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tv   News  RT  April 18, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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a much anticipated report into alleged russia. is to be made public a news conference around an hour ago the u.s. attorney general reiterated. the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but did not follow the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those. also ahead on the program. against germany. pay world war reparations. to indigenous people in this truly is northern territory taken
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over. one of the problems the. lie from our international news center this is our company. our top story the mueller reports trump russia collusion is expected to be officially released within the hour u.s. attorney general william barr said in a news conference a little earlier today there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia but there was interference let's go to our correspondent in. new york beside me our senior correspondent. we'll get to you in
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just a moment. the reports making its way into the public domain it's expected to drop any moment. what else do we know about this how much is read doc did are we going to find out a lot more than we already did. well we've already heard from william barr the u.s. attorney general in the lead up to the reports now he's spoken to the press about the release of the report giving a press conference and he has reiterated that there was in fact no collusion between trump and russia this is some of what he said so that's the bottom line after nearly two years of investigation thousands of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand and
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sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts now trump was active on twitter as the release of the report is eminent and we've seen some of trump's tweet some interesting graphics there but in addition to that it's being noted that there will be this special report that will come out that will be redacted and made available to the public there will be heavy redactions but a less redacted version of eventually will be given to members of congress so they will be able to see some of the information that the u.s. public has not been able to see now it's important to note that while trump's lawyers did look at the report prior to its release they did not ask for any redactions trump's attorneys they did not ask for anything to be additionally redacted none of the redactions were made at the request of trump's attorneys let's take a listen to what was said by attorney general barr on that topic. no redactions done
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by anybody outside this group there were no redactions done by anybody outside this group no one outside this group proposed any redactions the president's personal lawyers were not permitted to make and did not request any redactions now there has been some anger among democrats at the fact that so much of the report has been redacted the fact that the report is not even yet available we're still waiting it should be available momentarily but already we're seeing anger from democrats of the fact that there are redactions to the report and sections of it that are not available to the public this is this is some of what we heard it turn to general barr has thrown out his credibility and the deal with jayson dependence with his single minded effort to protect trump above all else the american people deserve the truth not a sanitized version of the miller report approved by the trumpet ministration the
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so-called attorney general was presiding over a dog and pony show here's a thought release the miller report tomorrow morning and keep your mouth shut you have zero credibility. once again blair wants to shape the public's perception of the report this isn't top of reports judy secretly briefed the white house this is not justice just be are on the assumption that it's heavily redacted we will most certainly issue the subpoenas in very short order now at this point william barr says that the redactions will actually be color coded so you can tell what types of redactions they are it will not all simply be the same color blacked out there will be different color coded redactions they were the actions fall into some different categories on the one hand you have things that are presented to a grand jury and under u.s. law and secrecy rules this cannot be made available to the public in addition to that you're going to have material from intelligence officials and there are fears
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that if this was made public this would compromise them this includes informants to the f.b.i. foreign allies of intelligence agencies and such and furthermore they i've also redacted material that they fear could hamper you know every basically investigations that will be carried out that are kind of spinoffs of the miller investigation of this refers to investigation as in brooklyn and manhattan into the finances of the trump inaugural committee as well as allegations about hush payments sex scandals and such so there will be heavy redactions but the report should be released momentarily already we've got anger coming from the democratic side about the redactions and we've got tweeting on social media rather triumphantly thank you very much for bringing us all that fly from new york city u.s. correspondent kill of not been with me in the studios are senior correspondent because they were out. no collusion between trump and moscow but russia did interfere in the twenty sixteen election so we say america's top lawyer well he.
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seems pretty confident of course he's not offering many details but yes he says that nobody not trump no and none of his associates nobody related to his campaign while there was no collusion with russia they say that russia definitely interfered . the report details efforts by the russian military officials associated with the g.r.u. the russian military intelligence organization. to hack into computers and steal documents and e-mails from individuals associated with the democratic party and hillary clinton's campaign for the purpose of eventual eventually publicizing these documents the g.r.u. transferred some of the stolen materials to wiki leaks for publication of course not a lot of information on how exactly russia interfered in this election we understand
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the report itself has just been released in the last few minutes you know they'll be a lot of reading catching up to do four hundred pages but they're saying they've said before that the russians interfered through we can leaks for example it was the russian military intelligence behind this russian companies offering support to the . campaign back in two thousand and sixteen russia in response is always said the same thing it has always said we have done nothing. and i had to repeat what i've said several times including in our personal contacts the russian state never has and never will interfere in internal american affairs because nobody's listening everybody thinks the knew better people have decided who is guilty you isn't guilty based on you know what they read on twitter various
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media report citing anonymous officials will turn out nowadays to be false more often than not but the mere investigation has for example begin legal action against specifically one russian company which is being accused of meddling in the election but here's the kicker they aren't being told the company itself what the proof is there guilt so this is like charging someone with a crime and then telling them the crime itself what they did is to secret for them to know. so you know it's funny as this may be there are afraid that the russians will find out what the russians did. you know it's a very strange situation but the. market sensitive and classified also there's a lot of questions about the proof that they have about russians for example hacking
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d.n.c. servers to get it e-mails various e-mails because the authorities in the united states were unable to get access to the hardware which apparently the russians hacked for a very long time so how could they have known that there was. illegal war you know an intrusion a system intrusion there's a lot of questions twelve russian military intelligence apparently officers of also been. indicted they've as far as i know arrest warrants have been issued for them but because russia never going to give them up especially that it maintains that they had nothing to do with any meddling but as i say the report has just been released there may be more details in that yeah we're just combing through the at the moment but you would expect that the version that was given earlier the summary earlier this month it's not going to be too different from the actual larger four
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hundred page version redacted or otherwise today so do you expect anything out of a ide of the extraordinary to come out from to bear and bear in mind the we're talking about four hundred pages this is a huge report i mean they spent twenty five million dollars putting it together years in the making for two years. i gather fifty odd f.b.i. agents working on it thirty four indictments two thousand five hundred interviews there were also you know more than a million documents e-mails financial receipts that looked at everything everybody related to the trump campaign was investigated and you know they found nothing but worth mentioning here is that the investigation looks at three things first of all whether the russians and the feed second of all whether anybody trump himself or anybody around him his associates whether they colluded with russia they found that
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there was no collusion and the last thing is there has been a lot of information in this whether trump tried to obstruct the investigation by firing the former director of the f.b.i. but as i say there were there were warnings beforehand that this is going to be a very big report. stock up on. the. paper we've stocked up on the gum printing in the we'll learn more in the hours coming up maybe a glass of whisky as well get through those four hundred pages because the of talking us through summarizing very well thank you very much let's get some detail and views not all of us political analyst and friend of the program charles or tell charles welcome the full report it's just dropped on the just the partment website but we know that earlier the democrats very vocal demanding that william barr the attorney general counsel his news conference i put it to you that if this is all
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about transparency what was the problem with him speaking at all. well you see what the democrats are trying to do is continue a process that really began i would say in earnest the early in the morning when it was determined the donald trump would be the next president nine states they just still cannot believe that that actually happened and so they've been hell bent for leather to manipulate public opinion in this country. to have the president begin under a cloud operate in a cloud and continue in a cloud holding holding the threat over of him now of impeachment and it's really almost i mean i will wait to read the whole report and i'm pleased to see that is all and they're fairly limited redaction but what i believe is already feeling now out of control is
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a theory that because the democrats control the house and couldn't vote to bring articles of impeachment we're now going to be treated to an elaborate discussion of well the attorney general united states and rod rosenstein may have made this germination not to prosecute but that doesn't mean that there weren't high crimes and misdemeanors committed by this president and for which he should be impeached and try to practice towards an impeachment a mess which of course would not result in a conviction in the senate that seems to be what their health and or leather to do it even when they go down the track i would urge them and frankly the audience to go back into history and understand that when bill clinton was impeached ken starr was operating as an independent counsel under a very different statute which required him releases reported publicly reaction to that mess. congress then passed a new law that would present not didn't do it where you have that you wonder which
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. of mahler was not supposed to release his report the public and that his report was supposed to be a confidential report to the attorney general. ok which was provided. and the attorney general could understand what that's it you know we're not going to release this into the public that's what trey gowdy suggested not to do that ok nonetheless in the interest of transparency. bar amro since the end decided to release this report the second point i'd make is that you go back there and he and his team strenuously resisted every aspect of it was your first negotiation as attorney privileges that. were simply to the supreme or it was a limit it was not what ration of honor. in congress president the sort of no executive asked for no reduction i mean i agree you know i try to be neutral on these kind of things was sitting where i sit right now this is a slam dunk home run away to see reports one time to adjust or one of the reactions
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we in the united states thinking people know is that if we're going to have as you know look at the hell that has been played right into the racial shouldn't we let me say we're just going to point at you charles the attorney general is on there i think russia had interfered in the twentieth century that an action will be. just another aspect on this the attorney general said that russia had interfered in the twenty sixteen election as you say you're yet to read the report we're still awaiting clarification if any will come from this released report how confident are you that details we will be provided we heard utterances of by troll farms. possibly that law enforcement had been hacking but again the devil is in the detail is it not. absolutely i mean i find it very puzzling thinking that through the damaging information and i don't know my view they came out during the course of
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the campaign was a lot of that stuff with the wiki p. the start of the wiki leaks. both the d.n.c. brought that occurred right before the democratic convention and in july and then suddenly the death e-mails that began in october a lot of that information was very very damning and did not make hillary clinton and her team look very good particularly in her campaign manager who might have one would assume have had a very senior role in the clinton administration so you look at that and you say all right if that was damaging information and we've been investigating after a long time how come the f.b.i. immediately didn't ask to look at the d.n.c. server in july how come they never did that how come they didn't you know examine exhaustively. many things private the election how come they didn't do it afterward and why are we so sure these e-mails were hacked seems to me that you know in the cases that rich if he might have been
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a leaker it's much more logical to assume that a bernie person working in the d.n.c. might be very upset with the way in which the clintons and the obama's appear to have rigged the democratic primaries into debt to rig the election so i think the right motives on the behalf of maybe bernie. actors or non clinton democrats leaking that the for the e-mails as much for the ball to go down why was that. and then as to the narrow question you raise it's highly possible that a branch of one government or another not to pick on russia might have had a. unauthorised expedition list but we do know that one of the things that the bar are to say that any ongoing criminal prosecution is a grounds for redemption and it's a matter of public record that they have indicted named russian individuals and you know in connection with the matter you're right i haven't seen any evidence nor will i see any evidence that so i don't know what that is all about but when we
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look at the big picture here donald trump won the election of two thousand and sixteen because his campaign was smarter or less expensive is campaign was far and he actually campaigned in the east bay for that matter he already lost because she was a bad candidate she didn't campaign she was included probably are good or it's people right directly suspected that her found family foundation was a gigantic uncross last month and that's why she lost joe is ok we have to leave that we're just learning about a time when you and i tell you figure out how to hear and use this like our very very exhausted thoughts on the issues they're a political analyst charles are to live in new york. ok we are going for a short break and i will be back in ninety second more of the day's news. they
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put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to be close this is what before three of them can't be good. interested always in the water. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. very dramatic probably the only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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alone again greece is set to step up it's the money for germany to pay world war two reparations to the some of almost three hundred billion euro often says long been seeking compensation for the nazi era occupation but berlin sees the debt has been settled our europe correspondent peter all over has more. europe could be set for the reopening of some painful historical wounds the greek parliament has asked germany for billions of euro for the nazi occupation of the country during world war two the demand for german war reparations is a historical and moral debt for us it will help us build
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a better future in our relations with germany today therefore we have a duty to give our two peoples the opportunity to close this chapter athens as next step is to send what's known as a verbal note to berlin that will be seen as the starting point for negotiations to kick off from now back in twenty sixteen agreed parliamentary committee put the figure that should pay is reparations that well at least two hundred and ninety billion euro that's as compensation for the deaths of tens of thousands of greeks at the hands of the nazis as well as the extortion of the bank of greece by hitler to finance his war machine however some greeks aren't confident that this appeal will lead to anything the germans are of the opinion that it has compensated the issue with the payment of one hundred sixty million dollars marks to the victims and the admission of about four hundred twenty thousand guest workers as far as the
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german government a constant that payment back in one nine hundred sixty of roughly around two hundred fifty million euro in today's money settled the matter once and for all we are aware of the great guild the attitude of the federal government is unchanged the question of german reparations is settled legally and politically in the treaty which are unified germany in one thousand nine feet it's no for the reparations were planned for what to the people the berlin and athens think should happen next we have a very very big. responsibility to two world war two but how long generations of general. nations having to pay for things that they didn't do as a country we have the responsibility to react now should have come a little bit earlier now which still eight they're broke and trying to see where they can get money one of the darkest periods in european history still echoes
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today and ideas about what to do when it comes to reparations for wartime atrocities still fairly displaced peter all of a r.-t. . h. of the other side of the world our group of anti fracking protesters in a stream have come up with a novel way to get their message across. i . need to listen wrecking a country i'm putting out water. this is. a lot of experts believe exactly what that woman saying is true critics say
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fracking has a huge impact on the environment getting possible earthquakes because of the high pressure really used to extract the oil and the gas from the rock below it also increases the risk of oil spills pollution something that can lead of course to various health problems astri is northern territory by the way announced the moratorium on fracking back in september twenty sixth thing that was lifted last year though with the government investing a hefty sum eight million dollars that's around six million u.s. to accelerate the development of the industry they say it will create thousands of jobs help the country's economy however environmentalist graham sawyer has significant doubts about those claims. it is a whole range of respect and that's one of the problems the business additional really concerned about is that it's the war that could be directly impacted in the short while this is wrecking not only threatened a lot of legal in the ability to drink water it also threatens their cultural
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knowledge and information and their cultural practices but the northern territory government is in pretty bad style a lot of its economy and thinking i might be able to use this as a way to increase activity but the evidence would suggest other was the jobs question is really an interesting one because research out of queensland shows for every ten jobs they created us recognize free they lost twenty four jobs that have just received the area so there's some really big questions that need to be answered around us as well as the environmental can say. ok just before we go this hour a minor all of our big news story this hour they fold but redacted mueller reports has finally been released in the us attorney general william barr said earlier on a news conference out the report states there was no collusion between donald trump's election campaign and moscow but it explicitly states that russia had
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interfered in u.s. elections and in a quote sweeping and systematic fashion well we will needless to say have more of the reaction on repercussions and our next bulletin here in our to international in just over a half an hour's time in the meantime death through itself on trial our documentary the ultimate penalty starts in moments.
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when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final larry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. i mean real news real world. what you see today in the united states is a debate there is a growing realisation of the strategy of liberal. american foreign strategy foreign policy strategy failed in the ninety nine to create problems for the united states it's created a world full of conflict the soul today there is increasingly a debate over what direction the united states should take.
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the center now right. next. door. it was the lieutenant.
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we're learning new details about the killing of an. employee was murdered on the job saturday evening police say they have a man who did it a sheriff's office says he goes by the nickname. twenty one year old james rhodes is charged with the murder of twenty year old.


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