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tv   News  RT  April 18, 2019 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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in less than two hours time the much anticipated reports. democrats are demanding the attorney general's press conference. before the public. also ahead on the program. by aid groups for refusing to america's support for the intervention. people in new york think of the president's veto. politicians think it's terrible. indigenous people in a strictly is northern territory. doorstep department store.
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that's one of the problems the. war directly. in from right around the world this hour a warm welcome to the news hour my names you know your company there's just a couple of hours to go before the official release of the new report on trump russia coalition ahead of the deadline a group of democrats u.s. attorney general william barr the government's top lawyer counsel his press conference on the report. this press conference which apparently will not include special counsel is unnecessary and inappropriate and appears designed to shape
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public perceptions of the report before anyone can read it these new actions by the attorney general reinforce. that he's acting to protect the president. well the release of the report brings to a close a two year investigation into alleged russian links to donald trump's campaign team during the twenty sixteen presidential election there where thirty four in documents but not one of them was connected to the alleged collusion last month a summary of the investigation said there was no evidence to suggest trump conspired with moscow but that wasn't enough for the democrats. who reports even the release of the full document is unlikely to put the accusations to bed. it was clear almost immediately that u.s.
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attorney general william barr wouldn't get away with just a letter to congress when the trump ating army saw or heard the words no collusion all they wanted was the full molar papers the big days arrived kind of i'll remind you of how exactly mr barr gave the ok i will be in a position to move forward expeditiously in determining what can be released in light of the law regulations and department to policies it looks like quite a few lines will be redacted william barton came up with four specific categories to be blacked out let's whip through those you won't see anything known as grand jury material info that could affect on go in legal cases data that could damage the privacy or interests of third parties and finally intelligence gathering sources and methods the left wings grip on the idea that donald trump obstructed
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justice is so tight that perhaps all that's left visible in the report won't be enough for them anyway remember rachel. maddow questioned blitz last month what attorney general william barr has just given to congress really it does raise a lot of questions that we never thought we would be asking i think about how this investigation is being resolved i bet she'll have many more after thursday's release the good news for the russia gaiters in the bar letter was the part that said the russians still tried to interfere even without any kind of collusion the special counsel's investigation to determine that there were two main russian efforts to influence the twenty sixteen election and obviously in that bar a.b. memo there was no room for evidence of all the shady dealings the moeller team has already triggered legal action against a russian company supposedly
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a meddling force without explaining to the firm's lawyers what they're using as proof for the indictment why that info is too sensitive to be given out does that ring a bell what if the russians get hold of it plus nobody ever properly explained how it was found that russia hacked the democrat servers if investigators didn't get access to the actual d.n.c. hardware there will be those who want to get answers to questions way off rachel maddow is list but remember the rules sensitive almost certainly means redacted. or third on russia unless martin mccauley joins us live on the program for some insights on today's developments martin good to see you so here we go hours before the full report is released the democrats their focus is on the attorney general
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william barr that he should cancel his news conference that's what the top officials in the dems are saying if this is all about trying this part and see what's the problem. the problem for the democrats is that they suffered a tremendous crushing defeat in ruins first reports saying there was no proof of collusion between moscow and washington and the been reeling from that since and trying to find some way oh rejuvenating their efforts to bring down trump where you can impeach him so therefore what bar is doing and we can borrow as attorney general he was picked by don't trump and what's his job defend the president that's his task and he's going to give this conference news conference on a cause he knows was in the redacted copy because it's a four hundred page copy we don't know how many pages will be actually published forty page forty page one hundred pages but all the sensitive stuff take it out and
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bar will have knowledge of that because he will then defend the president and he will have the he will put the boot into the democrats and argue in fact you're barking up the wrong tree if there was no collusion and there's nothing in that in the report which would bring down the president or. before a grand jury the grand jury. material is excluded and so on and of course all the intelligence gathering material. that cannot be revealed so therefore the law will get his his opportunity to put that in the record straight defend trump and denigrate to bring the democrats in in the mudslinging let's just pick up that reduction point that you're speaking about martin there also outrage start the report is going to be redacted in any way it seems they say barr cannot be trusted to provide an accurate account of the killer's findings does the reduction in any
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way justify that suspicion. well william bars attorney general and big and he's a top law officer so that when he goes through it he'd be going through with a fine tooth comb is there anything in this which could in fact cause trump always associates or lawyers or start trouble and lead to an indictment and cause the legal troubles in the future and he would seek to eliminate all those. and redact all. so it's pretty bland it will come out as a pretty bland report and of course this will infuriate the democrats because they want the mud because they say the mushroom up there and you're covering it up but of course we can bar would say the attorney general and i just nodded. yeah just a bit of a connection problem we'll just keep with you for a moment if you can hear me the attorney general summary of thing in
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a report clearing trump of collusion with russia so what is perpetrating the allegations is it just noise keep it i thought their feed the media machine what's the point of it. the democrats because they suffered a colossal defeat in the new reports saying we can't prove there's no evidence of collusion with the kremlin for twenty two months they hammered away at the fact that he was guilty and the new york times and washington post. they c.n.n. and n.b.c. they hammer their way as well and because i can then came the blue now as trump said this is all things news in fact you are completely wrong and therefore they have to recover from that because the. credibility is under threat so therefore what. trump will do he will he will just leave it to barr but he's there to
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defend me and bar will in fact say right there's also no evidence that he obstructed justice that's a very very serious case now of. justice is very serious because you have to prove that there actually was intent and also action whether that is very difficult to prove in a court of law so that for the democrats i'm faced with the enormous problem of trying to get evidence which will pass will be in fact accepted by cause of low in a court of law and that is extremely difficult because bars job is to make sure there's nothing in reductive coakley which will be issued very racially which will allow the democrats to pick up that evidence and then proceed to a legal case ok thank you very much this hour mark macaulay author on russia on this life on the program. donald trump post refused to end america's support for the saudi led intervention in yemen the united
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states has sold billions of dollars worth of arms to the kingdom's coalition forces for the ongoing earth strikes against rebels now it coincides with warnings of a civilian cholera epidemic in yemen with two thousand suspected cases recorded every day four years of intense fighting have created what aid agencies say is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. administration has faced bitter criticism for authorizing military supplies to saudi arabia has killam up and with more of the background. president donald trump
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was elected on promises of ending u.s. involvement in the wars around the world great nations do not fight endless wars. but he's not particularly came in stopping u.s. help to saudi arabia and it's dead link campaign against the amah. i am returning here with without my approval a joint resolution that proposed to direct the president to remove united states armed forces from him still it sees in or affecting the republic of yemen was so it's an exceptions trump used his presidential power to shoot down a resolution from congress and sought to end the u.s. involvement in the four year war since twenty fifteen the saudi led coalition along with the united states has been waging a deadly campaign against rebels and their allies in yemen what more in march saudi
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arabia pledged a billion dollars to yemen while denying any culpability in the humanitarian crisis their pressure to end u.s. support escalated after the killing of jamal khashoggi a saudi journalist inside of riyadh's embassy in turkey the united states will no longer participate in the saudi led. in the sortie learned the vention in yemen which has caused the worst humanitarian crisis on earth limiting americans engagement in this war which is going on far too long we all agree but these cross party appeals fell on deaf ears barely denting trumps love for his favorite middle eastern monarchs saudi arabia and i get along great with all of them they buy apartments for me they spend forty million sixty million of my supposed to dislike them i like them very much but to be fair trump is certainly
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not the first us president to lavish his affection on to the kingdom's rulers the united states and saudi arabia as of strong important friendship and he knows and i know that. the fact that he has chosen to take this first visit. to the united states is indicative of friendship between the united states and saudi arabia but where do the american people stand they want to. u.s. alliance with saudi arabia it's terrible i'm against it for the u.s. to have a stands in financial support for such conflicts kind of says something that i'm not sure they really want to betray the message there's a lot of civilians that are paying the price for games that politicians tend to play i would say trying to some of the influence with the saudis i will be surprise about it is a group just how is the saudi works the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia boils down to billions of dollars in oil imports and
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weapons sales it's long been fundamental to u.s. foreign policy when it comes to the middle east region however now in the era of trump it seems pretty clear that certain voices are getting pretty sick of it caleb moppin r.t. new york well international charity be norwegian refugee council say yes donald trump will only mean more suffering and more death. the united states has an obligation as one of the leading nations and being a main supporter of the coalition but also as one of the top donors of the yemeni humanitarian response it has a responsibility to make sure that civilians are protected the reality is otherwise we see that the u.s. is not holding this out do not go audition in any way to account for the attacks on civilians we are talking about the disproportionate. some ports why do you night
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and stage towards one barbie that it's going to take that is the cell do that for additional moves like this one as as mr saddam. was last had in any way in increasing confidence on the ground and then leading to the. did this just exacerbate things that such suffering more bombs more weapons lamine more that yemenis didn't. a group of fracking protesters in this trillion have come up with a novel way to get their message across. i i was a was. i. got money to listen up wrecking a country i'm putting i want to. use
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as weaponry dreaming this is had them killing a country. well critics say fracking has a huge impact on the environment including possible earthquakes because of the high pressure used to extract the oil on the gas from the rock below it also increases the risk of oil spills on pollution something that can lead to various health problems well this really is northern territory announced the moratorium on fracking back in september twenty sixth thing that ban was lifted last year with the government investing over eight million dollars to accelerate the development of the industry they say will create thousands of jobs and help the country's economy however environmentalist graeme sawyer has significant thoughts about those things. there's
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a whole range of respect is and that's one of the problems the business additional really concerned about is that it's a war that could be directly impacted in the short while this is wrecking not only threatens their livelihood and the ability to drink water it also threatens their cultural knowledge and information and their cultural practice but the northern territory government is in pretty bad study eleventh its economy and so the thinking that might be able to use this is a way to. increase activity but the evidence would suggest other was the jobs question is really an interesting one because research out of coins lead shows. for every ten jobs they created a threat to the street they lost twenty four jobs at a district in the area so there's some really big questions ahead to be answered around things as well as the environmental concerns ok we are back with more news this thursday afternoon here in moscow in ninety seconds time.
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you know world the big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. you know we talk from time to time about the casino. the trend in technology and government to enslave the global population behind devices and to be consigned to life for clicking on ads for scooby snacks and the second you stop
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clicking on those ads you die and you get to class from going off the grid and. just play so send the drone to carry. twenty minutes into the program welcome back the european union is on huckabee with facebook's latest efforts to prevent foreign interference in its upcoming parliamentary elections brussels has written to the social media giant expressing concern that new advertising rules could affect force border campaigning. facebook's policy would prevent european political actors from using facebook facebook messenger and instagram for the e.u. wide paid communication campaigns this policy would put political actors at the same level as foreign entities attempting to interfere in the e.u. elections let's go through all means here facebook's new rules mean more rigorous
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checks are applied to advertisers that also imposes geographical limits on registration in the country where the odds are to be at purchased which of course goes against the idea of pan political campaigning a big issue facebook is justifying its actions saying its new policy safeguards against foreign interference we wait for different risks and concluded that the right solution to help breast guard against foreign interference is to only allow people to run advertisement in the country if they have passed an authorization process. there are a result in that country the chairman of the u.k. based bo group think tank says facebook has forgotten about its initial purpose goals. this started because there were allegations that foreign
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parties were influencing. elections in other parts of the world now i think almost all of those allegations of been disproved what what facebook have done is they've they've looked at the facts that there's been a huge uproar. the amount of data they've been collecting on their own uses and rather than restricting themselves which is what they should have been doing they've restricted the uses which seems an entirely wrong headed approach for smaller organizations and for individuals that just want to comment on the political discourse it's going to get harder and harder and harder so big players will be able to comply with the new regulations but smaller players won't and i think that's ultimately injurious to the platform injurious to debates and injurious to democracy that's not how it should be in facebook ultimately began as a peer to peer a grassroots network a century and i think if it strays away from that and it just becomes another big corporation then something else will take its place. right time to switch gears
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and talk football and i'm following all the drama in this week's u.f.a. champions league former manchester united boss jill simonian has been giving his breakdown of all the action including his views on the controversial video assistant referee you can watch the latest episode of the touchline right throughout the day on this channel for now though here's a preview. i've never seen a game like it have you yeah. i did. she was offsides and all referring all the lines of. football all these allowed that ball in these super consensus. only the via is the controversy i think they got it right
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i think in the world cup final they got it wrong the should be to take some pressure from the referee in the us to the keys they put in his hands a big decision i look also to the coaching perspective always it possible a champions league level so many mistakes together in the short in a short period of time so many mistakes come on they cannot feel pressure and that's the level we are speaking about the best players in the world the best clubs in in the world a player that they absolute the love i think is phenomenal eriksson makes a mistake that he would never forget in his live play against. in the way they want to play you have the risk that they're better than you i think until this moment nobody really i don't like the words piers but nobody really
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respect them all the teams in the semifinals they have the creativity here they have the score there but they have a top class center the fender and the skid the league. very very good here here here here here here here north here filomena or saddam are there they scored and they scored and they score it's also possible that you are going to seize this is not my football this is my football and this is the way i want my teams to play this season they are in the semifinals weed in my opinion fifty percent chances of being in the final i would say so we've got messi old city liverpool favorite and that was a messi is the special one here because everything it does you does all the time and when messi has the ball one one one. you are that i am here working we do but i am still a man as. i have to defend them. without displaying.
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but. a man who knows one of two things about winning champions league. not how is the issue of legacy affecting the way global superpowers relate to one another in this day and age worlds apart grapples with a multi-faceted issue next. to the international memorial towards twenty nine c. the now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or a part of the global news. participate published works and video. go to award dot com and into now.
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welcome to the alex salmon show and the start of a two part series on the issue of violence in the communities of london over recent months knife crime has emerged as a national crisis as has been described in the house of commons although serious violence afflicting many communities is not new it has reached a tipping point over the last year as figures surged to the highest levels for more than a decade on a daily basis our television screens and newspapers have been full of details of the latest mindless killings in today's show we depart in the home secretary speech
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of this week and ask does it continue pushing necessary to finally get to grips with knife crime this is how he previously explained the new approach in the house of commons public health approach which is something i announced towards the end of last year and that again was through listening to experience from both other parts of the u.k. from other countries as well also seen a similar rising serious violence and i think we should learn from wherever we can and i think it is important to have such an approach which requires all government departments all agencies of government to treat serious violence as a as the way we would treat for example a disease to prioritize it and to make it a statutory duty we also asked london m.e.p. claude moraes to provide a response from labor this pioneering approach that the home secretary was talking about you know it was pioneered in scotland quite a while ago and if i have one small criticism is that the government of coming to
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this a little bit late but at least they've done it because this is a such a serious issue however prominent antiviolence campaigner dr mark prince questions whether any politician has thus far sure the right approach of the. truth of the or the bill of london of they've been beating a path to your door and saying. you know we'll start a twelve year experience mark what do you have to tell us about get their message across to the young people and prize community part question but to was simply no but first your tweets mess just e-mails in response to our amazing interview his statement about the d.d.p. putting their sense of the union and head of the economic wealth of the people of northern ireland was spot on fascinating interview cragin enjoyed it len terry says another fantastic sure whatever your viewpoint on independence breaks it or even alex salmond this program is insightful well worth a watch thank you terry louis says interesting mr malley probably spot on about who
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would restart violence republican see a future and a tolerable present within the island young loyalists well i could see why they'd be split between getting as far away as possible and feeling marginalized maybe white says i'm not knowledgeable or northern ireland by any means but as i wish for the repeal of the acts of union for scotland i also wish for peace and unification for the people of northern ireland and ireland and finally martha dyer says i don't think it's because of bricks at scotland's going for independence independence is overdue a long time ago they kill us in westminster has only helped to bring it to the hate now the home secretary speech in east london this week was the first on crime he used it to give a deeply personal explanation of why he was changing the approach or knife crime. it's not so difficult to see higher.


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