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you came here where did you work before you came here when you live. well death row they don't know what to do with that you know that. it's just one of those situations where you have to realize that not everyone out here is out to ruin your life there are some who are actually interested in knowing you and helping you. the state of ohio says the new drug combo used to execute dennis mcguire in january worked properly but it's increasing the dosage of the pain killers for future executions his family claims the state used as an experiment the state says mcguire was killed humanely. their official position is that nothing went wrong with. reports of sorts basically everything was constitutional. was
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unconscious and. anything. medically qualified to be able to say. i don't know yet what we're going to have to do if anything when executions resume. it's not clear what that's going to be. this afternoon or next to push through legislation that would try to pull the curtain over any information about who was involved in this. the idea that we could just lawlessness regardless of how people feel about the death penalty. what the legislature is doing with the secrecy stuff should just piss people off.
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he. didn't keep up with the magician i think if. this is true what is your position on that because he's such a huge. courtyard littleness into the road where victims of the brotherhood are going to this admission. share with course what he told mr gold. killing mr rhodes is not going to bring my daughter back and i'm holding on tight to my other two children slag and i don't like to see them going through this . murder of your boat you go over there forever changed your life and forever changed your other daughter full of. life and it forever changed the relationship you had with those three lost of course but it's gotten worse.
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when if this would be over with in the state would accept the offer we can focus on getting it all back together that's the point i'm trying to stress to you i don't care about james or rose i don't care about the public defender's office i shouldn't have to be sitting up here going through what i'm going through i feel like you're attacking me we're supposed to be on the same side here. this is not about me it should be about shelby fair the victim has everybody forgotten about the victim. they are doing what we feel is appropriate based on the fractional that's all we can. never lets me or sympathetic to. it is a distraction to see that it's not it's. all the law says the exits are very good.
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he knows what he did is wrong he's not arguing that he didn't do it he's ready to go do his time he says he's been ready yeah two years over two years it was like almost six months when y'all first came up to us and and told us about it's all been so unnecessary you know the stick gets to pick and choose which cases they seek death on the state health holds the power in their fingers to make this go away to morrow they could we could put him on the calendar do the plea and it stuck . three years since i was. but i knew i had to find it in my heart to forgive this person. for. i don't think
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easier. or more. but as far as. i have been through with the state attorney's office. in the country. right here in. the. overly aggressive prosecutor. angela corey is. here she had. her.
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justice system. like i refused to allow her to get again. and now she's running for office and. she needs to know that people are supporting me and not her her by her not taking the offer her which it is. and. every day i try to remind myself. look this is
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a gift. it's not the one of my job like people think it is but. if you have the mindset for just a bit job in the world. i've seen the country pretty much from the cab of this truck. if i'm going to have to work the rest of my life. then i'm going to do something i like doing. i don't see this as a self i see it as an office. and all. i do have a lawsuit going against the state. but. there's really not much to do about it you know. all i can do now is wait and see what's going to happen with this. hoping that i can get some compensation something to retire with. let's face it there's there's there's not much security for
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me i mean i'll be forty one some day. so. you know i'm going to be working for a very long time. the prisons department announced today that the state is putting off the execution the reason is the state's problems with getting hold of lethal injection drugs. twenty fifteen nobody's going to die in ohio. the execution. if you would have told me. two or three years ago when i was staring at the execution scheduled it was every sixty days. that are. the changes that have been made. have a little bit more time with my family writing. it
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was nice as the first delivery where he was in that somewhere else both mentally and physically he now worrying about work or impending execution so it's a nice break. but i have to object i was physically both of the other birds. who were doing paperwork but i was there physically present yet my mom was knocking me on the path that a lot you were working right but i was there with me. the variable. this is an election twenty sixteen special the state attorney to bait for the first time in. northeast florida voters are getting ready to make a choice about the area's top prosecutor the incumbent state attorney angela corey has gained national attention prosecuting several high profile cases which have
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also made her own lightning rod for criticism you know two of her former prosecutors are challenging her saying it's time for a change tonight all three make their case on to ensure that. we are fifty six percent more likely to have violent crime in this community than across the nation unfortunately over the last eight years the decisions and actions rhetoric and explanations of angela corey have eroded our communities confidence in our justice system i will not apologize for being tough on the violent criminals who are preying on this community to being tough on them we have sent more people to state prison and put more people on death row in any other circuit in the state of florida when you combine those two things. do you think that if the health law respect. i think she would be. fair
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and taking consideration the family's wishes i support her one hundred percent. i hope she wins. you hear. comments this morning on the radio. to be honest with you i was out of town i drove in town i left after court monday ok i did something along the lines of hearing more about this helpless to do. justice to match i can't i can't believe she said i'm fighting for what i feel is right and as far as these political comments that she's making angela corey made it when she refused to take it. on that just upsets me what else did she say it is a constitutional duty to consult with the victim but the victim does not tell the
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state attorney what sentence should be imposed in the case we give their feelings great weight and we have done that with the very. darlene farrow who appears to be more interested in public in actually grieving for her daughter why stir that case that case is still pending are you really. to continue to present mitigation as we do in every single case why is that case been plucked out. we talked to cory after she made her comments on the radio she stands behind what she said because we have so many victims who have suffered just as much as. to sit quietly and wait for justice. you don't do stuff like that. but whatever that. situation. can tell me how i feel
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should i got the right one this time. seems wrong. to me. yet to shape out. comes to answer. the trail. when some. common ground.
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even. people as i live eat here if you don't then. you need to. be young. and we have many things in this roles and this is an e-mail for everyone why some people's minds so take our thing all the power just for themselves and to do this thing like that in a. way. i
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didn't really expect that much of the world living life considering what i've been through because people just know. i went to georgia for a conference gathering saw her there i got to talk to her. we start talking and. talk ever since. travis yes but. we connect we connect which is named because you know really a lot but you don't really know for a first year anniversary where you want to go. and i wanted to bring up that's why
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it's here and this is about as close to i want to get. yes don't you know it's a. great headline of the article is state attorneys challenging former death row inmate requests for wrongful conviction compensation. so he must affirmatively prove by clear and convincing evidence that he did not commit the crime or any other crime. based on the same set of facts one of the crown must also committed. what a bunch of jack. i just don't get it man it's ridiculous does it really hurt them that much to say look. we we've got the wrong guy. he's primary day in election twenty six to thousands of voters head to the polls to cast their ballots in several key races that will decide the future of our country
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if you haven't yet will vote. burnings gone if angela corey the right. one of the most i've been in the engine i don't know how about being doubled again i think the fact that closing a lot of excitement we're just minutes away from knowing more about election twenty sixteen i just pray to god we have a new prosecutor really when we'll have more of a risk or a respect for victims' families and three you know better and it's not just happened in my family this is terrible for. angela corey could read it closely tell. line. oh my god the hairs on my arms this. wife i think
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oh here it is break in there's a can you turn it over i'm. going to. girlfriend. i want you to know something democrat republican independent black white rich or poor i am committed to serving all of you in this community equally and shinai this victory gives voice to what our community expects from our justice system. and will corey the first state attorney here in jacksonville in modern history to lose every election bit yeah. ok this billard said holy i can't believe it. will resume in early two thousand and seventeen using a new three drug combination the ohio department of corrections has not put anyone
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to death since two thousand and fourteen when killer dennis mcguire gaston snorted repeatedly during a twenty six minute procedure. this is insanity. we just got word that they want to start back up with executions again with a new protocol. and the state's scheduled about thirty three executions between now and the end of two thousand and twenty. it's just groundhog day. you know if an individual killed this many people did go down as one of the biggest serial killers and history. the secrecy bill still remains in place and we are told the state is going to be using a new execution protocol they're going to use one of the drugs was used to kill mcguire paralytic and then potassium chloride. protocol that frankly is significantly more dangerous and more risky for the clients.
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you've only got. smaller in four states here that are still actively killing people are in now florida texas alabama georgia the fact that ohio wants to start killing people again you know that doesn't change what actually is happening big picture wise i mean ultimately one of these guys will be the last person to die under this policy. somebody is going to last i'm hoping that whoever is last is on this list. were a lot of blue. i was that was he changed. in some respects i guess it kind of further strengthened my resolve on doing this work and. at least seeing this. in this endeavor through.
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such. a strength you can bet your once desires you know how i just took this you know how long i went without using sharp objects. are you ready ok. we're going to go to los angeles where my family lives and we're going to move in with my parents and going to be going to school. where i put my life a. lot of good people really helped me in a lot of memories i'm a mystic. but there's another chapter to be written. we can all read the same
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story over and over and on. a little over. this is. not know. it's nerve wracking moving halfway across the country. but it would feel wrong to not live my life after fighting so hard to get back. i've got the keys to my own. door you know they don't lock the door behind me i you know i don't lock it i lock it. and.
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do you hear him on american t.v. or earth were. you do or do you were just there yourself this is b.s. with james rhodes really is to we have in their lives that she would make sure that what you heard was going to be the state is in there the gulf war on drugs the easiest leaves now is a beauty to where we were at the end without them standing are now formally withdrawing your new president is that the right is a. suit and on the entrance of the city they are in one hundred is where you throw the willie week involved. and we will see your communities or if you are. the.
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this is shelby. my beautiful daughter that i or i raced i brought into this world and you took her out of this world and when you took shelby away from me you didn't just take away one child from me you took away all three of my children. because i'm a mother the pain you've caused my son and my daughter. it just keeps. ripping me apart. that pain will be there the rest of our legs. i had to come into the court room for almost forty years three years and seven months. i have waited for this day for a long time. to where i don't have to come back to court and
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face the person that took my child's life away. but i know when i walk out that courtroom and so over. mr rogers out here are more dangerous these all accounts one of those or the. count one first. sends. money for the call of duty at the mall with limited forums on it's own lot on the order of ten.
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or. so. i look great. some.
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of them say this to candy. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. but playing the numbers mean something they've mastered us with over one trillion
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dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world markets close to thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember in one one business. you know bored to miss one and only. my body told me that i belong with the boys but my thoughts my mind with that belong with the girls. as dental surgery starts to be of any particular.
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person's doctor. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. problem should have gone away from by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders is impossible. is still luzhin it's a mental illness. this is now where one of my bones from flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out from a. tease how does how to international memorial awards twenty nine see the now open for entries
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the media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work full terms of media or part of a global news platform to participate send us your published works and video all written out go to award dot altie dot com and then to now. protesters plus with polizzi in ecuador's kalpa. well following the wiki leaks founder in london president chooses the whistleblower of turning the ecuadorian embassy where he's been for seven years into a hub for hackers. faces possible extradition to the u.s. where he could be tried on allegations of conspiring with fellow whistleblower. freedom of speech activists say the charges are in journalism.

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