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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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first results in israel's general election to show incumbent prime minister binyamin netanyahu is leading over his opponent. exit polls and put both candidates in a dead heat with both men claiming victory. president putin dismisses investigation into the alleged collusion between russia and two thousand and sixteen calling it total nonsense. on the trumpet ministration fires a fresh salvo at its european allies pledging to hit e.u. goods with tariffs worth as much as eleven billion dollars u.s. says the move is in retaliation for subsidies given to boeing rival air bus. with a twenty twenty u.s. presidential race already gathering steam reparations for slavery becomes
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a hot button topic with many democrat candidates expressing their support for putting the issue up for debate. it would it be more let me raise you know me here . which is at the end to slavery right now it makes. me. here. are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. and counting is under way in israel's general election for now first results show incumbent prime minister benyamin netanyahu is leading by about one and a half percent over his opponent benny gantz netanyahu himself claims he's already started he has won and he's already started coalition. talks while dance is also
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not giving up and is promising his supporters that he will be the country's new leader. oh. this is a night of tremendous victory i was very moved to that the nation of israel once again and trusted me for the fifth time already tonight i have started talks with the heads of the right wing parties our natural partners i intend to be the prime minister of all israeli citizens right or left jews and non jews alike all israeli citizens. all good to me i will be the prime minister of all and not just those who voted for us the faster we can form a government the faster we will be able to lead the state of israel ensure security on all fronts and return to a policy of deterrence well the polls are really ties with the incumbent israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu claiming victory while at the same time his main contend it for israeli defense forces chief baby guns also claiming victory guns is a relative newcomer to politics and has set up
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a party called blue and white now the exit polls change almost by the minute earlier on they were suggesting their guns was in the lead then they suggested that netanyahu was in the lead and essentially would have to wait until around midday wednesday for the final results to be put in the oval since one gets from these elections is certain that they are every for random if you like on natanya who i spent a lot of election day visiting various polling stations and talking to people about why they were there and of course issues like security and social issues came up but the overriding issue that saw people turn out in huge numbers and voter turnout reached more than eighty percent was the question of whether or not to vote netanyahu back into power he is seeking a fourth consecutive term in office and an overall foot term in office and if indeed he comes in again he will be israel's longest serving prime minister ever.
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it's not just a question of who is the leader with the most number of votes come the day wednesday but it is the question of who can form the majority coalition now the leader with the most votes will be tossed by the israeli president to seek out coalition partners if he can't it's been forced on the leader who is the leader of the second largest party to do so and he needs to get a coalition that will see sixty one out of one hundred and twenty parliamentary seats minimum to be the next israeli prime minister that coalition process could indeed takes weeks so we still in the gray area as to who will be israel's next prime minister but certainly one of the closest contested elections in recent israeli history this elections will not cause any major changes there is a little boy who says because guns the party of blue and white party cannot make
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it before you should be my biggest party the parliament in the list that gets me from the old party is the break of equality should be. open. so i didn't see the possibility so what we may do change is the liberals god's glory is the shape is partly the months ago the will is going to do all these go there you know nobody did rule knows will do once he sees barbie his beautiful good right side will be pretty good with a beautiful building so nobody new goals will just fall he wants except to get kicked in the you know out from the government but it does seem like yeah he's got more seats than the last time gus came from really out of nowhere so you get maybe thirty five thirty. seven seats we right now have in israel two major parties who
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will have an effect on any government and it could be whether it's a right of center left of center of national unity it will change the way israel looks at this point wolf the palestinians as well but i don't think a lot of israelis right now are really concerned with the palestinian reaction they're concerned about what is israel going to look like tomorrow morning but missing yeah wonder clouds of indictment and corruption and a divisive election and all sorts of other things that he's been accused of having been in office now for ten years still seems to have gotten more seats than the last thought was interesting is that you know one hour after the exit polls are out both people are claiming victory and it's and you know has already started negotiating for a coalition partners and actually says he even has a coalition ready which is almost impossible because we don't know the results. a lot of mir putin has brushed off the entire mall or investigation into russian
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meddling in the u.s. presidential election as total nonsense and aimed at a domestic audience russian president told the international arctic form in st petersburg that it was clear from the beginning there had been no collusion between the kremlin and donald trump parties ilya trunk of comments. international arctic forum where first of all the journalists and the audience on the other hand at the main discussion event wanted to hear answers to questions that had nothing to do with the arctic the journalist that was leading the way of the discussion actually made it clear at one point that he wants to stay away from climate change melting ice is c o two emissions and talked of lot of more potent for some time about international relations and specifically how moscow is getting along with washington and indeed ever since the robert miller investigation was done and
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dusted and any kind of collusion between russia and donald trump was ruled out we never heard a word from vladimir putin on that specifically well that's up until today. we were saying from the beginning this month a commission would not find anything russia did not interfere in the u.s. elections and there was none of the collusion that money was looking for between trump and russia we did not know when he came to moscow he came as a businessman this is complete nonsense designed exclusively for a domestic audience so he started with a mountain which in the end of a mouse there's nothing really to add here it was very clear what the russian president wanted to say here and the next turn in that conversation was rather predictable as well if the robert miller probe is over and if no signs of collusion between washington and mr trump were filed what's next for
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the between the u.s. and moscow what's next and terms of how specifically the two presidents get along will lattimer putin accept donald trump's and potations. that's dated back to the house and to washington and could at least these ties between these two countries could they start getting back to normal the russian president said that he wasn't really expecting that to happen and then he went on to say that he believes there is some deep trouble in america internal politics he actually called it a real crisis that never happened in the history of the country. is part of a wider crisis in the u.s. political groups attack villages a million elected president they don't accept the choice of the american people they want to send the result is a political crisis unlike anything we've seen in u.s.
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history so we'll leave it there with all the stuff that has to do with america there was something else very special about the specific international arctic for the participants in fact the leaders from two countries sweden and norway the prime ministers who back in two thousand and fourteen decided to join the chorus of western nations who wanted to isolate russia as a result of the crisis in ukraine now i can remind you that ever since then pretty much all contacts on the highest level work cut well now they are in st petersburg and they are talking directly to president vladimir putin but they decided at least in that particular rooms to avoid the sharp angles everything they said sounded rather diplomatic and they chose to stick his things like carbon emissions climate change and those melting ice is in the arctic which are very
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important issues and deed as well this is actually the reason why everyone is gathered here but i can tell you that and minds of journalists they want to hear about that molar probe again and again. the prospects for arctic could development have remained of the key focus of the forum since two thousand and ten when it was first held the region holds strategic importance for its maritime trade routes and untapped natural resources the chairman of the arctic economic council taro sauté they excuse me told us i'm out of some of the most important topics discussed in this year's. the asian interest towards the arctic areas has been really increasing throughout the past five years you look to china you look to south korea you look to jump on the eve and to singapore and india and i think that actually we simply cannot forget the climate issue and why it's nice he says
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because of the fact that the changes in the climate which affect the arctic and then. things like monsoon and tried periods and so forth are really really busy building in the asian countries and that's i think one of the main worries for their priest interest in the issue which the second important area of course is the natural result is the potential for those that's how it does has also linked to the climate change because climate change actually provides new access to some of the natural resources each where more or less on accessible twenty or thirty years ago and a fourth important thirty important issue of course is the transportation routes today . mr bolton said. you know this. if you compare how many days it takes to drive from yokohama to drop the indian ocean india sea it's thirty three days story if you go to the sea route it's only
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twenty days so there is of course any interest in india asian countries that fact the. u.s. president has pledged to place tariffs worth eleven billion dollars on the e.u. goods in response to the block subsidies for the european aerospace giant airbus and discussed the move and the reaction from europe with our correspondents charlie dubinsky and peter all of. eleven billion dollars so it's not peanuts at all that is billion with a biggie that donald trump has said he wants to place entire of on goods coming from the european union into the united states of course when it comes to this presidential administration how was it announced through twitter. the world trade organization fines of the european union subsidies to air bus has adversely impacted the united states which will now put cherish on eleven billion dollars of new products the u.s. taking advantage of the u.s.
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on trade for many years it will soon stop so what type of things are going to be affected by these tariffs if it gets approved by the world trade organization and eventually goes through we're looking at different types of cheeses we're looking at lemons all of oil kashmir's sweaters not electrical wall clocks but the thing is this has nothing to do with cheese and almost certainly has absolutely nothing to do with not electrical war clocks this is all down to an ongoing dispute between the european airspace giant airbus and of course boeing the major u.s. air space giant boeing is the largest producer or and export of aerospace technology united states it's a huge colazal to him when it comes not only to commercial aerospace technology but also to military technology as well and of course the plane donald trump flies around in air force one that's also
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a boeing jet as well there are big problems for boeing right now they've been involved in two fatal air crashes in the last five months resulting in three hundred and forty six deaths that's the crashes involving lion air and ethiopian airways both of those planes that went down were the boeing seven three seven max and not well apart from the obvious tragedy that comes with it has tanked their share price donald trump though says despite the problems that boeing has been going through he stands behind the company grounding was a big thing and it's a great company it's a truly great company and hopefully they'll figure it out very quickly as it regards a big decision in one of our. are just extra orders. one of are you know truly one of the truly great companies of the world they have to figure it out first they know that they're under great pressure but this just seems like it's donald trump
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doing business as donald trump those business we have seen it throughout his career but in his presidential korea we saw just last year how he will launched into china to the european not promising tariffs on. steel imports into the united states he has said he wouldn't shy away from a trade war that certainly doesn't seem like he's willing to right now peter thank you for those details as paid to all of us speaking to his life from berlin let's cross over to paris now and our correspondent shiela do penske as solid and what has been the reaction from europe e.u. and china were actually meeting in brussels today to talk about the future of their own trade agreements they talked about reform of the in the future which china has said for the first time that it will cooperate in the many were expecting them to touch on those trade wars which of both blocs have with the u.s. but nothing was said perhaps saying nothing about trump and trade rules with them
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perhaps speaks more volumes indeed but we did hear from the european commission in regards to this new element this eleven billion dollars of tariffs that trump is talking about slapping on european products it said it remains open to discussions with the u.s. but says it will hold those discussions as long as there are no preconditions to the e.u. the european commission has also said it will be speaking to the arbitrator to get them involved in this the commission is starting preparations so that the you can promptly take action based on the arbitrator's decision on retaliation rights in this case. the european union remains open for discussions with the united states providing these without preconditions and aim a fair outcome we've also heard from the e.u. in regards to that figure that they let in the billion dollar figure same for them
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that that is a grossly exaggerated figure and that's echoing what we've also heard from us which is course at the this storm in regards to this is also sees no legal basis for these u.s. proposals these tariffs on european products adding that it's also had taken all the measures that it was asked to comply with according to a w t o report that came out in two thousand and eighteen this is what tells us that say we don't seen a legal basis for this all this is leading to a necessary trait tensions and shoes that the only reasonable solution in this long tree dispute is a settlement which is something we have said since the beginning meanwhile here in france we've been hearing for france's finance economy made this simply no matter he's been talking about the fact that they need to be a friendly solution to these trade wars between the e.u.
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and the us it doesn't look like that is something that's going to go down well. we asked a columnist and author stephen keene how he expects of the e.u. to react and which u.s. industries it might target. dealing with trump is a totally different experience dealing with a any president previously others would bluster but then that would be negotiated by the diplomats this would have been almost decided by a tranche on american products and i might well go for the so the areas where america has an obvious advantage which is in computing design of computing maybe even an electro property i mean i know trying claim to live in billion worth of subsidy i'm sure that's vastly exaggerated but if you take a look at the level of contracts that by. and god over the last couple of years is getting about twenty billion in contracts per year from the pentagon now we know anybody who produces for the pentagon massively over process so fundamentally this is a subsidy for boeing coming in through the military wing of america which is like
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a cylon than anything your opinion in a strong it about. the foreign minister of venezuela has announced to that the country will leave the organization of american states. the government of the blue varian republic of venezuela reaffirms its revokable decision to leave the organization of american states on april twenty seventh twenty nine hundred given that venezuela cannot remain in an organization that kneel before the imperial interests of the us administration. that came in response to the oas deciding to award venezuela's seat to a representative of opposition leader. according to the organization's twitter the vote was eight thousand and nine in favor of seating. on tuesday tara had been named by venezuela's opposition dominated national assembly which said he would represent venezuela until democratic elections are held investigative journalist andre walczak says the outcome of the vote was not
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a surprise. the organization of americans. actually. everybody knows that we're going to go and that is that they. want to go along. well a blaze that is going to. bring nato troops for signs of. the existing ones being president who you know she's good constitutional who. go through some of the. horrible disparities. in the world so i mean this is the sort of. that is the. capital of. the was something. who was the company cuba but also on fortune of the. girl because she says. as the twenty twenty presidential race starts picking up pace in the u.s.
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a number of leading democrat contenders have made the issue of reparations for slavery a top campaign endorsement it would entail an official acknowledgement of the legacy of american slavery and compensation payments to those still affected by discrimination as a result. we have to recognize that everybody did not start out on an equal footing in this country and in particular black people have not. and so we have got to recognize that in. do something about that and give folks a lift up i believe it's time to start the machinable some long conversation about reparations so that we can as a nation do what's right and begin to heal there are massive disparities that must be addressed so we're going to do everything we can to put resources into distressed communities and improve lives for those people who have been hurt from
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the legacy of slavery we invited conservative commentator anthony bryan logan and attorney and author reese everson to debate the merits of this issue. you could have identified the former slave master and a former slave or act in a moment but we're now winds are every two years past a particular point in time who's going to pay people who did not have slaves nobody i left that day in twenty nineteen was a slave back then so what do we gain pay for who is going to pay we're right again pay it's no more than a campaign promise from democratic hopefuls trying to get some kind of attention now you're paid a.b.l. listen that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard they provide economic restitution to those people now if i came into your house mr a.b.l. and i stole a thousand dollars from you and then i die or if i fall a million dollars from you and then i die would you say oh well reason died so that money doesn't matter anymore no he would go talk to my children children are still
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living off the benefits of that million dollars just because somebody has grand days though it doesn't mean i'm responsible for it if somebody is granddad was are you a killer and they found out one hundred years later you go after the kids and say ok you get to go to jail now or you get to pay back the money because of what your grandfather makes no since you know who did it you should have been able to catch him why they were alive punish him why they were alive we want to focus on is the economic harm that was done to black people if we really break down with slavery was people. we were brought from across the water to work and that was free labor so what we have is here to ration years hundreds of years of systematic distant discrimination and shutting out of x. economic access the black people and that has to be repaid if we're going to blame to go for me to you as a body as a lab right way to even know nobody's allowed right now it's only nineteen that was a lot of bathing and it's been a thing about it is who's going to pay you're talking about
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a government the government is funded by the people that means to me that means you will pay for it so how does it make any sense like i see it would have been more let me know how many times you are mostly a slave where parisians would have been to which is at the end to slavery not right now it makes no sense to so argue me it is no logic here america has never even studied be a fact that slavery and black people they never think down the fed we know that as a government we thank him with this this experience but we don't even know how far that experience reaches because no one's ever study it how much do we owe black people no one's ever studied it why because the government has literally buried it had it paid out everybody else and turned it back on the black people in america who hate what i do too long to just drive eighty eight hours and they had a great night and language areas that are out in tears. britain is lining up the toughest internet laws in the world so says
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a government plan called online harms which suggests penalizing or even blocking websites that fail to take down potentially harmful content covering everything from child abuse to descend from ation desire to is probably boy go explains that there are fears that where there is regulation there's also censorship. too much freedom can be dangerous that's the message from the u.k. government which has unveiled ambitious new plans to oversee this say first corner of the internet the country that's famous for bringing you mary poppins is aiming to be the world's best online nanny we're putting a legal duty of care on these companies to keep users safe and if they fail to do so toss punishments will be imposed. the era of social media firms regulating themselves is over it's time to do things differently it's time to keep our children safe so how is the british government going to make the u.k. the safest place to enjoy the net well for starters there are going to be some
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strict new rules any company that allows online interaction will be responsible for their users safety as well as the content that appears on their services in the most obvious examples that will mean purging illegal material related to terrorist and child sexual exploitation and abuse and if companies fail to clean up their act the likes of facebook and twitter will be put on the naughty step by a new independent regulator for the internet companies will face substantial fines for failing to pull down dangerous or extremist materials if the fines don't work bosses of the offending firms could be liable to criminal prosecution and if that fails to web sites could be blocked entirely for u.k. internet users and that regulator should have teeth so we're going to consult not just on remedial notices on fines and that can be up to four percent of global
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turnover at the moment none of this is law yet they'll be twelve weeks of public consultation only after that draft legislation will be drawn op but there are already concerns over the prospect of tough new regulations there's so much can we just open it was a good thing that it was always open and not by any any form of government or whatever i think it's probably a good idea i think this is enough regulate that i think it's. a pretty good idea i think it's a good idea to have some protection in there but it depends how stringent and how close they are to every day stuff internet needs better regulation. most of my. two three four. and then the government says it wants to remove what it calls harmful content but who will be the arbiter of what stays out up and what goes down
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so those social media companies will have to do two things first is to set out filters. to see just to show that they are doing whatever they can you know to to prevent material that could potentially cause serious harm to young children a lot of people in the second they will have to act in a speedy mother to any request to remove such material at the moment the government is still deciding whether the job of regulating should fall on the shoulders of a new independent body or an existing one like broadcast regulator ofcom and when it comes to the big social media for well like students craving more stringent discipline facebook has tentatively welcomed the plan for greater and government oversight with a caveat or to. these a complex issues to get right and we look forward to working with the government
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and parliament to ensure new regulations are effective the u.k. government says it wants to be a trailblazer but the question is how to implement strictest safety measures without restricting freedom of the internet. the u.k. could be said for a lengthy brags a delay diplomats have been locked in talks ahead of wednesday's emergency summit in brussels and have signaled that they do not believe a short extension to the withdrawal period will help break the current outlook earlier on tuesday the british prime minister met with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin to try and secure support for a short delay until the thirtieth of june to some may then jetted off to paris where she met the french president of the diplomatic dash comes after m.p.'s in westminster passed a bill.


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