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some headlines let's go. video conferencing software company zoom priced at thirty six dollars a share last night and today jumped by an astounding eighty one percent shares opened up trading at sixty five dollars and is holding well now this soon i.p.o. is trading under ticker symbols and on the nasdaq this is very different than zoom technologies an online security training company ticker symbol zero zero zero and trading over the counter as a penny stock last month the o.o.m. was worth a few pennies but in the last thirty days it has popped fifty six thousand percent since the close yesterday the o.o.m. was up one hundred percent from investor excitement and euphoria over the i.p.o. that excitement has since died down as investors realize that they have been trading the wrong stock. pinterest also price that nineteen dollars a share last night above its initial range of fifteen to seventeen dollars and open trading this morning at twenty three and seventy five up a modest twenty five percent where it is holding steady this is
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a sigh of relief for a lot of investors who were worried about a potential down round as pinterest initial range indication would have priced them more than two billion below their last valuation both names are trading well today in their debut but will it hold a strong u.s. equity market and relatively low volatility in the last quarter has provided a solid backdrop for the i.p.o. market however the gnarly results of the left i.p.o. leaves many concerned after a blockbuster debut lift has fallen and is now trading about seventeen percent below its i.p.o. price joining us now to break it all down is daniel shea director of options at simpler trading welcome. thank you for having me so let's start off is in their rare breed of unicorn as they are very profitable they've reported revenues of seven point six million on revenues of three hundred thirty one million for year end of january and that has been the story that has been very successful going on their road show but now it's up eighty percent on their first day is this
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sustainable. so i don't think that the i.p.o. price is sustainable because typically what happens on an i.p.o. is there's a lot of hype surrounding it right and so when you're looking at zoom yes they're profitable yes they have a really good hold on their space yes the video conferencing is of course going to get even more popular as the years go by and the world gets even smaller and people can work from anywhere but as an investor when a stock opens up like that and then trades so much higher in one day there's no way that i can invest in it in a day like today what i need to do is any to wait until that price comes down finds a nice easy pace and then at that point if you still like the company jump on it but gone now so revenues have been growing year over year for. jim they were up one hundred eighteen percent with amazing gross margins of eighty percent they're very unique and disrupting many of the legacy web based teleconferencing solutions such as cisco systems and microsoft but are there any competitors that pose
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a threat does him and their fat margins. yes you're definitely correct and i love the profitability and i do like the product but at the same time yes there are a lot there is a lot of competition you have go to meeting go to web and are of course micro so microsoft products but the fact of the matter is that whenever there is an i.p.o. i mean hippisley that type of volume is not going to be sustained and you know just look at lift as an example you have that pop up wait a few days and then after a few days that'll be a bunch better spot to come in and get an investment in the company so now that zoom is flush with cash how are they planning on using the new round of funding. well we're going to have to see but at this point i mean i think that what they need to do is they need to create continue creating contacts with businesses because i think the majority of their profits are coming with their their
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profitability with the different businesses that they're partnering with because that is going to be the main face that's going to allow them to grow in their profitability. let's shift on over to pinterest for a bit there was a real worry that there might be experiencing a down round but it seems like the company was able to qualify mr fears on their future growth potential what story was there. so looking at pinterest i find it really interesting because for me looking at zoom in than looking at pinterest as two different i.p.o.'s on the same day for me i like pinterest even more and you know ironically enough the way that zoom is bursting today and pinterest you know it's up it's up twenty five percent but for me that's actually the better buy because i think that they have a lot more room to grow whereas i think zoom kind of you know took all of that energy in one day pinterest has a huge. profitability point from advertising revenue and there's really no one in this pinterest space they have their own unique brands of millennial love it and
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they have a huge potential to grow so i love that for a long term buy absolutely i agree that they have a lot of potential but right now there are the average revenue per user is actually quite low about three dollars how do you think they can beat that number up. i mean honestly i think it's something similar like netflix so you know years and years ago people were looking at netflix saying hey netflix isn't profitable but netflix has come to the point where they really created their own culture and that is the same thing that pinterest has done and so by continuing to add ads continuing to add that experience and really selling to they're selling but they're not really selling right to millennia. the experience different shopping ideas travel this type of thing they're going to continue to grow in their space due to the way the generation spend their money and the way that they use the internet so this
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cousin self as an image search site and they don't want to be compared to like facebook or any of the other social media sites so what are you looking out for cops. yes i mean they don't want to be compared and i think that that's very smart of them right especially because of all of the different privacy issues that google and facebook have right now but at the end of the day they are very similar in that way but they're taking that they're taking really that space that google has a search engine but then they're taking that and placing that in a shopping space and so for that reason i think that they're going to have even a better ability to use advertising than sites like facebook all this is going to be really exciting to watch the director of options at someplace writing thank you so much for your time. thank you. the federal communications commission announced wednesday that it would oppose china mobile's application to provide cell
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phone service in the united states as d.c. officials have been concerned that china mobile is ultimately owned by the state and at the service were available in the u.s. it could open the door for spying on u.s. consumers by the chinese government the agency's chair by issued a statement saying quote it is clear that china mobile's application to provide telecommunications services in our country raises substantial and serious national security and law enforcement risks the move comes as tensions continue between the u.s. and china over the use of chinese teleco provider quitman on american networks officials in the u.s. previously warned carriers not to use technology from china based qual way due to concerns over national security. the turkish lira fell as much as one point nine per cent thursday morning the crash of the leader of follows a report from the financial times which revealed the nation's central bank used billions of dollars in short term borrowing to bolster its reserves the lira
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dropped to five point eight five against the us dollar with the exception of the flash crash of the currency in january this was the leader the lowest level since october of twenty eighteen and twenty the lira sank by thirty percent when a currency crisis pushed the turkish economy into a recession using the swap to increase the country's reserves has raised fears among investors that turkey would not be able to overcome another leader a crisis. nations around the globe are pushing forward with creating cash flow societies south south southeast asia is a major hub of activity in this realm with developing nations in the region taking the lead with more we're joined by our t's alex mahela vish in toronto hi alex how are you. are you good so southeast asia is experiencing a true. when this growth of middle class and vietnam is emerging as a religious find religion then tie cobb the government that now planning on launching a cash flow system by twenty twenty tell us more about this plan. the government's
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been active pushing this cashless system idea for quite a while since two thousand and eight to be absolutely exact now if you look at it it's a really good arena to push this out vietnam's a perfect country to do this if you look at the society right now ninety five million people only about forty percent have bank accounts anymore and there's one hundred twenty million mobile accounts so it's fresh and it's ready to go they have a good mobile system and that's only upgrading from where it is right now it's really a leader in this respect when it comes to asia now when we look at the way people are paying they're using these cashless systems as we do here i mean come on let's think about it i use my mobile app from my bank all the time to pay my bills to pay when i'm at a store you know you do the top if people are doing this but it seems like in asia they want to go and push it a little bit further especially in vietnam to the point that they're completely cashless so this is a really interesting stat the percentage of consumers in vietnam using mobile
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payments so exactly what we're doing here is gone up in two thousand and eighteen it was thirty seven percent two thousand one thousand were up to sixty one percent already the vietnamese government is pushing for one hundred percent by two thousand and twenty and their goal this year was to increase it by ten percent well not exactly by two thousand twenty but as part of their plan so they want to do it sooner than later it's a two thousand and twenty plan but when you look at it the way they broke it down they wanted ten percent of an increase this year and it looks like there are ready surpassing that all goals are being met so vietnam is well on its way to making its way to thailand where the numbers are bigger but vietnam is actually increasing faster than anybody seems like right now southeast asia as a whole has a very advanced pentax that is that rapidly diversified into a pay to pay fund transfers money lending services kept on even crowdfunding how does this transformation come about less regulation. you know regulations i don't think are really particularly important here are these governments when he comes to regulations it's not what's in place already it's what they're willing to do with
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laws and regulations to adapt to this new system so they just seem a lot more malleable these countries when it comes to that and ready to work towards pushing things ahead than other nations in the world so in that respect they're ready to go to another part of this whole equation is the fact that these governments are willing to invest in fin tech so when you look at vietnam they have programs and government programs which give tax rebates to new companies the startups as well as the fact that they have programs to educate these people and also to put money into these programs so these countries really want to push this forward something that we're not seeing as much of here in north america or in the western world for that matter it seems like they're kind of following in the footsteps of norway or less than ten percent of the population still use physical cash so right now t. mobile is betting on a cashless society future and it's planning to roll out a mobile banking program that offers customers no fee checking accounts now the last time to try to roll this kind of program out in twenty fourteen it didn't
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really catch on but what about this time. doing what the rest of the world is doing is just jumping on board here we have a graph for you which is kind of explains i know it's from the u.k. so it's a very particular market but it explains exactly what's going on in the world when it comes to this it's the trend it's not changing anytime soon it's moving in that direction t. mobile's jumping on board last time they tried before they tried to do lookup the debit card two thousand and fourteen that didn't work so now they're using what better to do than incentives so incentives such as allowing money transfers i mean this is the abilities that you can do which we can do it with our bank accounts right pay bills. using mobile while it's like apple pay but the incentives or competitive interest rates no fees so things like that they are trying to draw in customers as much as they can to use this new app. they have you are take our respondents have a lot of it thank you so much for the time thank you. time now for
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a quick break here because when we return a new report citing confidential document claim that in terms of development bank has big plans for venezuela. well give us the details and kind of court and the state is getting about how much of that wealth bill over into other market. trading by the house. and as we go to break here the numbers that. what we've got to do is identify the. dramatic development the only. strategy. will be successful
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impossible. is still luzhin it's a mental illness. this is now one of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out in from a. you know world of big part of a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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and new reports citing confidential document claimed that the enter american development bank has big plans for ben as well but those plans require that the country make substantial changes to its leadership first r.t. is rachel love and has the details as the united states continues to increase sanctions on venezuela the inner american development bank is reportedly planning to give the country forty eight billion dollars in capital but only if president nicolas maduro is there were thrown this plan was apparently referenced in a pair of confidential documents titled venezuela challenges and opportunities which outlined a four year plan to open the country's economy to foreign corporations. their report argues that by promising to pump billions of dollars in capital into the country the i.d.p. would be persuading foreign governments and businesses just support the push to
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overthrow. the people of venezuela battling not the power. it is and struggling to gain access to basic resources in recent weeks members of the i.d.b. were reportedly set to discuss the proposal at the bank's annual meeting in china last month but that meeting was apparently canceled after beijing learned that a representative for opposition leader one was the to attend while the united states has worked to secure support for why job both china and russia have continued to stand by him a juror and their support has attracted the attention of u.s. officials like national security advisor john bolton during a speech announcing new sanctions on the central bank of venezuela he referred to the countries as external actors and warned that any military involvement would be seen as a threat to security in the region the trump administration has been vocal about its support of the duros removal and the report on the idea plans for venezuela claim then an insider said the bank sees regime change in caracas as
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a question of when not if and many believe it will happen soon the funds would be focused on what the documents refer to as the recovery areas which includes the urgent needs for the population basic infrastructure and institutional reforms although it is not clear exactly where the forty eight billion dollars would come from the report noted that it would be an unprecedented loan for the i.d.p.'s sixty year history while the i.d.p. is made up of forty eight member countries the alleged requirement that material must be overthrown in order for venezuela to receive aid raises questions about just how much the u.s. is influencing the bank reporting for boom bust rachel blevins are. stay in south america and turning from sanctions to corruption is in shock over the latest episode of the sprawling international scandal around brazilian construction giant oda back on wednesday the two time former president of peru alan garcia fatally
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shot himself after police arrived at mr garcia's home to arrest him on charges of accepting. kickbacks from oda brecht mr garcia's two terms as president were separated by twenty years the most recent term running from two thousand and six to two thousand and eleven mr garcia was charged by the special prosecutor assigned to the direct case with using the illicit funds he received from zero direct to finance that campaign the prosecutor says as much as fourteen million dollars worth of bribes may have been paid to mr garcia and members of his administration there is now only one living former peruvian president who has not been implicated in the zero direct super scandal. going farther south from peru to argentina president maurizio rockery has implemented price controls in an attempt to get inflation under control the controls are comprised of a set of government imposed limits on prices and request a voluntary moratorium by corporations on price increases for five dozen food items
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inflation in argentina was measured at four point seven percent in march and eleven point eight percent for the force first quarter this year while the peasant has been waning against international currency markets in his video announcing the measures president mccurry warned that in the short run it will be very tough this move from president mccree is a sign that he is looking ahead to october as a presidential election. the food industry is facing challenges as disease infects the supply chain african swine fever seminal and he call outbreaks are running rampant as the c.d.c. struggles to keep it contained and under control here to help us take a closer look as todd horowitz chief strategist at bubba trading hi how are you groups who don't really mean the african swine fever is wrecking havoc to china's hog farms which could push pork prices in china up to four dollars and ninety cents per kilogram in two thousand and twenty that's a seventy eight percent increase from the current price so already four prices are
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up forty percent since may. two thousand and eighteen and china is the world's largest producer of pork so something like this is definitely going to affect the global supply who else will be impacted. you know i think we've we've accounted for the global supply if you go to the markets which will give you more of the determination of price hawgs did have a forty two percent increase over the last few months based on the fear of what was happening now they've dropped back about ten percent because we can now understand where we are with this crisis and of course one thing nice about hogs is that they have the ability to recreate very quickly so i don't think that it's going to be a major ordeal or a major problem going forward unless this disease expands similar to what the virus did about five years ago but right now looks to be sparely well contained and that's what the that's exactly the markets are saying right now because they have we have seen some selling and some pullback in the price of hog futures well as
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long as the hot supplies stay is this won't be a problem but right now the problem is even more compound it by the rising cost that are exceeding the price of hogs the u.s. trying to trade war increase surprise a soybeans which makes up a significant portion of animal feed making the business of hog farming unprofitable i would say an increase in beef and chicken production now as a traditional hog farmers look to hedge themselves. but i think when you look at it it costs and you look at feed you know again you know we're in this terror of war but in the meantime grain prices in the united states are at lows they haven't seen for months maybe you know some for six to eight months so you know again and china does have the ability to go out and buy from other sources so i don't see that that's playing out price wise going forward again i think that one thing we can learn from what's going on is that markets are extremely efficient getting to where they have to be so as you look at it there are some issues out there and if
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they if they get worse it could create. more of a problem but for now it's they seem to be fairly well under control and again though you can only really go by what the cost of goods are and grains are lower and hogs are lower so to me it tells me that everything's under control so there are some other implications i think to this china is the biggest importer of soybeans but with the escalation of the trade war we saw soybean imports drop by fourteen percent in the first quarter for the first time in fifteen years housing u.s. ag market taking this. is not taking it very well that is sort of beings of i've been down again they're back below the nine dollars level and they they look like they're under some pressure you know one of the big problems with the american soybean market right now not only are we having the trouble of china and them not importing enough but we've had bumper to bumper crops the last three years so we've got such an oversupply that we have to work through that prices could continue to fall in the saudi market which again goes back to where the inflation issue is in
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the overall economy. so let's take a look at the u.s. market now the c.d.c. recently reported that they're investigating a case of an outbreak this multi-state outbreak is the largest seen in twenty years and they're still trying to trace the source of that what do we know so far. well there's not a lot is known so far because there is still reason to believe we are seeing kroger and some of the others you know do. call backs and saying that there is an issue so we understand that there is and as you know it hasn't become an epidemic yet but certainly it has the potential to become one and i think it's something that we have to watch over the next few weeks to make sure i think they'll get it under control but right now again we could get to a very serious problem the state can trace it back to the source which i still not been able to do i think they're also investigating a case a seminal outbreak as well which has been linked to raw tuna in the states have led had multiple food recall that kroger that whole foods as you said so what's the
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story there. well i think again you know we're having some issues and you know usually sell monologist more often caused by some carelessness by the way something was packaged always something was handled so i think that will also be found that again you know we're very sharp and tracing these sources back once we can find that there is a problem so i think once we get to that point and they they locate the problem i think that we solve itself and though it typically is not usually in the chain it's usually something is done by a careless employer or something somewhere that actually causes that to happen yes and i we've seen that repl across multiple food processing places as they have had recalls on like flies fruits and vegetables etc. thank you so much for the time chief strategist above the trading thank you so much rand site thank you. that's it by this time you can catch boom bust on direct t.v.
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a while is going to attract more extremists from around africa and that leads to. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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in the headlines a one pair moscow time the much hyped much anticipated miller aboard dispels two years of media speculation on trumped russia collusion but it hasn't silence the attacks on the us president of the democrats calling a new angle. no collusion no obstruction the president trumping gauge obstruction of justice certainly obstructed justice multiple attempts by the present to mislead the country. described doesn't historic and moral duty by the greek premier athens demands three hundred billion euros from germany in world war two reparations how long are generations of generations having to pay for things that they didn't.


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