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tv   News  RT  April 14, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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twenty. two this is about a fifteen people smoke this one figures. you can find these drugs in any city any united states that you walk along as you want to get it. and make money. and that's what i do every day. in stories that shaped the week wiki leaks leader julian is arrested after spending almost seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. his arrest global attention and sparked concern over a possible extradition to the u.s.
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. from a legal point of view of justice point of view this is a total stitch up ok will not freeze due process or justice she's going to face. a simulacrum of the. u.s. democratic presidential hopeful says african-americans should receive financial compensation for the suffering of their ancestors under slavery we debate the issue . because somebody. does that mean i'm responsible for you know. you should have been able to buy they were alive the government had literally buried it head and paid out everybody else and turned it back on the black people in america. and a military coup see sudan's president arrested and emergency rule imposed all the space of twenty four hours.
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you're watching the weekly here on our t.v. a recap of the biggest stories from the past seven days thanks for joining us this hour. after almost seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london where he leaks founder julian assange was sensationally dragged out by police this week it came shortly after the south american country suspended the whistleblower citizenship and revoked his asylum our video agency filmed exclusive footage of the moment he was arrested. ah. ah. ah.
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directly following his arrest the weekly special glory was driven to westminster malicous street's court in london where he was found guilty of failing to hand himself into authorities in two thousand and twelve in relation to a structural assault case which has since been dropped it's more on the case are reports from central london. just to be sentenced. came out. so what they had to say this sets a dangerous precedent for all media organizations and journalists in europe and elsewhere around the world this recent mainstay any journalist. extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published truthful information about the united states. as you know if. you're going. to go forward this has to be. the u.k.
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government needs to make sure it. will never be extradited to united states or. to. try to resist arrest and then he was. put in a police baton and taken into police custody now very soon. so as we learned that julian assange just electical asylum to citizenship had been revoked by the ecuadorian authorities take a listen to what the president of ecuador had to say about it till. i announce that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of mr julian not shown should go to the hostile and threatening declarations of his annoyed organization bill gates on especially the transgression of international treaties to have led the situation to
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a point where the astronomers mr assad regime is unsustainable there are no longer more able really kind of boils down to two different issues but it sort of came together over the past eighteen months one is that the ecuadorian authorities didn't like the fact that they said julian assange countries are interfering in the international affairs in the affairs of other countries through his online activity through his activities his editor of wiki leaks but also there was this kind of domestic disputes bubbling beneath the surface as well last year julian assange was given a list of conditions that he needed to add here to if he wanted to stay on the good side of his the ecuadorian hosts he was told they needed to tidy up after himself clean his policy and pay for the same food to pay for certain one tree cleanup after his talents which they threaten term leave and subsequently did to british officials are pretty pleased about what's happened we'll welcome the news this
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morning that the metropolitan police have arrested judy in a song. mr speaker this goes to show that in the united kingdom no one is above the law. but what we've shown today is that no one is above the law julian assange is no hero he's hidden from the truth for years and years but also a very courageous decision by president arroyo in ecuador to resolve the situation we've witnessed the end at the very least a. the embassy chant of the judean a son stop the saga and to moving on to perhaps a rather trumpeted chapter of an illegal extradition battle. julian assange sought refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in two thousand and twelve the us was then investigating the publication by wiki leaks of classified military documents relating to the war in afghanistan and also looked into a songes release of cyber tools used by the ca and of hillary clinton's private
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e-mails which it was claimed was part of alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election now following his arrest on thursday the u.s. issued a formal request for us on his extradition washington accuses songs of conspiring against the united states the indictment alleges that together with chelsea manning a former intelligence analyst in the us army a staunch cracked government password and access classified documents if convicted he could face up to five years in prison for that here's a look back at the information wiki leaks published which has proved harmful to the reputation of major world powers. such.
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a low. cut. oh we're going to kill. kill. kill does the m.m. say colac any day to the millions of those who were killed with the leaks walks like a hostile intelligence sort of talk like a hot or cold turkey.
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global affairs analyst patrick henningsen is concerned about the president's songs as a rest starts and doubts that he will get a fair trial. it has all the sort of indications of the kind of backroom deal that's been done between a three way deal between the government of ecuador the british government and the united states government the danger here but is not going to face justice in the united states what he is going to face is a secret grand jury proceeding most likely in northeastern virginia most likely will be ruled on by a judge who has ruled against every single whistleblower. under the obama administration including thomas drake john kerry aku and many others ok so this is from from a legal point of view of justice point of view this is a total stitch up joining sides will not face due process or justice he's going to
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face. a simulacra of it but not the real thing and that's going to be the the injustice of this whole proceedings so what we're seeing right now is the criminalization of journalism the criminalization of publishing. a supine mainstream media that is not protesting what's going on even though it's in their interests this issue they've ignored that and instead you have for tarion operatives in high positions wielding a tremendous power and are threatening to demolish the fourth estate as we once knew it the arrest caught attention worldwide with thousands across the globe rallying in support of the australian born whistleblower from quito to budapest protesters have been gathering outside u.s. embassies expressing concern as possible extradition and vowing to free the whistleblower more rallies are planned to take place later this sunday across australia. the sentiment has been echoed by human rights groups and politicians
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across the world my colleague nikki erin discussed the reaction with artist. a lot of these skeletons in the closets of the world's mightiest the most powerful probably will never be pulled out but if it wasn't for julian assange on some people wouldn't even start thinking merely that some of this nasty and gruesome stuff even existed and indeed a very important part of his legacy probably the most important part will always be that he encouraged so many people to think and ask questions about what most powerful people in charge of this world could be hiding and this can truly be felt through the things that are being said by the activists right now in reaction to what's happening with the whistleblower let's take a look at what the american civil liberties union came out with any prosecution by
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the united states of. wiki leaks publishing operations would be unprecedented and you shouldn't open the door to criminal investigations of news organizations moreover prosecuting a foreign publisher for violating u.s. secrecy rules would set i'm especially dangerous precedent for us journalists who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to tip information vital to the public's interest cumin rights watch are now actually saying that every news organization is in danger and this kind of sentiment is being echoed by so many activists and activists organizations right now they are worried that we are now potentially in a new year where the key word is danger for journalists or whistleblowers to those who support him he is you know. a hero here is an award winning journalist but
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there are those who hates am out here as a whistleblower a villain how is he regarded. well some people don't see a difference between a list and a whistleblower some people do but you can argue that in any case in a solid situation and his whole fate well always be intertwined with the notion of freedom of speech and it seems that any kind of attempts by the us political and lead to paint him with that brush and to try and convince the world that he is not a journalist will always be challenged by the world's most renowned whistleblowers and investigative journalists as well images of those in buses inviting the case secret police into the embassy to drug a publisher if like you to know it was within journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books critics may cheer but this is
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a dark moment for press freedom week you leaks is a publisher charges now brought in connection with its material or any attempt to extradite assange to united states for prosecution under deeply flawed could you know of the espionage act nine hundred seventeen is an attack on all of us the g.o.g. sis part of what is science did to just to fire his prosecution beyond allegedly helping manning get the documents is that he encouraged manning to get more documents for him to publish journalists do this with sources constantly is there criminalization of journalism it's hard to make know the political undertones of this case how have politicians been wayans things songes arrest well know what to reason may said no one is above the law and it looks like the likes of the u.s. the u.k. and the current government of ecuador will continue to team up in saying that these suspected criminals should be prosecuted and they will keep on pushing that line
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but at the same time even in the western world and also in other parts of the world there will be politicians who will keep on saying things like. phony pretext and they will contribute to treat this case as pure hypocrisy of the western political elites. this whole story with the persecution and hounding with establishing inhumane living conditions is consigning to oblivion the rights of the freedom of speech and disseminating information but it is something that it's sure if you think that i mean that we are talking about that. show on the ward. abuses and by all asian of human and international right. we absolutely reject the julian assange naturalization and the handover of this australian journalist to the united kingdom in a shameful act surrendering our sovereignty the extradition of julian the sons to
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the us for exposing evidence of atrocities in iraq and afghanistan should be opposed by the british government and any case now whatever the people say it still all depends on the next steps by u.s. police and u.s. prosecutors so we will be watching out for that the sudanese military alf the country's president more on that after a short break. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle
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for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster so facebook does not have users facebook has used people that facebook use it's. welcome back thousands of protesters flooded the sudanese capital on saturday at a rally in front of the military headquarters they called on the army to hand over
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power to a civilian government protesters say they will remain in the streets until a civilian transitional council is formed on thursday after months of public protests the army toppled longtime president omar al bashir the news was met by celebrations on sudan streets r.t. is more on gas to explain though how the country's mood changed quickly from enthusiasm to disappointment. the dictates of fuld's and the people were. happy empowered optimistic it's it's always the same how many times have we seen this happen this decade revolution in africa in the middle east the dictator. was removed by the military which sided with the people sort of what the militant was really the military takes full responsibility for changing the entire
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regime for a transitional period of two years in which the government will be handled by the armed forces. now you could understand why people are a bit miffed they rebelled risked everything to get rid of a dictator for freedom for democracy and what they go to the end is a military regime what has been just stated is frost's a coup and it is not acceptable they are recycling the faces and this will return us to where we have been on the other hand consider how much worse it could have been temporary military rule may just have been the lesser of two evils but these revolutions rarely and well.
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you may recognize this picture it's from a different era most of the need is either deposed in exile or dead countries no better off.
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a grim even depressing picture yet it seems people just don't learn from the past earlier this week we heard the same tired cool's from the u.k. u.s. norway calls for regime change. the demand for political change from the courageous and resilient people of sudan is becoming ever clear and more powerful the sudanese people are demanding a transition to a political system that is inclusive and has greater legitimacy there is a reason they wanted him gone not so much because he's a dictator they have plenty of tyrannical friends know because mr bashir like solly and gadhafi before him made inroads with the west's rivals boosted relations trade military and economic cooperation with china with russia iran. which i think if you get any air of iranian conflict will harm the whole region
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arrow counter ease and iran itself neither iran nor the arabs would leave the region i suppose the burst option is to kill exist and deal with the problems that we have through dialogue and negotiations it is better than using guns and that it would appear was an unforgivable sin the united states considers africa its own and doesn't want anyone else on its tough unfortunately billions upon billions of us taxpayer dollars have not achieved this are effects they have not prevented other powers such as china and russia from taking advantage of african states increase their own power and influence from now on the united states will not tolerate this longstanding pattern of aid that without effect to be fair mr bolton hardly helped years of u.s. sanctions of civil war atrocities and the split up of the country have left their
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mark so don is a traumatized nation expecting democracy and magical reforms overnight is well it was never going to happen. a us democratic presidential. hopefull sparked debate by proposing a bill that would see african-americans receive reparations so that our cory booker says this would go towards common saving for the suffering of their ancestors a recent poll found that only twenty one percent of voters with support the move if adopted it wouldn't tell an official acknowledgment of the legacy of slavery and compensation payment to those still affected by discrimination. and we have to recognize that everybody did not start out on an equal footing in this country and in particular black people have not. and so we have got to recognize that and do something about that and give folks a lift i believe it's time to start the national soul long conversation
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about reparations so that we can as a nation do what's right and begin to heal there are massive disparities that must be addressed so we're going to do everything we can to put resources into distressed communities and improve lives for those people who have been hurt from the legacy of slavery fighting their respective corners on the issue we heard from conservative commentator anthony bryan logan and from attorney and author research percent. you could have identified the former slave master and a former slave or act in a moment but we're now winds are at fifty years past a particular point in time who is going to pay people who did not have slaves nobody i left a day in twenty nineteen was a slave back then so what do we gain pay for who is going to pay we're right again pay it's no more than a campaign promise from democratic hopefuls trying to get some kind of attention now you're ok with the l.
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listen that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard they provide economic restitution to those people now if i came into your house mr a.b.l. and i stole a thousand dollars from you and then i died or if i saw a million dollars from you and then i'd die would you say oh well reason die so that money doesn't matter anymore no he would go talk to my children children are still living off the benefits of that million dollars just because somebody has grand days dose of it doesn't mean i'm responsible for it if somebody is granddad was so you know a killer and then they found out one hundred years later you go after the kids and say ok you get to go to jail now or you get to pay back some money because of what your grandfather d. and makes no since you know who did it you should have been able to catch him why they were alive punish him why they were alive we want to focus on economic harm that was done to black people if we really break down with slavery was people were brought from across the water to work and that was free labor so what we have is
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here to ration years hundreds of years of systematic does the discrimination and shutting out of act economic access the black people and that has to be repaid who's going to pay it you're talking about a government that government is funded by the people that i mean to me that means you will pay for it so how does it make any sense like i say it would have been more let me present how many hands you are mostly a volunteer paid his slave when were raised in his would have been do which is at the end to slavery not right now it makes no sense to so argue me it is no logic here. america's never even study the effects of slavery on black people they never said down and said we know that as a government we sanction this this excess this experience but we don't even know how far that experience reaches because no one's ever study it how much do we owe black people no one's ever studied it why because the government has literally buried its head it's paid out everybody else and turned it back on the black people in america who he was too long to just driving and three hundred and one example i
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do out in tears hopefully my generation will stand up and say that the buck stops here so we don't have to go on with this any longer that was the weekly thanks for telling him. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to stay in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge in the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and us all to one not to be fickle. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you just think i was going to go. by the way
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ways of that slide here. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to be close it's like well before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. bests drugs where her cocaine is where four bucks for dia and just for the good the jug everybody use cocaine crack cocaine you can smoke it this is worth fifty thirty. twenty. score came to this is about
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a fifteen dollar bet and people smoke this one bigger second sweetie you can find these drugs in any city in the united states that you all along as you want to get it about the. make. money. that's what at the day. so after reading faster life in eighty six the nicaraguan group. invited us factory for the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the episode. on october fifth or in the past this plane was shot down in a car for the poor play dropping. quarter to reagan in front of a crane. and there was one crew member the parachute to shake the. usual
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props to cina house interests. minute wisconsin cure me after we arrived. the nikken armored your dish or tribunals take cost of course out of the crash site and asked us to events we wanted to go on a helicopter with our supplies to the crash site house and flush walk doors about all the flights you've been on all these covert flights of army air corps and he would course angry because he had been abandoned by the reagan administration he was basically a covert operator mercenary he was proud of. his capture would reveal a complex web of covert operations run by us colonel oliver north reagan's administration had bypassed congressional control and funded the contra insurgents through drug trafficking and secret arms sales to be ron. paul secret.


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