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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 15, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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other to extend the colonial war crimes being covered up we speak to the julian while our bags and commemoration committee member lord decide about operation legacy in one hundred years since the british murder of up to eight thousand innocent protesters both more coming up in today's going underground but first today marks thirty three years to the day that u.s. warplanes took off from bases in britain to bomb libya has covered by the b.b.c. reporter kate eighty who would be attacked with a fatter government for this report whereas after the raid the libyans still have no idea how many people were injured here this is at least two miles from the barracks there are still people possibly buried under the rubble and the confusion is considerable american the intended target was possibly the central security headquarters. instead and medical clinic and orderly fashion houses took the hit the number of casualties is not a pool here jory party chairman norman tebbit claim that sort of journalism was riddled with inaccuracy in the endo and the imbalance katie had also reported on casualties from the get out the family we went into the intensive care ward and the
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two bed inside at the name get up on the name tag at the end of the bed to four boy cammy three and four year old so i followed up colonel gaddafi youngest son they were in the barracks with their mother the fia and the other children during the air raid they are expected to live but the camel youngest daughter a girl he and his wife adopted last year were also injured he was sixteen months old and he suffered severe pressure to the brain after the bomb blast he died just before dawn this morning today the b.b.c. website adds context to that reporting of anglo-american attempts to overthrow the government of libya it links libya to the dismissal of the b.b.c. director general of the father of the communications director of jeremy corbin's labor party seamus milne look at how by the time to resume support of the british bombing of libya in twenty eleven leading to the murder of moammar gaddafi the b.b.c. and arguably chain. course on reporting illegal military action by nato nations
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well let's take a look at the broader picture of what is happening in libya with george groves the director employable security at the henry jackson. yesterday on the u.k. state mandated b.b.c. it appears axiomatic that the u.k. and nato can bomb wherever it wants whenever it wants without a un security council resolution and guests can include arguably extreme neocon far right think tanks like ones named after us politicians who backed ethnically based internment camps in the usa for those of asian origin and wars in southeast asia that perhaps killed six million one man who no longer seems to appear on u.k. mainstream media despite previously working on major stories with organizations like the b.b.c. channel four and the guardian is measured rejoined us greg palast he's famous for his investigations into corporate corruption voter fraud and u.s. backed wars for oil he joins me now via skype from los angeles greg welcome to going on the ground before we get to all sorts of conspiracy theories in the u.s. your reaction to julian assad's being dragged out of his place of asylum here in
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london by british police and secret police apparently if you are going to arrest julian assignment you're going to have to rest me because i use the songe josie manning wiki leaks documents and you should also jail my colleagues at the guardian you know including alan rusbridger who was publisher and published the stories originally a you should arrest of course the entire staff of the new york times because they're more than happy to get both of awards for julian assange just work and take credit for it and take the awards but now the times sickeningly applauds the arrest of manning and the sonship it's really quite disgusting julius onj whatever you think of him personally that does not matter he's a journalist and if you say well he's not a real journalist then he's a real source it's one or the other both must be protected if freedom of the. yes
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means anything in britain or of the united states you know it is it is sickening this guy and i relied on him for example from the assignment manning wiki leaks documents i uncovered that seventeen months before the deepwater horizon platform exploded in the gulf and killed eleven people that the owner of that platform british petroleum had covered up in connivance with the u.s. state department and identical blowout in the caspian sea off baku and they covered it up was b.p. denied any wrongdoing all through that period people i think you're joking about it says explicitly in the indictment that it's the afghan war logs the iraq war logs surprise that they're that clear and that they they say that he shouldn't have leaked documents that obviously revealed war crimes well that's the point it is the crime was committed by the us military in covering up war crimes this was
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a tremendous service by a songe and manning and he deserves the congressional medal of honor not prison time of course trump said he loved wiki leaks now he's secular state bomb peo of course he said that it was all style intelligence agency but your media over there and our media over here arguably they seem to be obsessing about cambridge analytic or and the idea of advertising on facebook i understand that you identified something a little bit more perhaps believable of the koch brothers not even russia what have you what are you been looking at him in general it is a flyspeck next to the koch brothers computer spying operations legal spying i should say as far as i know they haven't been operational i three sixty which kept a dynamic track of eight hundred facts about every single living american that a lot of information on you came. british and of they get nothing on the koch
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brothers but what i'm more i'm concerned about is the massive number of people blocked from voting and for example a trump relied on a guy in kris kobach of kansas who is both the in chief that elected trump it by the way he was not elected by some email capture that was printed by wiki leaks if it did have by the way one thing i would know if you really believe that some mentions of some material from the memos of hillary clinton and her cronies being public of affected the election well you know what that's what information is supposed to do the truth is the truth it can't be partisan when i talk about taking away votes of black people taking away votes of young people hispanics and others which is a real crime the continuing apartheid in our electoral system in the us and that's
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an elected trump that's that cannot be discussed on mainstream us television because that breaks the myth of the great american democracy so there's a great america about this america is more of a mockery of democracy than a true democracy but i mean obviously u.s. authorities would deny any accusations of apartheid in fact so successful as a voter id voter id laws that coming to britain to resume is now trialing them all over in parts of britain what what are the dangers of voter id laws well i can see why theresa may is bringing it to britain because she can't win if you count the votes and that's what happened in has happened in the us about thirty states they require all kinds of id to prove you're an american prove your citizen and the result is that up to five million are he repeat that number from the brennan center for justice which is that they're the gold standard of information is if the five million people up and blow. not from voting
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a register in the united states overwhelmingly poor people voters of color people have a tough time it's not easy and cheap to get to get id and you don't have walking citizenship cards by the way in britain so it's not so easy and here's the thing this is to prevent a crime which doesn't happen the state of indiana was the first to require id forms some type of photo current government id in order to vote like a driver's license they needed that in one hundred years of voting the crew find a single case of someone else's someone using someone else's identity claiming they were someone else to vote kris kobach and maybe the razor way would say no no this is about trying to get accurate votes are you saying that kris kobach who i should say is on the career upswing what with changes in the trumpet ministration in the immigration department do you think that voter suppression could could ensure donald trump's reelection in twenty to one hundred percent i've been investigating
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this for rolling stone now and kris kobach for rolling stone for six years and he came up with a system called interstate cross-check which knocked out one point one million people he said he said seven million americans are suspected of voting twice and yes he couldn't find one he couldn't find one voting twice and yet he removed over a million people from the voter rolls overwhelmingly voters of color you know he said if foreigners are voting in american elections he claimed one million foreigners vote in u.s. elections for hillary clinton which explains your popular vote victory no sir but quite aside from that kind of electoral manipulation arguably there's an even better way and the european union and all trump have done it recognizing candidates of their choice to be the leaders of countries of their choice what do you make of the focus on venezuela from brussels and from washington that's just horrific attack on democracy. i covered venezuela for the guardian in b.b.c.
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television i was there during the coup d'etat in which in two thousand and two when hugo chavez was kidnapped and you had european leaders and u.s. press and u.s. governments a.o.l. he resigned you know he was so unpopular i went down there and saw a million people in the streets marching on the presidential palace to grab and dismember the coo coo plotters unless they. brought back hugo chavez safely to his desk which they did i mean this is quite amazing to me and by the way here's a connection once again it's the corporate connection last year the british government and british petroleum asked the venezuelan government you know the guys they call dictators to give british petroleum the oil fields of that were run by french took top the french company they wanted the french fields so at that point if if venezuela had given british petroleum the your oil fields you know then
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they wouldn't and then obviously the government wouldn't be a dictatorship for people understand what's really going on in venezuela because your press even in britain and europe has been terrible on this and i saw this back when chavez was president you have to understand the current government like chavez is made up of misty's those people the child as he told me are naked and you know anything i'm black and i'm indian featured in the white people hate this it's a seventy percent. miskito nation that is it's made up of people who are black or mixed race or indigenous people seventy percent for four hundred years they were under the control of the white elite and there was massive poverty massive poverty while sitting on on the world's biggest pool or oil chavez was like their nelson mandela and yes you would see massive demonstrations against chavez but when i was
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down there for british networks i saw those demonstrators against chavez were the white minority it's seventeen years almost to the day that i have as was returned after being kidnapped by washington backed operatives who are say in venezuela what it charges tell you about though the koch brothers i understand because they have a they have a part to play in venezuela as well the number one customer in the world the venezuelan oil are the koch brothers they have refineries on the gulf coast of texas they say why can these texas oil because they did refineries owned by the koch brothers can only use the super heavy oil that you find in either venezuela or canada since right now there's no pipeline to get that tar sands any gun key oil out of canada the koch brothers did rely on venezuela and then as well was charging them a massive premium for that world because the coasts of captive customers so the coasts of the bin you know applauding any attempt or a chance to overthrow the government of venezuela violently that we work with the
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oil companies and cut their prices but just finally and briefly needly that that stuff of the koch brothers the dealings with the trumpet ministrations attitude to climate change and fossil fuels in the case don't exult. yes well you know that truck. has approved bringing down that oil from canada but it's not there yet and so they have there's basically if they can bring your oil down from canada cheaply then they're going to have to get it from venezuela and arst. kerry state and the national security adviser by the way john bolton has said publicly he's talking to us oil companies like exxon about seizing the oil assets of venezuela the problem is that venezuelans don't want to give up their resources is china has told me we're not colony anymore greg palast thank you.
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after the break british colonial war crimes still being covered up we speak to jolly and well the bugs on t.v. the liberation committee member your decide about operation legacy and one hundred years since the british murder of up to one thousand innocent protest as all of them all coming out but you have going underground. international memorial towards twenty nineteen are now open for entries all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate send us your published works in video or written for. go to award dot altie dot com and enter now.
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i do think the numbers mean something they've matter us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich with six percent world market thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need remembering one one business showed you know board the mid one and only boom box. before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row i'm in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted
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prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did they have given up the right to live among us somebody's been proven innocent of two years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. it so it's seemed wrong. rowles just don't call. me that is yet to shape out of disdain to come to advocate and engagement because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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welcome back how many civilians just resume's government help to slaughter slaughter like this has headlined on this channel in the past few months in yemen over forty civilians have reportedly been killed by a saudi led air strike most of them children the strike hit a school bus and the marketplace a word of warning you might find the upcoming picture is disturbing according to the latest information from the red cross twenty nine children were killed all under the age of fifteen forty eight more were injured two including thirty children there are being more disturbing pictures from yemen seventy two hours after the u.k. backed killing of children of the girls' school revelations of u.k. ground troops prompted one m.p. to raise a question in the british parliament it was claimed may be a key carry out ninety five percent of the preparations for typhoon bombing raids including the one that killed forty schoolchildren in august of last year move the
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government now to review arms export licenses to saudi arabia and the british complicity in these bombings. no said theresa may before she flew off to europe to continue chaotic breaks of negotiations is the same reply she always gives as other nations ban selling weapons to the conflict threatening twenty million people and i say to the lady that we have one of the toughest regimes in relation to the export of arms across the world jeremy corbyn wants an immediate arms embargo but then did anyone expect a raise or made to apologize for the must be relation of children with british weapons because she didn't even arguably apologize for a massacre of civilians a hundred years ago the tragedy of. nine hundred ninety is a shameful scar on british indian history as her majesty the queen said before visiting . in one thousand nine hundred seven is a distressing example of our past history with india yes the massacre of civilian.
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the number was distressing jeremy corbyn wanted an apology. thank you mr speaker i'm very pleased that the prime minister mentioned what happened in jalalabad and the issues of the massacre at amritsar one hundred years ago i think the people in memory of those that lost their lives in the brutality of what happened deserve a full clear and unequivocal apology for took place well for more on the centenary i'm joined now by john while our bags and senior commemoration committee member labor peer will decide law does i welcome to going underground so what is the enjoying legacy of the british men secure it jolly well above two hundred years ago in one way it was a trigger for a change in the tactics of the independence movement. the transfer in the british was lost off to the other buck because that was one event in after that people said ok you no longer classes for you. because gandhi was an empire loyalist
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. you know he helped recruit people for the first world war if you will build this he always believed that whatever else was wrong british from both was a good thing and the julian lot of other much more coverage him. and after that i think the international congress broke. from the government and started this moment for complete independence so that is going in all of our the legacy we have doctors are able to sunny claiming in the middle times and the statement of the b.b.c. the numbers are exaggerated and in fact this is this is being too hard on the british i did in the midst of exaggerated my life was written a book about is a decently jillion one the buggery old story and there are two things it is just what happened that day and they didn't vala buck. although it was a great tragedy but punjab was being flown over and being bombed lahore good you
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know as well as i but it was under siege you cannot of soldiers would come back would fall to the first. then of the inflation the russian revolution would just happen so there was this real nervousness in punjab that this may be a second uprising so and to be there with martial law in. around that time and a lot of the people who were injured couldn't go to hospital because they knew when to hold people they'd be arrested so what what we have now i think slowly and numbers are coming out and my wife has confirmed that she is going to do it in the next edition the five hundred forty seven about even time this is for more than five hundred died all over injured and so i don't think one can consider these numbers are exaggerated but basically you both munchen law you don't stop people
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from having a meeting you don't give them a warning before you fire on them you don't say listen will you please disperse because your meeting is illegal and if that had that if people had been given room to disperse well you could understand but to give a warning. and to shoot and close of all exits but we know if. we want to. give an apology to and i'm not sure the bloody sunday is taught at schools but it took a tory m.p. bill blackman in the commons to say this massacre in india should be taught in school surprised that it's not being taught why do you think this is not being taught in schools you know how many messages they are going to teach in schools for the british empire. i mean in a sense what is truly good because we now have a population. who just conscious of its history and their
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insisting i think quite rightly they did seem to be taught in schools but. they don't to be taught to school in secondary schools and. so properly explained what was the nuances. i mean it is a complex but i think it's a crucial strike and i know you as you said your wife is saying you papers released we now since twenty thirteen are getting papers from m i five is involved in a special branch involvement in the pre-independence weeks in different british colonies of the mass destruction of documents and evidence why is it too late in coming twenty twenty first century we're getting these documents and papers still but you know i've done a lot i don't know. for compensation but i would say that if they've made a clean breast of it they would have been to do on stage and have
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a lot of good if not a good because operation legacy was to ensure perhaps things like the. massacre should be remembered with formless and respect very few people. know about operational things so i think one ought to be. you know told more about it but i think what you were may have happened in the past it would be quite reasonable for the prime minister to say of course we. have you know and during the circumstance of the time people behave like that but you know better and . as you said raby implications for compensation but. said that the best way to one of the dead is to do business deals with india and i think we certainly have evidence now of the attempts to destroy the indian economy just before nine hundred forty seven by the british what do you make of that statement
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do the business deals post-breakfast business deals about you know basically we have been doing business deals india second the third largest investor in u.k. you can no longer be kind to india it has to seek indian investment but it's so especially after brics that you can is going to need it i'm sure in no doubt about that. you can india right now either the fifth or the think this economy and india is about to overtake britain so we have to be as british we have to be good to india because we need into this could u.k. would have to negotiate of separate treaty with india and for that reason an apology would be amazingly helpful. so i think you know india is insidiously for economy it's no longer a colonial ghetto and india's industry and investment will be needed by by
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you and the balkans from beneath the from the right you see breaks it itself is a phenomenon that's a legacy of. briggs it is part of the whole imperial mentality at least in hard drugs it is a dreaming of eight hundred fifty years in the free trade and. we were monstrous of the you know and you know i mean liam fox has over played pretty well probably walk and five minutes that whole mentality stood to me obsolete but it's very powerful and in one branch of the conservative party and he is suffering because of that. there's an empire in the second world war and how we fought for europe i did it for the unit because we were we to secure them there better be nice to us at times times have changed and do lords and ladies laugh about it in the other place of the house of love with it's not so much love to be mentioned that have been he
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said that the one of the problems is the did these boys go to public schools and this is the kind of history that i mean forget about the comprehensive they should teach that in one of us can eat. in the haram we would have a much better governing as a colonial adventures not over here. you know you would need seven dollars to say i'm sitting here i mean it is you could easily say it's all black it's all white and i think that mixed picture elections are going on in iraq now. where do the idea of elections what is the idea of universal francesco but idea of income from part of the idea of common local. so yes bad things happen but other things happen you know that it was being this realization. and that imbibes. between you could talk about all that's my view yes it was on the whole thing which
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of the to happen in there would have been better off without a clue. so little known. but it happened and it is a mixed message and it's very difficult to strike a balance i have in my book even sport of india tried by best to see how. the how indians history changes it of us from one country it's all about trust but you know yes it has to be new and just well it is i think that's a for sure keep in touch by social media will be back on wednesday fifty eight years to the day of the cia that they have kids invasion of communist cuba.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information and this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster so facebook does not have users facebook has used it's people that facebook users.
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with julian the function now in jail for an m.p.'s hold a media conference outside show their support for a man they see as a hero we look at media's shock you turn over the whistleblower and. human rights organizations after a palestinian activist is denied entry to the u.s. we spoke to omar barghouti about his experience. with the u.s. administration has been mobilized to do israel's bidding and trying to silence. the international human rights defenders. and the belgian government center for security fails to find evidence of any threat way despite the chinese tech giant
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been accused of spying by the u.s. .


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