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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 8, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle this year the nato alliance is seventy years old is it time now to shut down this cold war relic also liberal media can say sorry and choke on russia gate. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest in moscow he's
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a political analyst with international and in london we cross to marcus papadopoulos he is the editor of politics first magazine all right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate marcus i want to talk about nato and i'm going to use the words of nato from the nato secretary general stoltenberg and he addressed congress last week it was a real spectacle and i'm going to ask you and deem it to reflect upon it so let's go to this. we do all this not to provoke a conflict but to prevent complet and to preserve peace not to fight but to deter not to attack but to defend how do we act to that markets go ahead. well nato is an offensive criminal and degenerate organization that is the root cause today of instability in the poconos and in eastern europe in essence way find in
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eight hundred you find instability and societal degeneration the americans have to use nato you over the last thirty or so years to achieve global dominance and they continue to use nato not just to maintain their global dominance but to end the hearts that global dominance and who has nato works with over the last three decades or so in order to achieve the objectives set before it i am erica well nato has worked with organized crime extremists and terrorists they bombed nato bombed serbia for seventy eight days in support of the cost of the so-called kosovo liberation army which was and remains today in a difference manifestation one of the largest and deadliest organized crime networks in the world's indeed cost a very today is a major international hub full gun drug and human trafficking in libya
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nato bombed libya in support of al qaeda and today libya is a failed state were slaves of libyan territory controlled by if al qaida and i says and also paid in tripoli today there are human slave markets again cag absolutely and so and marcus and we also had the head of nato speaking to congress specifically focusing in on russian let me go to deman here again quoting sultan berg there is no contradiction between their friends and dialogue we do not want to isolate russia we strive for a better relationship with right. sure but even without a relationship we still need to manage a difficult one how do you react to that well first according to the stock or peace institute only shoot on the issues of peace russia's defense spending is twenty
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seven percent of the defense spending of nato was european allies and the spain given if you will put in the united states what would be the percentage let's say tensors states that the united states spends i guess about fourteen times more than russia right so who is it going to again whom you know there was no president in history and not even alexander the great at the act an army that would be at least eighteen times bigger rate second second what are the plans of nato it's not russia sending its ships through the shores of france or britain and when three russian ships recently went to the north sea you remember the u.k. defense secretary said that we will not tolerate any aggression you know one of the issues or can seize open seas it's hundreds of miles from from the u.k. and now we have a group of nato ships going to ship said two thousand two hundred servicemen and
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three in our death. i dare say even a crane isn't a member of nato the ukraine is even more believe drawn towards russia than nato and businesses need to have their this is something that people in the west did not notice that the ukrainian president poroshenko said he is going to point missiles at mosque or that he is going to redevelop they're all. potential that ukraine had and this would create a toll to a new situation very tense but a deficit is is a legend for russia. one fifty percent of russia's twenty first century a right a square sickle twentieth century writers are from a desert this is a russian speaking seaport in the south of ukraine and you have to maintain need two ships and three in it preparing for military exercise and would have missed the stoltenberg and all the lead to it if they chose argument always is that they're projecting stability is protecting stability they were there they have
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a very tricky way of project instability they promise to force the way for ukrainian ships to the hours of c. despite russia's religio interest as nato has in the sea hostile sea is a not. it's not a deep sea you know all these small vessels can enter it actually there is a breach connect in crimea to the rest of russia so the nato ships if they want to force their way from from there they will have to pass under the bridge you know we've been very very religious and it's a geopolitical ages to russia but the reason why it was built is very simple the ukrainian government several times allowed electricity to be caught to crimea despite a contract between crimea and ukraine on on you know deliver an electricity to crimea in the soviet times the whole energy system was unified so these are just
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two examples of the other examples in the lens of the me let me go back to stoltenberg words here and. we go back to london here marcus i'm going to continue with the address the very unusual address for a nato head to give to a joint session of congress here we do not want an arms race we do not want a new cold war but we must not be naive an agreement that is only respected by one side will not keep us safe and i find that really remarkable here i mean who's acting unilateral in these cases here go ahead in london. yes absolutely it is nato that has extended to russia's western borders it is a nato it's that is a tense things a place a cordon sanitaire on lushes western borders i don't see a russian led military alliance on america's borders indeed the only recently some russian soldiers arrived in venezuela at the request of the venezuelan government
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and look at the response of washington to that developments but it's perfectly acceptable in the minds of american policy makers for nato to be on russia's western borders for there to be an american missile system in romania and poland which is aimed at russia's strategic nuclear deterrent and of course ukraine is the missing piece in the jigsaw for america because ever since the one nine hundred ninety s. the americans have been lusting after ukraine shoot ukraine joining nato then of course russia will be and circles on its western borders and nato aircraft operate in for ukraine could reach moscow in twenty twenty five minutes so that is a very very explicit five five minutes medical oh no it's just there i feel condor thought of while miles away from waffle of missile say it would take them on three minutes so this is the reason why russia said it was
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a rather line nato membership for ukraine and this is precisely the reason why they agreed and resonator shank leaning toward it if they're going to take lucia the argument nato always makes is that these are sovereign countries and they have the right to be in military alliances but if the flipside of that is looking at it from russia's point of view is that your expansion is creating instability and a threat to our security they never look at the how the the country that is being targeted how they see things they used to do that during the cold war don't do it anymore. well if if their sole concern to the country is being free to choose their alliances why is the united states congress working on a war on preventing the venezuelan threat to the united states just because a few russian servicemen arrived. legally they have diplomatic relation they are both members of the united nations i mean you can say has the right to know how you can servicemen are in there and they are in ukraine on bases they trained the
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ukrainian troops which destroyed the russian speaking population of dollars in the east of ukraine basically the reason why they were in a situation so dangerous is because president poroshenko pushed it in the parliament they included the aspiration to join nato in ukrainian in the ukrainian constitution so even if bush loses the election the threat will we have to keep in mind that public opinion polls before the coup in two thousand and fourteen the public was against nato membership but let me go back to mark i'm going to ask the program would also. go back to marcus in london we're missing a key element here and i think you'll get it when i'm again quoting the secretary general and our desires for a peaceful world is simply not enough we must act and invest invest to make it so nato allies must spend more on defense well give me a drumroll that's what it's all about the military industrial complex you've got to
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bring them to the trough to feed go ahead in london. yes well anyone can talk about having a peaceful world indeed at all hitler spoke about having a peaceful welds but of course the kind of peaceful well that nato and of course america is talking about is a well world in which america is dominant and russia is subsurface of course but the americans they would love relish the opportunity to go back to the nine hundred ninety s. when russia that's a pro western presence and russia was on its knees and when the and when nato talks about respects in the suffering decisions of government decisions of so great governments well they didn't respect president yet a covert sees decision in late two thousand and four that seemed to turn economically to russia because what did they do a a few months after that they carried out secure against president let it go get so that proclamations to respect democracy in their decisions or sovereign governments
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on worth the paper they're written on kero we're going to go to a short break in a second here and when we get back we're going to talk about russia gate and its implications and how the media cannot say sorry i want to thank marcus papadopoulos of money for joining us we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our real news coverage state with our team. as we continue to grow online with our online identities and personas you will continue to see this mixture of. the internet the. point where the almost industry
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which you can't really distinguish. is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay if you look at it from the analogy. mark was the day that when he was. going to has been the most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't. pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it. it's. a wing it wasn't what i wanted to do. in this county then some states have had. to go to his website began featuring. his family the sheriff by then. you know we should stop then you should say on the
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left and stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know if you're if you're a living. critic. of the united states. into russia. political. men they know. well. back to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. and now to athens where we have exclusive for he is the director and writer for the duran dot com welcome to the program alex let's talk about the how the media can
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say sorry and is essentially choking every single day and every succeeding day after the report was filed and we got the four page summary from attorney general barr i mean it's it's pathetic comes to mind it's sad and it's dangerous because you have a liberal media that is in denial and in a deep deep denial and they keep continue to fight back with no results go ahead alex yeah this is this is peter this is the worst election hangover hangover defeat in history i mean we're three years now two years from the election three years of this of this trouble russia collusion hoax and that's what it is it's a hoax it was a hoax from the beginning it's been proven a hoax. barr specifically says there was no collusion he is not recommending that mueller is not recommending any more indictments it's over ok
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release the three four hundred pages fine no one no one in their right mind expects to see anything different i'm sure the mainstream media the democrats won that pick and they'll fight a few items to keep this narrative going just a little bit longer but peter they're running on fumes at this point and we all saw what happened that day after barr released his summary what happened to the ratings of rachel bad of c.n.n. m.s. n.b.c. tucker carlson and his one hour show got more viewers than all of c.n.n. come bite that means a significant amount of people mostly i would guess independent voters who are buying into this narrative for two three years that trump colluded with russia check out of rachel maddow show that they checked out of c.n.n. of cuomo of don lemon of brian stelter they checked out which shows that that this hoax is not believed anymore and my guess is not believed by a large chunk of independent voters and that benefits trump ok demon here but you
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know we had we had c.n.n. come out in public we can graduate himself his self for its coverage of and then we have people surprises that came out. and praised journalists for their investigation of losing in but there's no collusion so i suppose those prices should be returned i think that we should gold how and why they spun it surprise was handed fifteen thousand dollars how it was kind of the deal to go on this for the new york times and the washington post it was headed for deeply sourced relend distillery important coverage in the public interest the dramatic going to food that the nation's understanding of russian interference in that the. and sixteen presidential election and deeds connections to the trump can be so this is the moment you know it's connections to the trump contain if i were the american public
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i would be a mom to my fifteen thousand dollars back and and these people they should pay more but you know we russians we don't have this expression but they store with a dime of millions of the euro with the stories that speak of unborn right to rights in the american conservative conflated the indictment and the guilty verdict breached all rules of joy in their lives and you know basically pushing they did tauriel a gender on the viewer and the redus and they think these people who got the prize they should be named now they are mega kind of a man go back i'm not a prude so mark months a d. and rosalynn hold them on tom humber and a neck ashima adam and to us and greg miller we want our money back from these. americans or we saw glenn greenwald talk with junk you get over a young turks here it's a fascinating discussion they're both very intelligent guys both media media savvy
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as well here but glenn greenwald took them to the cleaners. i know i awaited him on its own program go ahead alex yeah and it's one thing to point out peter that they're both very anti trust there with you know standing on the liberal left side of things. it was right from the beginning peter this show you are right we were right from the very beginning it doesn't take a genius to figure out that trump is not it of russia or of putin i mean it's when you step back and you say it a couple of times you realize just how ridiculous and how absolutely stupid the whole premise is but people bought into it and now you see people that like you care he's trying to move the goalposts a little so you know now they start to say. it's not so much that we believed it when there was collusion or maybe not even obstruction but now we've got to look into his finances you know trump did business dealings with russia but but alex
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there's a caviar there they did look into the business connections of paul man of ford ok so they didn't do that their primary target of this investigation they did didn't do that would trump i mean that is moving the goalpost. yes it's an absolutely ridiculous premise to believe that mueller's going to investigate all the finances of palm out of fort who was working by the way we said it a thousand times with ukraine and be have exactly be half of the e.u. and on behalf of obama to move ukraine away from russia he was not working with russia and with putin but it beggars belief to think that there could investigate all the finances of matter for it but trust finances we're just going to you know not touch those just leave them as they are ok but even you what you got the instant reaction was is that there was a cover up going on a cover up and a g. barr must be involved in it might be involved i mean but this is a symptom of just what is wrong with the media right now because the media they
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want a conclusion they don't work towards a conclusion using evidence this is been a such an aggregation of responsibility this is pure malpractise and it has a price because as christopher was pointing out here the faith in the media is being destroyed and has been destroyed well basically talk about the color of started immediately we've had rachel maddow and we've had the new york times what was there and it tauriel no collusion no exoneration so they kept saying that there was no exaggeration knowing the ration they kept at taken but what i'm concerned about in this whole story there are two things first you know these are not in burger continued for two years it's continuing to rock to its contents continuing the iraki not in berger as we know continued for about a year in a year after their american invasion in two thousand and four the new york times
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published a kind of quake there was no weapons of mass destruction but still the world is better without saddam hussein you know all that garbage this is the first thing the second thin is. it is just hollow the whole story can be built on nothing you know. nothing you just repeat certain warrants without any evidence and you get put it surprise you know that. i mean it's something you and i have talked about almost on a daily basis is that the other shoe to drop here and i think by continuing this nonsense of there must be a cover up bar is in on it blah blah blah all this hot air like we've heard for two and a half years but there are and should be investigations into main justice the f.b.i. and even the cia and we all know the names ok and the way the media is acting as if that never never happened and never should be looked into this is another different
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kind of coverup different kind of hoax conspiracy go ahead in athens. yeah i agree with that i think there are now enough dots to connect so that there are people that we know that did commit real crimes unfortunately for the mainstream media and for the democrats those crimes are not around trump or trump's campaign and we are starting to see some investigation for some people you have you know people like john solomin sarah carter matt taibbi glenn greenwald these are people who will i think connect some dots of course you have bart now who is a much better a.g. than sessions ever was and i think he's going to i think he will pursue some things will he get the big fish no i don't think so i think there's going to be some people whether you start with hillary clinton who did collude to rip off bernie sanders from the primary election character he was delicious a do you think that we will ever get the full story of the origins of the dasi i mean the details of it
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here because we have a lot of suppositions a lot of claims coming in there's some contradictory suppositions out there but if we can get to the origins of the dossier then we get to the origins of the hoax go ahead alex i don't know i think i think we kind of know that the dicey originated with brennan i think we know that mccain had make them grow but we don't know that there but but their knowledge of its lack of othen to city bringing it to a pfizer court because that's really the ground zero of all of this here and then we'll be culpability people have lied lack of candor that is a felony and should be prosecuted go ahead alex i think the most right i think. very much like iraq and w m d's i think we'll have maybe some missions a year or two down the line but i don't think we're ever going to get the full truth i think we're going to somewhat come out you know what this was a pure work of fiction this entire was completely false we haven't even seen christopher steele peter have you ever seen christopher steele appear appear on
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c.n.n. or i miss him b c or fox news anywhere i haven't you know he let make character i've never seen a president so hated more than nixon i remember that i was young but i do remember it and so the people that hate this president the most is given him the greatest reelection gift conceivable yes well there is a conspiracy theory in russia that the whole thing was actually start a by secret trump supporters who decided to me the democrats will quite complete idiots by there is also another conspiracy theory you know let me quote from people on board in the american conservative. anyone with a russian saw a name has ties to putin her connections to russian intelligence so the popular joke in russia is that. you know rachel maddow is grandfather's so and was mad so she's connected to the russian prime minister medvedev and that means she's in the sound or russian intelligence and then provides us with more reasons to publish the
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mueller report and see what is behind the scenes of our last thirty seconds go ahead peter i think the make a clue shit what it's all said and for everyone that's watching this is that much of the mainstream media not all of the media but much of it lies they lied about w m d's they lied about libya they lied about syria they're lying right now about venezuela and ukraine they lie about this mueller report let's not forget was it not bright stelter peter i think six months ago yes i was saying he is going to be the next president of the united states. i want to point out before we leave i want to point out that the duran is doing a great job in covering these stories the duran has always been right many thanks to my guests here in moscow athens and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember.
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us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who are killing civilians they were not interested in the well being of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort or an easy for us.
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seem wrong. but. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just become active. and engaged with. the trail. when something you find themselves worlds apart. she says of the for common ground . malts. you just put the first one you look up and you must forgive conformity with hundreds. if. not you'll see me just to. see if it was national guard. if. i thought. the video. it's on wolf
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blitzer from the pulpit. will support scoop one of these critics one of these mythical getting your beliefs because they've been. shamed into why for the smear. job you. oppose someone you name it because without a spell if you believe the chief. i . i. i. i. i i. i i.
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i i. the u.s. ramps up the pressure on iran designating it's a lead military force the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. the move is welcomed by israel's prime minister who is facing a tough election race on tuesday some see it as donald trump's the latest to give me a minute netanyahu after u.s. leader recognized jerusalem and the golan heights as sovereign israeli territory. and italy's combative interior minister forms an alliance with right wing nationalist parties saying he aims to shake up the e.u. after next month's election.


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