbed your face in my hands i mean it's it's a bizarre. israelis are caring too and like the next prime minister i was planning to use one of the predominantly arab parties begging voters not to elect those who have blood on the hands something some contend as a boasting in the pain at the hands. you know about drug and outs murder and government growth are sort of her usual and i'm not new but it was from a girl a hoe playing for god now medic i. normally do you know they certainly. i've never
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looked back you pulled over you said because you said you're going to school yes you know that. one of the runners in the race for the premiership is a former i.d.f. chief and he can't he released a series of short videos under the slogan only the strong when in them he posts about killing of a sixteen hundred terrorists including a hamas military chief and beams about return. parts of gaza to the stone ages in the twenty fourteenth bombing campaign this comes at a time of heightened tensions between israel and palestine last week the one year anniversary of the so-called march of return says the protest began in march twenty eight hundred one hundred ninety five people have been killed and almost twenty nine thousand injured israel maintains that casualties arise because of the actions of hamas or in south defense.
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sadhna a professor of political science said that a site a university says the shift to the right in israeli politics is being facilitated by geo political fact. the whole israeli public is to dig more towards the right. and the other reason which is equally important we are talking about around seven hundred thousand two hundred thousand settlers and that was by those that have a huge influence on the israeli parties and on this very few society so the tendency
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towards the right tendency for more violence against the palestinians is a quite natural thing know what these. elections or not actions but with elections it would appear more to gain the support of the. votes so they have to show that. even the government this is part of sometimes the hypocrisy of the international community quite clearly. about europe they said that quite clearly a lot of interest as europeans with the americans is far more important to us the human rights in palestine so it's quite quite you know a huge message to the. public that you can do whatever you like with. however you want and no one is going to hold you accountable for their. own sham has said the u.s. and its rivals spend too much money on weapons and the money could be better spent
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elsewhere he was speaking to the chinese vice premier i said meeting in the white house. you know china's spending a lot of money on military so always so is russia. and those three countries i think can come together to stop the spending and spend on things that maybe are more productive for the long term peace. be to cure the military like it's never been taken care of before new equipment is coming in we're going to have the strongest military we've ever had by far i'm talking about tremendous defense capability offensive capability it's in space so we're going to do the space force.
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work that we all got together and make that. ironic. ironic in the extreme i mean this is a guy who says we shouldn't feed you sent troops to venezuela. which is ludicrous he's talking war all the time and he wants to spend he went spend more money on nuclear weapons he wants to have a space force which will be hugely expensive he's striking about every possible way to reduce the military budget and then he turns around and says. he hates to see so much standing on war i mean if he really didn't want to spend a lot on war and he wouldn't. take in the u.s. out of the i.n.f. treaty which is starting a whole new arms race for the need this i'll be back around thirty minutes with more update forty five or the fanfare documentary called when an elephant which
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thank. you. taxed as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm a so i get. angry stomp a fight the fight wall street fraud thank you for help they. destroy that's right. debt slavery. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already several generations of them so i just got
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this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy for. you.
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well. we'll leave. it to. you to. when we have a new baby we will often hang a hang a blanket and the baby will go into there thinking it's the shape of the mother and put his hand up to suckle and i think it's the texture on the face
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and the fact that it's soft and we're trying to replicate to a point the mother. put his hand on that that instinct to put his head out so we can get the bottle to get him to. lose the world. was being with us all two weeks to the day actually it was two weeks ago today that we rescued with ok and so we crossed the ten day mark i mean he arrived he had very young very vulnerable and we didn't know it was going to be touch and go. and live . deprived of their mothers baby elephants can't survive in the wild without help unlike some other animals elephants won't really young that isn't there has. founded a scent of dynamos to help them get back on their feet.


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