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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 6, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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practicing the mudir of u.k. labor party leader jeremy cool been. the u.k. ministry of defense is investigating but who now all the targets of nato and today across the world new challenges are confronting us russian and grant's aggression mass migration vulnerabilities inherent to new technologies along with older persistent once they've created a geo political environment is increasingly unstable and even more competitive yes competition refugees from nato was and russia challenges but on that competition mike pence vice president of the country that spends more on killing machines than china russia saudi arabia india france japan and the u.k. combined told nato that for peace you must prepare for war president trump has taken decisive action to make the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still we've been after the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan we released
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a national security strategy advancing peace through strength now and that strength can be used against members of the nato alliance itself turkey must choose those who want to remain a critical partner the most successful military alliance in the history of the world or doesn't want to risk the security of a partnership. by making reckless decisions that undermine our allies after claiming to threaten nato is existence he also proclaimed china is another threat so are we seeing the last days of nato joining me now from moscow is senator elect bush coffee is the russian federation's information and media commission chairman senator welcome back to going underground the us mike pence the vice president threatening to kick turkey out of nato of russia supplies as four hundred russia selling the defense system to destabilize a nato ally saying that mr spence sarette it's are empty threats and the reason is that. no member of nato including the united states will
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seriously consider the possibility of excluding turkey from nato turkey is a key member of the alliance it is a very important critical strategic position in the middle east even if we can imagine that the united states. could consider to raise this issue european members will certainly disagree with that so i think that when mr pence was doing this threat he wanted just to convey to our car our that washington is extremely displeased with dirk is intention to buy the c. four hundred russian anti aircraft systems but i don't think that anyone in the nato and outside nato can seriously consider such a scenario and i'm absolutely sure that mr erdogan knows as well as anybody else
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in nato that turkey will not be excluded from the alliance it just cannot happen even if washington is very irritated by on cora's behavior those are empty threats. the united states can adopt some sanctions against turkey this is quite possible especially it can stop to send to turkey some types of armaments but they will never go as far as even to raise the issue of. exclusion from nato other a lot of empty threats coming from washington because of course donald trump has been clear that he does not want chancellor merkel to go ahead with the nord stream to energy gas project saying why is germany having a deal with russia at all the u.s. administration is very unpleasant with a number of developments in the world and that's not only the turkey.
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the indian or the chinese desire to acquire the russian c. four hundred it has also to do with the decision of germany to go on with the construction of the north stream to pipeline and we have heard for the last half a year that the united states may adopt sanctions against the german companies that are taking part in the the construction of this pipeline such sanctions can be adopted and i saying that there are some people who want in washington who would like to teach germany and the europeans a lesson in this respect but first my feeling is that the united states will punish . themselves even more than they will punish the europeans because when
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a military and political ally adopts sanctions against his european allies it means that the other means of influence like diplomacy political influence and so on they don't work it means that the united states are short of instruments to change the european position. and so it will be those sanctions will be a defeat by itself it will just show that washington is lacking the necessary influence and the necessary weight to make berlin changes position so i suppose also that the united states will think twice about doing that they can have a major quarrel with germany. but it does not guarantee the united states that the north stream too will be stopped because eventually an austrian two will be or may be constructed just by russia even without the participation of the european companies and so it will enter into force in two thousand and twenty i think that
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the chances are extremely high so my feeling is that having exhausted all the options of trying to influence politically germany on this issue the trump administration now is lost. in choosing a certain way for a new way of responding to the construction of this pipeline because they said that it does not correspond to american interests ok and now what do they do to stop it what sings they have been doing until today did not bring the necessary result so how far will they go and will they go in that direction at all because as i say it will bring more harm to american interests in europe then positive sides so i saying that it's a tricky game for the united states and once again i see that washington is making a lot of threats that he is not capable of following up in practical terms then it
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seems to be the style of the trumpet ministration. in the middle east in the far east was north korea with europe with russia i think it shows that the united states wants to obtain more that. it can obtain in today's. international situation and for me it's a sign of a certain weakness of the united states they are making very high bets and then they have to go away with very modest results but as of this month seventieth anniversary of the nato alliance do you think that compliance with nato no longer means than compliance with washington the united states is a key member of nato and i don't see that need again function without an active participation of the united states i have to remind you that seventy five percent of the rockets and bombs and missiles that. fell on libya into
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sales and eleven were of american production. nato is. more than on two servers depending on the united states financially so the united states carry the most important financial burden of keeping nato alive and functioning so i think that there are some discords between the european capitals and washington i think they are mostly personal i mean european leaders tended to be irritated by mr trump extremely. appalling style i would say they disliked mr pence speech at the last munich conference where mr benn's said what the europeans should do on different directions of their foreign policy i think that this style is long into the past and europeans
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they let it know that they don't like the style of the trumpet ministration but it doesn't mean they don't like nato i think they consider. nato a necessary instrument of their security and american presence in nato. a necessary element of their security so i think that although there are some differences today mostly on the style of politics between european capitals in washington i don't think it will spoil the seventy's and every story of nato i think that mostly it's an alliance which understands that they have to be more or less united on key international issues with some expensive exceptions maybe but that this unity is a condition of nato efficiency so i don't seeing their differences between the trump administration and the european governments will lead to
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a major crisis of nato but then again stoltenberg it is clear that russia is seen as the major threat to you and your fellow parliamentarians is there a consensus that they understand that the purpose of nato is to fight russia well nato was created in one thousand forty nine to oppose the soviet union and later the warsaw pact that was created by the way six years later after the creation of nato so nato is a key. instrument of keeping the united states in europe of controlling the european political and military space and to try to exercise a decisive influence on russian foreign policy positions. the means of also of certain threats and warnings and joint statements and so on so i think that. nato had was in crisis in the ninety's when the soviet union fell apart because
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nato was losing its sense of being but then some. steps were taken. nato started a war in afghanistan and it goes on for the last eighteen years without any results nato decided. to step out of its field of activity in the so-called north atlantic region and it went to war in libya then. about twenty or twenty five countries members of nato in different forms participated in the us military operation and occupation of iraq so nato has found itself a purpose outside of the european continent and when relations with russia deteriorated nato easily switched back to the position of confrontation with russia and i have to. stress that it is not russia it is coming to nato borders it is nato
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that is coming to russia borders by adopting new members and sending troops to those new members like a stone or a lot really to enter establishing new bases and headquarters in poland. sending. military ships to the black sea. and threatening him in to go to as far as the hours of sea so icing that nato today has got back to its initial function to oppose moscow and to exercise to try to exercise a military and political influence on russia in order to change its foreign policy behavior so in some way nato has gone back to its roots says i thank you i'll stop you there we'll have more from senator alexei pushkov after the break.
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i do think the numbers. they matter us are the one billion dollars in debt. more than ten white collar crime stamping this. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be old rich with six percent to move markets those thirty percent of some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and if we rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a are you industrial park but don't let the numbers will be. the only number you need to remember in one one business you know bored to miss one and only game but.
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there was a crack seems to do crack when i was a look here my dad he was like a bust so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always been single mothers and african-american community service and slavery. i think it's more of these teenagers having kids and you can't expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter now order for him they are far there and he said check out. we actually lost our place and. my car end up breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time so they let me go in with my paycheck that i bring home i have barely enough to pay my car insurance. the gas in my car.
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welcome back we're still with the chairman of russia's commission on information the media senator alexei pushkov well according to nature a nation media you mention those different. geopolitical flashpoints what we hear about here is that your president ordered they have an attack here in seoul is really that russia invaded crimea it must return crimea to ukraine that half the american population believe that the report which found no collusion with trump is not true because there is collusion that is as russian lost the information was completely the west today has been swept especially the political class of the united states but also partially in europe it has been swept away wave of virtual reasoning a wave of no matter what russia is guilty look at the moon report
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miller has been head of the f.b.i. for a long time he is an independent person he was named in the named as an independent prosecutor to investigate into possible connections between trump and the russian government he found nothing because he couldn't find anything you can not find. it in a dark room especially if there is no blanket in this dark room and that was exactly what miller was trying to find and i'm not surprised he didn't find anything and the fact that the american fifty percent of the american population sink that the miller report is not true it just shows the impact american media have on the minds of american citizens it doesn't mean that they are right because this is sheer and complete nonsense it means that they're being told from the morning to the night that there was a collusion between trump and put and it has become
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a religion an element of this is has nothing to do with irrationality it has nothing to do with facts it's a major fake news and this fake news has gone into the minds of americans well i pity them for this because they have a wrong picture of what is going on the in. in the world they sing their president is an agent over foreign power which i think is particularly particularly non-intelligent and completely untrue the fact that there are very strong international positions in europe also shows that the information machine of western countries and the propaganda machine is working very actively but we have seen you know such examples not only was russia i remember in two thousand and three the whole western media. tried to make the american and the european and the british population believe that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destructions it was the main reason for the aggression against iraq and
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then for the occupation of iraq and then in the time span of one year it was find out that there was no weapons of mass destructions in iraq nobody said it was an illegal war i mean among the leaders of the western alliance it means that certain complains are being created in certain political goals and then when the gold is obtained it doesn't matter whether they complained was right or not that's exactly what's happening in the united states mr trump enemies wants to want to impeach him that's why they put up this story of his collusion with moscow and now they cannot accept that this story has turned out to be false they are also building a huge case about the reunification between russia and crimea although everybody knows that crimea used to be a russian territory that it was part of ukraine for a very short time due to some historical accident i would say that ninety percent of the population of crimea has during the referendum spoken for joining russia and
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that just crimea did not accept the could attack which happened in kiev in february two thousand and fourteen but it seems that nobody wants to listen to that in certain western capitals they want to stick to their position that russia should give crimea back to. crane but no. but he almost always nobody in crimea wants to go back to a crane what about the two point five million people there they have the right to decide where they will where they want to belong when course it was said that they don't want to be part of serbia what does the west say they said we have to support the national independence of kosovo because they have the right to be independent well crimea has the right to be over in russia because i think that there are no doubts that the absolute majority of the population of crimea is for being part of russian decisions are not being taken anymore in washington and london the world has changed ok vida divide to double standards there is perceived by you of course as the golan heights and a creation as well that's going on where britain would support the russian position
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but you didn't mention the script well as mike pence vice president clearly said the orders of your government were to use chemical weapons here in britain i can only confirm the russian position and that we don't have any proofs that it was. poisoning that came from russia. the position of the british government is extremely murky on all this we got no answers to our questions. where they were poisoned how they were poisoned actually why they survived the poisoning by a deadly chemical agent which just doesn't happen then this very strange story of two more people that were contaminated by. allegedly four months of the screwball spores ending where are these cripples why they are not allowed to talk to the press so i think that until we get questions to all all these questions
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russia will stay on this present position that british government should clarify sayings not only russia is. on this position the president of the czech republic mr zevon said that he didn't want just statements he wants. moves and he mentioned that they did not show agent was fabricated not only not only on the b. in the post of its space that there were quite a few foreign countries western countries also that worked with this type of nerve to go agents there and so you know this type of agent could have come from from anywhere that's one one british national of course died in that incident so what is the reaction in say the duma when you hear defense secretary theresa may as defense secretary gavin williamson telling your country to go away and shut up and of course after warning russia and china over the lethality of the new queen elizabeth
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second aircraft carrier what was your reaction to the chinese government's response of just canceling the british foreign secretary visit to beijing i will not speak for the sake of the chinese government on this question cheney's officials but. largely speaking i saying that mr williamson is trying to jump over his weight mr wilson is making threats and i've heard these threats because i was present at the speech at the munich conference and i think he's making spreads as if britain would like to declare war on russia which as far as i know is not the case and i think mr williamson has to check his language because he produces an impression of an idiosyncratic person and not someone who is measuring his statements to his capacities of course that kind of language arguably is not only coming from london the united states is told russia to get out of venezuela and why is the russian military in venezuela and what do you think about the fact that john bolton the
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national security adviser is cautioning the russian federation for its policy in venezuela well i wonder whether the united states still seeing that south america is their backyard and is there unconditional sphere of influence my feeling is that this is the reading in washington what raw. right to say where russia should go or where it should not go why it should not be in venezuela if russia has illegal relations with the internationally recognized government of venezuela which is represented in the united nations and in other international institutions and we have signed certain deals on military and technical cooperation why should russia get out of business or the just because somebody in washington wants that i think that this is an approach which is at least sixty. sixty years old dated i remember that in the beginning of the sixty's the u.s. government suggested to the soviet union to get out of cuba and you remember it led
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to a very dangerous cuban missile crisis and i think that at that point there were people in washington who understood that this kind of language this kind of statements this kind of policy belong to the past that countries of latin america have the right to deal with whom they want and to sign agreements with whom they want and if they want to have agreements with russia with china is their full rate and the president of the united states cannot negate this to them as long as the reason government in venezuela which controls the country which keeps the agreements with us we will be doing what we're seeing is a necessary for our bilateral relations and if they want russian specialists on cyber security for instance to work on the defense of say venezuelan. cyber networks against attacks from abroad then i seeing that.
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and if you do that is where the governments of government want to do that i think this is what will be done as you may know the. military personnel that was sent to mostly. specialist in cyber security in the united states are also irritated by. effect that. other lesson american countries do not want any american military involvement in the domestic affairs of venezuela even the countries which are critical of mr maduro and support mr why dogs do not want to see the american marines on the land of venezuela and this is well known in washington and i think it limits the room for maneuver of the united states and so they don't know how to. achieve their goal to oust mr madura and it adds to the irritation and to those very heated statement they made about russian moves in
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minnesota not all latin american governments i'm sure president boston are of brazil might beg to differ about that you just name checked the cuban missile crisis and one hundred sixty two well that might compare secretary of state said the cia is helping u.s. policy in venezuela what happens if the russians come into contact with those cia personnel on the ground in in venezuela the united states one just mr moderate to be ousted by any means i haven't heard on the u.s. television of calls for physical extermination of misdemeanor and i think that this is not the european approach and i would probably not go as far as to judge and to try to calculate what will be taken sequences if there is some kind of clash between americans and russians in venezuela there is no official american presence in venezuela i have to tell you do you think these countries have learned their lessons from syria or do you believe that the u.k. and u.s.
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will continue some kind of guerrilla warfare to destabilize syria since the obvious loss of. say british attempts to overthrow the syrian government i think syria is a lost case for for the united states of america of course there may be some attempts to help the. military opposition to help the. and other jihadi forces that are active in syria there may be some attempts to destabilize the present government i think the united states will go on. keeping a limited military force in the northeastern part of syria but i think that by and large the fight for series over and i seeing that was when mr trump said in december to air the gun that we are leaving syria i think it was probably one of the most intelligent statements and it was a completely right decision that he has made during his presidential term the
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united states i think counted the days of mr since two thousand and twelve when former president obama says that mr asad days are numbered and mr obama is not in the white house and mr us it is still in damascus so i think that in syria we saw the limits of american power. and i think also that syria has shown that even with the message of support of anti-government forces into days world it is not easy to obtain the fall of this government especially if it is supported by other fora foreign powers like russia for instance so i think that the syrian lesson has shown that there is no freedom of friend for some countries which used to be which used to work to to act as they want for instance like in iraq and i think it's
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a good sign because what happened in iraq was a disaster as are alexei pushkov thank you that's it for the show we'll be back on monday with the legendary screenwriter director behind the carlos acosta story a film about socialism sanctions and ballet until then people just by social media see on monday. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. or not if you. are going to talk about football not three or else you can think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of the. wiki leaks obtains what it claims is a press strategy by ecuador and the u.k. to be used in the event its founder julian assange is extradited to the u.s. further fueling rumors the whistleblower isn't bound to be booted out of his embassy in london. the un security council calls on libya's rival factions to avoid bloodshed as a commander from the east of the country advances his troops towards the capital tripoli. and government doesn't occur you should not move but in the struggle. and as israel prepares for election the some of those vying for the prime ministerial. controversy with their tough on t.v. palestinian homes.


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