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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 9, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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and led by moammar gadhafi however that bloodless school became a blood soaked regime that lasted until two thousand and eleven following the arab spring movements that saw leadership in egypt in tunisia overthrown libya faced much of the same rebel groups fought the libyan government and western forces intervened and by intervene i mean bombed nato led mostly western forces fired over one hundred ten tomahawk missiles they completed nearly twenty six thousand air attacks that destroyed major airports bases and infrastructure just to name a few with the assistance from those nato bombers moammar gadhafi and at least sixty six of his envoy were murdered and extrajudicial killings seemingly as the west rejoiced the end of gadhafi as reign many consider libya's regime change experiment a success until now former gadhafi loyalists and suspected cia operative colleagues far. call a far off tar is currently leading a march on tripoli to take control of the government himself his plan to rid the
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country of militias extremist and armed civilians and general mohammad. spokesman of a spokesperson for told the independent quote any man carrying a weapon in his hand against us is a target if he hands over his weapon or stays at home he will be safe once again a country that has been passed between the hands of colonizing westerners for centuries is being run by the leader is elected by the people but by the very militias and western warmongers who profit from its demise while many in power across the world are calling for more bombs more force and more death as a solution to violence you high representative for foreign affairs and security policy fredricka is one of many who sees it differently. i believe the international community. is ready for supporting a unity and agreement among the libyans i believe the challenge is now for the media and different factions and the those to overcome may be there are similar interests and so. to get people that want to turn to fate and find
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a compromise on the solution. so as libya repeats already lost wars and western powers look poised to take hold of the african nation it looks like it's time to think a little deeper and start watching the hawks. were told. the first real that this would. be a liar on the part of. the day like you are going to. sleep. with. the. welcome everybody the watching the hogs i'm to have the law listen joining me today to help us better understand who is behind this latest coup attempt and libya is
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r.t. america correspondent michelle creates i thank you so much for joining us good to be with you so this man khalifa hatari this a seventy five year old national army commander has been called perhaps the single most powerful military commander in libya so let's talk about who he is right in one thousand nine hundred ninety six he joins the libyan military under king aegis he actually took part in the bloodless coup that you mentioned that brought the doctor to power three years later in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine he rises through the ranks and eventually becomes a key commander in libya's conflict with the neighboring country chad so he's fighting for gadhafi his army at this time then in one thousand nine hundred seven he's taken prisoner by chad along with four hundred other troops and it's here that he connects with the u.s. intelligence agents here in chad he actually defects from the libyan military and pledges loyalty to the national front for the salvation of libya which is this u.s. cia saudi backed operation that's dedicated and planning to overthrow. he and his
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men are literally trained by the cia special activities division which is the cia's paramilitary arm in sabotage and these other guerilla skills now this coup attempt fails to the point where in one nine hundred ninety s. officials had to rescue him and his fellow libyans to find them a place to live because the new chad government was actually planning to kick them out a u.s. military aircraft flew three hundred fifty of these men including hoft are to the u.s. and they're given refugee status this is where he continues to train with the national front for the liberation for the salvation excuse me of libya in rural virginia he was very close to here in anticipation for another libyan cool attempt and are smarter audience members might notice this is quite close to cia headquarters so still having those ties there so this is where he lives for close to two decades he lives actually right here in falls church virginia until two thousand and seven that he moved to this five bedroom house in vienna people close to him are like where's he getting all this money on public records actually show that he sold this
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house for over six hundred thousand dollars in two thousand and ten and he voted in virginia elections in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine so now i'm sure your next question is like what happens after gadhafi right because he was so weird so here's this guy who you go through this whole there's a very well known to these things happen and for whatever reason here's this guy who's like reading tanks up on tripoli supposedly is sitting there in virginia for twenty years being trained in paramilitary right and. exactly as you know you know in october of two thousand and eleven nato launches this humanitarian intervention it's successful like you mentioned gadhafi is overthrown and he returns to libya kind of hoping to be hailed as a hero and to some extent he is by a few people but he failed to become the leader of the post gadhafi government's armed forces and this is in part because islamist. dominate this libya's new
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government and they made a decision not to give anyone power who used to be loyal to gadhafi so that of course includes him so he goes back to virginia to quote enjoy his grandchildren that's what he told you yorker magazine but then suddenly in twenty fourteen he's back challenging this u.n. backed libyan government in february he releases this video calling for a coup against gadhafi against excuse me against the u.n. backed government he rails against them for not doing enough to get rid of these islamist groups so his goal is now to get rid of these islamist militias that he accuses of terrorizing libya and what's funny here is the u.s. response according to one former state department official quote everyone was like is this a joke because he used to be a cia asset now in a sudden he's against the u.n. backed government so how often are twenty fourteen who fails but he still continues to exert like a significant amount of control in this country and he launches what's called operation dignity where he's again trying to kick the islamists out of benghazi
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with the support of the u.a.e. of egypt of saudi arabia and this actually prompts a counter attacked by the islamist coalition by the islamist alliance plunging the country into civil war again in two thousand and fourteen and as you know libya now has these two were reveling governments one into a group and one in tripoli because of this now at this point new america which is one of washington's think tanks says huffed are is threatening western interests right really comes down to there's a very large amount of oil now for anybody i know shocking there's oil in libya most in africa and here's the situation where you have a country it's gone through so many different cities different leaders aren't even really elected leaders it's always sort of you know one either the another government another group of governments coming in and sort of saying what's going on i have what what's the story with u.s. forces because are they still there and. or you know how close is because these
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literally it's tanks and i know they've stopped some of its tanks and airstrikes and his forces are like continuing to make these gains and western media is kind of dismissing this as like oh this russian puppet this brutal dictators trying to make gains of course it's going to you know help them if they try to launch another offensive but at this point like they've taking key pieces of land when it comes to oil from the u.n. backed government on the washington post as you know now saying oh the cia asset has become a u.s. headache in libya as you know thursday they took over this town just sixty miles south of the capital they've declared their intentions forces to take back tripoli the u.n. is of course saying hey let's calm down all we want dialogue you know and like you mentioned some u.s. forces have temporarily evacuated because it's become a dangerous situation for them but forces now control over seventy seven percent of the country and of course we're getting corporate media saying oh this offensive you know threatens peace in libya it threatens to throw libya into
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a full blown civil war but what caused the situation the situation was of course this u.n. so-called humanitarian intervention that was launched by nato and that's why we have all these you know weapons and all these groups fighting each other so i mean this is now culminating in air strikes on tripoli is only functioning airport just today so we can portray him as a russian puppet and we can say oh we've got to save tripoli from him but the fact is is we have to look at the forces that caused this conflict in the beginning and be very careful as always in when you're watching the media and you're looking at what's happening to really understand who's on what side and that and keep an open mind and take everything with a grand scope that you hear because this is definitely the time when history gets rewritten thank you so much for walking us through that it course better than i had in this by a very this is a spy story. since pulling out of the iran nuclear deal the white house is.
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promised harsher and harsher punishments to get iran as the election and israel continues to make the threat of war with iran a center point of the debate others are worried that what is now words could lead to destruction in the blink of an eye and while the saber rattling has usually just been for a show the u.s. state department is now drawing a line in the sands of international relations r.t. america's dan cohen has more. until now the foreign terrorists as a nation has never been used against the military but secretary of state just made the announcement saying the designation will take effect in seven days we're doing it because the really regime's use of terrorism as a tool of statecraft makes it fundamentally different. from any other government. this is storage step of read the world's leading state sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death around the world. businesses and banks around the world now have a clear duty to ensure that companies with which they conduct financial
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transactions are not connected to the r g c in any material way trumpet ministration officials refused to comment on how the u.s. will be able to punish individuals and companies who do business with iran but the trouble administration has made regime change in iran a top priority and officials seem to think that this might bring that closer to reality iranian officials have responded in kind and put the u.s. military on its black list of foreign terrorist organizations the i.r.g.c. top commander warn that quote the american army and security forces will not experience peace and calm in the middle east anymore iranian foreign minister jevons a reef says that trumps move is actually on behalf of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is up for reelection on tuesday so i reflowed on twitter another misguided election eve gift to netanyahu another dangerous u.s. misadventure in the region so if comment might not be far off minutes after the
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announcement netanyahu tweeted out a thank you to trump trump and netanyahu are also heavily backed by the american casino billionaire sheldon adelson who's long opposed negotiations and once said the u.s. should drop a nuclear bomb on iran he also demanded the us pull out of the joint comprehensive plan of action which trump did in twenty eighteen you're on is already on the state department's list of state sponsors of terrorism or this move is unlikely to collapse the government it would certainly add pressure to what is already the most heavily sanctioned country in the world reports say that while pompei o and national security advisor john bolton are in agreement with trump the pentagon and . cia are not because they fear as the reef does that it could lead to military confrontation both the u.s. and iran have forces stationed in iraq and with both saying the other is you quibbling to be a slow mixtape this designation could be a recipe for just that and washington damn cohen our team. as we got
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a chance to get to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our full shows at r.t. doubt com coming up boeing looks to keep people in the air the u.n. wants time to live in the seas and there are bees in space to watch. breaks. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already several generations of them so i just got this memo
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from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy mess for us. join me every first day on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see if that. thank. boeing has announced that it plans to cut back on production of the seven
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thirty seven max aircraft after two fatal crashes revealed similar mechanical problems but as the company faces the first of what could turn into hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits its stop continues to fall artie's rachel blevins joins me now to discuss the details thank you for joining me rachel thank you for having me so there was a preliminary report over the weekend i think a lot of people saw this the investigation into that deadly crash me if you obey the sort of sparked all of this concern about this particular aircraft it showed that the crew did absolutely everything physically possible to get that plane back in the air and that they were saying this was a you know a. computer fail it's something that needed a patch which honestly is what most people talk about video games not planes so how is boeing i think must be wondering how is boeing reacting to seeing that this really was that they try and that there was nothing they could have done to stop
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that plane is have interesting because it marks the first time that boeing has actually come out and admitted some sort of fault in this case because up until now they've said you know these planes are safe the seven thirty seven max there's nothing wrong with them you know this isn't a big deal kind of a kind of brushed under the rug but for the first time boeing c.e.o. actually came out and he said that there was a problem with the flight control system and we've seen that both in this crash in ethiopia last month and in another crash in indonesia the planes took off everything was fine and then within minutes of takeoff they had some sort of mechanical problem caused the plane to malfunction so it's interesting to see boeing finally coming out and talking about that but it also said these comments could be used against them you know in these lawsuits that are going to be filed because. now people are saying that they're admitting some sort of guilt because yes we had this crash that happened to me last month but we also had that crash in indonesia a few months ago so a lot of people are wondering if you knew that there was
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a problem then then why it in the comfort and fix it yeah especially with something as big as this you know if you don't travel you don't kind of notice you don't really see this size and magnitude of these international planes and that's why there's so many people on board so it's there's a very big responsibility for it to be down to things like computer programs and things like that it definitely is one of those where you're looking at boeing and wondering how they're going to come back from this as a business because boeing is the most trusted i mean it was exactly one it's interesting when you look at it because reports have come out and they've said that these two planes that crashed didn't have the safety features that were available but it was because boeing charged extra for them and there were certain features that could have helped the pilots on board to see that the sensors on the plane were reading right or that there was a problem with them but instead what happened was the plane decided to correct on its own because i saw that the sensors were off so that all of a sudden nosedive and the pilots had no idea what was happening until it was too
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late so boeing was charging extra for those features which would have been nice to have and then we also have to look at fact the aviation authorities don't require those features so it will be interesting to see if there's some changes on the part of both this and usually what makes those changes happen is not an industry that suddenly cares it's not you know suddenly that the government says well we're going to put new regulations on it and make this happen it's usually lawsuits boeing's looking down the barrel of a lot of lawsuits about this what's next for them absolutely so i mean we've got nearly three hundred fifty people that lost their lives in these two crashes alone so that's hundreds of families that you know they're talking about losing daughters mothers aunts on these crashes and so they're definitely. coming out now and starting that process of filing lawsuits against boeing listen to a few of the comments and it's just heartbreaking when you think about it there's one where a father found out that his daughter was on the plane in indonesia and he went
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there to go in to gather her remains and then got there and found out that there were no remains because they had completely burned so he wasn't able to actually go through the grieving process of going and bringing her body home so i think there are going to be a lot of cases where we see stories like that of people that are just heartbroken and they're asking questions about why didn't boeing do everything possible to prevent this and why did it take up until now for them to come out and just say ok i guess there is something wrong with our flight control system maybe we should get on fixing that or making sure that there are more safety features in place to be available it's a bit like saying you know we're not going to put an elect brakes or we're not about brakes on your car it's x. that seems sort of odd and i think that's why a lot of people wonder is that you have aviation authorities here in the united states that are standing by boeing which you sort of understand when you understand the amount of money that boeing and how much we buy from boeing as a government and how much we facilitate to be sold around the world in planes and
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weapons or planes that carry weapons boy so is there in the any indication on this and that the u.s. regulators and the u.s. government will take a step back from their usual love for boeing and actually hold them accountable well unfortunately i don't think we're quite shy about pointing out as we saw whenever we had this second crash there were dozens of countries that had completely grounded this seven thirty seven max before the united states did anything and that's a time when aviation officials here in the u.s. were still saying it's fine it's fine and then finally you know they got the order to ground those planes so it doesn't look like they're quite turning their back on boeing right now it'll be interesting to see when they say that they have the software update and they say that the plane is ready to. how many people actually are willing to then fly on those planes but i know i've heard from almost everyone i've talked to this want to catch themselves on one of those planes they'd rather fun one that has a better track record and that they know the pilots can actually control so we'll
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see what happens when this gets back to the market and if maybe then they decide to step up and actually. yeah i think that's one of the things that old that i'll notice because these are the sort of things that make people more conscious about looking at their take at when they travel and making different travel plans and those really when you know these larger planes you know you're saying that they're in you know they're in indonesia not their international planes a lot and you know that's one of those things where you spend a lot of money you put a lot of effort out and you bring your family a lot of times you're going to want to know you're on the best. equipment possible and in this case i think you know there so much will be interesting to see where boeing and federal regulators and honestly all of these civil lawsuits will will happen throughout the world thank you so much for kind of walking us through the confusion and craziness that is airplanes and the air aviation. industry
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thank you so much r.t. america. thanks for joining. climate change could mean the end of many coastal cities but they also wonder if land is the only place available for people to build their home r.t. america's natasha's we have more. this side of it looks like an island get away with the united nations is actually back in the design of a new floating city the talent reportedly extremely eco friendly affordable and even be able to withstand a category five hurricane take a look at the proposed city right there on the water according to the u.n. the city would be able to house ten thousand residents it would be a collection of hexagons with each platform holding three hundred residents the entire city would contain a total of six villages the concept known as oceanic city was designed by architect ingles the project is still in search for funding and the u.n. is supporting this idea because it may actually serve as
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a solution to several pressing matters one is affordable housing two it will be able to withstand natural disasters like floods and hurricanes with hopes of growing food under water or ocean floor mean it would be self-sufficient the city would also be green on an entirely new level instead of having traditional garbage trucks the city would have trash tubes that could actually transport garbage to a sorting station where could then be repurposed and there wouldn't be any cars besides me beat driverless vehicles and builders say they like to experiment with new technologies like the drone delivery. system that pulls clean water out of the air would provide clean water build or save machine generators could pull air from the atmosphere and condense it into water impurities like metal or bacteria could then be filtered the platform's would be bolstered by a bio rock essential limestone three times harder than concrete it would be able to withstand harsh weather and if necessary these platforms could be towed to
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a safer location if a disaster strikes a difficult project to carry out some even comparing it to landing on the moon and speaking of space some see this as a dress rehearsal for surviving on mars but of course living on the water or mars isn't for everyone in los angeles and suites. on earth we have a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean your floors while you sleep now in space they'll have astro be asked ruby's are huge shaved flying robots designed to assist astronauts in space developed at nasa ames research center and it's specifically designed broom to mimic the international space station the aster of be used were trained to do things like keep track of tools with tens of thousands of parts and equipment onboard these robots could be programmed to continually locate and inventory even the smallest of items propelled through space by fans and. little
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cubes could also monitor the air sound and pressure to alert astronauts when something needs to be adjusted the bees faces are also touch screens allowing for messages to be displayed and most importantly these little bee is are there so we can find out what happens when humans and robots work together right there learning all these things about interactions between two humans and robots oh here we go well everyone that is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world were not told that i love them out so i tell you all. the while. keep on watching the hot and have a great day and that every last. bit of. this is. going to be the purest.
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president putin dismisses the investigation into the alleged collusion between donald trump and russia twenty six calling it total nonsense. drop administration fires of fresh european allies pledging to hit goods with tariffs worth as much as eleven billion dollars the u.s. says the moves in retaliation for subsidies given to boeing rival. the world's toughest internet laws the british government unveils plans for a new independent watchdog to police the web. the era of social media firms regulating themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe.


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