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tv   News  RT  April 20, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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french yellow. for a week twenty three. countries wealthy donors. to rebuild. also coming up this. report detailing why many of the twenty six. claims from the investigation. u.s.
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presidential hopefuls. who go head to head for the democrats nomination driving away through the party. the door shuts. the far right groups. get reaction to the tech giant's decision. does have responsibility this stuff does make a difference and i completely agree with kids. about keeping people off social media. live from our international news center in moscow this is our mining's you know hello and welcome to the program our top story it's the twenty third saturday of government rallies in the so named. name. why these are the scenes right now
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in the french capital as you can see a large police presence and also a lot of protesters reporters and journalists in the middle of them it's the first turn i to member since sinatra dumped cathedral blades with protesters anger directed at the vast amounts of money donated for the purpose tear gas already used by police we saw earlier on a one hundred thirty seven people arrested as. i told you. i i. i i i i i i what we're seeing is again tensions on the streets in paris they have been skin
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wishes between the police and protesters at several junctures including at the past and also where some of those demonstrations taking place when stand around seven and a half thousand people taking part in that demonstration in paris that's one of many going on across the country we don't get the full figures though for the number of people who have to cross france and probably at some point on sunday but in those tensions we've already seen calls being burnt we've seen bins being set on fire rubbish strewn on the streets and then that set on fire we've seen the protests this throw bottles and bricks towards the police and the and we've seen them retaliate of course with that tear gas that skirmishes really really heating up in the center of the city this is now the first of us protests since not to put down cathedral. on monday night. that fire at the time we thought was uniting france it
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actually happened about half an hour before president was due to give a big address the nation is second address in regards and his first off that this big debate that france has been happening now for the last few months since the yellow vests protest started back in november of last year the idea was to address the issues that people who drains during this big debate took itself all around the country saying it was listening to people but before president machen could tell the other best protesters talf france what he was going to do to improve their situation not turn down cathedral burned down now people in france that night stood out in paris watched what was happening they waited with bated breath people watched it on the news and there was a moment of solidarity but that came quickly and within twenty four hours all through to emerge that hundreds of millions of euros had been raised for the reconstruction of not a many people including yellow press protesters saying how
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can you raise hundreds of millions of euros to rebuild a cathedral when you can't deal with the issues that we're facing here in france now these issues don't forget they see all of us protests has always been about the high cost of living in front so included the taxes all the fuels when it started out back in november but always about the cost of living and how so many people in france just cannot eat character living here because of that but let's just take you through some of the figures on that last year the latest figures which will from two thousand and seventeen show that eight point eight million people in france are living below the poverty line that means that they survive on just a thousand euros every month but entire families we also know that there are twelve thousand people sleeping rough across the country many of those sleeping rough here in the capital and that has really irked many of the people who support the yellow vests. that's some of the reasons why we're seeing more engagement again this week
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and it looks like they're coming out in strength and what we know is that there is a strong response on the street there's thousands upon thousands of agenda and police all out there trying to tackle the protesters we know that the government was very fearful that there would be unrest in the city today and that's exactly what we've seen. continual life footage of france on our website but moving on to more world news this hour the russian embassy in washington has fired back at the newly released moeller report on trump russia collusion it's published a hefty document called russia gate history a case of severe russia phobia it's a detail rebuttal of the allegations made against moscow and reaches the following conclusion. the investigation didn't show any real evidence to back up claims of moscow's cyber attacks and attempts to subvert democracy all this time russia pointed to the obvious made up nature of these insinuations we call on our merican
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partners to finally disavow these allegations and join efforts to repair the damage to bilateral relations for the sake of our peoples and global security. the report was finally released on thursday after almost two years of investigation much of it heavily redacted it concluded that there was no collusion between russia and donald trump's campaign team during the twenty six thousand presidential election but it was more guarded when it came to mr trump's alleged obstruction of the probe but after the report's release some democrats renewed their calls for donald trump to be impeached while republicans insist the president was exonerated even though pointedly said that's not so many media outlets now appear to be focusing on the division it's brought to us society their word instead of acknowledging that they're pretty really speculations were wrong. explains.
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trump is a traitor he's cronies are abetting him in his treachery and all of them are going to get what's coming for them this promise started to resonate across the airwaves of mainstream american channels even before the miller investigation became a thing and it started with this bombshell then senator jeff sessions met with the russian ambassador in the u.s. the controversial russian ambassador sergey it's a shameful picture it is an open question whether there was collusion cooperation between trump associates during the campaign and russian officials current and former u.s. officials say he's considered one of the kremlin's top spies by u.s. intelligence some u.s. intelligence officials believe he's more than that breathing the same with a russian you were supposed to destroy not join them there was no redemption for sessions in the buna to die of the media and bassett
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a kiss like overnight got promoted to the rank of super snitch and now here comes the facts the meetings were brief public and non-substantive the military team found no evidence of coordination between the trump campaign and russia in these chats the ones. deflates back into a boring now former ambassador the next scandal reported to reveal a nother despicable truth about trump not only is he a lie himself but he lures others into his web of deceit president trump is facing new scrutiny today over a report that he told his personal attorney to lie to congress about his business dealings with russia we have breaking news tonight on the russia investigation here's what buzz feed news is reporting that as bombshell report coming from buzz feed news president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress about the moscow tower project congressional democrats calling. for immediate investigation
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declaring the trunk must be impeached at the story is true this one was rock solid the report claimed journalists corroborated the allegation with their own eyes india's colleagues said on c.n.n. this morning that you were briefed on these document i'll just say that we we've seen documents we've been briefed on documents we're very confident in our report the revelation was unprecedented but not in terms of factual value but because the military made an effort to personally very polarized the claim description of specific statements and characterization of documents and testimony on not accurate what do you think happens next any ideas buzz feed cocktail apologetically deleted the article no instead it blurted out more letters and words and sentences explaining that while the initial reporting was incorrect at the same time it
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wasn't and you make sense of that and the final jam the infamous meeting between trump's former can pain manager and the leaker in chief julian assange donald trump's former campaign manager paul man afford health secret talks with julian assange inside the ecuadorian embassy in london and visited around the time he joined trump's campaign the guardian has been told the military paid so much attention to this possibility it didn't even bother to look into it and no where on its five hundred plus pages does the report mention anything of the sort and this is just barely a handful of all the bombshells and sensations and are you open is nuked by the miller report it's still out there unphased in arrogance as attaining their false hudes there's really an organized campaign here involving the media the corporate media and the intelligence agencies. and there then the effort is to use the even
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of the mueller report found that this whole scandal this whole pseudo scandal was much ado about nothing they are now trying to use the report the report to increase the pressure on trump in order to drive him from office the behavior of the press is outrageous. so the long awaited report might not have hits on the alleged meeting between paul monna ford and julian assange igor was going through there but it did take a long hard look out the whistleblower on this alleged links to russia on the link of more than twenty thousand democratic national committee e-mails and documents the investigation though provided no solid evidence as to how exactly the data was obtained or whether. these even existed well those of course come hot on the heels of the arrest of julian assange last week by british police the and by r.t.c.
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exclusive video after ecuador terminated his near seven year asylum its london embassy the wiki leaks founder is no waiting his fate with an extradition hearing expect early next month over u.s. charges of government computer be on the glimpse of life inside those cramped confines. a rare video of a snapshot of how life was for so long maybe thoughts running through his head of what he's going to do when he gets all of them are simply trying to keep fit in this tiny embassy kitchen who actually knows but here is a boy goes in the middle take. in case you missed. it it. said it's out of the embassy and. that everyone's favorite we. could do is embassy is looking for a decent painter decorator in the london area after judas i'm just carried out like that being a battering ram there was a plane is that. actions sometimes it's love sometimes it's hate you do not hear
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many people saying stuff like. i want to leave. he's a complex character a man only truly understood by just two creatures on god's green power and discern this guy have you noticed there's always a can't just say now of anyone who's been trapped inside a foreign embassies by groom for the boss a few years is a sign just famous publishing house documents on america's wars diplomats. politicians the us authorities a queue to have a few stern words with him about it now this is where it gets a little bit complicated so try to keep up a staunch first of all asylum because the u.k. was considering extraditing him to sweden where he had been accused of sexual assault the way he could claim the allegations were actually part of a plot to extradite him from sweden to the us and would have agreement fate awaits
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him there did you follow that just rewind. half speed if you need to it boils down to this as i'm just supporters see him as a champion of free speech taking on the american monolith those who don't like him point to the allegations in sweden as a reason that evidence of war crimes is still evidence of war crimes even if the person telling you about them has a few shall we say idiosyncrasies and even if they claim is in sweden a set up that doesn't mean washington house anyway here's a little secret the media is hiding from life is complicated tony honks is always the hero so you just decide whether it's in the public's interest to see what the world's superpower is up to behind closed door was power me deal with the rust. free. number of british four road groups from the platform we look at the reasons
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on the reaction among our stories in ninety seconds. trump said many times that you know we got. vantages you know with moving the embassy to jerusalem the mission of jerusalem is our capital. he said that there
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will be some things that israel will not like either so this is why i think the palestinians should come with opening the minds to the to the negotiations. were back former us vice president joe biden has now reportedly begun a fund raising campaign for next year's presidential election campaign petting him against veteran senator bernie sanders for the democratic ticket a poll out this week gives biden a slim one point lead ahead all the saunders that's raising fears that the party faces being torn down the middle by their very different campaign platforms came up
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and looks at the democrats' grassroots division. inside the offices of the democratic party elite alarm bells are going off why it seems that a progressive democratic socialist is now the front runner sanders is raising money fast and he's got a very big base of support but this isn't supposed to happen the way the game is normally played the far left is not supposed to take the nomination even on left leaning m s n b c we've got voices saying that donald trump is preferable to bernie sanders and that's quite a statement coming from a network that often portrays the donald like the anti christ i find reprehensible as a human being what a socialist can do. to this company country as far as the strength and well being of our country the donald trump but even beyond the burning movement the democratic party seems to be pretty well shaken up take the case of congresswoman ellen omar now the democratic leadership which has been pro israel since one thousand nine hundred forty eight sees her comments as anti-semitic congresswoman oman's use of
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and dismay to groups and produce the boat israel support this is deeply offensive we condemn these remarks and we call upon congresswoman omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments but i want to mark keeps raising money in fact she's more popular than ever for a first term congresswoman turns out that there's a lot more discontent with the israel lobby than many were aware of and then there's alexandria because you know cortez now known as a c she is a first term congressional rock star more popular and well known than people who've been in congress for years but at this point nancy pelosi is saying that her victory meant nothing to have these wings. and her group on one side i think five people she even dismissed her new york city win as something that anyone or anything could do if labeled as a democrat those are districts that are somewhat democratic this glass of water
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would win with a deal. next thing you know is this day here's what people in new york city told us about the ruckus inside of the democratic battleship democrats need to be worried period we need to like come together and figure out where the united nations is going to be and focus where to scatter to so many voices to certainly split you know what i mean popularity versus the establishment dance to play in this divide between all of these and you have to get a band together to work to say that your socialist democrats who are just believe you know we should give everybody everything for free and then democrats are a little more reasonable donald trump swept the white house by bucking the republican establishment and putting out a message far different than what the g.o.p. has said in recent years and it seems that now the democratic party is facing a similar submarining and shake up the democratic presidential primary is lining up to be anything but predictable caleb mopp and r.t.
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new york hosting in the city former new york city council counter that money how sees the democrats need to support a candidate who represents actual change for the party. the really see this war going on the democratic party between the progressive and center it's no secret the democratic party is the party of the corporate his party is a party of big donor and you see them getting very very nervous really represents change he's already the front runner he already has the structure he's raising enough money and he's raising enough money with small carnations and that's really really key he took campaign finance for our democratic party needs to look at what it takes to take a hard look at itself and you know who are they are they are they going to be like the republicans and basically be a party for wealthy people they need to look at the landscape and and basically. you know promise their own party in promised the world that if. about candidate
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they are running and doing well and is being supported and becoming the front runner they need to support that particular article no matter what that really what should happen. facebook has bombed some of the u.k.'s biggest right wing groups on drain you can't agree to tackle hate speech online individuals and organizations who spread hate or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are have no place in fees book under our dangerous individuals and organizations policy we ban those who proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence all the groups beyond are accused of having far right or extreme views become the tory as for promoting negative attitudes toward certain groups or firmly opposed to increasing immigration the bomb hits groups like the english defense league the
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british national party britain first here so one of those organizations reacted nine hundred eighty four is here who next why the so afraid of the truth we survived before the fascist facebook page and we will continue to survive political and social commentator morons are media analysts neil wallace brocht on the issues surrounding facebook's latest decision. i'm very skeptical about a company like facebook group run by a bunch of jumped up billionaires from silicon valley coming from the classic liberal elite. background then are they really the people we would appoint guardians of this sort of thing do we really trust their judgment are we meant to sit around and wait for laws to be implemented we need to tackle these people the methods that we use for tackling the likes of our own hard to ruin street. preachers and their online. forums for doing all of their hate
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preaching we need to apply that same principle to the likes of the e.t.l. of britain first and the national front what this is really is an enormous bout of virtue signalling by an appalling company facebook and instagram who are using it purely. a fig leaf for the fact that frankly over the last few years they have an appallingly laughable policy about keeping evil people of social media the real truth of the matter is this these are not small problems we knew already it from twenty eleven and twenty twelve and as brave it who killed what was it seventy seven people wounded two hundred nine people in the norway terror attacks he had openly admitted and it was in the dossier that was came out in the court evidence and was held to be correct he met with the senior leadership team he met with e.t.l.
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on rhetorical strategies the idea was to have the street gangs these radical people online to radicalize people online like terrorists why is it why is it that he has taken eight years since those socialist you would call them signal virtue signallers socialist labor movement youngsters kids that were slain in norway their link that you know why did take an eight years governments done nothing the tories have done nothing you know why they're not did now is because they're under tremendous more pressure than ever before about the lack of social responsibility they have created this. now a lot is spoken about people changing to what they believe is their real gender but don't so much about those who transition and then regret it our documentary i want my sex back starts in moments.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. somehow i want to. have to try to be close beside them before three of them or ten people that. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. the city. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us a little bit one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be rich eight point six percent world market thirty percent somewhat one hundred to five hundred three per second per second and we rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two
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point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know bored to miss the one and only boom box. we came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor. the difficulty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us some even proven innocent off to years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realized that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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it. for the lord god we call the commander probably into a deep sleep and while he was sleeping he took one of the men's room and then closed up with flash. i was born a male i started living as a female when i was nineteen years old had a sex change when i was thirty years old i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this nobody can change genders it's impossible. it's delusional it's a mental illness. and the lord god made a woman from the room he had taken out of the man and he brought her to the man once i finally had the surgery i went out with this was the wrong thing to do it
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was the wrong thing to do to cut off my male anatomy. command. this is now one of my bones from flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man that is why a man leaves his father and mother and if you nine it to his wife and they become one flesh the fact of the matter is the forty percent of people who are attempting suicide are people who regret ever changing genders good dog. right there around for quite. a wake up beforehand if you just wait for me.
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i read the bible and i pray and then i try to be feeling and listen for his voice his guidance. my name is billy burley. living here and poke in there. and i used to work for. and let me show you all around the house a little bit. of the weather over here and. i'm sure we don't have air conditioning over here and so we keep the doors and windows open for good bit throughout the year. i. can me a little.


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