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tv   News  RT  April 17, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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protesters clashed with police. following the arrest of the wiki leaks founder in london president accused of turning the ecuadorian embassy seven years into a. possible extradition to the u.s. . allegations of hacking and conspiring with. chelsea manning freedom of speech activists say the charges are an attack on journalism. french made weapons may have been used against civilians in yemen according to reports at the french intelligence. and environmental. london
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rail lines to hundreds of the rest of the headquarters of. the climate change protest polarized opinion in the u.k. . if your house was on fire and you were asleep i would kick your door to. the shell building is a kid just so you can put a part of. the truth you want but you're just you're just. going to come here in moscow and you're watching all to international live from moscow with me welcome to the program first to ecuador's capital where protesters have clashed with police following the arrest of wiki leaks co-founded in london last week.
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protesters time president merinos sold out to the united states during his carny in washington where he's accused the whistleblower of hosting and coordinating is that the ecuadorian embassy in london he suspended a solar citizenship last week and terminated his asylum that led to the end rest of the australian national in the embassy a solid it was convicted by a british court of breaching bail in twenty twelve he also faces possible extradition to the us after being challenge there with conspiracy to hack a government computer but civil rights groups say some of the charges are based on actions that any journalist might take and this. report is going to rest has raised is the free press. what message does it send to the world that's the concern shared by the american civil liberties union the very body set up to defend civil freedoms in the united states the indictment is troubling
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nonetheless it characterizes as part of a criminal conspiracy journalistic t.v.'s that are not just lawful but essential to press freedom now much of the indictment focuses on the back and conspiring with chelsea manning however it's this bit that has everyone talking. it was part of the conspiracy that assigns and men into commercials to conceal men and as the source of the disclosure of classified records to weaken leaks including by removing the user names from the disclosed information and delete in chat logs between man and the songe so trying to protect the identities of anonymous linkers and whistleblowers is now considered to be illegal well if that's the case american mainstream media should be in huge trouble intelligence sources tell and b.c. news the source tells n.b.c. news law enforcement and democratic sources telling c.n.n. that in a five sources two sources with links to that counter intelligence community according
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to anonymous washington post source take this article from the washington post. the washington post has obtained transcripts of two conversations president trump had with foreign leaders one with mexican president enrique pena nieto and i know that with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull the transcripts were prepared by the white house but have not been released the post is publishing reproductions rather than original documents in order to protect sources so time to bring in the department of justice it's a criminal conspiracy to cover up a leaker right or take this one this one turned out to not actually be true it looks like somebody in the government is actually spreading disinformation who could that be well c.n.n. is protecting its source we have a not anonymous sources we protect that for real reasons so the information that is important to the public through can get out and sends donald trump has taken office
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hollywood has decided to celebrate the whole row of press that challenge the nixon administration back during the vietnam war. do you have the papers. at the time so seven thousand pages detailing how the white house has been lying about the vietnam war for thirty years. i'm talking about exposing years of government secrets is that legal what is it you think we do here for a living so if you follow the logic of the indictment tom hanks' character is not a heroic journalist at all in fact he's a criminal and that points to another big question a number of voices have spoken up and said that it's ok to persecute and punish julian assange because quote he is not a real journalist but here's the thing the first amendment protects everyone whether you're labeled as a real journalist or not this is how the courts have explained it in the past as the supreme court has accurately warned a first amendment distinction between the institutional press on the speakers is unworkable the ninth circuit really believe that the world has changed and that
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everybody should be entitled to personal interactions so i do that of course julian assange to. protected fact that he's hiding that need he's protecting his source that's what journalists do he's a publisher. leaks is an organization that publishes truthful classified information that's in the public interest and under that definition he's definitely a journalist so at this point the u.s. department of justice is telling us that julian assange may have done a bad thing by trying to hack into top secret government files well nobody disputes that but the bigger issue may be what he actually was able to reveal wiki leaks made public a lot of information that angered powerful people and it seems that now they want him to pay up and r.t. new york on today's going underground on former pink floyd front mortice hits out at the for not opposing moves to extradite assange. what they're trying to do trump
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and the rest of them and to raise them ok is they're trying to frighten would be truly innocent is who may provide this incredibly important service for the rest of us since a search in the future they're trying to scare them off so they won't do it somebody like julian as sarge willy nilly will be a progressive think it's why he chose to do the job that he chose to do they are killing a sandwich do you see him when he came out of the embassy he's been living he hasn't seen hardly seen daylight for six years having committed no crime he may very well end up dead that is why the british people he calls them as he was taken by those special branch offices into that van and driven away
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he called upon the people of great britain to resist i heard him watched on the t.v. resist them and they should there should be a general strike in england to prevent him being extradited. french made weapons may have been used during the saudi led to coalition's incursion into yemen that's according to leaks sent to be from french intelligence they were made public by investigated by by disclose which also says the weapons may have been used against civilians and other war crimes. it demonstrates that hundreds of thousands of civilians live under the threat of these arms and provides information that allows us to demonstrate that some of these weapons may have been used to commit war crimes the french government is today aware of the risk of this in light of the revelations that amnesty international has called on france to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia president the crown's government has staunchly defended the sales
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and downplayed their role in the conflict charlotte do bensky picks up the story. france has long been criticized for supplying weapons to saudi arabia human rights charity said time and time again told the government that those weapons are being used to bomb schools hospitals and other civilian targets exacerbating the crisis in yemen a war that's left thousands dead and pushed millions to the brink of starvation the u.n. has even called what's happening in yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis. you're.
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but france has always hit back saying the weapons that it sells to saudi arabia only used offensively to defer attacks by the theses i'm not aware that french weapons are being used directly in yemen except that now appears to be contradicted by a classified by the french military intelligence service uncovered following an investigation by a media outlet called disclose it was feels french weapons sold to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are being used in the war in yemen but when pressed again in light of this new evidence the government's once again offered denials to our knowledge the french weapons available to the members of the coalition are mostly in a defensive position outside yemeni territory or on call issued rights of way but not
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on the front line and we are not aware of any civilian casualties resulting from their use in the yemeni theater france is not among the. arms suppliers of countries in gauged in yemen but that's hard to swallow given that this classified note was apparently provided to the french government in october twenty eighth jean it showed forty eight seas our artillery guns were being used along the saudi yemen border that tanks sold to u.a.e. are in action as to fight it jets.
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france's military agency note actually goes even further two friendships are serving in the blockade of yemeni ports directly leading to food and medical shortages that means that women and children can't access the food that they need nor medicines if they've been attacked now last year president mccone dismissed pressure to halt arms sales to riyadh after it was implicated in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. it's pure demagoguery to say stop selling weapons but they have nothing to do with mr has to not confuse these things but it is interesting to hear before knowing the facts say we will not sell more weapons already so more than france through the joint ventures they have arms sales to saudi all big business for france between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen it was the second biggest purchaser of french elam's with deals
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totaling more than eleven billion euros meanwhile maclin has talked about the ongoing crisis. yemen his country even hosted a humanitarian court for us to discuss the issue but for many so far it's been all talk and little action as pockets continue to be lined all why the people of yemen face one of the world's most desperate plight. so it's. marty paris a french m.p. we spoke to went as far as to say paris is complicit in the civilian deaths and has violated international law by supporting the saudi led bombing campaign volunteers . continues to surprise weapons to the saudi led coalition. the coalition uses them as it wishes one hand we cannot be sure how these weapons are used but on the other hand we can be sure of one through thirty percent of
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coalition attacks a direct to the great civilian targets. since we supply weapons that are being used in coalition strikes we help them deliver these strikes against civilian targets in other words we are violating the rules of international law. a senior south african politician has been branded a racist for urging black voters not to waste their ballots on white candidates but the ruling party secretary general. denies the claims of racism. don't ever vote for a white person will never change the lives of black people they have oppressed us our main hope is the black vote which the democratic alliance represents the white interest the elite and the privileged my has she lays comments of anger to party veterans who described his remarks as inappropriate the government has been at pains to fight discrimination by launching
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a national action plan to combat rising racism white people currently make up just nine percent of south africa's population but only more than seventy percent of private farmland that seen an increasing number of calls from the black community to redistribute the country's wealth we got reaction from a former anti apartheid activist and also the president of the black first land first party. by people are the beneficiaries of racism all of them were that there were liberal what i do even communists in south africa are white people benefited ecology to benefit thirty five thousand white families own eighty percent of the land they will not shed his leg with us they still maintain it up at that hold on the economy so why would we not have a blacks only looking as asian fighting for black liberation why would any black person vote for what the man in that position who has the ability at his fingertips the ability to hope try and mend what has happened let's not
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try to do a dead just destroying even roll destroying a third and that is the saddest thing because that is not the opinion of the majority in this country i was arrested during apartheid for having brought up two black children living in my home at a time when it wasn't allowed and i think if one feels strongly enough about on this country one trying to overcome everything you can to isolate it into watch and black you cannot do it. yes national security adviser john bolton has announced new sanctions on cuba including restrictions for americans visiting the island based on whether they have relatives that. today we are also announcing five additions to the cuba restricted list which prohibits direction and transactions with entities tied to cuba's military intelligence and security services and personnel we are also announcing that the department of the treasury will implement
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further regulatory changes to restrict family travel to cuba or another were. eighty washington has also lifted a ban on lawsuits being taken against foreign companies in cuba it's a decision that could have a major impact on the have on his biggest trading partner at a time when transatlantic relations already stretched our europe correspondent peter oliver has the story we're talking about cuba's tourism industry the tobacco industry as well as distilleries on the island all of benefited from large scale foreign investment and all could be subject of lawsuits the european union issued a letter from their top foreign policy person federica mockery and leading you commissioner on trade that's a letter to mike pompei o the u.s.
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secretary of state saying you follow through with this you courts will be looking at where they can punish u.s. businesses the e.u. will be obliged to use all means at its disposal including called peroration with other international partners to protect its interests this could trigger solved if you don't cycle of claims that will impair the business climate without bringing justice to holders of claims or impacting the situation cuba in any positive way now the particular piece of legislation dates back to nine hundred ninety six every president since bill clinton signed it into being suspended one particular part of it to avoid a flurry of lawsuits from those who claim rights to property that was. seized during the cuban revolution in one nine hundred fifty nine and its aftermath brussels is not happy about this. the extraterritorial application of the u.s. embargo is illegal it's contrary to international law i also personally consider it
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immoral we believe that this will harm us all that it will be self-defeating obviously this will create even more confusion more deterrence more confusion for foreign investments so why not just extend it no void all of these problems the reason for that is this has absolutely nothing to do with trade this threat of a tsunami of lawsuits against cuba is really intended to put pressure on her to walk away from nicolas madugalle in venezuela and the u.s. secretary of state in fact being quite transparent that that is the reason that they're plying this pressure to watch the political and diplomatic noose tightening around but. we will begin to do the same thing the cubans of us understand too that there will be a cost associated with their continued support of nicholas berg we are seeing is donald trump living up to threats that he made that he wasn't afraid of a trade war and he will use trade as a stake when in order to beat those that aren't doing what he would like to see he
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would like them to do a trade war though a transatlantic trade war that benefits nobody in the long run it will be something that will both sides you would hope would be looking to avoid a head from a latin america expert and spanish class and told us washington's main could backfire. it's not. rational and. why in the in the first instance in one thousand to six. the cleaning government decided to interviews is this way. real. law was not going to be to be a part of european union act we've taken to the. organization . of these. united states it was an it was a war the question of course is why now i. think it's fine
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that could be part of the problems for the united states because certainly it will lose. if they take it to a lawsuit in the international. environmental group extinction rebellion has attempted to disrupt london israel in. more than three hundred activists arrested ever series of protests that cause traffic chaos in the british capital. thousands have taken part in coordinated sit down protests and key signs since monday demanding action over climate change some venting their anger at the london headquarters of all giant shell smashing windows and spraying graffiti on the walls his watch a number of the protesters have to say. my grandchildren know what everybody's
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grown children to be able to grow up to safely we are demanding that the government tell the truth. and they. don't know what they're doing is criminal all the governments across the world records events and they are letting us die our planet die all you care systems die and we all have to stop this movement grandchildren and corporations here the demonstrations are part of a global campaign organized by british climate group extinction rebellion which was formed last year the movement demands governments to reduce carbon emissions to zero by twenty twenty five and the progress should be monitored by a public group to achieve its goals extinction rebellion promotes mass civil disobedience on the stage rallies in more than thirty countries to date let's take a look at monday's demonstration in berlin.
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we have demonstrated long enough we have the right and must now use the means of civil disobedience it's time to rebel. the issue of climate change has placed activists in teacher tim jones and andre walker a political commentator and new york observer columnist in opposing corners. what these people believe that just because they think they're rights that anything that they do is morally justified that is an extremely dangerous i think streaming on democratic positions of. making a point by make by not harming anybody at all no life is harmed or threatened anything we do and we sometimes we do commit criminal damage and we do that to draw attention because nobody is listening to the terrifying severity of the of the evidence the relevance of what we're talking about the idea that people do not believe in manmade global warming in this country is nonsense we've got ultra low emissions i would just been launched in london that's
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a fact diesel calls we've got a lot until tax which means that you have to recycle everything on less you want to pay a hundred dollars a toll and this is classic denial what's that got what none of those things got anything to do with climate change ok or the or the collapse of. biodiversity in the world they've got nothing to do it so you're just distracting from what is a terrifying prospect and climate change is going to get worse and worse and worse all of these scientists that have given predictions of the world's going to end in five ten fifteen years all of those deadlines have passed and so they say well that's just want to show you that it works this way because i've had the most of the i.p.c.c. predictions going back if you look back at what they said what happened they were massive underestimate especially if you look at things like the decline of arctic ice they massively underestimate what has happened i'm going to bet you if you're dead as a result of climate change by sixty five that i will pay fuel for you don't get me upset if you're still alive when you claim your pension when you'll still if you'll still live long enough to claim your pension then you've got to give me the in top
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add to it if you also come for that that you're going to be dead by retirement age will you take that bet your own. province remains in shock after his iconic cathedral in paris was gutted by a devastating fire this week after a fifteen hour battle to put out the blaze this was the scene i think i think world heritage site join for. video shows where the fire tore through its eight hundred fifty year old roof and eventually brought down its famous spy an investigation is still looking into the cause. of the damage many precious artefacts was saved from the historic building which was undergoing restoration work at the time when he was companies have expressed. willingness to help in the process.
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the tourist bus has overturned in the portuguese island of madeira killing twenty eight people. there were more than fifty people on board when the critical time off the road was around six thirty pm local time. since it's not yet known will close the bust in via out of control. news this hour i'll be back around thirty minutes with more updates but do stay with us now for the ultimate penalty. on the international.
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you know world of big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. this job where cocaine is where four bucks for the dia i just said the
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everybody used cocaine. cocaine you can smoke it this is worth fifteen thirty. twenty. two this is about a fifteen dollar big people smoke this one bigger second sweetie you can find these drugs in any city in the united states that you walk along as you want to get it about to. make money. and that's what i did every day. of our research i'm going to see for just our good friends. and. it's it's it's going good. i am involved with. a lady friend at the moment she
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was in california i live in minnesota so there's a distance there we need to know each other. it's not easy making new friends after something like this. well what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live. well death row they don't know what to do with that you know that. it's just one of those situations where you have to realize that not everyone out here is out to ruin your life there are some who are actually interested in knowing you and helping you. the state of ohio says the new drug combo used to execute dennis mcguire in january worked properly but is increasing the dosage of the pain killers for future
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executions his family claims the state used as an experiment the state says mcguire was killed humanely. their official position is that nothing went wrong with. basically everything was constitutional. was unconscious. because they're all medically qualified to be able to say. i don't know yet what we're going to have to do if anything resume. going to be. legislation actually push through legislation that would try it. and you.


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