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i'm going to talk about football margaret or else you can see goals going to go. by the way where is a good showing here. the trump administration finds a fresh salvo at its european allies pledging to hit e.u. goods with tyrus worth as much as eleven billion dollars the move comes in response to the block subsidies for boeing rival. the world's toughest internet laws the u.k. government and bell's plans for a new independent watchdog to regulate the web. the era of social media firms regulation themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe. and tensions ramp up between the united states and iran to
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ron brown's american troops in the region as terrorists a response to washington slapping the same label one of wrongs revolutionary guard times the move was welcomed by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he faces a close run race in a general election on tuesday. a very warm welcome to you you're watching our c.n.n. international with me nicky air and now our top story this hour the entire miller investigation was total nonsense aimed at a domestic audience that's the claim from vladimir putin who's just been speaking at the arctic forum and some petersburg our correspondent is there and joins us now live in a great to see you this is the first time a lot of putin has commented on the miller investigation what else. city have to
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say. hello hey indeed i am at the international arctic forum where i'll be at the main discussion events of this get together the drama lists and the audience let's be frank they wanted to hear answers to the questions that had nothing to do about the arctic you are absolutely right vladimir putin didn't want to or didn't get a chance to comment on the end of the robert moore probe and this time amid questions about climate change issues like. to a mission this is the moderator of the discussion decided to devote a chunk of the whole panel discussion to international issues mainly in particular . his take on the next chapters of the u.s. marshall relations and one of the questions it was about the end of the more so
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let's listen to what lot of us was and said to that was just. the first we we discussed that we knew that this commission you want to use and find anything. the best to give. russia knows full well that they didn't interfere in any elections in the us political was over a couple more years and it was new. mr miller was trying to find. present and russia we didn't. come to most because as a businessman but it was not only somebody it had to give and occasionally it was simply. and it was just for political purposes and political strife in the united states of america.
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just given. this is what happened when we knew this would happen and i said it's told you and i would ask happened. while the journalist who was in charge of moderating the panel discussion didn't stop there of course he wanted to find out what's next now that the robert miller investigation is done and dusted and vax mr putin had quite a few things to say about something that he sees as a true political crisis within the u.s. he believes that in the near future there won't be an end to this he believes that something that's been happening to the west president donald trump is absolutely unprecedented and u.s. history according to the russian president yes usually there was a lot of wrangling a lot of political competition something that's very tough during the election but
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he believes usually in the history of the u.s. the american people always united around their president and this time it's not happening so for him it's still very difficult to predict what's going on next gen when he was asked a direct question whether he would like donald trump to get a second term as president well mr putin refused to answer that question now there was also another reason why this panel at the international arctic forum story was special because it was attended by the heads of state from norway and sweden and perhaps as you know these two countries joined the chorus of western nations who were trying to isolate russia as a result. out of the crisis in ukraine twenty fourteen why again this is special because this was the first direct contact between the leaders of russia and the
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leaders of these two scandinavian countries however we were expecting them to elaborate on some of the pressing international issues on the difficulties between their countries and russia but this time they chose to avoid it and be diplomatic after all they were here to discuss why i'm a change. c e o two emissions and other challenges that the arctic region is facing and will be facing in the near future. politics always seems to find its way in there somewhere doesn't it thank you for those details. now the u.s. president has pledged to place terrorists where the eleven billion dollars on goods coming from the e.u. in response to the block subsidies for the european aerospace giant well for more on the trump administration's plan and the reaction from brussels we're joined by correspondent peter oliver and charlotte devinsky welcome both let's go to peter first step peter could you talk us through the decision and what's brought it about
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. we asked donald trump has said that eleven billion dollars worth of tariffs will be slapped on goods coming from the e.u. heading over to the united states of course how did the president of the united states announce this just on twitter the world trade organization finds that the european union subsidies to airbus has adversely impacted the united states which will now put cherish on eleven billion dollars of products the u.s. taking advantage of the u.s. on trade for many years it will soon stop. so what products are we talking about here well it includes things like different types of cheeses lemons kashmir's sweaters and not electrical wall clocks but in all reality has very little to do with cheese and almost certainly nothing to do with not electrical wall clocks it
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has a lot to do with aerospace technology in aerospace parts in particular a long running dispute that's been going on between the european based aerospace giant airbus and its major u.s. competitor boeing now there's been another long running dispute over tariffs of who paid what who when and whether that tariff was legal coming from the government side there's also been a lot of problems for boeing in recent times as well we've just seen two fatal crashes involving their seven three seven max aircraft in the last five months that left three hundred forty six people dead the lion air in ethiopian air crashes. that has resulted in the share price for boeing it absolutely tanked as you would imagine following these type of tragedies and then following on from the fact that they admitted that there was a problem with their aircraft now despite all of that the u.s.
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president has said he still loves the boeing company grounding was a big thing and it's a great company it's a truly great company and hopefully they'll figure it out very quickly it was a big it's a big decision also one of our largest actually orders. one of our you know truly one of the truly great companies of the world they have to figure it out they know that they're under great pressure. but it does seem that this is how donald trump goes business if you look back through its history it's kind of the way he's done it throughout all of the years and we've seen it in recent times while he's been the president when it involves china when it involves turkey when it involves the e.u. over. steel tariffs on those imports into the u.s. he said in the past he isn't afraid of a trade war and certainly making moves like trying to place of the best part of eleven billion dollars worth of tariffs on the new products coming into the into the united states so it seems like living up to each word on this one. thanks for
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that peter let's cross live to paris now and our correspondent shall i do penske schaller what has been the reaction from europe. where we are expecting in the next hour for a joint press conference to take place that's the e.u. and china they've been holding their own summit their own talks today in brussels and we do understand that there's been an eleventh hour cord between the two joints into the area for tariffs they've said that they going to present a united front essentially you could see that as being ganging up against the u.s. but we will get more details from that press conference due to begin in the next hour we will bring you details of that press conference in the meantime we've heard from the european commission in regards to this particular issue they've said that they would be open to remaining to have discussions with the u.s.
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in regards to these tariffs but they've also said that they will look to point out . of the tree to any way for which. the commission is starting preparations so that the e.u. can probably take action based on the arbitrator's decision on retaliation rights in this case the european union remains open for discussions with the united states . providing these without preconditions and a myth there oh come. now in regards to that figure that peter talked about that the leverage believe in dollars that was given to the e.u. has said that it's a largely exaggerated figure that actually echoes what airbursts itself has said in regards to the monies it's received in subsidies in the past now airbus added to that today in a statement saying that there was no legal basis for the u.s. proposals adding that it had already taken necessary measures that were outlined in
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the w t o report that was released back in may two thousand and eighteen this is more of what airbus had to say. we don't see no legal basis for this all this is leading to a necessary treat tensions and shoes that the only reasonable solution in this long tree dispute is a settlement which is something we have said since the beginning. and offering perhaps an olive branch was the french finance minister today brooke you know lemaire saying that it was in the interests of both the e.u. and the u.s. to keep these talks friendly whether that will happen is yet to be seen sallah thank you for those details will no doubt be coming back to you later in the day for now our correspondents piece all over in berlin in paris thank you. now the u.k. government claims it's going to have the toughest internet laws in the world and a plan outlined in the online harms white paper it suggests penalizing or even
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blocking websites have found to take down potentially harmful content covering everything from child abuse to disinform ation but as polly boyko explains that all of that is that when there's regulation there's also censorship. too much freedom can be dangerous that's the message from the u.k. government which has unveiled ambitious new plans to oversee the safest corner of the internet the country that's famous for bringing in mary poppins is aiming to be the world's best online nanny we're putting a legal duty of care on these companies to keep users safe and if they fail to do so tossed punishments will be imposed. the era of social media firms regulating themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe so how is the british government going to make the u.k. the safest place to enjoy the net well for starters there are going to be some
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strict new rules any company that allows online interaction will be responsible for their users safety as well as the content that appears on their services in the most obvious examples that will mean purging illegal material related to terrorist and child sexual exploitation and abuse and if companies fail to clean up their act the likes of facebook and twitter will be put on the naughty step by a new independent regulator for the internet companies will face substantial fines for failing to pull down dangerous or extremist materials if the fines don't work bosses of the offending firms could be liable to criminal prosecution and if that fails to web sites could be blocked entirely for u.k. internet users and that regulator should have teeth so we're going to consult not just on remedial notices on fines and that can be up to four percent of global
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turnover at the moment none of this is law yet they'll be twelve weeks of public consultation only after that draft legislation will be drawn are up but there are already concerns over the prospect of. after new regulations there's so much content out there you can just influence. well really anybody but especially the younger generation kids i would slightly maybe disagree i think the internet is something which is open and it was a good thing that it was always open and not any form of government or whatever i think it's probably a good idea i think this is enough regulation that i think it's. a pretty good idea i think it's a good idea to have some protection in there but it depends how stringent and how close they are. every day stuff internet needs better regulation most definitely why. two three four. and then the government says it wants to
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remove what it calls harmful content but who will be the arbiter of what stays out up and what goes down so those social media companies will have to do two things first is to set out filters. to see just to show that they are doing whatever they can you know to to prevent material that could potentially cause serious harm to young children a lot of people in the second they will have to act in a speedy manner to any request to remove such material at the moment the government is still deciding whether the job of regulating should fall on the shoulders of a new independent body or an existing one like broadcast regulator off kong and when it comes to the big social media fams well like students craving more stringent discipline facebook has tentatively welcomed the plan for greater and
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government oversight with a caveat or to. these a complex issues to get right and we'll look forward to working with the government and parliament to ensure new regulations are effective. the u.k. government says it wants to be a trailblazer but the question is how to implement stricter safety measures without restricting freedom of the internet the european court of human rights has ruled that russia violated the rights of anticorruption campaign alexina valmy in twenty fourteen by putting him under house arrest ron that after the break. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. all make this manufactured to send to the public well. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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welcome back the united states has designated the wrongs revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization us secretary of state mike pump a zero confirmed president trumps decision on monday repeating accusations that the elite force both finances and promotes terrorism the leaders of iran are record tears not revolutionaries iranian people deserve better than to be governed by this kind of hypocritical and corrupt officials with this designation we are sending a clear signal a clear message to iran's leaders. including some sort of mali in his band of thugs that the united states is bringing all pressure to bear to stop the regimes outlaw behavior we ask that our allies and partners around the world do the same the u.s. designation means members of the revolutionary guards will face economic penalties and travel restrictions the move will also affect organizations companies and
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individuals with links to the force the group is considered to be the elite branch of the of rainy and military and has been operating in syria and iraq iran reacted quickly to the designation labeling us troops in the middle east terrorists and warning of blowback for washington netanyahu first who have long for nation of the r.g.c. fully understand its consequences for u.s. forces in the region in fact they seek to drag the us into a quagmire on its behalf donald trump should know better than to be conned into another u.s. disaster while the move to recognize the revolutionary guard as a terror group was welcomed by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thank you my dear friend president donald trump for your decision to declare iran's revolutionary guards a terrorist organization thank you for responding to another important request of
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mine which serves the interests of our countries and the countries of the region trump's decision came shortly before this tuesday's general election in israel over six million people are eligible to vote at more than ten thousand polling stations across the country and abroad artie's paullus leader takes a look at the front where the us. there is something for everyone in the israeli elections there are more than fifty parties competing although only two have a real chance of forming the next government is the likud party headed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu who fancies himself as a strongman among the successes he's talked up to is getting his ally american president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights and to also label iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization but that's not enough for the prime minister just before the elections he was asked if he would consider and mixing territory in the west bank yes we will go to the next stage in imposing israeli sovereignty in the west
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bank his main opponent is a same tryst with a distinguished military background for me israeli army chief guns he appeals to voters who feel that netanyahu has been in power for too long i think benjamin attorney all have done a lot for the country he served in public life for more than two decades and thirteen years as a prime minister but is research enough is enough whoever wins will bring little joy for palestinians israelis in general are less inclined to compromise on the issues particularly interesting enough when it comes to young people according to a poll by the israel democracy institute we asked israelis on the streets of tel aviv what's his appeal to young people. generation is much more violent. in the relieve like in the extreme everything is extreme nittany i own with that fear creates a lot of unique unity a. kind of
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a feeling of togetherness it's not so surprising that the. younger populations. as. many guns. know is way too much in control. much power and a lot of these really don't trust them in the relieve our i suppose lived in your own eyes i think day and she's a successful now as it is. and the fate of changes i don't know if i one day someone has to be there's been this several geisha against the last several years and there's a very good chance this is going to end in prison in the next two years except the faith in his own presidency has an achievement any significant achievements so one of the it might just race is that for years there will be across the exit polls later today as they start to come out incumbent benjamin netanyahu is believed to be on track to become the longest serving leader in israel but it's not yet over
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does the country want change or does it want the status quo will keep you up to date you know and r.t. international with. the european court in strasburg has ruled that russia violated the human rights of prominent opposition figure alexina valmy when he was person the house arrest in twenty fourteen. lawyer and political activist alex scene involving is the leader of the progressive party one of russia's major unregistered opposition parties now the russian government did put him under house arrest in two thousand and fourteen after he and his brother were accused suspected of theft and laundering money from a russian company called eve rache now the european court of human rights is saying that the government was actually trying to curtail novell needs political activities by confining him to his house and according to his lawyer this strausberg court is demanding that the russian government pain of only over twenty thousand euros in reparations and he's already gone on social media to say that
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this was a victory for him victory the european cool if human rights is just acknowledged my house arrest in twenty fourteen was a legal violation of our schools five ten and eighteen of the human rights convention now moscow also fired back against the court's decision against the russian government kremlin spokes person dmitri peskov gave an official statement saying that the decision was certainly an anticipated. the decision is quite surprising i can see we expected it it's hard to grieve with its narrative this isn't the first time deval nice had a run in with russian authorities now he was barred from running for president back in two thousand and eighteen because of a previous conviction of fraud and back in two thousand and sixteen the e the e c h r ordered the russian government to pay him of all the fifty six thousand euros in damages because of another prison sentence for embezzlement so russia the russian government actually stuck to its guns on that one but all the
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continues to state that all the charges and sentences made against him were politically motivated so with the e.c. h.r. again making a ruling against the russian government moscow's course of action has yet to be seen. there's all the headlines for you this hour thank you for joining r.t. international we are back in thirty minutes with the latest see them. welcome to max geysers financial survival guide. looking forward to year without. this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. i think more do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful
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agency in me or you'll be to stay if you look at some of the book. mark was the day that when he was. going to spin the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in the east were pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or see it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. more shootings in this county then some states have had. to go and went to his website began featuring comments about this family the sheriff might. just squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop then he said then i'm like mr i believe what i'm doing now so it's ok you know it's your funeral f.b.i. raided p.b.s.
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and critics in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know bad wolf. greetings and salutations a lot of the people watching this broadcast weren't even alive when libya became an independent kingdom in one nine hundred fifty one in fact much of what western observers know about libya has to do with what happened after the one nine hundred sixty nine military coup that's how the western backing the posed and a bloodless revolution led by moammar gadhafi however about bloodless. school became a blood soaked regime that lasted until two thousand and eleven following the arab
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spring movements that saw leadership in egypt in tunisia overthrown libya faced much of the same rebel groups fought the libyan government and western forces intervened and by intervene i mean bombed nato led mostly western forces fired over one hundred ten tomahawk missiles they completed nearly twenty six thousand air attacks that destroyed major airports bases and infrastructure just to name a few with the assistance from those nato bombers moammar gadhafi and at least sixty six of his envoy were murdered and extrajudicial killings seemingly as the west rejoiced the end of khadafi as many consider libya's regime change experiment a success until now former gadhafi loyalists inspected cia operative colley far. all of our office are is currently in a march on tripoli to take control of the government himself his plan to rid the country of militias extremist and armed civilians and general mohammad. spokesman
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of a spokesperson for told the independent quote any man carrying a weapon in his hand against us is a target if he hands over his weapon or stays at home he will be say once again a country that has been passed between the hands of colonizing westerners for centuries as being run by leader is elected by the people but by the very militias and western warmongers who profited from its demise on many in power across the world are calling for more bombs more force and more death as a solution to violence you high representative for foreign affairs and security policy fredricka is one of many who sees it differently. i believe the international community. is ready for supporting a unity and agreement among the libyans i believe the challenge is now for the media and different factions and the those to overcome maybe there are some interests and sort of the libyan people that wants to defeat and find a compromise on the solution. so as libya repeats already lost wars and western
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