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this launch time tensions ramp up between the united states and iran surround brands of american troops in the region the terrorists in response to washington slapping this same label around revolutionary guard we've got reaction for you. was welcomed in the first of the first reaction really prime minister benjamin netanyahu heat to today the news for another reason facing a close race in a general election this tuesday. the toughest laws in the world that's the claim with the u.k. government with plans for a new watchdog to regulate the web. the era of social media firms regulating themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe.
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live from russia broadcasting around the globe but one pir moscow time welcome to our team with me kevin though in this world news update this tuesday the ninth of april so the first the united states has designated iran's revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization us secretary of state confirmed president trans decision on monday repeating ickes ations that the elite force both finances and promotes terrorism the leaders of iran are racketeers not revolutionaries he really people deserve better than to be governed by this kind of hypocritical and corrupt officials with this designation we are sending a clear signal a clear message to iran's leaders. including some sort of malim is band of thugs that the united states is bringing all pressure to bear to stop the regimes outlaw behavior and we asked our allies and partners around the world to this thing this
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us designation now then puts economic can travel sanctions on the military group the measures also cover organizations companies and individuals tied to it the groups considered as iran's dominant military force in fighting against icily in syria or in iraq kellam open as more. will be the first time that we've seen the u.s. government designate part of another country's government as a terrorist organization now donald trump in the statement he accuses iran of being a state sponsor of terrorism financing promoting terrorism as a tool of state craft and we heard those words echoed by mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state the united states is continuing to build its maximum pressure campaign against the iranian regime. i am announcing our intent to designate the islamic revolutionary guard corps including its good force as a foreign terrorist organization as a nation will take effect one week from today in response to this designation by
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the u.s. government the iranian government has now declared the us central command in the u.s. military to be terrorists and we've also heard from job he'd zarif the foreign minister of iran and he has spoken up and said this is another move by washington that could lead to further isolation of the united states netanyahu for whom of. nation of the g.c. fully understand its consequences for u.s. forces in the region in fact they seek to drag the us into a quagmire on its behalf. should my bets have been to be conned into one of the us disaster the troubled ministration has particularly distinguished itself by escalating into rhetoric against the islamic republic of iran distinguishing itself from the obama administration that presided over the p five plus one nuclear negotiations but the trumpet ministration has escalated u.s. sanctions and hostility toward the islamic republic everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare or ran around spread death destruction and chaos behind every problem is
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iran's the world's leading state sponsor of terrorists of iran's leaders so yes. death. and destruction however this organization that was key in defeating the ice will dyess. terrorist organization made great sacrifices in order to fight against i.c.l. has now been labeled itself as terrorists by the u.s. government the move to recognize the revolutionary guard as a terror group was welcomed by israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu thank you my dear friend president donald trump for your decision to declare iran's revolutionary guards a terrorist organization thank you for responding to another important request of mine which serves the interests of our countries and the countries of the region. on a day when he's got a lot of other things to bear in mind as well as decision coming just hours before polls opened in israel's general election over six million people are eligible to
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vote at more than ten thousand polling stations across the country and abroad these paullus leah takes a look at the front runner. there is something for everyone in the israeli elections there are more than fifty parties competing although only to have a real chance of forming the next government but these daily could party headed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu who fancies himself as a strongman among the successes he's talked at which is getting his ally american president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights and also to label iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization but that's not enough for the prime minister just before the elections he was asked if he would consider and mixing territory in the west. yes we will go to the next stage in imposing israeli sovereignty in the west bank has made opponent is the same tryst with a distinguished military background for me israeli army chief b.b. guns he appeals to voters who feel that netanyahu has been in power for too long i
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think benjamin netanyahu has done a lot for the country he served in public life for more than two decades and thirteen years as a prime minister but is receiving enough is enough whoever wins will bring little joy for palace. unions it's rabies in general are less inclined to compromise on the issue particularly interesting enough when it comes to young people according to a poll by the. institute we asked israelis on the streets of tel aviv what's his appeal to young people. generation is much more violent. in the relieve like in the extreme everything is extreme litany own that fear creates a lot of unity unity a. kind of a feeling of togetherness it's not so surprising that. younger populations levels of support. for him going to many guns. always
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way too much in control. and got too much power and a lot of israeli don't trust them and relieve our i for one thing your own eyes i think and she's a successful now as it is and i'm afraid of changes i don't know if i one day someone has to be those been several a geisha against in the last several years and there's very good chance this is going to end in prison in the next year or so except the faith in his own presidency has an achievement any significant achievements gideon levy is a columnist at the israeli newspaper ha'aretz he breaks down for us. those elections sigh about an attorney oh yes or no it's almost the only issue at stake almost the only issue on the table and they're almost the only sure which is discussed and you know here emotions are very high balls their reactions go for
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believing him go for believe he's a victim of the system go for believe that only him can secure the future of israel only him can stand visit the rabid new poutine and donald trump and other leaders of the world and look at them as an equal partner and those who believe that these men have created enough damage and should go home the way the and yoel is going either way that brings israelis support from the united states this is something the voters might have in their mind but it will not be in their first priority so then ask about some pictures just coming in late stay in from tel aviv the polling station in iran opened at seven o'clock local time there it's now just after one o'clock in the afternoon this one of the tightest races for years will be cross those exit polls when they occur after the polls close we think about a post telling us about coming in incumbent benjamin netanyahu is believed to be said to be on track to become the longest serving leader lawyer state for him as
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a country want changes that want to keep the status quo will keep you posted. other stories to bear in mind today the u.k. government claims it's going to have the toughest internet laws in the world when a plan outlined in the online harms white paper it suggest penalising or even blocking websites that fail to take down potentially harmful content covering everything from child abuse to this information but as polly poitier explains next the roof is that when there's regulation there's also censorship. too much freedom can be dangerous that's the message from the u.k. government which has unveiled ambitious new plans to oversee the safest corner of the internet the country that's famous for bringing you mary poppins is aiming to be the world's best online nanny we're putting a legal duty of care on these companies to keep users safe and if they fail to do so toss punishments will be imposed. the era of social media firms regulating
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themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe so how is the british government going to make the u.k. the safest place to enjoy the net well for starters there are going to be some strict new rules any company that allows online interaction will be responsible for their users safety as well as the content that appears on their services in the most obvious examples that will mean purging illegal material related to terrorist and child sexual exploitation and abuse and if companies fail to clean up their act the likes of facebook and twitter will be put on the naughty step by a new independent regulator for the internet companies will face substantial fines for failing to pull down dangerous or extremist materials if the fines don't work bosses of the offending firms could be liable to criminal prosecution and if that
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fails to websites could be blocked entirely for u.k. internet users and that regulator should have teeth so we're going to consult not just on remedial notices on fines and that can be up to four percent of global turnover at the moment none of this is law yet they'll be twelve weeks of public consultation only after that draft legislation will be drawn op but there are already concerns over the prospect of tough new regulations there's so much come to know that you can just influence. well really anybody but especially the younger generation kids i would disagree i think the internet is something which is open and it was a good thing that it was always open and not regulus but in any form of government or whatever i think it's probably a good idea i think this is enough regulate that i think it's. pretty. there i
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think it's a good idea to have some protection in there but it's a pens how stringent how close they are to every day stuff internet needs better regulation most definitely why. two three four one and then the government says it wants to remove what it calls harmful content but who will be the arbiter of what stays out up and what goes down so those social media companies will have to do two things first is to set out filters process to see just to show that they are doing whatever they can and you know to to prevent material that could potentially cause serious harm to young children in a lot of people in a second they will have to act in a speedy manner to any request to remove such material at the moment the government is still deciding whether the job of regulating should fall on the
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shoulders of a new independent body or an existing one like broadcast regulator off kong and when it comes to the big social media fams well like students craving more stringent discipline facebook has tentatively welcomed the plan for greater and government oversight with a caveat or to. these a complex issues to get right and we'll look forward to working with the government and parliament to ensure new regulations are effective. the u.k. government says it wants to be a trailblazer but the question is how to implement stricter safety measures without restricting freedom of the internet. tricky one quick break coming up but much more when we come back here at international including romania wanting to help stem the brain drain it's suffering it's time to skill workforce to up sticks to go to better pay elsewhere in the e.u. and how they try and solve just one of the stories that we appreciate you watching
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i'll teach him. you know world big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is spearing dramatic
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development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. again as one of the afternoon moscow time next a crippling shortage of skilled workers in romania has prompted to join other small nations to condemn the blocks freedom of movement policy as professionals leave their nations for better pay checks within the e.u. they're hitting the growth of their home countries reports. fear aspiring members the idea of joining for. the need european union membership what they have
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in european states will also be present in macedonia who can embrace a completely new agenda today in order to deadlines with their neighbors and join the group of countries still be the first not less. last in line to join the e.u. states on this new e.u. vision because we are the most europe music nation in europe but first some of the union's new comers the dream didn't quite materialize. and adding to their wu's there is the crippling brain drain part of the so-called prize of being a member state is freedom of movement you can move and. you won't
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see but according to remain here that comes at a price you know when you know we come here with the least one media the stuff we see keeping only one book with devoted to this the euro is not the same we keep talking see these the procedure. of higher paid work is just too much it's not just romania that's suffering either hungry has also warned it's facing an exodus of well educated people have taken the higher paying jobs elsewhere in the e.u. it seems the brain drain is actually one of the biggest worries that some countries have it's a problem that needs solutions according to hungary's second largest parliamentary party he'll pick our talented young people who are skilled who are educated in our country believe after their recent receive their university degrees and go to
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western europe to just search for better jobs and i did i think it is unacceptable that a doctor in hungary receives the ten times less than a doctor in the in the u.k. if what you want to have a future and if it wants. to be a stable economy and competitive on the global stage it has to eliminate those structural differences but as the e.u. expands further some countries might be asking whether they can really hear for what to be hot off the club so it's even ski r.t. paris. will talk in a way to another crunch day on the brakes it calland britain's parliament has passed a bill requiring a prime minister to see get another extension to exit the european union the move was aimed at preventing the u.k. from crashing out of the bloc maybe without a deal maybe as soon as this friday mrs may is to meet german chancellor the delayed till friday to do she send you to go to brussels for emergency summit on wednesday where will be voted on jurors almost three years since the bricks
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referendum and many in the u.k. have changed their mind on whether or not they should leave the union after all no after all this the turn of boston's just a hundred kilometers north of london it's home to thousands of migrants from eastern european countries but then that voted overwhelmingly to leave the e.u. so we went to see where the pendulum swinging these days. the pig have already voted. so they should lay we had a vote we do so much really stick to it. and let's get out now it's price they thought they'd jump on the land menu today the wife has these make it the job is now we have no tradition that we're not even set up right still for case to pay paul. respect this. you know to drink in the story. time if you integrate in a community. where you pay your taxes so you try to you know get along with the
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others i think there shouldn't be any problems because we have people of the world we all put on we belong to each other we should help each other instead of like but there's that. research fellow at the university of edinburgh. explains what's next them for breaks it now the premise is heading once again to brussels it's much more likely that. the rest of the year you want to keep the pressure on the u.k. government to make sure that if they are to be requesting an extension that there is some kind of purpose for it but there's a plan for why either extending it to trey's amaze always try to emphasize that these extensions are technical extensions are there to sort of the process in the commons and in the lords can go through the planning of these negotiations with the labor party go. to the end of the thirtieth of june as already been put out there so that's probably if the talks are going well that will probably be the case if there's nothing forthcoming from out there it wouldn't surprise me if there was a long extension was at least threatened to the rest of the conservative party to.
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vote for this rather than to possibly have no. problem as to the break we'll consider kosovo similarly pledge total loyalty to the us during an official visit to detroit. oppositions a similar to what the us stands for and those on the ground know it i am an american soldier on the ground he also told the media that washington must support kosovo in order to push back against what was called russian influence in the balkans or the cost when prime minister is a staunch supporter of the us and nato in march even sacked a minister who was critical of the military alliance his actions in the former yugoslavia but despite his allegiance to the us see none the less to this day maintains that kosovo is fully sovereign and pursues its own policies some background today kosovo is a partially recognized partially disputed state it's unilaterally declared its independence from serbia back in two thousand and eight after decades of bitter
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bitter tensions between albanian and serb communities in the region one political analyst we spoke to told us america is clearly though pulling the strings in kosovo to this day you want to give the image of being an independent country don't forget that today kosovo is not recognized by seven of humanity china doesn't recognize kosovo or india russia. spain the vatican doesn't have been recognized also works in and own country so you try to fight for that but. you still remain in the cockpit of the americans and he says it himself heritage just coming to washington to suck up to washington and say we're still here we'll do whatever you want we want leader we want the european union we want to know you know where you are. what is important is that whatever it is you're going to be doing over there we are at that point for here is to show that they will always be the servants of the americans in developments this is the most important point. government in libya has condemned monday's airstrike on an airport in tripoli as
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a war crime forces led by general khalifa haftar launched an offensive last week in a tent atrocities control of the country's capital the seventy five year old generals an american citizen the defected from the libyan army in one thousand nine hundred seven and for the opposition way back then to overthrow the leader colonel gadhafi now three. he fled to the united states. shortly after the national. to live. further into the general's background. he actually defects from the libyan military and pledges loyalty to the national front for the salvation of libya which is this u.s. cia saudi backed operation that's dedicated and planning to overthrow gadhafi he and his men are literally trained by the cia special activities division which is the cia's paramilitary arm in sabotage and these other guerrilla scales continues to train with the national front for the liberation for the salvation excuse me of
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libya in rural virginia here very close to here in anticipation for another libyan coup attempt and are smarter audience members might notice this is quite close to cia headquarters so still having those ties there suddenly in twenty fourteen he's back challenging this u.n. backed libyan government in february he releases this video calling for a coup against gadhafi against excuse me against the u.n. backed government he rails against them for not doing enough to get rid of these islamist groups so his goal is now to get rid of these is the mist militias that he accuses of terrorizing libya and what's funny here is the u.s. response according to one former state department official quote everyone was like is this a joke because he used to be a cia asset and now a sudden he's against the u.n. backed government so now at this point new america which is one of washington's think tanks says huffed are is threatening western interests and western media is kind of dismissing this as like oh this russian puppet this brutal dictators trying to make gains of course it's going to you know help them if they try to launch
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another offensive but at this point like they've taking key pieces of land when it comes to oil from the u.n. backed government on the washington post as you know now saying oh the cia asset has become a u.s. headache in libya. programs those do just a little bit deeper check it out over so much more of the latest news as it happens around the clock. national h.q. and i was time for now though to make heaven i know for the day maybe see you get the same times tomorrow delighted you chose us and have a great day. proves that you don't need interest rates above zero you don't need capital you don't need savings you don't need. you don't need inflation. people like united
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states are saying like well why can't we just be like to. do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you to stay if you look at it from a book or knowledge. mark was the day that when he was flying to the lion. do going to be in the sheriff's most contentious critic for you the first time i noticed something wasn't right in felice work pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or thing like that it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively drug and went to this website began featuring comments about the sheriff by. squash you like
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a bug you know we should stop then you should say and i'm left with stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral building the f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and a critic house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia right jean little. men they know is bad will. lose but you took notes if you do. you wish the first one to the worst were just going over to the others. i chose this way do. you think it was national guard.
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cutting. the party to. the yeah. it's a letter from the police. there but will support the border these critics one of those with the pledge to the middle east because be. sure you do my produce me a. little. blow someone to believe me because he doesn't know what you really are you. greetings and salutations a lot of the people watching this broadcast weren't even alive when libya became an independent kingdom in one nine hundred fifty one in fact much of what western
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observers know about libya has to do with what happened after the one nine hundred sixty nine military coup that's how the western backing the posed and a bloodless revolution led by moammar gadhafi however that bloodless coup became a blood soaked regime that lasted and to. twenty eleven following the arab spring movements that solve leadership in egypt in tunisia overthrown libya faced much of the same rebel groups fought the libyan government and western forces intervened and by intervene i mean bombed nato led mostly western forces fired over one hundred ten tomahawk missiles they completed nearly twenty six thousand air attacks that destroyed major airports bases and infrastructure just to name a few with the assistance from those nato bombers moammar gadhafi and at least sixty six of his envoy were murdered and extrajudicial killings seemingly as the west rejoiced the end of khadafi as many consider libya's regime change experiment a success until now former gadhafi loyalists and suspected cia operative colleagues
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far. how far off tar is currently in a march on tripoli to take control of the government himself his plan to rid the country of militias extremist and armed civilians in general mohammad. spokesman of a spokesperson for her told the independent quote any man carrying a weapon in his hand against us is a target if he hands over his weapon or stays at home he will be safe once again a country that has been passed between the hands of colonizing westerners for centuries is being run by the leader is elected by the people but by the very militias and western warmongers who profited from its demise while many in power across the world are calling for more bombs more force and more death as a solution to violence you high representative for foreign affairs and security policy fredericka maker rainy is one of many who sees it differently. i.


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