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tv   News  RT  April 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the much hated heavily redacted mueller reports into alleged. there was no. there was interference from russia. so coming up. trumps. should never. should not happen to another president his legal team the report quotes. ok plenty more besides coming up over the next thirty minutes described as a historic and more old. germany world war two regulation.
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indigenous communities in the northern territory. right to parliament. one of the problems. that could be directly in. this. one minute past seven pm here in moscow thursday evening wherever you may be tuning in from rights around the globe. you know. after a two year investigation the four hundred page plus heavily redacted mueller report on trump russia collusion is finally in the public domain well let's go through.
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joining me in the she too is her senior correspondent. to our u.s. correspondent killed a month and joins us from new york or not so we seem to have a we do have them kill a welcome to the program slike tech hick up there what do we know hundreds of pages i'm not sure you've had time to go through all of it but what's the highlights what what's come out of it to note so far well if you take a look at the report which is over four hundred pages long it goes into allegations of russian meddling in the elections and looks into whether or not the trump campaign could have possibly played any role now the reporters qualls cry to stir in the united states widespread anticipation of its release and at this point from what we understand the department of justice is website has actually crashed with so many people trying to download the report so much activity the server has been
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overwhelms now prior to the report being released we heard from u.s. attorney general william barr and he reiterated what trump has said on many occasions that there was no collusion between trump and russia this is william barr at the press conference prior to the report's release so that's the bottom line. after nearly two years of investigation thousands of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts now trump tweeted in anticipation of the report coming out some interesting graphics on his twitter and now we have trump reacting saying essentially that he's having a good day this is donald trump. and then having
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a good day i'm having a good day to. no collusion no obstruction. never was by the way and never will be. and we do have to get to the bottom of these things i will say and. this should never happen but i said in front of my friends this should never happen to another president again this hoax should never happen to another president again thank you and there are still concerns though being reused among the democrats because the report is redacted essentially parts of the report being blocked for legal reasons or otherwise what do we know if i thought because they were quite vocal on it well that came up at the press conference with william barr and william barr pointed out that there were heavy redactions in the report that was related to ongoing investigations of personal information not wanting to compromise the sources of the f.b.i.
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and intelligence agencies and that trumps lawyers did look at the report prior to its release but no redactions were made at the request of donald trump or the white house no redactions were made at trump's request let's review what william barr set . no redactions done by anybody outside this group there were no redactions done by anybody else side this group no one outside this group proposed any redactions the president's personal lawyers were not permitted to make and did not request in the redactions. now even prior to the report we had democrats speaking up about the fact that the report did contain redactions and now that the report is out already we're seeing many democratic voices calling for you know a non redacted version of the report to be released complaining about the redactions and there are now even been calls for bob muller a special counsel counsel robert lawler who carried out the two year probe for him
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to be testifying before congress about his report let's review some of what the democrats are now saying it's going to general bar has thrown out his credibility and the deal with jayson dependence with his single minded effort to protect them from above all else the american people deserve the truth not a sanitized version of the military put approved by the trumpet ministration the so-called attorney general was presiding over a dog and pony show here's a thought release the miller report tomorrow morning and keep your mouth shut you have zero credibility once again blair wants to shape the public's perception of the report this isn't top of reports secretly briefed the white house this is not justice just be are on the assumption that it's heavily redacted we will most certainly issue the subpoenas in very short order so at this point we've had a two year long investigation we have multiple thousands of people being subpoenaed we've got millions of dollars spent now we have these four hundred page report
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a redacted version of it of vailable to the u.s. public a less redacted version being given to members of the u.s. congress and the conclusion seems to be what donald trump said from day one no collusion. in a new york thank you for that art's also in the studio with me our senior correspondent. there we go no collusion moscow the trump campaign but apart russia did interfere in the twenty sixteen election at least according to bill barr the u.s. attorney general well that's that's what he says but we've been reading and then see one of us together the report that i've got to say it's remarkable out of those four hundred pages which everybody seems to be citing boasting about me a fraction actually legible because there's so much that is blacked out in certain sections you can go for pages where most of that is just blacked out and. i've been
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reading it you know it's very light on actual evidence and these sort of proof but there you go there confident that morning at russia did indeed interfere in this election. the report details efforts by the russian military officials associated with the g.r.u. the russian military intelligence organization to hack into computers and steal documents and e-mails from individuals associated with the democratic party and hillary clinton's campaign for the purpose of eventual eventually publicizing these documents the g.r.u. transferred some of the stolen materials to wiki leaks for publication. now there's obviously a lot to get through i've gotten to the part about how allegedly russian g.r.u. agents infiltrated d.n.c. various networks and computers and there is no technical data there's absolutely no
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technical information evidence basically it's breeds as allegations they did this then they did this they infected this they stole this no names no sort of details just generalized accusations and this is what the kremlin has also said that they've said that. you know we've looked at this information but there's nothing to comment on it's just allegations almost no proof perhaps. it's there in the redacted sections but so far i haven't gotten to the end of the report perhaps the kremlin has but. they've seen nothing that you know nothing concrete so they're sticking to what they've said from the very beginning. that said that they had nothing to do with any sort of interference. and i have to repeat what i've said several times including in our personal contacts the russian state never has and
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never will interfere in american affairs seeing this report and how much of it is blacked out i can sort of understand the people in the united states who are upset i think there's going to be a whole lot more upset when this you know when more people see this report. but there's a whole lot of questions that are now answered even with this release for example they've charged one russian company. for allegedly interfering in the election and get this they are telling the company what the charge the judges meddling but they aren't telling the company what the proof is because it's too sensitive this is like accusing someone of a crime and telling them what they did is a secret they can't be told it's a very strange situation in which they're afraid that the russians will find out what the russians did. but there you go perhaps you know there's more in the report once we get once we get through it. also
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a number of russians charged twelve agents obviously they will be given up by russia which maintains the. g.r.u. agents and the russian government had nothing to do with any sort of meddling but as i say they'll be plenty more interesting tidbits once we get through this report just the some are there while we have you here you know the summary came out earlier this month what you've seen despite all the blackouts and the redaction was a different representation of the report in its entirety when it's. i'm reading allegation after allegation. as i say i have seen no sort of technical information of sort of proof of crimes which you think was important you know yeah yeah of course the. i want to convince people that the russians meddled why not tell people how they meddled instead of. an article the news article except without
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citing any anonymous sources as is the habit now nevertheless this investigation was huge lasted for two years fifty f.b.i. agents a whole team looking at three things any possible collusion between the trumpet ministration trump himself his associates with the russian government or with any russian entities they found on the second part is whether trump tried to obstruct this probe by firing the former director of the f.b.i. . and also russian meddling would seem pretty convinced about again incredibly light and details still the investigation was huge they looked at more than a million various emails documents financial receipts two thousand five hundred interviews thousands of subpoenas get twenty five million dollars they spent on this but we'll be reading through it you know and i'm sure much more interesting stuff to come right guys the ever senior correspondent thank you very much let's go to the us
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again. is a media commentator a t.v. and radio host and news analyst to boot as well on friend of the program i might add couple of aspects in this to get through with you first of all the reports say as russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election but as we've been hearing correspondent very few actual claims and evidence offered up talking about internet troll farms possible hacking attempts by russian law enforcement in four hundred pages of a report redacted or otherwise are you surprised that those facts are hard to come by. you know i think the thing that's become really evident through the release of the mole the report is that here we had what was an extenuating extensive almost like terrorist interrogation of the president of
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the united states and most wise minds i'm not an attorney but most of the attorneys i talked to at the beginning of this said when they start investigations like this they always find something on their target we all know that in this case they picked a target the president and they tried to prove something on him it came back that he was squeaky clean and i think that turns the conversation from what's inside of this investigation to what prompted what was the impetus who paid for this investigation or what was their motive i think those are the things that we're going to begin to see unfold and some of those questions may be answered going forward the report as you say directly there's no collusion between donald trump a moscow despite his you well know being played. in the media for two years is this no game over is donald trump tweeted in reaction for the democrats or you know are we going to see
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a prime time apology for all from those news organizations who who claim there was or is it just going to be more of the same. well the democrats clearly have themselves in a horrible predicament going into the two thousand and twenty alexion they really they haven't been able to really state their issues and now they have this massive public embarrassment of this whole entire russia hoax and the smaller report essential me having made a massive deal having a tied up time of our publicly paid employees essentially our lawmakers our congress and our president with what was essentially made up and they they made a lot of assumptions about it and called it things that it never was with no proof and so the democrats are going to have a lot of explaining to do to the american people to get back into their good graces of the american people and i think that as things sit right now the president of
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the united states looks pretty solid going into two thousand and twenty just wanted to bring that point just expanded not because it's probably not understatement to say about a lot of people are currently digesting this report the public and of course. other people in the media politicians alike how many conclusions do you think this piece of research is going to have oft role as we've seen for some time everyone come see what they want to see. well that's an interesting question because of course again i'm not an attorney but you and i both know that the rule in the united states the constitutional law is you're innocent until proven guilty and in this particular her investigation that that luxury that right actually was not given our president he was absolutely considered guilty by much of the leftist regressive media in the united states and so i don't know exactly how they're going to explain themselves but the one conclusive thing about this report is that there is no
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evidence that this president did anything in any way criminal or even immoral or unethical and i think that that resonates really hard with those people who have been kind of watching from the sidelines working their jobs maybe just raising their families not thinking a lot about this waiting for this report to come out and now they can see that clearly and once and for all so i think this will change the dynamic of politics and i think we're already starting to see that with the president's positive numbers going up among all of america right now do you see any substance to what the democrats have to say it because they're saying there's so many reductions in this we're not getting a clear picture of the report the old so are stating donald trump didn't actually sit down with mueller for to be interviewed even though he could have been so their obligations in a way they're going to continue aren't they well how do you answer questions about something that didn't happen i don't know maybe the democrats are really good about
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answering questions about things that didn't happen but that's a hard thing to do and so i don't foresee them being able to spend a lot more time on this but i will say this i think the more time the democrats do spend on this the more they're damaging their own party going into elections you know lowden media commentator t.v. and radio host thank you very much for your time on thoughts this hour. thank you ok we're back with more news and ninety seconds they will. you know we talk from time to time about the casino. the trend in technology and government to enslave the global population behind devices and to be consigned to life clicking on ads for scooby snacks and the second you stop clicking on those ads you die and you get to get off the grid. just basic sense of
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. who put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present. to go on to be close this is what before three of them or can't be good. interested in the waters of. course. just approaching twenty minutes into the program you're welcome back greece is set to step up its the mountain for germany to pay world war two reparations to the sum
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of almost three hundred billion euro often so it's long been seeking compensation for the nazi era occupation but berlin sees the debt being settled taking us through the story of what we know now europe correspondent peter old. europe could be set for the reopening some painful historical wounds the greek parliament. has asked germany for billions of euro for the nazi occupation of the country during world war two the demand for german war reparations is a historical and moral debt for us it will help us build a better future in our relations with germany today therefore we have a duty to give our two peoples the opportunity to close this chapter athens as next step is to send what's known as a verbal note to berlin that will be seen as the starting point for negotiations to kick off from now back in twenty sixteen agreed parliamentary committee put the
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figure that should pay is reparations it well at least two hundred and ninety billion euro that's as compensation for the deaths of tens of thousands of greeks at the hands of the nazis as well as the extortion of the bank of greece by hitler to finance his war machine however some greeks aren't confident that this appeal will lead to anything the germans are of the opinion that it has compensated the issue with the payment of one hundred sixty million dollars marks to the victims on the admission of about four hundred twenty thousand guest workers as far as the german government are constant that payment back in one nine hundred sixty of roughly around two hundred fifty million euro in today's money settled the matter once and for all. we are aware of the great guild the attitude of the federal government is unchanged the question of german reparations is settled legally and politically in the treaty which we unify germany in one thousand nine feet it's no
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for the reparations were planned but what do the people the berlin and athens think should happen next we have a very very big. responsibility to two world war two but how long are the generations of generations having to pay for things that they didn't do as a country we have. responsibility to react no they should have come a little bit. now would still ate their broke and trying to see where they can get money one of the darkest periods in european history still echoes today and ideas about what to do when it comes to reparations for wartime atrocities still family displaced peter all of a r.t. . now a group of fracking protesters in australia have come up with a novel way to get their message across.
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i. need to listen wrecking a country i'm putting out water. drilling this is. killing. many experts agree with that sentiment they say that fracking has a huge impact on the environment including possible earthquakes because of the high pressure used to extract the oil on the gas from the rock below it also increases the risk of oil spills pollution something that can lead to various as we know health problems let's take a look at other details here on our news wall because this truly is northern
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territory and once the moratorium on fracking back in september twenty sixth there was lifted last year with the government investing over eight million australian dollars around half a dozen u.s. dollars in terms of millions to accelerate the development of the industry they say this jobs will be created helping the country's economy however environmentalist graeme sawyer has significant doubts about those things. whole range of respect and that's one of the problems the additional really bad is that it's the war that could be directly impacted in the short while this is fracking not only threaten a lot of legal in the ability to drink water it also threatens their cultural knowledge and information and their cultural practices but the northern territory government is in pretty bad study of law and its economy and thinking i might be able to use this is the way to increase activity but the evidence would suggest other was the jobs question is really an interesting one because research out of.
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where every ten jobs created in. the last twenty four jobs that are just received the area is some really big questions that need to be answered around things as well as the environmental concerns. but before we go a reminder all of the big news story today the full but redacted mueller report has been released and it states that there was no collusion between donald trump's election campaign on russia but it explicitly finds that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. election in what's called quote a sweeping systematic fashion russia's reacted to that with the kremlin stressing there's no evidence of russian interference calling the whole investigation a result of internal u.s. this speech we will have more of the reaction in our next bulletin here in our to international thirty minutes time stay with us.
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sick. in the real news is brutal. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. dramatic development that only. will be ready. to sit down and talk. greetings and salutation. it's late your feet hurt from hitting the club you know
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a little tipsy maybe a lot tipsy and all you want to do is get home b.g. a cat and call it a night you spot pulling up to the crowded curbside or at least it looks like you ordered you jump in the backseat the doors lock and off into the night you disappear for many this is how their ride sharing tragedy began sometimes the story ends in a robbery and assault for some the night ends in the horror of rape or even death this was the tragic fate of university of south carolina student samantha joe simpson who police say was murdered after getting into the back of a stranger's car she thought was the goober that she ordered south carolina state representative sup rose a co-sponsor of a bill named after joe simpson that would require ride sharing vehicles to have an illuminated company provided side to help verify their authenticity he told reporters this could happen anywhere and it really exposes the dangers of ride sharing i live with my wife and three kids a fourth of
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a mile from the curb that samantha was picked up from. in fact a two thousand eight hundred c.n.n. report found that out of one hundred three goober drivers and eighteen live drivers have actually been accused of sexual assault or abuse or abuse despite both companies claim the efforts of background checks and passenger safety you see this is the dark side of the ride sharing culture and the rise of the gig economy as a whole see my friends despite the ease and technological convenience all these ride apps food apps and dating apps bring us we cannot forget the real world dangers that can come from porting our safety in the hands of strangers so how can we balance our safety with our need for fingertip convenience let us find out by watching the hawks.


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