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kids and though dead dogs as the guardian reports are reports that according to help the business no children or animals were harmed in the know which aka tak in wiltshire of last year so. now the question is just where oh where did these supposed the dead ducks and sick kid pictures come from where they supplied to the cia by british intelligence that the cia simply invent them to manipulate the donald so many questions the tragically no one is asking us we start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal. as to. what they like you know that i got. was a. welcome
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on the watching the hawks i love them and that a lot of. ducks ducks don't know about that game. i have never heard of a doctor i have never had a child and i thought that would be something that would have made the news you would thing children getting. sick kids and dead ducks you'd think that be like one of the during that whole like hype over over screwball and like trying to put it all and say this is what happened and it's a massive threat and all this i mean they burn the park bench that is that if you know a bit more than the roof of the house to the right of all things to go all of this crazy and you know the question here when you see this kind of new york times piece work of what's this go in the garden all these people responding to it is who's manipulating who here right because clearly i'm pretty sure that after that everything there were no sick kids and there were no bed bugs so the question is was this an effort by british intelligence at the time to let manipulate the u.s. in the responding in like sending these pictures over a sick kids and ducks and the cia just kind of said ok thank you or was it an
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effort by the cia to manipulate try and see like ok look it trumps kind of so. hey it's just simple spycraft why should i care. because i don't know that's the question you're right right as you said initially it was reported that trump regarded the salisbury poisonings absolute quote legitimate spy games between russia and the u.k. but i've been hassling other side of the room as reported were pushing trying to take the stronger option as you said of expelling these diplomats but. and so these photos are brought out by housefull trump fixates on the pictures what's weird is that according to officials the new york times spoke to the outcome was an example as they put it of of housefull being one of the few people who get mr trump to shift position based on new information first of the first thing to look at in all of that is that. she's. on the one hand the new york times is bragging
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that the cia chief is now using the spy craft using the skills that she learned as as an active officer as a field agent and bringing them into that there are literally rules about that. you know those in the cia who are in these things anybody who works in the spy area or in covert operations knows that one of the things when you get out is that you're not supposed to use them. it's kind of a big deal because you can do it without thinking about it you can do it but to brag about it and to brag like we're manipulating after everything that went on about people you know the deep space or whatever it's a little wearing out of a leg doing very deep sea things right but then bragging about it which i look at how we. look at home. i'm not really sure about that.
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so after two years of collusion highs and hullabaloo the great grandmother report is finally upon us and all its glory pomp and circumstance oh and tragically just as a sane journalist predicted the report doesn't did conclude that neither trump nor members of his campaign illegally colluded with russia to influence a twenty six team presidential election if you listen carefully you could probably hear the weeping of russia gaiters faintly drifting over the colors of the wind but her general william barr held a press conference thursday morning laying out the read. behind the reports redactions and his controversial declarations of no collusion and no obstruction aren't him cohen has been following all the twists and turns of the story all day has this report. by the report has now been released to the public attorney general william barr addressed reporters this morning here at the d.o.j. ahead of the report's release data from denying the conspiracy theory the president
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trump or the trump campaign conspired with the russian government in the twenty sixteen election campaign as you will see the special counsel's report states that is quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities i will trump was reserved in person he lashed out on twitter calling russia gate the greatest political hoax of all time saying crimes were committed by crooked dirty cops and the democrats and another tweet said presidential harassment all the caps and another game of thrones style tweet simply saying game over the report does show that george papadopoulos was being investigated as an unregistered agent not of the russian government but of the israeli government it also refutes the claim that trump sought to dilute the republican national committee platform on sending weapons to ukraine as a quid pro quo with russia
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a bar did say that the russian government interfered in the twenty sixteen election through the internet research agency which is essentially a private click bait operation with no proven link to the russian government he also alleged that goosen for two point zero which provided e-mails from the democratic national committee to media outlets is a russian military intelligence operation but this is based on an indictment from the special counsel and again there's been no evidence so far in addition to saying there's no evidence of collusion so. there was no determination of obstruction of justice and that trump could have asserted executive privilege over parts of the report but he chose not to quote in the interests of transparency and full disclosure to the american people certain sections of the report have been redacted those of which were done in quarter nation with the special counsel robert muller the redactions fall into four categories first grand jury material these are secret
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panels consisting of regular americans that partake in investigations classified intelligence gathering methods and sources of information that could affect ongoing investigations and information that could damage private or third party interests bar said that a version only redact in the grand jury material will be shared with select members of congress despite bars emphatic statements of denial that doesn't cut it for some congressman gerry mad there wrote that bars word is not enough and that we must see the full report seem to imply khujand between barr and robert muller now the wrote on twitter that quote it is clear congress and the american people must hear from special counsel robert muller in person to better understand its findings setting a deadline of may twenty third congressman adam shift accuse barr of seeking to shape the public's perception of the report with the press conference for some it's time to put the russia great conspiracy theory to bed and focus on the future
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threat of nuclear war climate change for the twenty twenty elections but for the russia gate faithful it's a day of disappointment that the man in the white house love him or hate him won the election fair and square courting in washington and growing more. snow and rain while summed up a lot of the coverage past what he said and tweeting i've honestly never seen the media meltdown that i'm seeing on c.n.n. they're emotionally invested in a story line and they've been pushing for two years and they know what mahler did. did to it and how this will further reflect on them so c.n.n. had one point this morning a different pundit talking about the report in a roundtable today and not one of them dissented in opinion from the others i mean it was a full layout of the echo chamber that we talk about there was no debate there was no dialogue there was nothing it was just look like nine people crying about
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a game of friends episode it really i mean we were watching. this kind of like wow look at these people they're just losing their minds right now literally with piles of paper you're reporting on it before you've even read it before it's even released then they pontificate for three hours about a press conference and then it keeps going on. it didn't look like journalism. and that's what i'm supposed to be you know because we're not journalists here so i'm just trying to understand how it is if that's what i'm supposed to be more like because those are real journalists i. know i'm i've had what the what the bar is for journalism at one point when you see people and it was them b.c. like reading the three heads just sitting here like reading the report and that's all there's even dead air and they're sitting here reading and then looking up absolutely. you know and when you get in the like a lot of
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a lot of researchers are poring through these four hundred pages now and a lot of the russian conspiracies are kind of coming up short thanks to this report i mean. was it a journalist points out you know by by steele when maddow. watered down the ukraine or and the platform is quid pro quo and it's ridiculous that it was never the thing to begin with why because the report says very clearly says that that wasn't what happened there wasn't a there wasn't a trump working in collusion with russia to change the r. and c. platform on ukraine that was already debunked ages ago because literally if you look at the platform and you literally look at the actual evidence. it didn't happen so there's this theory that he did this even though it didn't and now it's sad that we go through this but i mark my words my prediction is all the democrats on that side will absolutely and now he won't be good enough and novel start pulling out you know whitey bulger about and maybe worked about with mob guys so
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we'll think we'll see what happens. as we go to break watchers don't forget the word you think about the governor faced with you to bear with a considerable shows of our teeth dot com coming up we are joined by twenty four year old autistic attorney boston bring us a better understanding of the misunderstanding about autism and then my friends with your game might just be the key to saving our historic site stay true. to. what howard stern did last week sort of in the grease the level of chaos across libya even if he wins tripoli that chaos will continue because there will be pockets of very very intense
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cities this instruction across the country and i think i'm afraid like everybody else that this chaos longs for a while is going to attract more extremists from around africa believe it. what you see today in the united states is it is a debate there is a growing realisation of the strategy of liberal in germany as it has in american foreign or in strategy or foreign policy strategy failed in the one nine hundred
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ninety s. it created problems for the united states it's created the world full of conflicts the saw today there is increasingly a debate over what direction the united states should take. my body told me i belong with the board if my thoughts my mind with that along with the girls. still be of any particular. person's doctor. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. problem should have gone away from by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic
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surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go oh god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders is impossible. is still luzhin it's a mental illness. this is now one of my own flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out. autism spectrum disorder is defined as a group of complex neuro behavioral conditions that impair social interaction may slow developmental language and communication skills which is often combined with rigid repetitive behaviors according to a twenty eighteen report from the c.d.c. in the united states almost one in every fifty nine children are diagnosed with an
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autism spectrum disorder of those children nearly a third are completely nonverbal thirty to sixty one percent of them have attention deficit disorder and it affects all ethnic and socio economic groups april's autism awareness month is one in which we all take the time to better understand the condition and the people with it which brings us to hayley moss must became the first openly autistic lawyer in the state of florida and the entire country diagnosed at age three her and her family's approach to haley's autism was much different than many of us see her autism was in the disability it was her magic power in addition the florida native holds two bachelors degrees in criminology and psychology attended the university of miami law school and was sworn in to the florida bar after passing the bar exam this january on her first try and in addition to all of that the twenty four year old is also the successful author of the autism related books what every autistic girl wishes their parents knew middle
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school the stuff nobody tells you about and a freshman survival guide for college students with autism spectrum disorders joining us now from miami is the first openly autistic attorney author and activist hayley must thank you for joining us hayley thank you so much for having me today haley you passed the bar the first time. it's incredible that. you know it's this is the will often say that the accomplishment of those with autism are in spite of their condition that you have overcome your autism by becoming a lawyer or passing the bar for someone what is that mindset when people kind of use that language you use that miss about. autism in the people living with. i don't think that autism is something that you overcome it's something that you adapt with and something that you get used to living with at the same time so while we think of autism in childhood we don't often talk enough about the adults who are on the autism spectrum so how it affects me in childhood was also different of how
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autism affects my daily life as an adult so i don't think it's in spite of my autism that i'm an attorney and pass the bar exam like you said i think it's i've just learned to adapt and i'm also able to live in a death with my autism and also just understand and accept it for what it is. what's interesting looking at your story is one of the things that set you and your family apart from sort of the mainstream understanding of autism is autism is is how they approached your diagnosis from the get it for you to kind of explain to our viewers how their approach was different and you know why do you think as a person on the spectrum that it gave you such a great strength and hope to get to where you are now. well when i first found out about my autism diagnosis i was nine years old and at the time i was absolutely obsessed with harry potter so that's where this whole magic idea came from is my parents sat me down one day during summer break and told me you have magical powers just like harry potter and we focused on the strains rather than the weaknesses one
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thing when i was diagnosed with autism back in the late ninety's is it wasn't as understood as it was today it wasn't as prevalent with this one in fifty nine statistic that you mentioned earlier as well so even then when my parents first found out it wasn't quite the celebration because i was a nonverbal child there were all sorts of difficulties that i was having so it was something to be explored and also saying to how can we do the best for our child is something that my parents went through and as i got older as well it became celebrating the strength of all children know what's hard for them and all families know it's hard for their children too so instead of just elaborate ing on the things that were hard we chose to celebrate the strength and build confidence and self-esteem that way it's incredibly smart. and you can clearly see it in. your books and activism give voice to autism at a time i think when most people's idea of the blog to them are either the you know kind of enduring yet awkward mass of genius sir or you know someone who's completely unable to communicate with others there's a lot of that kind of pop culture there's
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a lot about how it's represented what is so important about representation of autism in books films t.v. and and how do you think it can be done better you know how should cultural and entertainment be handling that and presenting a better way i think all entertainment can do a better job depicting autism number one is having autistic consultants being able to help in rather than just through this list of stereotypes i've heard previously criticised atypical on netflix for this reason is that you don't see people on the spectrum in the writers' room writing characters or even playing autistic characters one thing that i think representation needs to change in is we don't see women we don't see other minorities we need to see more people who represent the diversity of the autism spectrum in media so there's a statistic out there that for every four autistic boys there's one autistic woman but oftentimes with women they're misdiagnosed or on diagnosed or don't find out until later in life so i think it's important to even show women that's something
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that i would like to see and i've always said that it's rare that i've seen a character that i feel i'm able to identify with as a person on the spectrum so i think we need to see more than just these math geniuses like you're saying or those non-verbal children and even just going through the lifespan and showing adults is a huge step forward to can you when would because i think people understand about this the what the spectrum and then when we say autism how people can look at that because i think it's it's such a wide varied. condition can you kind of explain to people what that means on the spectrum so they can better understand what that what that means absolutely so when we say autism is a spectrum what i like to say is if you've met one autistic person you've met one autistic person every single one of us is different we have different levels of support aids so you might meet someone who is non speaking it or also has an intellectual disability or he might see people who are thriving have jobs who might just have that social enduring awkwardness as you like to say but there's also many
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other challenges that we have such in least in my case i also have sensory overload so i do have difficulties socialising living on my own things of that nature too so i think the best way to see is everybody has different needs and strains so everybody is very unique in where you fall on this continuum is very dependent on the person it was interesting when you mentioned the thing about you know women being diagnosed correctly what what why do you think that's happening and why is it you know why are women not being diagnosed correctly when it comes to the diagnose from the being on with you know the diagnosis of being on the spectrum or over the years and. i think the way it's going with women being diagnosed is oftentimes at least in my experience in amongst the women that i've interacted with a lot of them don't find out until after their children are diagnosed and women also have more coping skills so there's a term in the autism community known as masking so what i'm asking is is using certain social skills and different life skills as well to kind of pass so that you look neuro typical that you don't look autistic so to speak or you don't come off
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as awkward or whatever so even being able to blend in certain social situations women have a tendency to use these skills a little bit more sometimes or even based on how diagnostic criteria is written people often look for these traits in boys and young men rather than in women and girls so the signs and symptoms include and traits are all still there it's just that it doesn't present the exact same way that it might in a younger boy. which i think is really interesting because in your book you did talk about this in the book about you know what every autistic girl wishes her parents knew how important were those books and what's next for you as a you know these books how is important to have that kind of representation for young girls and also like what was next for you on the journey. of the books and autism and all of that. i do think it's really exciting and you bring up a great point about representation so what every autistic girl wishes her parents
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knew is actually an anthology so there's all sorts of different contributions by different women on the autism spectrum that parents are able to learn from and able to find someone like their daughter as for me right now i'm very excited i am an attorney and soprano patricia's here in miami and i'm excited to keep growing as a lawyer i'm also really excited about continuing this autism conversation that we're having so often in the autism conversation we hear a lot from parents and we hear a lot from professionals it's not as often that we get to hear from autistic people themselves at least in the mainstream discussion so i think it's really valuable that we're at this point where people are listening to autistic voices so that's one that i want to keep going and especially with having a job right now i really do enjoy opening up dialogue about neuro diversity in the workplace. that's a great dialogue to open up and i think it's important i think i think you hit the nail on the head when you said we don't talk to enough people. who have this who are adults who are out functioning in society because it also gives those kids with
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something to look up to you know it gives other people things ok this isn't something that's going to hold me back like this is something that i can break down barriers and use to my advantage as opposed to be as opposed to what society wants to tell me i'm supposed to be like or how to be like and i mean it's interesting one of the things i think for us we're going to keep going back to maybe coming having you back on to talk about is this idea of sort of we see it a lot when it comes to p.t.s.d. women's health care and with autism is that because of certain things that women are taught and things that we learn naturally to you know sort of protect ourselves in social situations or learn how to do also keeps us from being able to get the help we want need or being able to sort of live our true selves and i think it's really amazing that you have been able to do that you are absolutely living who you are not having it be an impediment but actually something that drives you. i want to thank you so much for coming haley moss of. the books.
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whatever you girl. says her parents. and the first openly autistic attorney. so much for joining us hayley. thank you so much for having me. so to say the first magnavox odyssey game console is unpacked by teams back in one thousand seventy two adults have been complaining about how video games are out the mind and will ruin the world but this week this week as the historic loss of the nurtured on fire and paris sinks in french video game company soft offered some invaluable help game artists carolyn muse spent over two years studying and rendering every brick of the cathedral for their it for their two thousand and fourteen game assassin's creed unity which nurtured on with the central location and pop point the detail of the research involved could help
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in the rebuilding efforts and while it isn't a hundred percent accurate in some regards with the addition of laser scans my art historian andrew talent noted on looks like it will be in good hands so haha just don't want to blaspheme the videogame and might just help preserve some of humanity's greatest art and they thought it was so cool that is really cool exuding in the feel good job all right everybody that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love the love story to tell you all you are you know a robot and on top of the hour keep on watching all those clocks out there and i was raised and i am. thankful.
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the mall or report into alleged losing is finally released with many passages redacted it concludes that there was interference from russia but no collusion. and they're having a good day i'm having a good day q. no collusion no obstruction. as trump and his legal team celebrate the democrats' demand robert muller testified to the counter-intelligence investigation. and in other news greek lawmakers passed a bill demanding a world war two reparations from germany. whether
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watching from terre haute indiana or from traverse city michigan this.


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