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people. interested in the water. crisis talks at the u.n. security council see it russia and the us lock horns over venezuela as america's vice president gives a blunt assessment. with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be. you should return to venezuela. until nicolas maduro that his time is up. it's time for him to go. stop interfering in the affairs of other states you will gain respect from that if you don't like it when others interfere in your affairs. member states agreed to give britain. to secure
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a deal. and. victory a fifth term as president prime minister. already concerned it will lead to further rights violations in the occupied west bank. are broadcasting live from our studio. with. i would venezuela's ongoing power struggle sending the country sliding deeper into crisis russia and the u.s. have clashed at the u.n. security council over how to tackle the. i give the floor to the representative of russia you have you have the floor and i turn on for us the order
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of this week it's the. mr president you can turn your around as many times as you wish but i would take as much time as i need. while the fifteen member body that leads the united nation convened in the security council and the meeting began with presentations by un officials describing the crisis in the country then when member states began to speak mike pence the u.s. vice president represented the usa and gave remarks harshly critical of the venezuelan government he told a heart wrenching story of an interaction he adds with a venezuelan father and his sons from there he went on to call for governments around the world as well as the un itself to withdraw all recognition from the dear oh and recognize one kwaito as the legitimate government the legitimate head of state of that is layla now there was a response from the russian ambassador who pointed out that the usa has quite
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a habit of telling the heart wrenching stories in order to justify its interventions let's take a listen at a church in brazil we spoke to families who had fled the deprivation in venezuela and i'll never forget when a father looked at me with his two young boys standing at his side and said how hard it was as a father to come home at the end of the day and say. we're not eating today. because he said it is too little boys looked up. and nodded. to the you could you in the commuter we have already seen in other regions of the chilling stories about the suffering of people in iraq the syria and libya from witnesses are based in the west on the good is after that the real suffering began in those countries and still hasn't stopped do you want the same in venezuela. now mike pence his remarks
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went on to invoke the second world war saying that the usa and the rest of the world failed to take action against dictatorship in germany and that resulted in the second world war now russia spoke following the united states and the russian ambassador and made the point that essentially the situation in venezuela can't simply be blamed on the government that interference by the united states and efforts by countries around the world to interfere in that as well as affairs and create a crisis in the country had a lot to do with the current situation this is the russian ambassador who would you have to do with one hand you are grabbing venezuela by the throat introducing new sanctions and restrictions that prevent the country from developing normally with the other hand you are picking the pockets of venezuela you want to shamelessly expropriating venezuelan assets in western banks it's also important to note that when mike pence spoke at the beginning of the meeting he referenced the government of cuba he accused the government of cuba of propping up the venezuelan government
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of supporting it saying that it had exported strong arm tactics this is somewhat like sounds like pence said in reference to the cuban government for decades cuba has tried to create client states across our region. while normal countries export goods. cuba exports tyranny and strong arm tactics last week the united states took action to sanction ships transporting venezuelan oil to cuba. and soon it president trump's direction the united states will announce additional action to hold accountable for its malign influence cuba's relationship with the bowl of varian government in venezuela has been a longstanding cuba has set a number of doctors to venezuela who have then been providing medical care in low income areas furthermore cuba's literacy volunteers were key in the early efforts of the bolivian government to wipe out illiteracy in the country now venezuela
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under the un rules had the right to address the body after the un member states had spoken the venezuelan government criticised forces around the world for recognizing one wedo the individual declared to be president by the united states the self-proclaimed president of venezuela as the meeting concluded it was pretty clear that there were very strong differences among the international community with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be here. you should return to venezuela. and tell nicolas maduro that his time is up. it's time for him to go it is time to . stop interfering in the affairs of other states as well as what you will only gain respect from that which was you but you don't like it when others interfere in your affairs of that no one likes that. some force is simply blame the venezuelan government and are calling for its elected president the doura to step down however other forces look at the united states and other countries and look at their
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efforts to create a crisis in the country and undermine the elected government so there are clear differences all eyes were on the security council chamber as this meeting took place sara flounders of the anti-war international action center believes u.s. sanctions are to blame for venezuela's collapsing economy. there are people reading that as well absolutely that's true because u.s. economic destabilization and sanctions have laid rock to the billions of dollars literally confiscated and sanctions we should remember sanctions are a weapon or literally because of sanctions venezuela is receding now. it's been reduced eighty percent your essential narratives that means even basic things like ends are now short supply because then as well their purchase what they did purchase for years on the world market and it's become a routine left on the art of all street why should that to force the cause
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why was completely unjust economic demands. a high stakes bridge and summit has been held in brussels where twenty seven the e.u. leaders have agreed with britain to delay brags that until the end of october let's cross live now to our europe correspondent peter oliver who has been following this well pretty much from the very beginning peter what is the latest. well the very very latest is in this is happened in the last few minutes to resume a has agreed to the deal being agreed by the e.u. twenty seven now that deal was to extend article fifty extend the break that deadline until the thirty first of october this year with a review of how things are going in june we're expecting to hear from both the nl to the european council president and john claude young the european commission
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president in the next ten minutes or so so i'll be back in the next hour definitely with them but what i can tell you so far is where were. the united kingdom will have to field candidates in the next month's e.u. parliament tree elections there's a lot of pressure on to reason make to quit now that's definitely what we're hearing. calming outs of the united kingdom at the moment a lot in her own party particularly from the far right of her party the g they're called the european research group saying now she must go. they want a new leader before the party conference season at least some of them are saying they want a new leader by next week. a lot of the as i said those who are the cities those that really wanted a break situation to go through are absolutely furious that they'll have to field me piece it's hard to see right now that there won't be either a general election in the united kingdom or a second referendum before. october the thirty first deadline what is interesting
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though away from the united kingdom and how that all affected is what effect this particular summit will have on the franco german relationship angle merkel was among one of those voices along with european council president donald tusk that was backing at a long term extension perhaps a year what was called the flex tension it was one year extension but if there was an agreement on how to agree to the withdrawal deal then that's when the u.k. would leave however a minute from what i hear was the well the outsider in the room he was the only one seeing not he was the one saying that there had to be a shorter term extension and that was all that would be granted otherwise he was demanding things like the the u.k. district of it commissioner for that period of time we were told in no uncertain terms by john claude young as i understand anyway that that does not happen.
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interestingly enough the money will not giving a press conference this evening usually himself and angler merkel would give a joint presser after events like this that's not happening tonight the thirty first will mean that the u.k. won't be able to take part in shaping who will be the next e.u. commissioner it's why that date's been picked because that's the end of john claud younkers mandate what is interesting enough though and this is from the e.u. election committee is the thirty first gives just enough time so that the part of the u.k. could hold a second referendum on membership of the european union. well if the exit wasn't enough of a horror show already filled with ghosts and ghouls and scary figures it does seem that it will be how will we mean that is the deadline there is going to be a summit in june that would have been happening anyway the standard quarterly summit for the european union that's going to be used as a kind of
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a check up to see how the the u. case coming along with its attempts to try and get its own house in order in order to try and leave the european union what this does is it gives a compromise it's not the long term extension that many including as i said mr to. merkel wanted it's also not the short term extension that theresa may said that she wanted initially she went in there wanting an extension only until june the thirtieth what it does though is it gives the e.u. the ability to say that our group doesn't force members out if the u.k. wants to leave the ball is now back firmly in the courts of westminster and they're going to have to make a decision of themselves because that withdrawal agreement despite all of this that's going on in the last i don't know how many hours that withdrawal agreement still will not be opened that is the withdrawal agreement so we're still left with the same old solutions this extension we have at the moment i don't know if it will
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be another extension granted at all because of how sick everybody in europe is with the with the situation with so many other issues that they want to get on with this counseling article fifty essentially counselling breaks it which would come with all of its own problems and then the third option of course is that cliff edge no deal breaks it which would cause well a lot of pain economically for both the united kingdom and the european union and nobody wants that in fact the european parliamentary president and mr t.r.t. said right at the beginning of this summit that was one of the eight red lines that can't be crossed. they can't be and no deal breaks it we've also seen paul ince in the u.k. push through legislation saying that no deal breaks that the reason for that is not put so well what they used to say in the old days when you went off the map there be dragons. all right artie's peter all over in berlin watching over all of
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this kind of scene you mentioned dragon is a kind of seems like an episode of game of thrones at this point it's better than any t.v. soap you've ever seen sure unfortunately unfortunately it has such an impact on everybody's lives that true that is very true and will get the latest from you in an hour of course all right more news after a short break watching the international. you know world's big partners through law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. capitalism relies on competition so competition means that if you winning ideas are winning companies you survive if you don't yell survive best survival of the fittest this competition. a corrupt such a bank is willing to finance dodgy deals then crowds out the good company and they end up with a lot of bad companies and it crowds out competition and you end up with a with a with a county capital cronies. are welcome back this is arching international. again spoken out against of the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election slamming it as an attempted coup. it wasn't illegal
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investigation it was started illegally everything about it was for a few every single thing about it there were dirty cops these were bad people you like you know me you look at least peters brought these look bad people and this was a and it ted did this is this is simply takedown of a president right from statement comes the same day his attorney general william barr testified before the u.s. senate bar claimed during the hearings that spying by u.s. intelligence agencies was carried out against campaign. that well for the same reason we're worried about foreign influence in elections we want to make sure that . during a lecture i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal so you're not you're not suggesting now that spying occurred because you
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could i think there is a spying did occur yes i think spying did occur. joined by lawyer independent journalist and former correspondent for the wall street journal thanks for being with us here on our teacher national. thank you so william barr confirmed to senators what he believes that president trump has alleged many times that u.s. intelligence agencies had a surveillance operation against his campaign long before robert muller's investigation into russia collusion started in fact that it actually has been admitted by the f.b.i. that there was a counter intelligence operation. why would that be a big concern. well because first of all the intelligence agencies and the f.b.i. are elected bodies they have and there are laws against them and to fearing a domestic politics we shouldn't be naive to think that that hasn't happened before j. edgar hoover was the f.b.i.
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director for forty eight years and he had a file. on everybody so the idea that this would happen shouldn't shock anyone but we know that an opposition research paper that the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. paid for became the basis for an investigation of the candidate and then the president who was elected and this is not something that this permanent power in which intelligence agencies are there who can ministrations come and go and intelligence agents are always there they are power in many ways more powerful than the elected officials you could listen to j.f.k. wanted to break up the cia to a thousand pieces and then even harry truman interestingly a month after the assassination to the day of j.f.k. wrote a piece in the washington post in which he said he created the cia just to collect intelligence in a central place and to provide it to him he never expected to go around the world overthrowing governments so the idea that the intelligence agencies are very very powerful and would do something to a man donald trump who was not in their game who was not part of the washington
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stablish went who was completely unpredictable who talked about better relations with russia who said things that they were frightened about they did not respect the will of the american people own who voted for donald trump and they tried to undermine him and if not impeach him so i think there's a basis to what trump says about that. in you made reference to the dossier we should point out if we're going to be fair that it wasn't completely paid for just by the d.n.c. and the clinton campaign it was a originally some op ed research from g.o.p. operatives as well but. no it was a different it was a different operation so different that was closed when trump became a candidate when trump became the candidate that ok so obviously an operation if we if we want it was closed this was a completely new one ok fine if we're not talking about the dossier but i want to go to the trump himself has called the efforts to surveil and investigate him in attempted coups is that a fair characterization or it seems
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a bit over the top actually for a coup. well i mean it's a tough one because trump is prone to exaggeration to say the least but there's some basis to what he said i mean there was a century there was without doubt now an attempt to undermine and weaken and if not overthrow him and through impeachment and elect a president who we may not to see who may not like and that is something more dangerous then perhaps even trump so he has a basis to say although he he did he does tend towards hyperbole that there was an attempt to undermine him and to overthrow him in a sense if they had succeeded but unfortunately for them for the f.b.i. and the others involved in this the miller investigative turned up empty there was no there there as peter struck that one of the f.b.i. agents involved in this mess said in one of his text messages through to lisa page who was working for the department as well so of the agency so there was an attempt to do this trump is going to make what he can out of this obviously for political
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reasons so i wouldn't go into that kickstand of rhetoric but i think he has some he has some basis to say this yes all right interesting to hear thoughts independent journalist joe lauria of course the world's going to be watching as this all plays out thanks for helping us reprimands around it. you're quite welcome thank you for . that israel's benyamin netanyahu has managed to clinch a victory in the country's general election and will now serve a record fifth term as head of government the opposition conceded defeat on wednesday evening but also issued a stern warning to the prime minister. we did not win in this round i respect the voters i respect their decisions but i look around and see the ultimate tool for victory in the next round i want to inform netanyahu and the coalition we're going to make your lives hell we will turn the knesset into a battleground. all right although i don't know who came out on top in the end it
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was a tight run race in the prime minister's mcu party and the centrist blue and white alliance of his rival benny gantz both won thirty five seats but the liquid is expected to form a coalition government commanding a sixty five seat majority in the one hundred twenty seat knesset one leader in particular was quick to applaud netanyahu success. i'd like you graduate. yalu it looks like that race has been won by him and maybe a little early but i'm hearing. what it wanted a good fashion so he's been a great ally this election has been a referendum on mr in a time the aus personal profile mr in a time you know is under has been indicted conditioned upon a hearing where he can state his own defense and therefore you know that's very much what this election has been about and analysts here are saying and i join them
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that that is not enough to win an election having said that it is going to take a substantial amount of mr netanyahu has time however even if the hearing his ability to defend himself in a hearing even if he fails in that effort legally he is entitled to continue as prime minister until. a trial and some potential conviction which would take a good couple of years so there are there it is it is fully within the confines and the sanction of israeli law that a sitting prime minister can continue to rule to leave the country even if he's been indicted most voters probably only took a short walk to the polling station one israeli entrepreneur travelled all the way from san francisco bringing over one hundred ex-pats had to make their mark in the election. as an israeli citizen i have the moral duty to comment and.
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state my voice and i felt like this is a very crucial election. to actually go ahead and make their fourth not just to call myself but to be to organize a group of people who could actually come and vote my expectation was that we could bring. we could increase the number of voters. in general and show from front of like an example for everyone to go out and vote and by that to increase our participation and hopefully more or less extreme government coming off the selection. prior to the vote the israeli pm vowed to extend sovereignty in the west bank by an exciting illegal settlements there something that was hailed by the right wing but raised many concerns among palestinians they say regardless of the election results israel's approach towards them will remain the same. as palestinians we see no change in the end
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all the israeli parties and all these name a subset of israel against palestinian rights and interests whoever the winner is in the israeli election we will be under occupation and these governments will change nothing for us. we think that the u.n. action and what is coming next from the new government probably be headed by the extreme right he will only present police teams with more land stolen more killing more violations neglecting the palestinians international legitimacy israeli elections in general were competition between the right and the more extreme right as far as policies towards palestine is concerned what netanyahu did is that he secured the right of the fundamentalists the rise of the fundamentalist right in israel the students of that. group that is known for its fascist. and racist views that was outlawed in israel and and considered a terrorist group in the united states these will be the allies of benjamin
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netanyahu in the upcoming government and they will be competing on how hardline their policies towards palestinians will be. it will be a platform of no no to palestinian rights note that a palestinian state no to the one nine hundred sixty seven borders or international law and certainly no to a future promising any prospect of peace just more oppression this possession and i . while palestinians are expected to surrender and accept their miserable fate under this formula and the does it for about thirty three minutes their. crimes american foreign policy at its core isn't really about furthering national interest is there an ideological foundation that is the driver we're told it's all
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about democracy or is it really all about power and the purposeful denial of agency others on the international stage. i remain very much opposed to military intervention i am opposed to it because i fundamentally do not believe it is in the u.s. interest there are several issues at play in venezuela one is the terrible terrible humanitarian state into which then israel has fallen under the regime of the first of which i was a noun because that's what the that alone in my opinion is not a justification for an american invasion. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of
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their own soldiers either there are already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense's office that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war. surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy way for. ratings and salutation. since nine eleven here in the united states of america there is but one be all end all catch all boogie man for all our government spears or funding justifications. terrorism. need that bill passed
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connected to something terror related need some extra funding for your department just mention terrorism in your budget request need to violate some of those pesky old constitutional amendments and bill of rights rights just tell them you're fighting terrorism need to justify it starting a war with iran just declare their revolutionary guard terrorists. but my friends if we think back to the bygone days before nine eleven and the terrorism charge card the united states had a different bogeyman for all of their ills and it was drugs yes the war on drugs for those of us who grew up hawk watching back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's it was the war on drugs that justified the wasteful spending militarized policing and violations of our constitutional rights but now my friends it appears that the trumpet ministration is looking to combine the two boogie men in what would probably be the worst crossover since aliens vs predator in
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a recent interview with breitbart when asked the presumed ministration is considering designating drug cartels as terrorist groups u.s. president donald trump declared we are we are in fact we've been thinking about it for a long time it's psychological but it's also economic as terrorists as as terrorist organizations the answer is yes they are except the president's dreams of justifying his u.s. southern border locked down as fighting cartels as fighting terrorism might face a roadblock in of all things the government's own rather vague definition of what is or is not a terrorist and what is terrorism. and the official irony is running fake my friends which means we had better start watching honkers. at the.


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