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tv   News  RT  April 18, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the much anticipated. report. finally released. interference from russia. and. no collusion no obstruction. and his legal team celebrate the. counter intelligence investigation. demanding. reparations.
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to conduct. right. from almost with me. welcome to the program after a two year investigation the four hundred page plus and heavily redacted one a report on russia collusion is finally in the public domain. and all u.s. correspondents. will be coming back going to start with. hundreds of pages to get through can you explain what's.
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well it's over four hundred pages of the bob muller report this is the report from special counsel robert muller and it goes over allegations that russia somehow interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential elections and it investigates whether or not trump had a role in colluding or being part or being in contact with these alleged russian activities that's basically the report now there was so much anticipation of the report in the us press in the u.s. media that as the report was being released the website of the u.s. department of justice actually crashed because so many people were downloading the report from the d.o.j. website now at this point prior to the releasing of the report william barr the u.s. attorney general came forward and reiterated that the reported show that there was no collusion between trump and russia what trump has said from the beginning seems
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to have been the conclusion of the report this is william barr. so that's the bottom line after nearly two years of investigation thousands of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts now william barr when he was giving his press conference a basically announcing the report was pending we saw us present donald trump speaking up on social media tweeting out graphics and such and now we've heard from u.s. president saying that this is a pretty good day for him. and they're having a good day i'm having a good day to who's called. no collusion no obstruction. there never was
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a better way and never will be. and we do have to get to the bottom of these things i will say and. this should never happen but i said in front of my friends this should never happen to another president again this hoax should never happen to another president again thank you caleb they're all still concerns being raised among the democrats because the report is doctored can you tell us more about that . well yes the report is very heavily redacted these redactions are things related to ongoing investigations not wanting to compromise or reveal the sources of the f.b.i. or foreign contacts things to that effect there's also some apparently ongoing investigations in brooklyn and in new york city related to information that was discovered in the report however it's been pointed out that though trump's lawyers actually looked at the report william barr was very clear that no redactions were
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made at the request of the white house or of president donald trump even though his lawyers had a look at it before it was released nothing was redacted because they wanted it redacted they made no requests for any redactions the white house did not have anything to do with any of these redactions now at this point we've got top democrats calling for bob mueller to testify before congress the house judiciary committee has already entered a request for a special counsel robert mueller and to testify as soon as possible the deadline the latest date being may twenty third and in addition to that we have the house intelligence committee also calling for special counsel robert mueller to testify and it will be regarding a counterintelligence investigation and what he discovered in his report and many democrats seem unhappy with the redactions let's take a listen to the response from trump's opponents regarding the release of this report that was so long anticipated the house intelligence committee has formally
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invited special counsel to do is to find the country intelligence investigation after a two year investigation the public deserves the facts not attorney general barak's political spin. i report now it's also important to know that the report contains a legal justification for the report and saying that no president is above the law and that the president has to has the you know should be investigated if there are concerns bob mueller kind of wanted to detail kind of kind of justifying his right to make this probe and the legality of the report ok thanks for giving us an update on our reporting from washington will leave it there with you we'll bring in our senior correspondent. in the studio so no collusion but russia did interfere in the twenty six thousand election according to the attorney general when according to the attorney general yes if you read the report itself i mean everybody saying four hundred pages but only a fraction of those four hundred pages are actually legible because so much
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redacted so much is blacked out you can you go for pages and pages where you can read nothing i mean they've the sense that a lot of the information here and if you read the charges here of the allegations and that is what they are allegations about russian hacking for example which the report starts off with this is there's no actual evidence does no actual technical information or actual prove most of it is out of the gay sions and in the cases where they do give a source. at the bottom this is very often it's just blacked out as well redacted but they they allege that yes russia did interfere in this election that. trump did not collude with russia on the third point. that they don't know where the trump tried to obstruct the investigation. the russian government interfered in the
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twenty sixteen presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion evidence of russian government operations began to surface in mid twenty sixteen in june the democratic national committee on its cyber response team publicly announced that russian hackers had compromised its computer network releases of hot materials hacks that public reporting soon our tribute to the russian government began that same month additional releases followed in july through the organization wiki leaks with further releases in october and november the investigation did not establish that members of the trim campaign conspired all coordinated with the russian government. now if you if you look at the charges that the level against the russian government russian companies there's there's a lot of a lot of confusion because they allege that the g.r.u. russian military intelligence launched an incredibly sophisticated hacking operation yet we heard in the days after the leaks the clinton emails were leaked
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that it was russia there was no way anybody could have gotten to the bottom of that that quickly with any proof that it was russia this so who also very strange points that they were making in this report for example a ledge that various accounts d.c. leaks other accounts that initially published that leaked information that had information that they were all run by russian military intelligence and yet in different sections of the new report they also say that they communicated apparently in english on twitter instead of you know shouting other in the same room in the russian military intelligence directorate whatever it is there is again as i say a lot of confusing moments in the the section they say the russians apparently seemingly. stole e-mails the clinton e-mails they also admit that they know they
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never got access to the original d.n.c. servers so they were given copies of the d.n.c. servers of the traffic information by the democrats and later looked at them and made their judgments about russian hacking without seeing the original services there's a lot of questions but even more questions about how much is redacted especially in the russian section nevertheless the russians or the kremlin of also looked at this report undoubtedly still looking at this report and they're saying the same thing basically that there's a lot of allegations a lot of accusations but not a lot of evidence. and i had to repeat what i've said several times including in our personal contacts the russian state never has and never will interfere in internal american affairs. there is also legal action being taken against a number of companies individuals that the united states believes medaled
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interfered in the election including a russian company that he is the kicker this is this is very interesting the company's lawyers are not being told what the proof evidence against the means because it's sensitive secret information this is like accusing somebody of a crime and then refusing to tell them what they did wrong because it's secret in this case where we were a very strange situation in which the united states apparently is afraid that the russians will find out what the russians did. i mean it's a very strange situation again there might be proof evidence in the redacted sections but there really was very little in the sections that have been made available to the public. as a understand legal action will continue they've also an entire section targeting we can leaks for example in there was almost colluders neverless there's
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a lot more of the report to get through a lot of fine print a lot of. inconsistency as i would say in we'll learn a lot more as we read through it despite their confusion and questions redactions it's still a pretty comprehensive report oh it was two years they spent putting this together fifty odd f.b.i. agents twenty five million dollars they looked at more than a million various documents financial receipts e-mails. two thousand eight hundred subpoenas thirty four indictments two thousand five hundred interviews i mean it was a huge huge investigation but again as i said there's a lot of information that we don't know that's been redacted that even congressman apparently are being shown they've been shown other version of the report which is less redacted but again. and it's being sense that even for that nevertheless as i say once we get through this report in its entirety they'll be
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a lot more interesting bits to question and they get i'm sure they will thank you senior correspondent cast of thanks for the update there thank you. now we're going to get reaction from us political commentator and t.v. host steve amounts but steve thanks for coming on to the program now the report says russia there was no collusion in the conclusion surely not something the democrats wanted to hear what's going to be the next move do you think. oh they're going to call mahler as they have and turny general bar was asked if he had any objections to mother testifying and he said no the president's lawyer rudy giuliani was asked today after this release of the report do you have any objections to mother testifying nice or not go ahead say whatever you want to say so we're going to call muller he will probably testify they're going to call bar the attorney general the united states he's already agreed to testify again i believe so they're
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going to milk this and milk this and go after every single aspect they can and you know what they may move ahead with impeachment let them do it let me tell you something most eighty percent of the american public today is busy going to work worrying about their finances enjoying their successful well economy that the president has they're not looking at this this day and you know what they're hearing no collusion no obstruction go by we're done if the democrats want to first sue this and overreach and i hope they do because it will only help donald trump but they are not done yet not by any means yes well let's now think congress is able to investigate and take action against president trump of the obstruction of justice you talk about impeachment is it likely to happen though. well you know they could have peach him because they're a democratic congress and they would have the votes but impeachment as we saw with bill clinton back in the ninety's you have to be convicted and then in the senate
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to be removed and the republicans hold the majority in the senate that would never happen so that's why i say overreach there's nothing here you know if the report we saw ten instances where moller investigated possible obstruction of justice and what gets me and what gets people like rudy giuliani and career lawyer years of people who do this for a living i'm not a lawyer i just play one on t.v. sometimes and to say we have no evidence that he committed obstruction of justice but we can't say he did we can't clear him that's like saying the gentleman walked into a bank he went up to the window what the with the teller he didn't rob the bank so we can't cure him with anything but we can't say that he didn't have intent to rob i mean that's not how it works is that there's a cry and or there's not a crime you don't say we have no evidence we can't charge him but we're not sure there's no he's not guilty of something that's not how it works it's. the democrats
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that also demanding that. testifying before the house judiciary committee what in your opinion do they want to hear the state. they want to hear they want to t.v. event where everything that is in the report that we saw to day that's been released today they want the american public who's not going to go online and read all this the average person they want to be able to to the t.v. get the popcorn sit back with the remote and box are basically go through one two three four all ten of the possible things that he investigated for obstruction of justice so when he says it all it will sound terrible but the bottom line was there was no evidence to prove that he was guilty of the obstruction i mean for instance . they handed over maybe a couple of million documents all every day we heard he's going to fire mother we need to pass
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a law that's going to protect mullah he's going to do this to mahler now we find out he asked his white house counsel don began to fire moller mccann said no and trump left it all alone so he didn't obstruct justice but they want to hear this they want the american public to be able to hear it not have to go online and read it so they're going to have most of their adele oh go through everything step by step and they'll say this is terrible what a terrible president so what they'll do in the end i don't know nancy pelosi has the stomach for impeachment she might but she might not yes steve if we look at some of the pretty colorful language the that's been reported the terms reaction to liz appointment barney's time in his chat saying oh michael and this is terrible this is the end of my presidency is this something that you think critics will cling on to as evidence that trump must have something to hide. no no it's quite the opposite with all due respect because he knew as was proven even mother said no
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coersion this investigation although we're going to find out why it was launched with because i think it was the ferias in the end we'll find that out but this investigation was launched on the pretense of collusion we got to find out about collusion so truck knew as was proven today there was no collusion so that he sees that mahler's appointed sessions the attorney general had recused himself and when that happened trump said that's it this is going to go on for years i know i did nothing wrong as has been proven out today so this is good as prevent me from getting anything done my blankety blank presidency is blankety blank because now i'm stuck in this investigation but he knew he didn't do anything wrong with collusion and that's been borne out today so that's why he said what he said ok we'll leave it there steve t.v. has some political commentators steve malzberg always good to have you on the program and your opinions my pleasure thank you we'll be back in
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a couple of minutes after this break. you know we talk from time to time about the casino good luck. the trend in technology and government to enslave the global population behind devices and to be consigned to life for clicking on ads for scooby snacks and the second you stop
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clicking on those ads you die and you get to get off the grid. just basic sense of the chrome to carry. welcome back to the program is set to step up its demand for germany to pay world war two reparations to the sum of nearly three hundred billion euros. seeking compensation for the nazi era occupation but berlin says the debt has been settled your correspondent peter has the details. europe could be set for the reopening of some painful historical wounds the greek parliament has asked germany for billions
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of euro for the nazi occupation of the country during world war two the demand for german war reparations is a historical and moral debt for us it will help us build a better future in our relations with germany today therefore we have a duty to give our two peoples the opportunity to close this chapter athens as next step is to send what's known as a verbal note to berlin that will be seen as the starting point for negotiations to kick off from now back in twenty sixteen agreed parliamentary committee put the figure that should pay is reparations it well at least two hundred and ninety billion euro that's as compensation for the deaths of tens of thousands of greeks at the hands of the nazis as well as the extortion of the bank of greece by hitler to finance his war machine however some greeks aren't confident that this appeal will lead to anything the germans are of the opinion that it has compensated the
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issue with the payment of one hundred sixty million dollars marks to the victims and the admission of about four hundred twenty thousand guest workers as far as the german government a constant that payment back in one nine hundred sixty of roughly around two hundred fifty million euro in today's money settled the matter once and for all. we are aware of the great guild the attitude of the federal government is unchanged the question of german reparations is settled legally and politically in the treaty which we unify germany in one nine hundred ninety it's the no for the reparations were planned but what do the people the berlin and athens think should happen next we have a very very big. responsibility to two world war two but how long would generate. of generations having to pay for things that they didn't do as a country we have the responsibility to react now they should have come
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a little bit earlier now would still ate their broke and trying to see where they can get money for them of course we should claim some things not only because many years have passed but because of german intolerance to step do you think we have governments that can claim in a sane i think there is no political will from any government to claim german reparations. germany looks after its own interests phineas what are we looking after one of the darkest periods in european history still echoes today and ideas about what to do when it comes to reparations for wartime atrocities still fairly split peter all over r.t. . now a group of anti fracking protesters in australia have come up with a novel way to get their message across. frank a was. a.
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government need to listen wrecking our country and poisoning i want to. use a weapon we bring this is happening to killing and. critics say fracking has a huge impact on the environment including possible earthquakes because of the high pressure to extract the oil and gas from a rock but it also increases the risk of all spells and pollution something that can lead to various health problems australia's northern territory announced a moratorium on fracking back in september twenty sixth but the ban was lifted last year with the government investing over eight million australian dollars which is about six million u.s. dollars to accelerate the development of the industry they say it will create
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thousands of jobs and help the country's economy however environmental scram science has significant doubts about those camps. there's a whole range of respect is and that's one of the problems the business traditional owners really concerned about is that it's a war that could be directly impacted in the short term but this is spreading not only threaten their livelihood and the ability to drink water it also threatens their cultural knowledge and information and their cultural practice but the northern territory government is in pretty bad studies at the moment its economy and so the thinking that might be able to use this is a way to increase activity but the evidence would suggest other was the jobs question is really an interesting one because research at a coin shows that for every ten jobs they created a big discovery they lost twenty four jobs at a very distressed in the air. really the questions to be answered. things as well as the environmental concerns. just give your mind an hour of our main news
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story tonight to the full but redacted mall of reporters finally been released it states that there was no collusion between donald trump's election campaign and russia but it explicitly finds that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. election in what's called a sweeping and systematic fashion russia's initial reactions of the kremlin stress that there's no evidence of russian interference calling the whole investigation a result of internal u.s. disputes and we've got more details and reaction in the coming hours here on international while that is your news this hour i'll be back around thirty minutes time with more updates of course but do stay with us for the alex thomas show which is next here on r.t. .
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welcome to the alex sam ensuring the start of a two part series on the issue of violence in the communities of london over recent months knife crime has emerged as a national crisis as it's been described in the house of commons although serious violence afflicting many communities is not new it has reached a tipping point over the last year as focused surged to the highest levels for more than a decade on a daily basis our television screens and newspapers have been full of details of the latest mindless killings in today's show we depart in the home secretary speech of this week and ask that they continue pushing necessary to finally get to grips with knife crime this is how he previously explained the new approach in the house of commons public health approach which is something i announced towards the end of last year and that again was through listing to experience from both other parts of
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the u.k. from other countries as well also seen a similar rise in serious violence and i think we should learn from wherever we can and i think it is important to have such an approach which requires all government departments all agencies of government to treat serious violence as a as the way we would treat for example a disease to prioritize it and to make it a statutory duty we also asked london m.e.p. claude moraes to provide a response from labor this pioneering approach that the home secretary was talking about you know it was pioneered in scotland quite a while ago and if i have one small criticism is that the government of come to this a little bit late but at least they've done it because this is a such a serious issue however prominent antiviolence campaigner dr mark prince questions whether any politician has thus far sure the right approach of the home certain
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true of the or the london of they've been beating a path to your door and saying. you know we'll start twelve years experience what do you have to tell us about getting a message across to the young people and price communities. question to was simply no but first your tweets mess just e-mails in response to i sure last week from belfast alex interviewed him and molly lynn says what an amazing interview his statement about the d.d.p. putting their sense of the union and head of the economic welfare of the people of northern ireland was a thorn fascinating interview cragin enjoyed it len terry says another fantastic sure whatever your viewpoint an independent spirit or even alex salmond this programme is insightful well worth a watch thank you ticky louise says interesting mr malley probably spot on about who would restart violence republican see a future and a tolerable presence within the island young loyalists well i could see why they'd
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be split between getting as far away as possible and feeling marginalized maybe white says i'm not knowledgeable or northern ireland by any means but as i wish for the repeal of the acts of union for scotland i also wish for peace and unification for the people of northern ireland and ireland and finally martha dyer says i don't think it's because of brecht scotland's going for independence independence is over due a long time ago they killed off in westminster has only helped to bring it to hate now the home secretary speech in east london this week was the first on crime he used it to give a deeply personal explanation of why he was changing the approach or knife crime. it's not so difficult to see how i could have turned out to have a life of crime myself. these graphs sure the extent of the problems with which the home secretary is grappling the official statistics show three things one that the incidence of knife crime is not just a london.


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