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sprigs it or even alex salmond this program is insightful well worth a watch thank you teddy louis says interesting mr malley probably spot on about who would restart violence republican see a future and a tolerable presence within the island young loyalists well i could see why they'd be split between getting as far away as possible and feeling marginalized maybe white says i'm not knowledgeable or northern ireland by any means but as i wish for the repeal of the acts of union for scotland i also wish for peace and unification for the people of northern ireland and islands and finally martha dyer says i don't think it's because of breck's scotland's going for independence independence is overdue a long time ago they kill us in westminster has only helped to bring it to the hate now the home secretary speech in east london this week was the first on crime he used it to give a deeply personal explanation of why he was changing the approach or knife crime. it's not so difficult to see how i could have turned out to have
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a life of crime myself. these graphs sure the extent of the problems with which the home secretary is grappling the official statistics show three things one that the incidence of knife crime is not just a london problem however across england it is heavily concentrated in the urban a.t.o.s. too and london although that attacks everywhere it is the capital's deprived areas which bear the brunt of the problem. and three figures over the last decade first falling and then rising rapidly to reach new highs in the last two years against a stack range does the home sections new policy carry with it the hope of an all party approach alex turned to labor m.e.p. claude marie to represent all the lending communities most afflicted by the scourge of knife crime. plot brave speaker from strasburg you'd have to home so speech this
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week about a new approach to the public health approach which was first adopted homeland of scotland do you think that has a chance of cracking this serious problem luke i think alex that this pioneering approach that the home secretary was talking about you know it was pioneered in scotland quite a while ago and if i have one small criticism is that the government of come to this a little bit early but at least they've done it because this is a such a serious issue i have a young nonwhite son growing up in london it is such a serious issue almost you could see it should be cross party almost. it is good that he made the speech and why was it good because the glasgow model as we could call it really is the right model i think it makes real sense that the national health service maps exactly what is happening to those eleven to twenty five year
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old victims and that it by mapping it it gets to the bottom of exactly what is happening rather than speculating what is happening to these knife crime victims between those ages so of course he was right i mean the content of the speech was correct the issue then of course is what you do about it and again he indicates some of the correct approaches we know need to put resources behind you can't just leave it there are a lot of people suffering out there yes it's twenty deaths but it is you know the amount of suffering around it and the amount of fear around that is quite immense particularly in my constituency in london what are the hopes for an all party approach i mean there's been some very good us conservative criticism of saudi car on the london mir do you believe that criticism is unfair. i think it's unfair but i also think it's crazy i think i despair of it because as i mentioned i'm in the
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position that many are in london having a young kids growing up in london and me my wife we're genuinely concerned and we're concerned because there is no real handle on this problem now if we're going to get into a war of words between say the conservatives and labor we have a mayoral election coming up which everyone is aware of and of course this is the fodder for that kind of election but then there are young kids carrying knives because they have to defend themselves and it's not just the twenty deaths but there are many many injuries man or a fear out there a lot of bullying going on in schools and outside school so for that reason to answer your question directly i would love this to be a no party approach i'd love it to be the holistic approach that scotland pioneered that's what happened in glasgow and i don't like the idea that people keep avoiding what happened in glasgow because what glasgow points to is away from all the
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stereotypes that this is based entirely on race issues or it's based entirely on going issues of course there are all sorts of elements to this but what glasgow proved was if you have a public health based a listicle approach you take your time and you put resources into it you can track the problem but it needs to be an all party approach but in scotland that holistic approach the violence reduction initiatives the anti gang initiatives the experimental. plays were combined with in terms of use of stop and search polls will that be possible in london where such powers of often come in for fierce criticism for the racial profiling a safari good point alex and i mean i've been stopped myself in london indeed i've been stopped outside london to. i know that it happens to my son as well if it is an issue and i would address this head on and i would say that glasgow is not
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london and where you have you make the full approach of what happened in glasgow because i think it's the right one you have to be sensible also and you have to understand the particular needs of a massive city like london nine a half million people some other particular issues there and i think you have to be sensible about that so policing in london i think you just need to go according to some of the the basic norms of policing and then find out what is particular to london and i think it doesn't upset the model of classical to say that you could have figures stop and search but you also have to be aware of profiling you have to be aware that you don't create even more problems further down the line and if i give you an example alex and i'm here in the european parliament i can hear the issues in other countries in france where you have inner city knife crime amongst. black communities what is happening is you're not getting this surge in knife crime in particular or you do have to stop and search so there are other models and i
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think we can with the effort we can get round this really thorny problem of stop and search as one element to dealing with this problem is a bigger me parliamentarian yourself what message would you give to it to ethnic communities in london who perhaps fear that they've been left behind in the in the capital space parity in the scottish approach the use of the community the seizing of assets of organized crime and devoting them to youth and community facilities is that a lesson there for london i mean i think you know people should really delve into this community issue in glasgow there is organized crime in london and if you say to communities. communities that this money is going to go back into youth empowerment into those communities. yes that is easy to reflect message and i would say that as a european politician where that has happened in the really tough areas and italy
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and other urban areas where we've had laws for confiscation and ensuring that very tough organized crime paid back to the community it has really provided strength to the community and it is reduced violent crime in those cases gun crime and so on but here in scotland of course hopefully in london it will be knife crime so this is a terrific message to send so i know that this can work but again it will be a particular london version but really we need to look at was cool let's look at glasgow that's that's the key word and the home secretary finally doing it so let's do it get on with it put the resources behind it and frankly klugman was looking at london to represent we have the highest instance of of my crime has occurred hiring new umbrella. is a social and economic issue as well as a crime and policing issue i think is
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a socio economic issue alex and i think that again with the school project i think you have to understand that we shouldn't shy away from those traditional issues of socio economic background and it's become a kind of fashion almost to see it's got nothing to do with anything but it has a lot to do with it and you know there are some more prosperous areas where some of this will not happen no we have to be careful about it we have to understand what is happening which is why i like again the glasgow approach because it's based on public health it's mapping it out in the n.h.s. it's getting to vulnerable youngsters when they're in that vulnerable state when they have been attacked so you have those teaching moments then you extract fully after that as we as they did in glasgow i mean you know better than anyone alex but as the ten look at these wider demographic issues. the problem is we're doing it the other way around at the moment in london and elsewhere we're saying oh it's all
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. these particular barros and look what they've got and call and wink wink say no more that is a problem because it's a stereotype but it's not actually reducing knife crime it's not helping us so the evidence is there we need a different approach let's look at where we were successful you know glasgow will not be directly on to london let's be subtle about it to but it's definitely the way forward plus brains speaking from strasburg thank you very much indeed. coming up after the break alex speaks to talk to mark prince. someone who reacted to his son's murder not by seeking vengeance but by barking on a campaign to use a level of violence in the communities in which he grew up with even.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not three or else you can think i was going to do. by the way what is it that's like here. what is it going to coin is magic in the. new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a second bailout for bad. it's called the genesis block for a reason they're calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just
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a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of this columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and find it hard to apollo eleven landing on to the roof with max and stacey. join me every first week on the alex so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back now we've heard from the politicians on knife crime however what is the reality on the ground in the deprived areas of london alex speaks ny two leading campaigner talk to mark prince on his decade long battle against the violence afflicting his community. mark prince find his salvation and boxing
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acceptance of the sports discipline talking this life around from one of petty crime to huge effort and then death in a spectacularly successful career he won intercontinental titles a w b o and i b.f. level tragedy struck harvard in two thousand and six when his young son was killed in a knife attack at school and this week show he tells us how he travelled his grief it to campaigning against community violence and quite public policy has to catch up with the realities of young people's lives well he was saved an o.b.e. in recognition for his campaigning just this year you know feels that no elected politician from the mayor of london to the home set as yet sought out his advice on how best to promote the antiviolence message cab yeah. yeah yeah yeah. welcome to the. small pleasures to be thank you for having me
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on the listen tell me tell yourself. about the how you go at the box ok a little bit about me. just a home growing up in a generation where there was a lot of whole discipline of for children mine resulted in damage and me kind of mentally you know psychologically emotionally run away from home at fifteen so i was homeless and got into a life of sort of crime drugs self i then eventually i decided to get into books and because it was a chance for a bill skill you know i had a reputation for knocking people out and being violent on the street so for while cause i honed those skills and come away from being violent against people and going to a school from sport it was the boss changing my life my change physic. really
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changed mentally clear my mind just it was of my life began to change and i began to want to be someone loss of confidence more self-esteem everything just grew and you had a hugely successful and professional career basically coming from nowhere the boxing runs w b o n i v f intercontinental champion have a way continued mom ratio eighteen five sunday feel it think it was for you know fifteen callousness fifteen knock us before last month. and want to learn the lesson it was because you know we're all chasing off the dizzier all we want to be undefeated to prove that we're the best but when you look at the great as far as we don't remember him for having a zero we remember him for the cowards they were who they become as far as the entertainment and the heart that they showed us as far as in the ring that they never gave up they go up when things go bad and this is what shows a group of
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a man and i love that about that when i was flying as a flight so and i think it really builds character you find out who you wallace way quite box in a lot to life itself because you find out who you are as individual as you're going through ups and downs you know so that you're tired from from boxing title through flu through injury early injury. transformed it's just family man you've got two wonderful children and then in two thousand and six tragedy struck you tell us about them you can only imagine what it was like when the phone got picked up from my oldest daughter lisa. for one with me a beautiful grandson. she tells me over the phone kinds been stop she's got news from the school and she finds out i'm my son's been stabbed and on the scene she's hysterical trying to stay calm but mum. i was just going crazy with thoughts
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but i don't know enough so that calmness and professionalism in me tries to kill and just tries to control me to be call me don't go crazy go and pick up let's find out what to do next and we'll take it step by step so that was my fault process but during this process i also said i said a prayer which was quite profound this prayer i said openly were mugged or could him in the back of the seat god save my son go let my son die or let my son be killed and then i quietly said. but if he dies help me to accept it i don't know where that came from it came from inside of me and i said it but not so much a door could hear and then i started my journey but little did i know the power of those few quiet was was going to have on the impact of what i was about to go from
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a kind of been killed at school to trying to break up a fight trying to act as a peacemaker and the fight of the school or be killed as a result the loss of a child but the a loss of a child under these circumstances must be most. body wrenching blow for any parent . i don't know if i could get you to fully understand or anyone listening to fully understand how this was and how i found out that there is a fly in bridge between sunny and sunny there's a flame bridge between you living and you want him to die people that commit suicide is a five bridge between you just not caring about your life cool and a willing to kill somebody just to try and give yourself some form of relief from the pain that you are feeling start. yes building up inside you is showing it's all
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physical and emotional pain showing up physically where you stop pawson l. and when you go to the hospital telling you that because find anything wrong with you is to trauma that you've been through because i've seen you in the news of seymour's happened and they've recognize what effect this has been on you tell me what kind of a lot i know that it was a town hall of seeing the pictures let's go into what he was a person because this is what i share with young people as a person kayyem was very calm very laid back. and was surprised me that he didn't even go on about him being a top striker from queens park rangers him being on the books and cream parlor he would go both in about it so it was. it's a really nice guy he was just a regular nice young person is to have moss and talk about and move went to get is a war that a school ceremony that he's a role model to all the other children now i'm looking at my son think him wow i
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didn't get none of that when i was in school that they hit my son get in the oculus from teachers when teachers told me i wouldn't amount to much and there are no my sons a month into every food i want him to amount to that meant so much to me some time was was fifteen fifteen years old very very calm lovely guy love this music is a regular teenager man so what was the moment that we can you share with us when you decided that the way to. acknowledge accept and commemorate khiam staff was for the launch of of something to improve the lives of all those very early on i wasn't fixed very early on i was very angry very early on. i didn't get it all right but for well even that even that that i was suffering i would always get moments of inspiration where. so that my son could
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never have died for no reason he could never just be gone and that's it so the kind presents for the nation the k p f but there's a well known as to how many youngsters over the last decade received and gone through this messaging from from the from the organization eighty four falzon young people since you began from two thousand and seven to two thousand and ninety plus amazing no end terms of recognition in this year you've received an o.b.e. a tremendous accolade for the work you've done here but i'm interested in. their welcome recognition of the home secretary of the or the bit of london if they've been beating a path to your door and saying you know with that twelve year experience mark what do you have to tell us about getting a message across to the young people and brave communities has a real powerful question to want so that simply know the people the leadership in
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charge have been shown that this is their focus to resolve this issue or that is common sense to focus on and get in contact with somebody who has sacrificed their life and they've made changes seen the difference and evidence it and can obviously come back and show them what is working and what isn't working a market a successful offered over the prince of peace by the by the title the prince of peace some powerful tile is a powerful tile piece is the right word that's a great message to send out and that's why i've been the prince of peace is because i said that i set the example i set the trend in my neck or woods in my hood there was expected to i would get back and have revenge on the person that killed my son while i gave peace love and forgiveness back and the think that's right. for
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the book prince of peace do you think your message has a lot of weight of community but a definite fear my message is in parts of the community they can see the community is a fool would fear for their own children but we can have a greater impact if we sit down and strategically look at what change can we make as a community to say let's change on narrative let's not talk about snitching and grassing anymore when it comes to killers we don't want killers in our community we want our children to grow up and be safe and have a life and the opportunity to live and bring up their children so we need to change this attitude and i think of communities begin to think more strategically about how they can change these mindsets vinnell communities we're going to see rule change because this is one of the massive problems that we have if you take an initiative like stop and search which certainly are no experience in scotland we know was very much part only part half of an approach it's not
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a question of whether it should be done let's hope stuff how it should be done not whether we should not be upset because the police stop and is searching if young people are carrying knives then i want them searched and i teach my son that listen you know a lot of young people of color are knives so if you go well expect the police to stop and search you because they need to be doing their job so i need you to conduct yourself as a civilized calm individual to go along with what's happening take take pictures make sure you've got your form throwed in they've signed it go through the right process and make sure they're being respectful to you because i think that we need to begin to action and report police who are doing their job right mark you're taking this message nationwide and spiralling future champions campaign tell it tell me a bit of a it's exciting we go in the schools we. speier these young people by being the
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soul of evidence more do of what they need to see in themselves so i lived the life i messed up made mistakes. became number one in britain that same potential is within them it might not be boxing it will be something else what it doesn't get some to believe in this empowers them they want to be come bets well so once you leave them move that mel you don't have to go on about knife crime so much because you're going to carry a knife of the now you believe in the sense of that you have great potential so this is was bearing through at the moment i wish you great good luck in your endeavors to help me on your way to present you with alex salmond quick i don't know if you know the can do when you're in training but you are going to quick and then you pass it learned only your close friends well try some of that because i've got some back hey that needs maybe the whiskey without. a person can so vikas so
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much or so the story of dr marc presents as a deeply personal and truly remarkable to channel past tragedy and to public campaigning speak so well in the town a nation of the highest level also shows and the bullets in a cottage even beyond anything here cheve than the ring marks experience is compelling but should also be part of public policy which makes all the more remarkable that as yet he has not been sought out by the policy makers. and there's no an agreed strategy between the mayor of london the home setting they should follow the community health approach to tackling violence one pioneer been scotland over a decade ago bobby surely understand the full implications next we'll speak to the man who could tell the former scottish justice secretary kenny macaskill join us again to find out until then from this me that me and all of the show it's good bye for now.
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what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row and in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent up to years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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what you see today in the united states is it is a debate there is a growing realisation of the strategy of liberal hegemony as it has in american foreign or in strategy or foreign policy strategy failed in the one nine hundred ninety s. it created problems for the united states it's created a world full of conflict the so today there is increasingly debate over what direction the united states. we should take. a max keiser one for my guide to financial survival this is on it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the.
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totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as. to. live the good feel confident. we have many things in this world this isn't you know for everyone why some people take our things all the power just for themselves and to see that.
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it's just over an hour until the much anticipated you are reports into alleged trumped russia collusion. for. a news conference moments ago the attorney general reiterated there was no collusion but said there was russian interference. russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the. campaign or other americans.


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