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president putin dismisses the investigation into the alleged collusion between donald trump and russia twenty six calling it total nonsense. trump administration fires of fresh european allies pledging to hit goods with tariffs worth as much as eleven billion dollars the u.s. says the moves in retaliation for subsidies given to boeing rival. the world's toughest internet laws the british government unveils plans for a new independent watchdog to police the web. regulating themselves. it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe .
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hello world news live from russia along. with the world news this hour into the program. has brushed off the entire miller investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election as total nonsense and aimed at a domestic audience the russian president told the international arctic forum in some petersburg that it was clear from the beginning that there would be no collusion between the kremlin and donald trump trying to report. an international arctic forum where first of all the journalists and the audience on the other hand at the main discussion event wanted to hear answers to questions that had nothing to do with the arctic the journalist that was leading the way of the discussion actually made it clear at one point that he wants to stay away from climate change melting ice is c o two emissions and talked of lot of more potent for some time
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about international relations and specifically how moscow is getting along with washington and indeed ever since the robert miller investigation was done and dusted and any kind of collusion between russia and donald was ruled out we never heard a word from vladimir putin on that specifically well that's up until today. we were saying from the beginning to this minute commission would not find anything russia did not interfere in the u.s. elections and there was none of the collusion that money was looking for between trump and russia we did not know when he came to moscow and he came as a businessman this is complete nonsense designed exclusively for a domestic audience. nothing really to add here it was very clear what the russian president wanted to say here and the next turn in that conversation was rather
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predictable as well if the robert miller probe is over and if no signs of collusion between washington and mr trump were filed what's next for the between the u.s. and moscow what's next and terms of how specifically the two presidents get along will lattimer putin accept donald trump's invitation that dated back to the helsinki summit. washington and could at least these ties between these two countries could they start getting back to normal the russian president said that he wasn't really expecting that to happen and then he went on to say that he believes there is some deep trouble in america internal politics he actually called it a real crisis that never happened in the history of the country. is part of a wider crisis in the u.s.
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political groups attack illegitimately elected president they don't accept the choice of the american people they want to send the result is a political crisis unlike anything we've seen in u.s. history so we'll leave it there with all the stuff that has to do with america there was something else very special about the specific international arctic for the participants in fact the leaders from two countries sweden and norway the prime ministers who back in two thousand and fourteen decided to join the chorus of western nations who wanted to isolate russia as a result of the crisis in ukraine now i can remind you that ever since then pretty much all contacts on the highest level work cut well now they are in st petersburg and they are talking directly to president vladimir putin but they decided at least in that particular room to avoid the sharp angles everything they
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said sounded rather diplomatic and they chose to stick to things like carbon emissions climate change and those melting ice is in the arctic which are very important issues and deed as well this is actually the reason why everyone is gathered here but i can tell you that and minds of journalists they want to hear about that molar probe again and again. the u.s. president has pledged to place tariffs with eleven billion dollars so maybe you goodson response to the book subsidies for the european aerospace giant bus and you haven't discussed the move and the reaction from europe with our correspondents show to do. eleven billion dollars so it's not peanuts at all that is billion with a biggie that donald trump has said he wants to place entire of on goods coming from the european union into the united states of course when it comes to this presidential administration how was it announced through twitter. the world trade
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organization fines of the european union subsidies to air bus has adversely impacted the united states which will now put terrorists on eleven billion dollars of new products the u.s. taking advantage of the u.s. on trade for many years it will soon stop so what type of things are going to be affected by these tariffs if it gets approved by the world trade organization and eventually goes through we're looking at different types of cheeses we're looking at lemons all of oil kashmir's sweaters not electrical wall clocks but the thing is that this has nothing to do with cheese and almost certainly has absolutely nothing to do with not electrical war clocks this is all down to an ongoing dispute between the european airspace giant airbus and of course boeing the major u.s. air space giant boeing is the largest producer or and exporter of aerospace
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technology united states it's a huge colazal but he was not only to commercial aerospace technology but also to military technology as well and of course the plane donald trump flies around in air force one that's also a boeing jet as well there are big problems for boeing right now they've been involved in two fatal air crashes in the last five months resulting in three hundred and forty six deaths that's the crashes involving lie in air and ethiopian airways both of those planes that went down were the boeing seven three seven max and that well apart from the obvious tragedy that comes with it has tanked their share price donald trump says despite the problems that boeing is being going through he stands behind the company grounding was a big thing and it's a great company it's a truly great company and hopefully they'll figure it out very quickly as it
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regards a big decision or one of our. largest extra orders. one of our you know truly one of the truly great companies of the world they have to figure it out first they know that they're under great pressure but this just seems like it's donald trump doing business as donald trump those business we have seen it throughout his career but in his presidential korea we saw just last year how he will launched into china to the european not promising tariffs on. steel imports into the united states he has said he wouldn't shy away from a trade war that certainly doesn't seem like he's willing to right now peter thank you for those details are paid to all of us speaking to his life from berlin let's cross over to paris now and our correspondent shiela do penske as solid what has been the reaction from europe e.u. and china were actually meeting in brussels today to talk about the future of their own trade agreements they talked about reform of the in the future which china has
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said for the first time that it will cooperate in many were expecting them to touch on those trade wars which of both blocs have with the u.s. but nothing was said perhaps saying nothing about trump and trade rules with them that speaks more volumes indeed but we did hear from the european commission in regards to this new element this eleven billion dollars of tariffs that trump is talking about slapping on european products it said it remains open to discussions with the u.s. but says it will hold those discussions as long as there are no preconditions to the e.u. the european commission has also said it will be speaking to the w t o arbitrator to get them involved in this the commission is starting preparations so that the you can promptly take action based on the arbitrator's decision on retaliation
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rights in this case. the european union remains open for discussions with the united states providing these without preconditions and a mf'er outcome we've also heard from the e.u. in regards to that figure that eleven billion dollar figure same for them that that is a grossly exaggerated figure and that's echoing what we've also heard from us which is course that the by the storm in regards to this is also sees no legal basis for these u.s. proposals these tariffs on european products adding that it's also had taken all the measures that it was asked to comply with according to a w t o report that came out in two thousand and eighteen this is what tells us that to say we don't seen a legal basis for this all this is leading to a necessary treat tensions and shoes that the only reasonable solution in this long
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tree dispute is a settlement which is something we have said since the beginning meanwhile here in france we've been hearing for france's finance economy minutes simply no matter he's been talking about the fact that they needs to be a friendly solution to these trade wars between the e.u. and the u.s. it doesn't look like that is something that's going to go down well but we asked economist and author stephen king how he expects the e.u. to react and which u.s. industries have my target. dealing with trump is a totally different experience of dealing with the any president previously others would bluster but then that had been negotiated by the diplomats this would have been almost decided by the charm trump tweets so they know the only way to far just a fight back directly and i'm pretty certain i will slap tariffs on american products and i might well go for the for the areas where america has an obvious advantage which is in computing design of computing maybe even an electro property
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i mean i know trying claim to live in billion worth of subsidy i'm sure that's from vastly exaggerated but if you take a look at the you're full of contracts that boeing got over the last couple of years is getting about twenty billion in contracts to a year from the pentagon now we know anybody who produces for the pentagon massively over processors so fundamentally this is a subsidy for boeing coming in through the military wing of america which is like a style lodger than anything the european union is strong it is a bus. polling stations have now closed in israel's general election and as ever when you've got a country that had a long time prime minister often an election like this seems to be a referendum on the leadership and the exit polls at the moment are indicating that it's a neck and neck race and that benjamin netanyahu has been dealt something of a blow by voters what you can see behind on screen now are supporters of netanyahu the biggest rival benny gantz who according to the polls and it is very close to call at this stage it's only exit polls it's only indicative but his blue my party
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may have edged the head by some narrow like about three or four seats the exit polls are still coming in so it's a bit difficult to decide who has actually come out on top here all indications suggest no one has secured a majority according to the exit polls but certainly in the gantt camp there's celebrations tonight that an election bruising has been dealt to the long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu who was seeking a fifth term in office our middle east correspondent paula slee has been taking a look at the front runners. there is something for everyone in the israeli elections there are more than fifty parties competing although only two have a real chance of forming the next government to what is the likud party headed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu who fancies himself as a strongman among the successes he's talked about is getting his ally american president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights and also to label iran's revolutionary
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guard as a terrorist organization but that's not enough for the prime minister just before the elections he was asked if he would consider and mixing territory in the west bad or yes we will go to the next stage in imposing israeli sovereignty in the west bank has made opponent is the same tryst with a distinguished military background for me is where the army chief he appeals to voters who feel that netanyahu has been in power for too long i think benjamin attorney all have done a lot of country who served in public life for more than two decades in thirteen years as a prime minister but his research in the us is enough whoever wins will bring little joy for palestinians israelis in general are less inclined to compromise on the issue particularly interesting enough when it comes to young people according to a poll by the israel democracy institute we asked israelis on the streets of tel aviv what's his appeal to young people. generation is much more violent.
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in the relieve like in the extreme everything is extreme an attorney oh no with that fear creates a lot of unity and humility a. kind of a feeling of togetherness it's not so surprising that. younger populations here's my a levels of support. for. many guns. that i know is way too much in control. that's too much power in a lot of these really don't trust them a little relieved. by lifting your own eyes i thinking and she's a successful now as it is. in the state of changes i don't know if i one day someone has to be there's been several allegation against it in the last several years and there's a very good chance this is going to prison in the next year. except the to in his
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own presidency has an achievement any significant achievements so that's what some of the voters thought and this is the scene among supporters of mr netanyahu is challenger benny gantz now although the exit polls suggest it's a bit too close to call at this stage it seems that if their accuracy is to be believed mr gans is edging it with one or two maybe up to four seats in this general election but his cab is already declaring victory maybe a little premature especially given things are so close in the exit polls but they certainly feel they've got a reason to celebrate after this challenge to a long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu who had put up for a difficult campaign to try and get that fifth. and was perceived of making a few geo political gifts by the united states with moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem recognition of the golan heights as israeli territory among other things as well but also at home mr netanyahu has faced possible indictment by
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the justice ministry over alleged corruption activities in the past so at this stage it's difficult to see what has come out of the israeli election neck in neck at best or possibly the challenger benny gantz edging it by three or four seats in the israeli election where more results start coming in or more indicative polls will let you know here on r.t. plus we'll be getting reaction in the coming hours. on to our other headline news. lining up the toughest internet laws in the world as a government plan called online harmsworth suggests penalizing riva blocking websites failed to take down potentially harmful content covering everything from child abuse to disinform ation but as polly boyd explains the roof is the where there's regulation there's also censorship too much freedom can be dangerous that's the message from the u.k. government which has unveiled ambitious new plans to oversee the safest corner of
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the internet the country that's famous for bringing you mary poppins is aiming to be the world's best online nanny we're putting a legal duty of care on these companies to keep users safe and if they fail to do so tossed punishments will be imposed. the era of social media firms regulating themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe so how is the british government going to make the u.k. the safest place to enjoy the net well for starters there are going to be some strict new rules any company that allows online interaction will be responsible for their users safety as well as the content that appears on their services in the most obvious examples that will mean purging illegal material related to terrorist and child sexual exploitation and abuse and if companies fail to clean up their act
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the likes of facebook and twitter will be put on the naughty step by a new independent regulator for the internet companies will face substantial fines for failing to pull down dangerous or extremist materials if the fines don't work bosses of the offending firms could be liable to criminal prosecution and if that fails to web sites could be blocked entirely for u.k. internet users and that regulator should have teeth so we're going to consult not just on remedial notices on fines and that can be up to four percent of global turnover at the moment none of this is law yet they'll be twelve weeks of public consultation only after that draft legislation will be drawn op but there are already concerns over the prospect of tough new regulations there's so much come to know that you can just influence. the really anybody but especially the younger generation kids i would disagree i think the internet is something which is open
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and it was a good thing that it was always open and not any form of government or whatever i think it's probably a good idea i think this is enough regulate that i think it's. pretty good i. i think it's a good idea to have some protection in there but its plans how stringent and how close they are. every day stuff internet needs better regulation most definitely why. two three for one and then the government says it wants to remove what it calls harmful content but who will be the arbiter of what stays out up and what goes down so those social media companies will have to do two things first is to set out filters process to see just to show that they are doing whatever they can you know to to prevent material that could potentially cause
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serious harm to young children a lot of people in the second they will have to act in a speedy manner to any request to remove such material at the moment the government is still deciding whether the job of regulating should fall on the shoulders of a new independent body or an existing one like broadcast regulator off kong and when it comes to the big social media fams well like students craving more stringent discipline facebook has tentatively welcomed the plan for greater and government oversight with a carry out or to. these are complex issues to get right and we'll look forward to working with the government and parliament to ensure new regulations are effective the u.k. government says it wants to be a trailblazer but the question is how to implement stricter safety measures without restricting freedom of the internet. the u.k.
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could be set for a lengthy breaks it delay the e.u. diplomats are currently locked in talks ahead of wednesday's emergency summit in brussels and have signaled that they don't believe that a short extension to the withdrawal period will help break the current deadlock earlier on tuesday the british prime minister met with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin to try and secure support for a short delay until the thirtieth of june theresa may then jetted off to paris where she met with the french president the diplomatic dash comes after m.p.'s in westminster passed a bill requiring the pm to see yet another extension to the deadline to leave the european union. almost three years since the brics that referendum and many in the u.k. have changed their minds on whether the u.k. should leave the union at all the town of boston which is about one hundred kilometers north of london is home to thousands of migrants from eastern european countries back then that voted overwhelmingly to leave the e.u. we want to see where the pendulum is now. the people already voted. so they should leave we have to vote we do so much and they stick to it. and that's get out.
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of its price thank you all with it jumps on the land make news today the wife has these make it the job is now we have no tradition that we're not even set up right still from case to pay paul. respect this town you know to drink i'm sure a. time if you integrate in a community. where you pay your taxes so you try to you know get along with the others i think there shouldn't be any problems because we have people of the world that we all put on we belong to each other we should help each other instead of like my commute to theirs that. the european court in strasbourg has ruled that russia violated the human rights of prominent opposition figure when he was put under house arrest and twenty fourteen his alter has done a. lawyer and political activist alex scene involving is the leader of the
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progressive party one of russia's major unregistered opposition parties now the russian government did put him under house arrest in two thousand and fourteen after he and his brother were accused suspected of theft and laundering money from a russian company called eve now the european court of human rights is saying that the government was actually trying to curtail no political activities by confining him to his house and according to his lawyer the strausberg court is demanding that the russian government pain of only over twenty thousand euros in reparations and he's already gone on social media to say that this was a victory for him. victory the european court of human rights is just acknowledge my house arrest in twenty fourteen was a legal violation of our schools five ten and eighteen of the human rights convention now moscow also fired back against the court's decision against the russian government kremlin spokes person dmitri peskov gave an official statement saying that the decision was certainly an anticipated. the decision is quite
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surprising i can see we expected it it's hard to grieve with its narrative this isn't the first time deval nice had a run in with russian authorities now he was barred from running for president back in two thousand and eighteen because of a previous conviction of fraud and back in two thousand and sixteen the e e e c h r ordered the russian government to pain of only fifty six thousand euros in damages because of another prison sentence for embezzlement so russia the russian government actually stuck to its guns on that one but all the avani continues to state that all the charges and sentences made against him were politically motivated so with the e.c. h.r. again making a ruling against the russian government moscow's course of action has yet to be seen. the un backed government in libya has condemned monday's strike on an airport in tripoli as a war crime forces led by general khalifa haftar launched an offensive last week in an attempt to seize control of the country's capital the seventy five year old
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general is an american citizen he defected from the libyan army in one thousand nine hundred seven and formed an opposition wing to overthrow then leader moammar gadhafi three years later he fled to the united states shortly after the national uprising against gadhafi in twenty eleven after i returned to libya on r.t. dot com today's watching the hawks tells further into the general's background. he actually defects from the libyan military and pledges loyalty to the national front for the salvation of libya which is this u.s. cia saudi backed operation that's dedicated and planning to overthrow gadhafi he and his men are literally train. by the cia special activities division which is the cia's paramilitary arm in sabotage and these other guerilla skills continues to train with the national front for the liberation of for the salvation excuse me of libya in rural virginia he was very close to here in anticipation for another libyan attempt and are smarter audience members might notice this is quite close to cia headquarters so still having those ties there suddenly in twenty fourteen he's
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back challenging this u.n. backed libyan government in february he releases this video calling for a coup against gadhafi against excuse me against the u.n. backed government he rails against them for not doing enough to get rid of these islamist groups so his goal is now to get rid of these islam if there is the u.s. response according to one former state department official quote everyone was like is this a joke because he used to be a cia asset now a sudden he's against the u.n. backed government so now at this point new america which is one of washington's think tanks says huffed are is threatening western interests and western media is kind of dismissing this as like oh this russian puppet this brutal dictators trying to make gains of course it's going to you know help them if they try to like launch another offensive but at this point like they've taking key pieces of land when it comes to oil from the u.n. backed government on the washington post as you know now saying oh the cia asset has become a u.s. headache in libya which. is your news for now we'll be back to you again in
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just a half an hour we hope to give you some analysis on the israeli elections because we've had the exit polls and it paints a clear picture contradictory to say the least with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is off to a fifth term in office. from the bloom want to launch both play a big victory with the exit polls. clear picture showing the leading depending on which poll you look at but only by one or two seats at best so we go for the food. knowing who might be taking the lead in the israeli election and if it's only down to a couple of seats there neither mr netanyahu nor mr ganns will be in a position to say they've won and can form a government then starts the round of talks over coalitions still early days yet but we'll be talking to our middle east correspondent paula slayer in half an hour's time to hopefully give you a little more color on what's been happening in the israeli elections. follows
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max and stacey with the latest report only on r.t. international. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be press this is what the three of them or can't be good for. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. last question.
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u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense office says we're got to act and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the was with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy war.


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