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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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the much anticipated money report dispels two years of media speculation on. the attacks on the us president with the democrats finding. no collusion no one to structure. the country. ukraine. a televised election debate. stage with a comic actor to take his job on sundays. and the u.s.
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government in libya accuses france of supporting rebel forces and cooperation with . violence in the north african nation intensifies with hundreds killed over the. international line from last year with me. welcome to the program. after a two year investigation and almost nonstop media coverage of the so-called scandal the heavily redacted miller report has finally sorted it out the document reveals there was no cooperation between donald trump or any american with russians in the twenty sixteen presidential election. the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities
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but donald trump isn't off the hook in the eyes of the democrats and media the u.s. house judiciary committee has issued a subpoena for the unredacted report as the focus now shifts to the possible obstruction of the investigation more on that from our senior correspondent right. two years america waited for this hoped and prayed it would make trump all exonerate him that the new report would and this two year long drama about collusion hacking and conspiracy people would get closure what america got was this page after redacted page censored into n. legibility obviously some of this stuff could pass for modern art and as with art everyone interprets this report how they want and they're having
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a good day i'm having a good day q who's called. no collusion no obstruction even it is incomplete for me to work with him only point out one's disturbing evidence. president tripping gauge in obstruction of justice and oh there is kind of confused so was mueller trump may have been cleared of collusion but obstruction of justice. in the air mueller writes that it's so complicated he couldn't decide whether trump tried to obstruct justice or not the guilty no innocent the conclusion the congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law specifically you have found eleven instances where trump potentially tried to obstruct justice and democrats have
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jumped on it the miller report brings a disturbing picture of a president who has been weaving new web of deceit lies and improper behavior and acting as if the law doesn't apply to him it's a very interesting a very disturbing read that does not exonerate this president the whole repercussions for the country of having a president who lies to the country who misleads the country you urges others to do so a president to. to my reading of. the report almost certainly obstructed justice certainly intended and attempted to obstruct justice and if true this alleged trumped tantrum is only making it so much sweeter. the president slumped back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency i'm. you know this report has trump politically the democrats smell blood have trumped up and like blood hounds still
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mercilessly to dog him for obstruction and anyone that gets in the way the messenger included they have ministration has a new face and a new messenger and one with a lot more stature he's the country's attorney general he said half a dozen times no collision no collusion no lawyer no legal presentation present its conclusion six times the attorney general getting out there and getting his narrative his take on it as vigorously as possible because attorney general barr wants to represent our trouble i think he should resign they're calling for barr to resign a traitor a sellout they scream and they want mueller himself the darling just a few months ago to be hauled before congress the mueller reports and did nothing who hated trump hated him more and vice versa if anything this report is going to america and americans further apart but they got to tell you at least
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in my view fracture is a happy as expected lot of reaction to the release including russia but the kremlin saying the report provides no evidence of so-called interference and calling it a case of internal u.s. political fighting as some of the guests and experts shared with us about the two years in the making for years. they still can't get to a point where the president did with russia in fact they said quite categorically it did not happen so then why would the president knowing he is innocent obs struct put that in as a matter of pure politics as a sop to the democrats who are on the commission twenty five attorneys all of them democrats most of them hillary supporters a large number of them hillary donors and we had to do something in the report to make them happy why did this investigation even begin i mean was there wrongdoing there was there you know falsification of documents to get pfizer warrants there's
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a lot of embarrassment here we're talking about millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars of time wasted if things happened for something that legitimately had no basis in fact and any evidence that might have been presented to start this smaller investigation all last night we had chuck schumer saying that well how dare william barr you know come out and speak before we get the report what kind of report with this be after that we're going to start hearing about how the redactions are at a way a way to hide the real truth and it's really never going to and we're going to continue to see one thing after another with trump but they went immediately from russia collusion to trump taxes trying financial statements and william bars obstruction so i mean the arguments haven't stopped yet they're not going to stop but we do have what seems to be a very conclusive case of absolutely no collusion most of the attorneys i talked to at the beginning of this said when they start investigations like this they always find something on their target it came back that he was squeaky clean and i think that turns the conversation from what's inside of this investigation to what
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prompted what was the impetus who paid for this investigation the rule in the united states the constitutional law is you're innocent until proven guilty that right actually was not given our president he was absolutely considered guilty by much of the leftist regressive media in the united states and so i don't know exactly how they're going to explain. the more time the democrats do spend on this the more they're damaging their own party going into elections. not ukraine where a packed stadium in kiev has watched the most unlikely pairings like a time out ahead of sunday's presidential election runoff the incumbent the petro poroshenko was up against comic actor volodymyr zelinsky who played a president on t.v. and is now hotly tipped to become the real thing and he joined me earlier in the studio with the details. that was a stadium which actually hosted the final of the euro twenty twelve it was almost eight years ago now the two presidential candidates are debating there but i just
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want to make it clear that these were the debates in the country which is actually the reason for all the bitterness between the western world and russia all the sanctions boy because when people are refusing to talk face to face and here referring to the most high ranking officials it all began after the events in ukraine in two thousand and four take now let's go back to the dates so that. they are ahead of the presidential runoff but in the first round the comedian bloomers olinsky performed way better than expected he won a bit less than a third of all the votes and petro poroshenko got almost two times less than that sixteen percent president poroshenko came to power as a result of the mind revolution in two thousand and fourteen and that was when the president was considered pro russian victory in
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a cold which was overthrown and back then it was a few months after the martin revolution porcher and co won the presidential election in the first round obviously was more than fifty percent of the votes now his support according to the pre run of opinion polls ranges from twenty percent to forty percent which is obviously not enough to win the second round this time and twenty nine thousand so what he's trying to do is play the anti-war card he's trying to portray selenski as a russian puppet or as the man who won't be able to withstand all this russian aggression as petro poroshenko calls it the let's take a listen with what he's saying and how he's trying to push that idea through. you know you should probably i believed. lansky does not want to surrender ukraine i believe it does not dream of tying ukraine back to the russian empire surely this
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is such a dream if he doesn't know how to resist it today then we definitely need to remove all the risks for ukraine's future the reason why they're voting for is lansky is the concept let's give it a try let's make this dream come true a person was no experience in politics let's just at least give him the opportunity to try and get rid of the old political elite and this is the cards of those he's playing he's saying that he won't have any of the portugal people in the new government if he wins and he in fact promises to start legal cases not all the against the people in government right now but maybe even petro poroshenko himself particulars which is the first of all i would like to see that i'm not your opponent i mean your journey. with mr selenski it was probably felt a little bit that he was a bit inexperienced petro poroshenko was really trying very very hard to turn the
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tide with this debate but again the margin is just way too big on sunday will see if he succeeded at least to some extent. maybe as u.n. backed government has ended cooperation with france accusing the country of supporting rebel forces. all relations between the interior ministry and the french side have been halted because of the french government support of the criminal half to. libya's currently split between the un back to government of national accord and rival general khalifa haftar who controls the libyan national army a fortnight ago the general launched an offensive amidst un plans to facilitate a general election his troops are advancing from an broke in the east towards the un backed government in the capital tripoli in the west hundreds have been killed over the past two weeks added to this are other militant groups active across the country but mainly in the south artie's shall it depends give reports now on the
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ground between the un and france over the north african nation. the u.n. backed government in tripoli making some pretty stark allegations against the french government saying they're actually supporting the all the sides that france has categorically denied that today with an official presidential spokesperson saying no france recognizes the u.n. backed government in tripoli and that the president the prime minister ows a large is the only person the president might call on is speaking with including as recently as this monday but of course it's not the first time that france has been accused of putting its own strategic interests in this oil rich country ahead of anything else it's really has made this claim it would be very serious difference for economic or commercial reasons i brought an e.u. initiative to bring peace to libya and would support a policy that is fighting as minister of the interior i will not stand by and watch
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what we've seen in recent weeks is an increased escalation since the beginning of april now the statistics say that more than two hundred people have been killed including civilians and more than nine hundred people have been injured those statistics coming from the world health organization but of course this conflict has been raging now for many years going back to two thousand and eleven when countries including france staged an intervention well mark gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave feeling. we came we saw our he died but. the world you would get rid of a dictator and you would choose freedom we've. got to see. let me be. happy yes i could have gone you know to be defeated.
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well one of the big three things it libya faces is the fact that the international community just card to agree on a way forward and what we've heard again the old warnings from the un backed government that if the international community cards heal those divisions and decide the way forward then history courage to repeat itself again and libya could find itself back in those dark days of two thousand and eleven when that conflict that civil war broke out. live now to geo political expert pm mandela tomine who is the founder and president of euro continent thanks for coming on to the program here let's look at what francis said now they've denied it supports libya's u.n. backed government what's behind this lack of understanding.
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to explain the situation we've. recent and long term developments of libya. it was always. iraq very between france some libya under cut a few rules on bases were your friends participated to regime change with united kingdom united states of libya and this described belise to the situation totally in the wood region and no. since libya we choose a frock to a. shade state we do different sections varies no really nation there are a lot of tribes fighting each or or countries. in the local reliever region are under globe are try to interfere full fight for influence but also because of libya put on shoddy can destabilize more of
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a situation because the south of immediate iranian see between to tunisia and egypt and. come from the migration crises tariffed of migrants who are going to europe pass through libya brazil lot of oil and gas reserves and there is varieties of islamist factions. some states. moving from to libya and to the mistake strategy mistake was don't buy this regime change in libya and no or countries fighting each other for influence try to manage a situation and to france to understand a french position. know we have to understand the fate of arab revolutions be full of france like of
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a countries believed in the sort of democrats as ation we are of revolutions misreported regime change it didn't work it led islamist to take power and now lives a change of tactics and they concede or no friends but also of a country's about to supporting more like mr or jennifer have to resist strong military leader or we'd be much more efficient to good read that islamist and to control of a country and this is why france who porting. between after our and. united are of in. the rates pat let me just jump in saying you know you're saying france is a supporting have to so is so is the us recognizing half the playing
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a significant role in libya and both both the parish share of vision for a stable democratic political system. how do you think the international community is going to view washington support of hafta and francis where they use. the problem is that governments western governments or whisk lame to support democracy and. you know they went to westernize or of countries or. to tune into trouble dear mother but actually we are new world aware riyadh put egypt praised much bigger role more on. security programs we've done migration crises and actually. received our political and. national interests which up prevailing and of buffs of
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france on us don't trust a reliever or a u.n. back government in tripoli to really manage the country but of course it looks like after all because of communication on exports of stability and democracy a double standard. this is a problem but. these the change of tactics is also because france to once to stay as a power in the region and want to support more. i would say a strong leader a soup or two by strong military to. be lies of a country and of course. the sea is not anymore we approach show as before doing the arab revolutions where it was a dream of first reporting democrats is ation and are
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a country who like to model themselves according to western values i think they all say yeah appear. that they're pair money. political expert founder and president of euro continent thanks very much for sharing your feelings on our program thanks. still to come this hour sky's the limit for one russian startup looking to start a space race for advertising we'll look at that after the show break. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective and i'm used to surprising people. one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the flying here. in the program the russian and north korean leaders are expected to hold their
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first summit before the end of the month although the exact date and location yet to be confirmed but in a question of us has the details. every bit of information about this meeting is kept top secret details coming from official sources practically zero we know nothing of this date or at least the police where this meeting may happen now as the kremlin spokesman explained safe secrecy by a matter of security and while there is very few official details some media outlets have already started to speculate there are rumors that the current leader of north korea may follow the example set by his father and come to russia using a special train some other media outlets claim the meeting will take place on the end of april which is a rather soon in the city of light of our stock in russia's far east before the russian president's official visit to china the agenda of the talks also are known
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but let me give you the idea of this meeting setting will take place after a rather unsuccessful negotiations between north korea and the u.s. even called for the replacement of the u.s. secretary of state mike brown pale into talks even in the case of possible resumption of dialogue with the u.s. dollar counterpart would not be but some of the person who is more careful in communicating with us while this came hours after north korea claimed to have tacit a new tactical weapon for the first time after a rather unsuccessful negotiations with donald trump and now this secrecy over the possible meeting with the russian president just leaves everybody wonder what happens next. now russia's start up companies to launch a mini satellite it into the night sky to project advertisements it goes you don't know it's into whether reaching for the stalls is such a stellar idea. from
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over cars to steampunk style cyborgs the futuristic new art of sight fight is still peers have imagined scores of disturbing futures and in some cases fiction turns out to be a grim prophecy in a few years' time the shimmer of stars in the night sky might be out shined by the glow of billboards flashing with ads a russian company starts rocket is looking for clients to be move their advertisement from space yes you heard it right space here's how the russians say it will work with. the display itself consists of two hundred small satellites called cubes out which we're going to live to an altitude of nearly five hundred kilometers and satellite reflections and sunlight directly to the earth that. sort
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of that we turn on and off when we need to be displayed moves into orbit of growing messages or images of the satellites required for them to which allows us to remove them from once they've served their time and then look at the burn out of the atmosphere and they're quite human well naturally not everyone shares the excitement over such prospects imagine being overwhelmed with ads you can't skip you can't hide with block they're just floored up there and reachable almost like in that episode of the dark side. black mirror when the main character couldn't afford to skip a commercial. another concern what if it's hacked do i have to remind of all those cases when people hacked into billboards to broadcast the not so child friendly content and after all this is not my. romans and gazing at
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a constellation of bronze but start rockets says that they are the new stars as. the ancient greeks constellations several years ago based their myths on the stars and today are myths of brands we live by there we of course space in the near future become a kind of continuation of our living environment with hundreds here and if he goes there brands will go there too it's just a matter of time if so will inevitably be followed by other companies to place their ads in space perhaps he's got a point there's not much money to be made from stars but the reason marketing the commercial possibilities are endless boundless it's going to be popular absolutely it'll be so popular and so many people will want to do it it will drive people crazy and they will then be clamoring for it to be removed because it will be an eyesore people will hate it it will be a product of excess what if it's libelous what if it's scandalous what if it's
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considered against the religion of an adjoining area of a country can they complain who owns space if i'm somewhere and i look up and there's some obnoxious advertise but first something and i object to it you know i haven't a right of objection can you imagine war is being started by this and of course start rocket has yet to prove it can deliver its first space but who knows maybe the first real star wars episode will see will be the battle of the brands. now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more updates but do stay with us now for cross talk it's next here on international.
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impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this is now one of my bones from flesh or from my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken down from a. good earth but survival guide look stacey just like all the stored safely at least. he should still there are you going to get him back. oh no. repatriations he will look at the rest of seventy years. philip is that those guys are worth. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when as you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the
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time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death.


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