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with julie in a stance charged in the u.s. with conspiracy to hand government computer to the issue of his alleged links to russia once again being raised in washington. more than seventy people are reportedly killed in libya in a week because the international community remains split over how to deal with the country's escalating conflicts. and the german justice minister is roundly criticized after giving an interview swati is germans this to china which she mentions close ties between and. you can vote with. we maintain close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner.
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very warm welcome you watching r.t. international with me nicky. after his dramatic arrest wiki leaks frontman julian assange g.'s facing a charge of conspiracy to hack a u.s. government computer but it appears washington has another axe to grind at least judging by the vice president's words on friday. when he was a cia cia director he called weekly leaks a non-state house intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia we strongly agree with that's why the justice department is now seeking extradition. well it might have been just a slip of the tongue is currently a song hasn't been charged with anything russia related but his alleged links to the kremlin has been on the minds of the media and political chiefs for quite some time. excuse me he's my gaseous looks at whether let's collusion may still become part of the case against the wiki leaks. it did see it years ago
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a son that the united states wanted him that's why he was in the ecuadorian embassy and he was right america is seeking extradition and if you watch enough t.v. you surely know why his russian connections can we address the question at hand and that is whether or not you can say definitively that russia had no part in this. was trying to sabotage the twenty six thousand election and have these facts in front of them saw assad has an agent the agent or at least a provocateur or a collaborator with the russian government there is growing evidence that russia is using wiki leaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails and other information it was everywhere on every pundit slips for years assad's weekly eeks putin russia meddling echoed and echoed by everyone important enough to be on camera like us leaders
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it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia they've acted in concert with the russians to interfere on our elections to help you pack into what took that information from the washington police to in a way to disrupt our campaigns and twenty sixteen i don't think that's it's not right to legal and i hope mr and as much as possible just because you can't afford it is wrong again russian meddling in what you do by their word is a covert taiji be asset of a secret mission to topple the united states. if you watch enough t.v. if you don't if you actually read the indictment against in the charges it's not a mention of russia not a mention of elections of meddling e-mails or grand plots to topple the united states his crime allegedly was that he worked with chelsea manning to obtain
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classified documents that showed us human rights abuses in iraq and of going to stop the us government house to. state all the chargers. and to charge mr sarge with extradition stick. you fail to do you not mistress arches us that lands on us on. our states government or their charts just consider this if the us had any of it anything tying as signed to russia or made legal conspiracy do you think they would have shown it to mention that. this is it this is the unique charge he faces and because of how extradition works they can't add any more charges if they get him the extradition order. needs to know at that stage what exact charges are herb's
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out all. the extradition or u.k. or not extradite somebody to wes the charges that are probably going to. not exist there's no charges. so the extradition court makes very clear we're only going to extradite on those charges are sent to us and. no you just i guess directors. states of iraq. are are now saying well it's. going by what lawyers and experts are saying the u.s. doesn't have much of a case and that ass and is found guilty it sets a nasty precedent where journalists can be jailed for posting classified material no matter how vital like the manning files.
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this remarkable as it may be the u.s. is now saying that exposing u.s. human rights abuses wanted murder committed by the u.s. military exposing that is wrong serious than the abuses and murder themselves chelsea formally bradley manning was freed by a bomber but judging by the toxicity on t.v. in washington as sand shouldn't be too hopeful the. you never know trump is trump wiki leaks i love working. on thursday police forcibly removed
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studio songs from the ecuadorian embassy in london came out to quito stripped him of these ecuadorian citizenship and both his asylum which was granted almost seven years ago i could always stays the as thongs violated the terms of his asylum in numerous ways i could do with the foreign minister kind of pitino claims the current government has struck a deal with. what is clear here is that moreno who is currently the president of ecuador has reached an agreement with the us they agreed to loans from the international monetary fund and an exchange they agreed to things hand over julian a songe end and the process of the latin american integration moreno has betrayed his homeland british police to enter our embassy the embassy which we've been defending since two thousand and twelve it's clear that the death penalty still
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exists in the us i repeat it's public information they commit barbaric acts of torture against those they consider an enemy clearly julian assange is an enemy to them that's exactly why we gave him political asylum seeking independent journalist and close friend of gina songs but when smith face the wiki leaks chief he knows is not the man painted in the media. junot is a very robust and strong person physically quite large and mentally but he has been under the most enormous strain i mean physically he lost a lot of weight mentally he was still the same julian of course but you could see that he's a man who'd suffered he on the weekends for example the embassy used to close down and you could see that he didn't like being alone rattling around the place he hasn't been outside the ecuadorans were in the last year under the regime of merino were monitoring him inside the embassy to an extraordinary degree there were two cameras in every room except the lavatory even the kitchen one also he was gagged
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he was allowed speak to journalists and the other thing is this occasion right took a tail this is quite difficult to see him julian has expected to be thrown out of the embassy since before christmas he was just waiting for it to happen but i don't think he expected to be dragged out in this way the way it happened was to patrol him to help portray him as a fugitive rather than allowing him to walk out himself with dignity people consider much more of a threat than he really is you know the district judge in the magistrate court that he went into after straight after being taken by the police and described him as a narcissist i mean the judge had met him once in the courtroom that day i mean that's a savage thing to say about somebody you know today what people are talking about the talking about the welfare of the cats i mean you couldn't make it out so hungry for news they'll talk about a cat they'll talk about silly stuff about him you know apparently. unclean or something like that i mean it's an extraordinary how journalists are able to distract themselves what's really important and really important to the future of
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journalism the international criminal court will not deprive born of the biggest revelations from makes it published by whistleblower julian assange once the i.c.c. claims that looking into alleged u.s. war crimes in afghanistan now would be counterproductive. the judges decided that an investigation into the situation in afghanistan at this stage would not serve the interests of justice the i.c.c. mill to the lack of cooperation the prosecutor has received which is likely to go scarcer should an investigation be authorized hampering the chances of successful investigation and prosecution u.s. president donald trump how the decision as a major international victory for the rule of law washington recently revoked an entry visa for the prosecutor responsible for the probe citing the need to protect the country's sovereignty the us has refused to sign up to the i.c.c. with officials lashing out of the court. we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c.
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and we certainly will not join the i.c.c. as far as america is concerned the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction no legitimacy and no authority we will ban its judges and prosecutors from entering the united states the i.c.c. plains near universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country the united states will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court the i.c.c. opened a preliminary investigation into the issue in two thousand and six this looked at allegations that more than ten thousand civilians were killed in atrocities as well as claims of torture and rape and twenty seven saying the i.c.c. prosecutor judges to take things further i think they were reasonable grounds to suspect the us military was implicated human lives for which they as the court's decision to reject a proper investigation sets a bad precedent. the i.c.c.
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judges rejection of an afghanistan investigation is a devastating blow for victims who have suffered grievous crimes without treacherous the judge's logic effectively in the house member countries to opt out of copulating with the quote antiwar activists. and face the i.c.c. has no power against the us. i don't think that an entity like an i.c.c. would be able to bring those charges to the front and i think if we look back i mean you take on yugoslavia taking small countries in africa maybe countries in latin america or maybe countries in south asia but taking on the united states i mean i i mean you i guess the president do that with the case with the signs right now this is this is not only of ghana stand but we have to look at did they do they do anything about iraq no that was illegal occupation legal in beijing just like
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a pianist on this case is not the first case that points that out i think there are a few cases that point going back to even the crimes in yugoslavia that the nato committed i think there's quite a few cases and there's quite a few precedents to show that i.c.c. is actually not capable of. bringing the real actors so the western countries had to mons to the table and actually charging them with crimes. seventy five people have been killed and more than three hundred twenty wounded in libya in the last ten days according to the world health organization the country's ongoing civil war has been escalating off the general khalifa haftar who's both control eastern libya ordered his army to march on the capital the un is calling on all parties to come to the conflict to end hostilities. health partners have verified seventeen civilian casualties so far with seven fatalities including three medical staff at least five ambulances have been hit since the onset of the
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conflict we continue to call for a humanitarian pause to allow people to safely evacuated and emergency services to get through and for all parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law meanwhile thousands of libyans have been gathering in aaa to protest against the new renewed fighting in the region libya. has been in turmoil since the ousting of mark mama gadaffi in twenty eleven since then the country has seen the establishment of two rival governments one backed by the un in tripoli and the other based in tobruk parties probably boy has been looking back at how this civil war began in her latest edition of in case you missed it. the cia stooges competing colonialists a powerless us billions of barrels of the black stuff in case you can set the looming civil war in libya has this will. help us in the early i thought. freedom and prosperity in libya twenty eleven creating
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a glorious last civil. like this and slave trade turns out i was wrong. not the business of another revolution to get rid of this guy and the more you know this one shares up i just look at them like a little despotic because they're in the. general. and his self-proclaimed libyan national. apparently fought for colonel moammar gadhafi then turned against him before going into exile in the u.s. but twenty years in langley virginia where the cia is based. how is that significant seriously i am trying to record something here. where was i after is launching a military offensive and the place to take control of the whole country is off with their reassuring promise that security comes politics second. housetop
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wants to defeat the government of national accord which is really a list or national or an accord with anything but it's called one thing on its side the recognition that the un is the service that seems easy enough international condemnation of nato for half dollars bill says everything gets better it works every time the plan has everyone's best interests up top. so while the u.n. officially recognizes the tripoli government the french egypt and the saudis have been funding and backing general ham who also got a personalized guided tour of a russian aircraft carrier by going to seventeen italy is backing the other side and the u.s. just pulled out all of its soldiers from libya. oh. quite a geopolitical because currently all the sides are doing the only thing they can do
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when they can't do anything for. restraint and dialogue my advice to anyone who lives in a corrupt sandy country with a serious amount of oil is tell it you don't get it here and there now just very back. of the e.u. meanwhile is demanding that general qatar stop his military offensive against the tripoli government. the military attack launched by the enemy on tripoli and the subsequent escalation in and around the capital are in danger of civilians including migrants and refugees and disrupting un led political process with the risk of serious consequences for libya and the wider region including the terrorist threat the block seems to be split over the issue france reportedly rejected an earlier statement calling on the leader of the libyan national army to pull back his troops paris has oil assets in the east of the country and have been providing
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military help to katha italy has criticized france's starts. it would be very serious of france for economical commercial reasons have blocked an e.u. initiative to bring peace to libya and would support a policy that is fighting as minister of the interior i would not stand by and watch something that the two thousand and eleven nato led military intervention in libya promoted by then french president nicolas sarkozy was triggered. commercial interests than what humanitarian concerns. former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament load of a news thinks the split in the usa libya is linked to the geopolitical interests of its members. is about zero political a position of france and italy in a lesson manager brown's was the one country that start of the war on libya in the first place for the same reason that there were there but they do not supporting the guy that they think will protect their interests ironically enough dismount
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those leading the libyan national army is a former gadhafi goalie or a tool down of god disagreed with him and left the country for us and several years this man is just as the reliable as any other military dictator i mean it just shows that when it goes really comes down to democracy human rights and so on he's just irrelevant the german justice minister is under fire after giving an interview to r.t. deutsch what she said after the break. tea's holiday international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you're a freelance journalist to work for alternative media or part of
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a global news conference to participate send us your published works in video rich and. go to war dot com t. dot com and then to now. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous. be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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welcome back german media and politicians have rounded on the country's justice minister after she gave an interview to our t.v. german fifa channel and her seven minutes of parents concert touched on a number of issues concerning europe including germany's relations with russia r t s p to all of our reports from. the german justice minister catarina bali is found herself in hot water according to some lost on the political sea according to others it's curious to see how you can completely lose your political compass in no time well what heinous act did she commit she spoke to the media or as some would have you believe the wrong type of media. it's all come about after ms barley gave an interview to r.t. deutsch our german language sister service. member has learned
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that we maintain close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner however that doesn't mean we don't take issue with certain things but then that's a natural part of any relationship. is not through to is a private enterprise and we as a government do not interfere i also do not consider it appropriate to comment on u.s. plans in any way. europe has external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at first of all of course these are the e.u. countries that want to become nation states again and stop their usual cooperation with us in order to pursue their selfish national interests heaven forfend a german politician give an interview to a russian news outlet about issues that affect both nations that minister must be out of her mind according to the german tabloid press justice minister caterina barely wants to join the european parliament for the s.p.d.
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and has given many interviews so far so good but why she took questions from the kremlin propaganda portal russia today is not comprehensible to many in political circles while the c.d.u. is fighting for every euro to strengthen europe security the s.p.d. european candidate. gives interviews the russian state propaganda that is twenty four seven to weaken europe. because the arena barely of the european the un through body all smiled in and friendly to those who want to send you a plummeting into chaos with their education freedom of the press sorry make that freedom to talk to the press as long as it's the ones the chairman tabloids approve of. doing terrorist propaganda on line in the u.k. could now land you in jail under a new law this just come into force the government says the measure is aimed at preventing terror attacks. these new laws give the police the powers they need to
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disrupt terrorist plots earlier and ensure that those who seek to do us harm face just punishment as we saw in the deadly attacks in london in manchester in twenty seventeen the threat from terrorism continues to evolve and so must our response which is why these vital new measures have been introduced new amendments to the counterterrorism and border security act include jail terms of up to fifteen years for clicking on terrorist propaganda people could also be jailed for showing reckless the port for banned to groups and traveling to certain designated areas abroad human rights groups have voiced concern over the new measures. the bill is legislating close to the line or indeed crosses the line in britain human rights one should be able to freely browse the internet in private without fear of criminal repercussion as part of the basic enjoyment of the right to privacy and freedom of information senior research at the global policy institute george suavely theory is the british government has
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a hidden agenda. i don't find it logical at all i think it's clearly a law to restrict speech to restrict academic research a way of ensuring government control of expression and thought i mean it's of a piece of what's been going on in the west over the last few years in which governments of think. city brought the internet under control they use different guises fighting terrorism trying to flee wark russian influence on the elections but it always has the same effect which is to limit the freedom to stop the british government couldn't give a damn about terrorism any time the british government insists that they're in the business of fighting them you know that's a lie they couldn't care less about terrorism they're using terrorism as
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a pretext to do what they really want to do which is to restrict what people can see on the internet then what people are able to communicate with one another on the internet this is aussie international thanks for watching we're back in just over thirty minutes with the latest steve that. the news but it's a moot issue do. you notice the first one to the west we just can stumble through the borders would. actually be this sort of doom to. be you think it was national guard.
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cutter way of approaching. the plate to. the area. it's on what was a beautiful difficult. little bubble supports who boarded these critics one of the ways of getting you to leave because of the deep. ocean into life to be smeared. employer someone. because of the old style if you will is easy. since. they're also the gate have to be changed and we are still living with the historical legacy syfy decimalization most of their. legal frameworks
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in investing but all of them are decided for the dusty old face of the stick watch and now we're moving ahead and i think the problem is that our concepts are lagging behind. i'm not sure if that you know what you're going underground special in the week the british authorities after nearly seven years of detention captured the founder of wiki leaks coming up on the show when one publication publishes a dynamite story other publications don't have a story and so they try and undermine the story in some way they have to write
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something so they'll often do that. and then unfortunately a lot. of those people who are too close to the very powers that they should be trying to hold to account if we go back and look at what the u.s. military robert gates and general martin said about our publications are creating hypotheticals that maybe they would cause. our publications documented. their involvement in a case by case level in the deaths of more than twenty thousand people in afghanistan and more than one hundred eight thousand people in iraq those are the stakes that we were talking about. not only the dissolution of two societies but the deaths of over one hundred thousand people and so when you want to distract from this you just made the same accusation to the to the person that is making accusation against you it's it's sort of it is akin to the kindergarden rhetoric
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the founder of wiki leaks julian sands there speaking to going underground from the ecuadorian embassy before we go to daddy street chambers in london to speak to julian's lawyer geoffrey robertson q.c. about the legal and human rights implications of the case i'm joined now from sydney in australia by legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john welcome to going underground you've said the arrest of julian assange by british authorities is a warning to all journalists explain it it's a warning from history it's a stop warning. anybody watching that shocking image of julianne being forced out of the embassy by half a dozen police and pushed into a via well know that if that can happen to somebody for using journalism to let us know the truth that can happen to anybody and if julian. is in but as he's in prison now but if he's on the way to an american prison well.


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