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charlie rowley says he's being kept in the dark on the british investigation into the poisoning that killed his partner. he met with russia's ambassador to the u.k. . charlie and his brother to contact us is precisely the fact that they haven't been able to receive anything from the british. police just gone ukraine ready for a second round of presidential elections comedian with no political experience with the first round getting almost twice as many votes as his rival because you crave. a space struggles with an influx of illegal migrants coming up in the program a people smuggler reveals how gangs are cashing in on the crisis. people have to
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get up to spin the following day out the spare thousand. four thousand four thousand. hungry says it's captured an islamic state commander posing as a refugee the man had been issued with a prepaid debit card. to help. good morning life marti's means to d.h. to here in moscow this is our news review that we can think of and have you something good so file first for the story back in the headlines after a year a man who survived a novacek nerve agent attack in the u.k. says he's being kept in the dark on the country's ongoing investigation charlie rowley put all his unanswered questions than to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander. mr rowley in this part. in the city of a misprint june last year initially police suspected
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a drug overdose but then claimed the couple had been poisoned by novacek just passed away a week later shirley rowley met with mr in the russian embassy in london. feeling so many of his questions were left unanswered by the u.k. government charlie has met with and reached out to the russian ambassador to london now he's lost his partner and the suffering from the terrier writing health and he's also been confused by u.k. media speculation regarding the poisoning of his partner and say nearly a script last year by what was said to be even if they didn't know we talk meanwhile though the russian ambassador has been trying to fill in some blanks. literally eighty percent of what i told him was quite a revelation to charlie and his brother is perfectly understandable they're ordinary people reading british newspapers what could they know and what they're offered by the press so it's good to have an alternative point of view and understand russia's line of reasoning charlie rowley and his brother had virtually
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no info on the questions we directed at the british authorities over the script case they don't understand why we're not allowed to make this group piles i told them that there was no mobile service connection with this group tells three hours prior to the poisoning we had no chance to examine this nerve agent it was all news to charlie and his brother most of the information they had they had read in the newspapers and i got the impression that both the family of dawn sturgis and that of charlie rowley have not been adequately informed as to what happened to the pen amesbury and what happened in solsbury before they never received any official reports for many months now mr rowley and daunce family received very little information about the course of the investigation so little that don't some center letter to the russian president. the family of the late don't sturgis ones first and foremost to see the investigations conclusions russia wants the same thing it's
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been a year now and we still haven't seen any official results what led charlie and his brother to contact us is precisely the fact that they haven't been able to receive anything from the british authorities. another point mr very raised is that he felt his reputation was affected by u.k. press describing him as homeless when he was simply a british citizen charlie and his brother a very nice people the first thing they told me was that the british press misrepresented them as this is not the case charlie wants me to get this message across to russian woody and says the russian ambassador on the other hand says there's so much left to announce it. we have plenty of questions regarding the cremation of miss sturgis because it destroyed all proof making it impossible to examine the results of those investigations that have been carried out by the british authorities everything the u.k. and thirty's have done needs rechecking including how these people were treated moscow was accused of and house repeatedly denied any involvement in the events
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last year and offered to cooperate with british authorities many times something that london has rejected now the u.k. government is still made little to no evidence public meanwhile though charlie riley says he just wants and i want to tell. mr ali's case came just a few months after the poisoning of the russian double agent so his script problem is daughter in the nearby city as souls march twenty eighth seen both survived though this is cripples not been seen since the u.k.'s consistently blamed moscow for both incidents the no evidence has been produced russia denies any involvement and says the u.k. failed to cooperate in any joint investigations political analysts a listener bruno told us the media's failing to ask the tough questions surrounding this case. the british media is for tomorrow for the most part completely. going along with the official narrative after all crowley is just another victim in
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the of this information that this case involves the british prime minister within less than twenty four hours from the poisoning which was unclear they had all the answers who did it what did it and there were we don't know what the police investigation is this is this requires a real police investigation the biggest role in the whole affair to me that's caused by the belling cat website that claims to use open source whatever that is information techniques to find out what's going on from ukraine to illustrate parts well talk of the way the media spinning this this weekend you can use paper the mirror published an article follow mr rowley's meeting with the russian ambassador it alleges that the victim confronted the envoy with the direct question did you kill my girlfriend and parent received only quote russian propaganda in response however the ambassador says mr rowley only came in search of missing information and here russia is line of reasoning t.v.
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host and political commentator steve malzberg told us the headline raises some questions. the thing here is we have to rely on the newspaper and their account there was a video posted along with the story in the story of the daily mirror and and so we could see part of the post meeting interview or press conference or was and many members of the press there so we have to take what they say as as the story because nobody else even sky news and others who have written about this quote that from that story it's not like they all had reporters there so the video we see first the ambassador then we see. charlie rally and his brother and it's limited it's only about two and a half to three minutes and it does not have what the headline says he said it does not have what the some of the things that the story says he said does that mean that they're making it up does that mean they just didn't post all of the video why
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they wouldn't post the meat you know that the meat and potatoes part the the story line i don't know but i would have to feel that if they're severely misrepresenting what what he said to the ambassador that we will hear from him saying wait a minute i never said that so i guess time will tell. you crane is preparing for a second a decisive round of presidential elections which is set to take place in april twenty first the first round so comedian and political newcomer the selenski lead the polls with the current ukrainian leader petro poroshenko in second place on friday both candidates took part in drug and alcohol tests as part of preparations have a debate invites a journalist photographers to labs to witness a goal to trying to report. they counted on him gave him all kind of help and thought he'd take the x.
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soviet republic somewhere new the result roughly. eighty five percent of ukraine voters want to show petro poroshenko the door the western establishment is baffled for them choosing between someone as hated today as the chocolate king pershing co and funny guy all of them are zelinsky aka is a president is a tough one backing the winner of round one who has no political background at all is like opening pandora's box while look at who he's been destroying with jokes for years the names are all they're way behind him now how's that for a political background. we didn't know. we will bring back crimea. ok this is. what about his own sitcom launched in two thousand and fifteen selenski character just
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a school teacher on a fast track to be president turns the whole system upside down. just like maybe he never even thought of it and maybe his sensation came about because someone once randomly told the man why don't you give it a try in real life anyway world leaders should probably start watching out for comedy shows or at least avoid petro poroshenko mistakes like making a ton of promises you can't keep petro poroshenko came to power after the my dad revolution he was loved in america and europe ukraine was then desperate for a strong new leader what did the people hope to get from mr poroshenko a country with no corruption less poverty a proper alliance with nato and the you and to the civil war in ukraine's east
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at hold men abroad he lost a lot of support by failing at all that would probably want to exception ukrainians can stay in the you for ninety days without a visa the president did his best to cut off all possible ties with russia and that was the essence of his campaign it was russia has been waging a hybrid war against a country for five years and train is under the threats of fools going to war with russia the tactic didn't really work in the country where millions still speak russian and have relatives there it looks like it probably won't help mr poroshenko in the run off either almost fifteen percent is just too big of a margin even in round one all the hugs and kisses from nato's most powerful people have a sell by date. well this is ukrainian president selection seems to gain less attention in the west than it did back in twenty fourteen the countries also receive less financial assistance from the u.s. that in previous years political analyst martin sommer says significant. open
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amounts of money that they've committed to the election suggests that they're losing face in their puppets in ukraine. is clearly a busted flush and they don't particularly want to waste any more time and energy trying to keep him in power no doubt they will be beating a path to zilinskas door at this minute hoping that if he does win that they will be able to influence in the directions they would like to see but they clearly clearly if they don't see him as one of their candidates think that's hopeful for ukraine and hopeful for the general situation because we do need you know independent people that go a bit an independent and maybe he's going to come up with some more sensible policies than we've seen in the last few years we'll have to say it's not clear we'll continue following this story all said this sunday morning on our tears week up more of the stories from the week just gone controversies hungary says
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a suspected i still fighter it captured was living in the country of generous e.u. handouts we'll talk about it after the break. breaks it count down. i do think the numbers mean something they've met or the us has over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich with six percent world market thirty percent some with one hundred five hundred three per second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one
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billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know for a minute the one and only boom but. last year spain witnessed a record number of migrants arrivals by saving many of them helped across by people smugglers one human traffic of from morocco spoke to investigative journalist lauren southern he described how lucrative this trade actually is. how do people get the space very people have to get have to spend
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a lot of money you day how to spend two thousand you know four thousand four thousand you know or two thousand and five you how much money can you make. from the door to spain where you know. every person you can have two thousand two thousand factory to four thousand you use the totality fifty. fifty person you do fifty person everybody and by two thousand five hundred you know two thousand five hundred and then then to butt into your head of mine. earlier we also spoke with lawrence of them to film the interview with the moroccan smuggler told us more about the skiing. now the moroccan man we assume at the moment is someone that would have connections within the moroccan government or be able to ensure that the coast guard would leave because we were told multiple times by people on the ground that there is
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a cut that people on the coast moroccan coast guard receive to stop patrolling certain areas so that boats can leave from spain so this is a quite. intelligent business this isn't just a few people fleeing their country desperately getting on dinghies trying to get to spain this is a very structured business and at times he's saying it's around five hundred to a thousand people imagine how much money you're making it's one hundred thirty thousand euros per boat i mean you could ten boats in a day you're making one point three million dollars why is no one talking about this massive criminal syndicate it's crazy to me to to think that anyone has been portraying this as well certainly on the moroccan or turkish side of libyan side as a humanitarian aid crisis this is almost entirely a business and anyone you speak to on the ground migrant trafficker or otherwise will tell you this is
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a business they are not looking to help people they don't care if you're persecuted they don't care about your race religion your gender in fact women are turned away often in some of these camps spoken is one of the main gateways to europe from africa since the start of this year more than five thousand migrants rode the boys see him last year but sixty thousand made the crossing learn southern again believes the authorities don't know how to deal with the crisis. there's not much the authorities can do i don't doubt that some want to do something about this however most of these migrants and this causes chaos for both the spanish and for the migrants themselves on the advice of traffickers are told to throw their passports into the sea or destroy them before entering spain and we actually saw it with our own eyes passports that had been ripped up on the ground in these camps and morocco and the reason they do this is so that once they set foot in spain they have no way of being deported but what this also achieves is that there is no way
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of processing these migrants they can't be imagine how long it takes to process a person that has offered all of their history their passport their work their banking records it still takes five six seven years to get citizen citizenship in a country a person rocking up with not even a passport how are they supposed to get processed how are they supposed to get a job or become a citizen or even be seen as a refugee so the police can't deal with this influx of people because they can't even identify who they are and the migrants cannot become a part of the european system because on the advice of these traffickers they threw out their passports assuming they would be entering a europe that is far more they imagine is far more wealthy and far more like paradise than it actually is the reality is these people end up on the streets in france they end up on the streets in italy in spain unable to get
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a job unable to join the actual society because they can't be processed as citizens so the police can do what they want but there's not much they can achieve when these people cannot be identified journalist lauren saw in the meantime elsewhere the garion government says it's to that islamic state commander who entered europe as a refugee you suspected of carrying a terror attacks by consider it despite the syrian national was given a prepaid debit card by the e.u. as part of help for refugees peter all of a picks up the story. imagine a suspected islamic terrorist receiving aid money meant for refugees not just any terrorist acing eisel commander and not just any money a new tax payer money and it gets worse reports say that he received a monthly payment of five hundred euros on his debit card that's well over today's gross minimum wage in hungary these prepaid cards are issued to a joint project between the united nations and the european union that's supposed
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to be a strict screening process in place to make sure that only those eligible have access to the funds but this wouldn't be the first time that a suspected terrorist hiding among refugees that inadvertently been given taxpayer money. the european commission insists that the prepaid debit cards are not just handed out to anyone that they know exactly who these cards are being distributed to and check up on their status on a monthly basis so hungry is wondering why did brussels not know that they were funding a suspected terrorist this not only creates another pull factor it also raises
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serious security concerns the citizens of europe have a right to know the problem of how to provide much needed funding and aid to refugees in europe isn't an easy one to solve but it's cases like these that fuel the popularity of anti immigration parties across the continent and with a new parliamentary elections coming up next month question is will the establishment parties be dealt another blow because laps of the territory that. old isis was holding it will generate more people trying to get in through a much why very carefully orchestrated and internationally coordinated this is where international cooperation is key i think the threat for a period of time will grow because foreign fighters will start to come back but i think what we're seeing now with. isis and with al qaeda is we're seeing a time of transition they will transition into something different this is
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a very very dangerous and very difficult period we need to monitor the transition very closely to be able to identify and track. the sort of coming through to run intelligence operations or trying to identify those unknown terrorists that are potentially coming into europe and elsewhere in the world. the death row prisoner in the u.s. has been told he might have to face and agonizing death is request to replace the lethal injection with gas which would ease his death was rejected by the u.s. supreme court convicted murderer russell buckley has a rare disease that could cause him to draw in his own blood if he was to be executed by injection his lawyer cited the eight the main free death in response the supreme court's justice said quote that's a luxury not guaranteed to many people including most victims of capital crimes the eighth amendment does not guarantee a prisoner a painless death something that of course isn't guaranteed to many people including
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most victims of capital crimes or they're going to huge detail and execution by lethal injection runs in three stages first the prisoners heavily sedated ten minutes later a muscle relaxer is injected which can lead to suffocation then a third injection stops the heart and kills the prisoner however they can be mistakes which can cause the prisoner pain and suffering sometimes for hours reports say nearly seven percent of all executions of this kind are botched. i don't know if it was humane or not that you could do it you could either not watch or you could. look at this execution that was clearly not going as planned.
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so at that point a decision was made to insert one central line into the growing area which is what they did. i can understand. not even mining to read about it do you think francis leonard has to be in the resume or watson this is my to the execution to see it was by far believe the term i used with a colleague last night just by far just a post by that i could see. gerry givens former chief state prison or execution and then advocates of the abolition of the death penalty think the situation can't be regulated by the
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supreme court and so supreme court don't have to carry out the executions the people that have to carry out their executions is the one that's up through the pain that can be a moment to suffer for a moment for the short period of time until they become a cause kick in the electricity kick in a whatever what have you but the people that have to live with this the rest of their lives but this pain and saddened them. it's the people that carry these things out and we don't consider that and i don't know why they don't consider that dealing with. inexperienced people to corrode a professional task when i know you're dealing with medications in syringes things of that nature you tell them what medical personnel training personnel experience personnel but they can't be involved in stuff like this because it's against their code of ethics. so you can't have that person so you've got inexperienced people
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doing. these things that will cause them to make mistakes. and you came blame them for that. leave you with that for this is not shove a some of the stories as covered by us international here or most of the last seven days i was once more on line for me kevin i know the rest of the team have a great remaining weekend. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something want to be. that's it right to the press this is what the forty three of them all can't be good. interested always in the why is it the how. question. as we continue to grow online with our online identities and personas you will
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continue to see this mixture of physical crime and internet crime and the two will melt to a point where they're almost indistinguishable if you can't really distinguish them but all. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense office that says we're got to act and destroy the governments and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy mess for peace.
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growing up it was hard but you gotta make the best of how you. come up and live so i mean having graduate and i showed up. my mother was a crack she used to do crack when i was a kid or when she had me or whatever she's she don't deliver no more my dad he was like a stick a thief so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby but i had a bad childhood from first grade i was
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a cool kid i mean i really was a first grade to middle with us when i left my childhood which was bad and love with somebody else i was a family my mom's friend and from like. every since i left the house that i like and i went to another person and i swear i started doing bad stuff you know it's being sneaky and i jot down to like down you remember i like tenth grade so i'm on say you don't have to go to school if you don't want to so i said i'm down that never wore my school and i never mean i was always. just a big kid and i always wanted to be better so. i mean my mind's made up i want to do this for the rest of my life so you know i mean that's what i'm.
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the. tree out early people most of them have like them in cio or markets and disease or some kind as a sickness where they can't help with their self so i have to help them with.


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