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oh beautiful jewelry. from that you know what money is highly. watched as a record. france is in shock after firing. cathedral in paris badly damaging the iconic structure. french heritage it's part of the. shocking we find comfort in the fact that there are no victims but it's our french historical heritage could have been passed to his helicopter and with wonder. linda sanchez awarded whistleblowing by a group of them a piece just days after being locked up in the united kingdom to speak to a nobel peace prize laureate she wants to hand over the on the personally. i think
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we have to acknowledge. and i want to personally for all he has done for us. form a key european politicians are you not to follow the us example when it comes to the middle east. today coming to terms with a devastating fire that ravaged one of the world's most famous buildings the not in paris it is believed that the blaze may have been the result of ongoing restoration work on the building's roof inspired both of which collapsed as the divine your my the building will rise from the ashes. here are pictures of the cathedrals completely gutted roof the french interior minister today visited the site to see
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the damage for himself because of a cast and i thought of that and it will has to be rebuilt for the sake of the french people to show that it was good reports from the french capital. and not cathedral literally it sits in the hearts of the city of paris much of the city's history contained within her bosom a seat of cultural political and economic power when it was built back in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries so eight hundred and fifty years of history that much of it now in tatters following that ferocious fire which broke out on monday evening the crowds gathered at last night to witness that catastrophe and once again they've come today to bear witness to this huge fire which tore through this cathedral. it's french heritage it's part of art that burns
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with it we managed to preserve it for eight hundred years and today unfortunately it went up in flames i think it touches everyone it's poignant it's heartbreaking and the firemen did all they could but there are some things will never get back. it's shocking we find comfort in the fact that there are no victims but it's our french historical heritage and we all share memories of when we visited but now it's fragile and all the buildings like this one are fragile in terms of the damage well it's still too early to tell exactly how much damage has been done but we do know that the iconic spa and the roof both collapsed last night as those flames ravaged the inside of not cathedral we also know that what's been saved will no move to the new for b.c.m. where it will remain until it can come back to not at all but let's take a look at how that fire which literally ripped through the hearts of people here in
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paris last night unfold it. love luck. to france which is burning really says his or her two friends of ours and so that's the bottom. we are losing tonight c c signature of notre dame is the heart of paris
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it is grand german it is monumental it is horrible to see everything we have to learn going to be small centuries of our heritage. we spent but it's very sad it's one of the great monuments of france we've had far away so it's devastating but a monument like this is burning. and then most of. i say this to someone else that we will rebuild this great cathedral
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together we will appeal to the greatest talents to help restore not true them because this is what the french people expect and this is what our history deserves it is our destiny. five hundred firefighters four to contain the devastating fire he spoke to the president of the international association of fire chiefs thomas jenkins to explain the difficulties in tackling such an infinite. our fire safety is number one because we have to make sure that we can battle the blaze tomorrow as well and that's tough to balance when you're dealing with emotionally charged incidents when you have circumstances were civilian lives are being threatened and in a case like this where you're dealing with property or you know happy that has value what you would consider normal property so just. believably. call for air starts i'm sure that's a sentiment that is shared worldwide that we want to see this fire be extinguished we want to see the property purser as much as it can be and we want to see all
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those firefighters go on to say. well this sharing in france is shock leaders around the globe of express their condolences to the french nation saying that not a dam is not just part of french identity but also world heritage. so horrible to watch the massive fire not redound cathedral in paris perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out must act quickly and following the not to die on four minute by minute not to die on the perry belongs to all humanity what a spectacle what horror i share the emotion of the french nation which is ours as well my thoughts are with the people of france tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze ignored on kofi drew. from the deputy director of culture you know s.k. francesco bandar and says that this will be more about reconstruction than restoration. now we can distraction that one long yesterday i mean
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all this is gone. we have to completely different thing and what would have to be done is really a major reconstruction not just starvation. major reconstruction projects this will. be difficult to say today. how much it cost certainty on the order of that many many hundreds of millions of dollars he will in any way was also a symbol of what modern society can do for the morning because you know about one hundred years ago hundred years ago if you know when two major more. regimes and there's been. through. to you generations so many memories feeling it right and everybody we have to. be able to. bring that to the future generations. days after being dragged by police for miss
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refuge and locked up in jail. has been honored by some members of the european parliament they granted him an award for journalists whistleblowers and defenders of the right to information the world has given to nobel peace prize laureate morad maguire who has volunteered to hand it to a song that personally. the third world war. two sons of us. stray national was arrested last week when his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london was revoked and his citizenship suspended he was convicted by u.k. court of breaching bail and has also been charged in the united states with conspiracy to hack a government computer science faces extradition to the u.s. and up to five years in prison although some to the whistleblower could face far more serious charges the moment he steps foot on u.s.
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soil we spoke earlier to orate maguire who wants to andover the award. very happy to identify and receive the prize on behalf of jillian the science and i have asked that i be allowed to visit jill a massage and belmarsh prison in london and i hope that will be granted i just think it's very important that we acknowledge julian assange for the great sacrifice that he has made for us all one our must ask the question why didn't this happen before i nominated this year for the nobel peace prize for his work for peace and trying to end war and suffering of the people he knew when he published through recchi lakes he knew he would be a wanted man. and he was given a perceived freedom i think we have to acknowledge julian assange and thank him and
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i want to do that personally for all he has done for us i was deeply shocked that julian assange was arrested from their dories amber say so trivet so badly tried died of them say julian assange. is there or is his human rights and he should be freed immediately and under no circumstances sent to america for a jury trial because if that happens we are become poorer and live in a very dark word for our children. a number of former prominent european politicians of express their discontent with u.s. policy of or israel and the letters a british newspaper the guardian they say the e.u. must recognize jerusalem as a capital both of israel and an independent palestinian state it all of reports. donald trump's decision to go his own way when it comes to finding
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a solution to the israeli palestinian situation coupled with no real respond. to this decision from any major leaders but that's prompted a group of former european leaders to pen an open letter in condemnation of the u.s. policy of europe's reactions well putting their signature to this letter include the former foreign secretary of the united kingdom david miliband the nato secretary general mr salado the former foreign minister of germany. we are very concerned. europe is completely silent while america strong is and now it seems to put forward a unilateral peace plan these is the reason why i think we need a week up call for euro to be again try to be in the
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game not can delete the lee side live i mean as european foreign policy approach e.u. leaders have had very little to say about donald trump's very visible and very vocal support for israel in fact it's been pretty much the same as when the golan heights were recognized by the united states when the u.s. moved its embassy to jerusalem with the latest idea from the president that israeli citizens should be immune from prosecution in the international criminal court since the creation of the i.c.c. the united states has consistently declined to join the court because of its broad unaccountable prosecutorial powers any attempt to target american israeli or ally personnel for prosecution will be met with a swift and vigorous response. this idea that the united states and their friends are somehow above international law is something that is called out by the former
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european leaders in their open letter unfortunately the current us administration has departed from longstanding u.s. policy and this insists now from established international legal norms it has so far economic stanly one side screams to jerusalem and demonstrated to disturb an indifference to israel a settlement expansion one of the lynchpins of the e.u. is a project is multiple nations coming together to find a peaceful resolution now the situation when it comes to israel in palestine is already difficult and it becomes even tougher when you see the unilateral approach being taken by the united states those who've been involved in and seen close to plough mysie at its highest levels say the european union needs to be more vocal and also needs to bring more countries into the process it is not only america it is europe adat are other players russia is why don't the players that can
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be helped to find a balance. if you still america remains keep player if you want to succeed but europe has been always and will be in the future and another key player it is usually to try to get a lasting peace we doubt rely. on european legal efforts but this is our point we see europe silent we see europe not engaged in talks at these is the time to deal with the european union and trump already butting heads over trade and defense spending there isn't any particular way you leader that stands out as the one who would stand up and challenge. the united states is unilateral approach towards the israeli palestinian situation peter all
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of r.t. berlin. the russian state duma has passed the bill the internet isolation law or his claim that it will help ensure russia's security on line or the critics claim it's an attempt at censorship of my colleague jacqueline verger as discussed the initiative with a correspondent refreshing. it's called the bill on separate internet and it is aimed at creating domestic told to independent internet here in russia as a measure the lawmakers behind these documents say to protect the country from cyber attacks from cyber threats while technically this means that if russia one day is cut off from the global network it will still be able to function to operate without being affected the only source of this bill say that is simply a response to america's two thousand and eighteen strategy or national cybersecurity that they found aggressive this is their word it is supposed to come into force later in the year but it still has to be approved by the parliament of
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the federation council and then signed into law by russia's president which will likely happen with no delay with no problem with ludmer putin known as a big fan of the idea of what you depend on internet here in russia believing that it is totally in the interests of the russian people and the cyber security of these of course very important these days but critics claim that this could lead to russia's isolation online and will help state censureship are they right to be concerned with iraq. even among the state duma deputies in russia they say it will allow said that it will become the government's instrument to control the regulation on online life and technically yes it will give russia's governmental institutions watchdogs whoever will be responsible for that more authorities more technical. power to control the you tonight but again as the supporters of this
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bill say it's all for the sake of the country's national security legislators say that this law is aimed at protection from external cyber threats that could theoretically paralyze the internet in the country do those fears have any grounds while many believe that these theories are quite real early in february the american newspaper washington. published an article claiming that the u.s. military had one speck in two thousand and eighteen minutes to block one russian group from internet access just because they believed it was dangerous it was involved in the alleged interference in american elections so that is quite serious and that article cited a number of us high ranking officials with no names given though claiming that that was just the beginning of a massive cyber complain against trash well if these claims are real and these threats are real from the russian authorities point of view it absolutely makes
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sense to protect the country including by introducing this law. the subject of illegal immigration sort on trumped foreign off on twitter once again piling pressure on his democratic rivals i'm going to failure to back his border security plans on friday the president suggested all undocumented people should be shipped to so-called sanctuary cities if the democrats don't back down we could fix that and show fairest if the democrats would agree but if they don't agree we might as well do what they always say they want they want more people in there saying sure cities well we'll give them more people we can give more a lot we can give them an unlimited supply and let's see if they're so happy they say we have open arms are over so they have open arms let's see if they have open arms. to us that we agreed with pop star left wing social like to be sure stated l.a. couldn't take more illegals as it has to care for its own citizens including homeless ones stance came as a surprise though to many she previously been
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a vocal defender of the bigots she even claims she was ready to take some home to protect the. not the only democrats who objects to trump's proposal. i say he's trying to put americans against each other make us less safe he's injecting fear into our country notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants the idea of using these human beings as a kind of pestilence to spread around the country like a form of plague that you want to impose on your enemies is really grotesque we spoke to legal media analyst lionel who feels that the democrats all talk. what trump has been saying and others rational people as we have immigration yes we have in the harbor the statue of liberty bring those you're retired in your emma lazarus
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but we've got to have some kind of an order here the left as we call them hollywood's it doesn't matter your i hate monger so he says you know what i'm going to do i'm going to give you a neighborhood that all of us out whoa whoa wait a minute hold it hold it the democratic party they love to talk about things like free education free health care free stuff you want it you got it i don't know how we're going to pay for it bring these people in who are going to take i don't know they love the bumper sticker they hate the fine print they hate the well how do we do this they love to talk about everything from collusion to drub to corruption they're getting what they've been asking for unlimited unfettered on. conditional this masses of humanity. dreamer's be careful what you ask for. ok more than one hundred
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environmentalists activists have been arrested in central london after a series of protests brought traffic chaos to the city thousands of take a parting coordinated demonstrations at key sites in the british capital on monday demanding action over climate change. environmental activists staged sit down protests in key sites including waterloo bridge the houses of parliament and oxford circus some vented their anger on the london headquarters of oil giant shell's smashing windows and spraying graffiti on the wards. my grandchildren know where everybody's grandchildren to be able to grow up to safely we are demanding that the government tell the truth and they must do that because people don't know what they're doing is criminal all the governments
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across the world are part of this and they are letting us down up planet die or ecosystems die and we all have to start this. year. the demonstrations are part of a global campaign organized by british climate group. rebellion it was formed in two thousand and eighteen and it's a movement that demands governments quote take decisive action on the climate and ecological emergency to achieve its goals extinction rebellion promotes mass civil disobedience and a staged rallies in more than thirty countries to date let's show you now monday's demonstration in berlin. of that i have learned to look at once we have demonstrated long enough we have the right and must now use the means of civil disobedience stand to rebel with. it let's bring some guests and have a conversation i'm joined now by climate change activist and schoolteacher tim
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jones and columnist for the new cub servitor sundry walker gentleman good evening and welcome to you both tim first does making a point about climate change justify bringing such chaos to a major city. so we're causing some chaos to a major city absolutely and we have to think about the point that we're raising which is about the potential collapse of society and really seriously the end of the human race is now a real possibility so some disruption to a city compared to a collapse of a society that comparison is what we have to think about when you were answering that question. what do you think of the. ends justify the means that they turn to save the world. i feel very sorry actually when i see a lot of these protesters because they have actually in fact been hoodwinked i remember watching when school teachers across britain and across the world encourage young people to go out on climate protests and there was one sixteen year
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old quoted in i think the guardian newspaper saying we are watching our planet's literally burning before our eyes as another seventeen year old said i won't live to the age of forty that is grossly dishonest and grossly unfair everybody is in agreement that pretty little dence quality gets better with every passing year climates rebellion the organization have said that they will not stop the protest or until carbon emissions go to zero within six years that means an end to vehicle transports an end to aviation and end to electricity an end to this channel bluntly a return to the stone age now the reason there squawking and causing trouble is because no sensible person would agree with our prospects that's why they're in the minority. what you think of that tim it's all very well saying that we need to do something and the same it is a problem under it's a will there's no logical way of fixing it. ok then we have to accept the future
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that we've got which the global scientific community the i.p.c.c. last year or so but which is a conservative organization which is politically influence they said that we've got now eleven years to make radical changes to every aspect of our life so we could we could be resigned because we could say that well that's not going to happen so let's just do nothing and that's what people have been doing for years that's what i've been doing for a long time most people are in a state of either denial or resignation for years i was in a state of resignation but to just say that's not going to work so we're not going to do it is to resign ourselves to really horrific horrific future we can see happening now when the when this school girl said that we can see our will burning she was talking about wildfires in the north of england and in sweden in the wildfires in the north of england in winter in february at twenty two degrees summer weather conditions in winter so if you want to do nothing about this then then ok but that is resigning yourself to a horrific future which is what we're going prospect now. are you ignoring you know we're going to truth. look we live in
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a country the united kingdom which is doing almost more than anybody else to deal with the issue of climate change the idea that we are ignoring the environmental agenda i pick up my newspapers and turn on my television sets and i seem to watch absolutely nothing else we've got ultra low emissions i would just been launched in london that's affected diesel calls we've got a lot of fill tax which means that you have to recycle everything on less you want to pay a hundred dollars a tonne to have it put in law and fail you know that we have we have targets for carbon emissions but the debate that's really taking place here is this age the way to improve our environment by introducing new technologies like things like collector cars or easy to return to the stone age and these protesters say can i call them out of here which i did i don't explain i simply know. well let me just let me just let me just finish this by you know i said to the beginning of the case that teachers were grossly unfair they effectively abusing children by claiming that the world was burning before the rot yes you've just heard
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a teacher say that that is factually accurate what a shameful thing to do. ok so you're saying that the the wildfires in the north thing and the wildfires in sweden. are only so you also saying that they just didn't happen they're not that it is per person you have these are not. where you want to shout actually and that's you asked me a question about it and let me let me let me up and i will point please let me respond to your point if you would so you would respond to the points you were talking about emissions in london and before that you talked about quality improving in london and you talk about recycling this is classic denial what's that got what none of those things got anything to do with climate change ok or the or the collapse of. biodiversity in the world they've got nothing to do it we are focusing on on the evidence that is before us and this is laid so it's by not just the i.p.c.c. but individual scientists like peter one is a global globally renowned he's the expert on all six of us and he's even more
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scared than the i.p.c.c. that when their report suggests we should be and you are talking about recycling eighty five percent of stuff we put in the recycling doesn't even get recycled and the air quality in london has nothing to do with climate change is terrible for our lungs it's got nothing to do with climate change so you're just distracting from what is a terrifying prospect and climate change is going to get worse and worse and worse more and more more quickly and if we don't act now even if it's that they fast difficult then we are we are completely don't know what to avoid by language but we are in a bad bad way and the only way that we can do this is with radical action what we are demanding is firstly that the government knowledge the crisis and they are they are in denial about that the media are just beginning to accept it just beginning but the government are in denial they are not talking about it and so they are not they're keeping it secret that's our first amount of the government acknowledge the crisis the second is that we go carbon net. by twenty twenty five this sounds like a ridiculously ambitious target but this is a ridiculously terrifying problem and so it requires a ridiculously ambitious target the world has mobilized in the face of these
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problems many many many times and come together and result and overcome incredible difficult problems and if you will say oh it's a hard job so let's not bother then i not so that's really scary demand is that we should form a citizens' assembly where normal people this happened in ireland successfully normal people get together they review the evidence the balance picture of the evidence and then they inform the government what to do we don't have all the solutions but this is what we think should happen and if you also say that teachers are irresponsible for saying what is actually happening on the news just directing to children attention to that then what should be doing if we shouldn't be directing their attention to what's actually happening if you look at the arctic retreat of arctic sea ice the satellite images anyone can do that anyone can see what is happening if you just open your eyes but if you want to put your head in the sand and be in denial and that's fine but please don't encourage other people to do what you know there's a tent ten thousand years ago the ice age ended the reason and did was because of global warming now i don't remember the neanderthals having three liter of all those remember that on the twenty seventh of january two thousand and six vice
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president al gore said that we had.


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