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matter of picking which layer of the text tack to hold accountable well you know evolution survival of the fittest relies on mutations and mutations come about through spontaneous. combustion if you will or spontaneity accidents collisions kwara. and this is what makes us human. now online censorship censoring the platform the primary platform on which we communicate means the end of evolution it means the extinction of humans as we know them and the beginning of this casino gleg era where our humanity has been destroyed but only purpose is to click on ads so yes it does seem like the matrix and a lot of ways we are the batteries that power a few corporations revenue model and the hackers of the internet era of the
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ninety's and the entrepreneurs at that time they were very optimistic and idealistic about the ways that the internet will foster free speech and communication the biggest enemy of course came from within and you see that big point as well the biggest enemy with it comes from within that the hackers get frustrated that they're not like a craig right for example he suffers from becoming to arrangements and joe and attacks the very medium upon which it without which he would no one would ever have heard of him the even though he's a fraud. so this is tragic but predictable. so well you could compare it to here they say the british government is going to ban censor get twitter get facebook force them to de platform people who speak words that are harmful we don't know what harmful means whatever is harmful to the british government obviously they believe what julian assange was harmful to the american government by releasing videos of the assassination of
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a reuters journalists in cold blood right in the middle of iraq covering that war so why do we need to know that some from ation what is going to be bought from us i think the other thing julian assange of course was one was on that cypherpunk mailing list so he was there very young at the time on the cypherpunk mailing list from which things like coins were birth. that's the other thing about this is that they underestimated. the majority of the population you know the majority of population is happy for facebook to moderate everything and keep harmful content from them if they're a republican they don't want to see anything from a o c and their feed and anybody who writes anything about c. they want them blocked i'm banned and this is harmful or m.m.t. they don't want to hear that the same of the democrats they start shrieking and
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shouting at the skies if if they see anything about trump and they'll want those people put in a gulag or imprisoned and that's and that's not an exaggeration because they do want to see. julius on face the death penalty for releasing those emails which prove that hillary clinton and the d.n.c. anyway were conspiring to rig the primaries against bernie sanders so they underestimated the ability to people in their little echo chambers to become. basically you know totalitarian and their desires but we now know that from the images from the ecuadorian embassy that the united kingdom government tortures journalists we can say that without any equivocation and we also know that their involvement with h.s.b.c. and the money laundering in mexico resulted in sixty thousand deaths and many murders of journalists thank you u.k. government is so free and beautiful i could just plug you let's turn to the united
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states where we allegedly have free speech but you know a lot of our media is very liberal you know we do have like the right. online radio and am channels on radio but and fox news on the right wing but majority of the rest of the cable news and news is more liberal and yet because they've lost their minds you talk about bitcoin derangement syndrome this is like free speech or well democracy derangement centrum the people voted the wrong way and they can't they just can't mentally deal with it they have still two and a half years later lost their mind but if lawmakers want to prevent the dissemination of certain content on social media they can cover most of the us population with a phone call to facebook and twitter that's all there requires to corporate entities if governments want more comprehensive coverage they can hit up a handful of cloud providers that serve up over half the internet problematic
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websites effectively vanish if deleted from google which handles ninety percent of search activity and apps can be rendered on find a bull if apple and google simply remove them from the app stores so free speech you know it's an interesting idea here when the us which is a leader in speech and the constitution and freedom they can attack speech at the highest level was over saying and these are private corporations right as current government. restricting year for now conceivably they could do the safer because they're going to tactical. level and but then that opens up the game theory of the greatest free speech invention ever would be because for other countries my belief is that if the u.s. or the u.k. wants to go down the path of a. suicide they want to commit suicide in many animals and creatures in the in the natured are suicidal and so that as a collective the us or the u.k.
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could commit suicide you know that's not outside the realm of the book of breaks it was obvious attempted suicide so another country however will pick up the mantle and say ok we'll pick up the big coin mantle and will promote free speech and that is such a huge competitive advantage just why the next fifty years and you see this happening china and russia and others they're buying gold and they believe once they make the switch over to pick oil and it's us goodbye it's united kingdom adieux so we'll see a new player on the world stage people could scoff at that if they look at the world stage but the fact is some where like you're a guy had one of the most repressive regimes on earth just twenty five thirty years ago and now it's one of the freest places on earth so things can change radically in rapidly now in terms of this de platforming and this whole sort of farmville click economy there was a viral video last week i don't know if you maybe heard of it but instagram influencer cries that prospect of nine to five job after account shut down so this
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woman young woman jessie taylor had racked up over one hundred thirty thousand followers when her instagram account was removed and it was removed because trolls just like probably from four ten just like targeted her site kept saying it was spam or there was on there was questionable content inappropriate content so instagram the algorithm just shuts you down the platform see you but she released a three minute clip and she was shrieking and freaked. now it's that basically because she was no longer allowed to be an influencer on instagram because they had cut off her source of income so her only option then would be a nine to five job or a homeless prostitute so this is this is like the global economy nowadays this is our new dell it's aaron reality you're either an influencer which i still don't quite understand what it is that you get people to like and read tweet and therefore companies will pay you money to read to eat something and now the only
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other option is either working at mcdonald's which she talks about or becoming a homeless prostitute well ok if you go to the dog tracks you know they have the rabbit and the rabbit goes around the track and the dogs chase the rabbit ok that's an influence or an influence or is the rabbit and you never catch the rabbit but the dogs run around so she has to move now from being the rabbit to the dog just got to be in the dog so you got to be chasing other rabbits and of course in a it's a pretty brutal world out there yeah after a couple of months as a professional dog racer they put you down because as brutal as you can become then become like it gets worse from there i won't yeah so let's look at some of her quotes because it's quite interesting and i think it's telling and reveals a lot about the mentality of the generation the millennial generation on the one below them generations e which i what she isn't and just what the sort of stress these people are confronting because in china you have the social credit score at this is similar
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that you can only exist she said nothing literally nothing without my following i am nothing without my following she repeats what some of you guys have to realize i have no skills twenty freaking thousand dollars in debt from college so i can even go back to college if i wanted to because she can't afford to continue her education so this is like you're nothing without a following the mystery of the tom petty. one. thing freefall isn't you know they just like open the pod bay doors hal and let us fall out of this rocket ship because they're heading to earth you know breakneck speed and like laurie loughlin we may find ourselves an effing to actually get a job oh well it also reminds me of another song i'll counter that with another song janice joplin freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose so these
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people like art we've created a situation where we have these two just two entities or three entities and succumbs owned by facebook that they could just shut you off from the world and. so you always have something to lose like right you know that's right come bring a brother to summer of love you know we can just all join hands and sing kumbaya we're all you know loving people and we can enjoy our transitional period it really well when we watch the deuce for example and it set in from one thousand nine hundred seventy one up until one nine hundred seventy eight so far in new york city and that was before this grid before you were reliant on this for your social interactions and meaning in life so there is there was a freedom not everything was better and life but it certainly was there was a freedom where you could just walk away and do anything you could be a schmuck and continue to live you can't be
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a schmuck anymore and you can't you know it's easy for you to just be you have so much to lose you know. much more frank sinatra coming away after the break. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about
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football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways and such lines here. join me everything on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school doesn't this i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to return to our conversation with dominic frisby over there. and london i believe dominic welcome back thanks very much max yep london that's right arye dominic stacey tells me that you wanted to sell me on the idea or the situation there and bracks it you know i talk a lot about it on twitter certainly what is your thought there what i can say he
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says you on the idea of direction i can't sell you on the current situation because the current situation is a title mess and we've had to leave the year pin union and nearly three years ago i mean that's just for nominal amount of time and was still that because it's been so long since the. end because theresa may the prime minister's majority is in more and more and and her leadership has been so weak and without vision more and more dissidents has been able to fester and grow the ox dissidents has been given oxygen and so we've seen the remains side of the argument get stronger and more like after the vote pretty much everyone most politicians and most people on the remains side like we had if we lost the vote fair enough we need to one of the referendum results let's go but because we haven't left the remains side has got
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more and more vocal in this dissidents grudge to the extent that now almost without any shame whatsoever the various institutions that run this country from the house of commons to the great media outlets and every everywhere else are in this huge conspiracy basically to stop by whatever means possible so we've seen all these constitutional these things go on in parliament which are without constitutional precedent and the speaker a guy who jumps he runs the bases in charge of the house of parliament she just. it's like whichever whatever when he fancies on a particular day he'll let a vote happen or he won't let it happen and he's so biased against the leave side of things and they're trying to stop in every way possible but without actually saying we're stopping bricks at the car be that honest about it so we need to get it delay all the deal isn't right oh and we said we'd leave without a deal but we can't leave without a dale and all we need to get hold of its approval before we can actually all these
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various things and with every delay the dissidents grudge and now it looks like it's now been delayed till october till halloween another nine months and you know the chances of our leaving actually leaving if the referendum result actually being on it gets smaller with each passing day so much certainly can't sell you the situation right but i can but i guess you breck's it. brix it the one chance that an ordinary person has to stand up to great institutions the oath or at least the banks all the things that run the country is the ballot box that's the one thing you know he doesn't have the platform of television to stand up and say he's mine the one thing he's got is the ballot box and he said what he said in the ballot box in june twenty sixth and what he sent basically was we want to go we want out of here and the people spoke and it was a tremendous democratic moment finally was
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a referendum that you could vote in where what you said actually had an impact and that was a tremendously empowering thing it showed democracy in action and the fact that that vote has been omitted and it just shows how bent and corrupt the whole system really is has become well as a detriment when the for example when they were pitching brag to the country did it did it turn out to be a negative that they their basis for leaving was based on a pack of lies for example they the idea that the three hundred million pounds from the n.h.s. things that are all they are the best hand and adults who are already have i'm a fraudulent that that promise to the n.h.s. has already happened like we haven't even left the european union yet and the funny to the money to give an extra three hundred fifty million to the n.h.s. has already been found now i'm not defending that statistic because i don't i'm a less spending on the n.h.s. kind of guy not a most spending on the n.h.s.
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guy but that money has already been found the law east we're told on the remains side of the argument it was an election both sides told you know truth stretching promises that oh happy as an election is normal but the law i told by project fear every single projection by you know we were told every home was going to lose four thousand three hundred pounds we're all going to lose our jobs not if we leave if we just vote to lead and that's going to be a house price crash there's going to be. collapse we're not going to get any money spas there's going to be no more fish and chips there's going to be no these are the one point it was projected that there be an outbreak of super gonorrhea. i mean it was just law after lunch said the repair. slowing not tree was their main sided with the biggest law it's austerity is finished in the a caravan there are the money is flowing again to all the various programs. as you mention a palate n.h.s. is getting funding again thought vast areas finished that's over and they've moved
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on to a new a new thing i never really bought the austerity narrative in the first place max but i finally went away but there is no narrative there i mean the government cut thousands of cops say i've defined it and it's as they cut many programs to homelessness goes up child mortality goes up i mean the country's looking only you know it's the private cash it's it's being to death not quite right government spending actually rose over the period they said there was austerity but government spending rose to bail out banks sure but i far as the money going which i program and not at all and let me ask you this dominic for me so let's say the u.k. was in the premier league at one point they were part of the e.u. and benefiting gloriously as big part of the premier league there were a pretty good. deal with their saying we don't want to be manchester united anymore we want to be chelsea we want to be sheffield wednesday we want to be in the third tier we want to play in the w t o rules we want to be part of an emerging market
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why would you voluntarily leave the top trading block in the world to enter into the fringes of the global economy well i don't agree that that was what happened we we just want to become a self-governing free trading nation with accountable leaders the problem with the p.a why supporting the european union it's like it's growth is a name it germany is in recession there's no. accountability and it's leadership it's not democratically accountable it's led to mass unemployment across the whole of southern europe how can you lay a support an institution that down so that i can support. the australian dominant i'm no fan of the e.u. but i've lived in the u.k. and what i see the u.k. government doing to its own citizens is atrocious it's deplorable it's anti-human rights it's disgusting it's pathetic and it would have people there's no cause. the to shit there's no rights there's no free speech rights you know i tried to do
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journalism in the u.k. and was hounded by off comp that's not a free speech country they make you look like a glorious citadel on a hill comparatively. britain is a trash dump. well i'll defend the nation against that outrageous and i agree that the press is and is not nearly as free as it should be but we go rid of by voting to leave the e.u. we should get rid of a major leg of bureaucrats. and there's plenty most bureaucratic to still be got rid of i agree but we got rid of a big chunk of it by voting to leave the e.u. but you haven't left and you're never going to leave because because you don't have politicians that are working in the anybody's interest but the super natural state of various global bureaucrats and you do a terrible job at doing it let me explain something if you try to leave. such against the will to a vote for them can also become a cleaning you know you will you leave here are you going to do this and invest all
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of the european pension funds that currently own all of the u.k.'s transportation infrastructure it's all owned by every time the british person is the underground or some other transport they're giving money to some retirees in germany on a big somewhere in turkey right are you going to disinvest on the fact the e.u. and global institutions own the u.k. right now arjuna disinvest are going to say oh we just want to be not a two point five trillion pound economy we'd like to be maybe the same size as grace they have more independence so is that what you're aiming for you know max and european companies are not the same as the european union. oh so european stations european state owns the european owns u.k. transportation infrastructure they stay on welfare system it. infrastructure if they want to sell it they can sell it they want because you know it's out of the money every single day you sold the challenge by the mill asking me to defend
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profit private initiatives because i'm not this know what i believe it or i'm just saying that the the two are wed at the hip they're in there and they separable you can't just say take sixty thousand pages of regulations that have been built up over decades and decide over some absurdly inappropriate vote put out by david cameron to walk away from the issue number one what why are you still max karissa was a champion of the little guy he was a champion against the tyranny of the institution the tyranny of the corporation the tyranny of unaccountable bureaucratic elites i thought you were a champion i didn't realize you rich champion all of them i thought you were writing and as exactly and if the little guy benefits by having this civilizing influences of the e.u. versus the kleptocracy and the monarchy and the aristocrats of the u.k. they are the most damaging whole aisha's slanderous garbage mouth idiots of any government in the world that's why i'm trying to protect the average british
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citizen and the e.u. gives them some civilizing influence where you take the e.u. out it's going to be like lord of the flies this is going to be a rat eat rat that island is despicable let it just sink. well. if a says she will in the same room because i'd currently take my socks off and shove him in your mouth so i could get a wooden. talk you got a minute if if we left the e.u. and we and the ed the democratic vote was acted on properly then we would prove to be a proper democracy the owners the votes of its people its a great opportunity to rebuild on nation a fresh beginning a free trading. country britain has always been at its best when it's been a free trading independent nation and we could go back to being some semblance of that at the moment we're just a little vassal of the e.u. and i dead thing any right minded british person likes the road of being a vassal well i tell you an upside to being separate from the arrow and the rules
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of the would be it could increase your money laundering capacity in the city of london by a thousand percent and hell as a bank i'm sorry oracle isn't even on your mind committing fraud the best the place for lehman brothers a.i.g. and every other financial scandal goes right through the city of london that's rich or get at if you take the regulations away you'll be even better as a tax haven and money laundering service for the global autocratic kleptocrats i'll give you that oh my gosh we're out of time dominic thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. thanks for letting me get a word in max all right and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser at four with me max kaiser states or would like to thank our guest dominic frisby he's the author of bitcoin the future of money generates on twitter it's kaiser report until next time by al.
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came here where did you work before you came here when you lived. death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us somebody even proven innocent ulti years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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my body told me that i belong with the poor but my thoughts my mind with and then i'm along with the girls. three times to be a very popular. football person dr. i was born a male and a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully recreate this. problem should have gone . by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go oh god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders is impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this is now one of my own flesh of my flesh she shall be
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called woman because she was taken out of. bed this drug where cocaine is where four bucks for the under fifty it's the everybody use cocaine. cocaine you can smoke it this is worth like fifteen thirty. twenty. k. to this is about a fifteen dollar big people smoke this one figures this will be you can find these drugs in any city in the united states that you walking along as you want to get it about the. make money. and that's what a day. you
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know world of big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. even sure. to keep it as i live the good stuff and. funny.
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beyond. we have many things in the smiles and this is it you know for everyone and why some people's wants to take our things all the power just for themselves and that is the mother.
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of. one pm here moscow in the headlines today donald trump slammed by aid groups and congress for refusing to end american support for the saudi led intervention in yemen people of new york think of the president's veto. a lot of. politicians and. terrible. long awaited report from russia. there's already a storm brewing in the democratic camp over to. people in australia's northern territory. parliament.


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