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i. began. political. presidents early results given my landslide victory over president. stark message to the country's ruling class. at least two hundred sixty people were killed in explosions and hundreds more injured hotels and churches were targeted during celebrations. in the week's top stories in. between. russia a report finally publishes.
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the international thanks for joining us in the program a. political outsider known for playing a president in a t.v. . land the real job early results give a lot of years olinsky a landslide win over incumbent. already conceded defeat correspondent was in the studio. to discuss what it means for ukraine. now we can say with almost one hundred percent certainty that president or. zelinsky will be in charge of ukraine for the next five years and let's be fair this triumph was expected because not a single opinion poll tipped porsche and co to win this head of the runoff but that
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margin that is incredible that is really a sensation and a complete disaster for. when it became clear that it's a total triumph for of all dimmers alinsky he decided to stick to his own style of communicating with his audience through snappy videos in online posts and in fact he posted something that was recorded on a phone which looks like an instagram story or a video for friends let's have a look at it very. very well i want to thank everyone for being with us these four months that is of course. not me the work we've done together the main thing that we've done we've united ukraine united our lives united our people. when he said he's united everybody we've obviously time will tell us the style is very different now ever since. the exit polls came out he obviously had to hold his first
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news conference what came out of that which was much more serious than just recording videos on phones and immediately he was given questions about what he's going to do with russia what he's going to do when it comes to dealing with the war in east ukraine and in a way mr selenski call european politicians down by saying that he wants to keep working in the so-called normandie format that is when leaders of russia and. ukraine communicate together but in the presence of other european leaders the leaders of germany and france in fact we didn't really see these kind of talks happen for quite a while now also he said that he's still supporting the so-called minsk agreements he wants some sort of updates and then he wants to relaunch the process but this is
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what we hear from russian politicians all the time which this is what we hear from western politicians all the time there is no alternative to the minsk agreements now there is something else that really caught the attention of the journalists there. lensky invited all representatives of the media to start a new information war to win the hearts and minds of ukrainian citizens that are now currently living in the breakaway regions. or that least do you journalists we will invite you in the near future this is our plan preparation we would be very hard on the information to finish. it looks like that has been on the back foot he's really been trying to keep his job but when you look at how quickly he conceded a honeymoon it was so far only minutes to do that he decided not to wait for any official announcements from the election authorities but again that's all because
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of this massive margin which is a pretty much it's impossible to turn this whole thing around but petro poroshenko said that he's staying in politics and for him this is probably the beginning of another campaign campaign ahead of the parliament elections now there is a situation in ukraine right now and perhaps he might find himself in a situation that's similar to that of donald trump when his decisions could be blocked by the parliament where the coalition. where the main party is petro poroshenko party has a majority in parliament he reiterated that he's not giving up to journalists when he has a press conference let's have a listen to bits of what he had to say. if it doesn't. sense the words that winston churchill which i always follow. when i see the
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results of the exit poll. demand i now call my congratulate let's go back to all of them are selenski press conference where one of the questions was are you ready to accept petro poroshenko as help and are you ready to put him in some sort of government position mr selenski answer was yes i'm ready but if the people tell me they're ready for it so perhaps we're just going to wait and see historian and analyst model mccauley believes it will be difficult for mrs and skewed to live up to the promises he's made to the ukrainian public. everyone knew who he is everyone knows really looks like but the big tasks begin mediately because he's promised if you look at his economic program it's very very easy to live exactly as will improve. health services will improve education will improve
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and your. know how we're going to do that. because corruption corruption is the main. cancer which is affecting. ukrainian life every president in two thousand four. hundred could corruption at the top of the list live ends up fighting for their own political life and we knew that but republishing who did that and look what happened here. the death toll from a series of explosions in sri lanka has reached two hundred sixty two with hundreds more injured churches and hotels across the island were targeted on easter sunday the first broadcast hit that set up these charts in the capital colombo there was a further seven explosions many of the victims were from the christian minority who were celebrating their holiest day dozens of foreign nationals are also among the dead we should warn you the following images are distressing. the trajectory
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was a it was. was thirteen people have been arrested in connection with the attacks this is a video of a suspect detained during a police operation in the suburb of the capital because the french minister said the culprits were religious extremists while the country's prime minister's promised the people behind the attack will face a stern response. looking back at what happened the first bombing happened at around nine in the morning in total five blasts at the capital including a church and three luxury hotels the last happened in colombo in an apartment block during a police raid which we showed you there three officers were left dead about forty kilometers north of the city of new gumbo another place of worship was hit and a church was also bombed in batticaloa that's
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a popular tourist destination on the opposite side of the island after that a small hotel in front of a zoo was also targeted a local media seven improvised explosive device was recovered near colombo international airport. the aftermath of one of the explosions no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks because a mainly buddhist country with substantial muslim and christian minorities world leaders have condemned the attacks and expressed their condolences speaking at the east the service at the vatican pope francis expressed his support for all those affected. i wish to express my heartfelt solidarity with the christian community this directed while it was a prayer and with all the victims of. violence it jew strategic analyst says there's been disquiet between religious communities in the lead up to sunday's atrocities i think there was a level of uncomfortable or tea among different communities of the bigot only off
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there was a some sort of lighting between some of the national groups and oddly should not forget the phenomenon of terrorism and violence is not all going to move. it was heat from one thousand you could three two thousand and nine when there was an insurgency particularly a lot east of sri lanka sitting in government that it's already two thousand and nine when they got rid of that insurgency and then they alter the development of this from side bombing not that is this something again has happened now after nine nine nine years but at this particular point of time the argument dynamics to get used to the situation inside a link there are other factors like dash because dash has been operating everywhere in the board well i think the message is quite clear to the community which make up around seven percent of the civilian population. the message is to try to fight them to keep them obvious from places and also the messages to the foreigners who
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have been doing this to lanka i think it is going to come down hard on this linking economy it is going to be negatively disturbed when it comes to. the situation in the past changing. this week so the release of the long awaited model reports the heavily redacted document revealed there was no collusion between president trump and russia in the run up to the twenty sixteen us election. the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities despite those conclusions from the attorney general don't trump is not yet off the hook around ten percent of the report was blacked out on the house judiciary committee has issued a subpoena into the full version to be released for democrats the focus is now
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shifting to possible obstruction of justice by the u.s. president more a lot now from our senior correspondent rob guys they've two years america waited for this hoped and prayed it would unmake trump all exonerate him that the new report would end this two year long drama about collusion hacking and conspiracy that people would get close what america's got. was this page off the redacted page censored into any legibility odyssey some of this stuff could pass for more than ott and as with ott everyone interprets this report how they want and they're having a good day i'm having a good day q it was called. no collusion no obstruction if it is incomplete or they were going to blow report outlines disturbing evidence that president tripping
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gauged in obstruction of justice and so there is kind of confused so was mueller trump may have been cleared of collusion but obstruction of justice. in the. mueller writes that it's so complicated he couldn't decide whether trump tried to obstruct justice or not by the guilty no innocent the conclusion the congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law specifically unit found in evan instances where trump potentially tried to obstruct justice and democrats have jumped on it the miller report paints a disturbing picture of a president who has been weaving new weapons deceit lies and improper behavior and acting as if the law doesn't apply to him it's a very interesting and very disturbing read that does not exonerate this president
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the whole repercussions for the country of having a president who lies to the country who misleads the country you urges others to do so a president to. to my reading of the. mother report almost certainly obstructed justice certainly intended and attempted to obstruct justice and if true this alleged trumped tantrum is only making it so much sweeter. the president slumped back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency i'm. you know this report has trump politically the democrats smell blood they have trump and like blood hounds still mercilessly dog him for obstruction and anyone that gets in the way the messenger included the administration has a new face in any math error and one with
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a lot more stature he's the country's attorney general he said half a dozen times no collision no question no lawyer no legal presentation presenting its conclusion six times the attorney general getting out there and getting his narrative his take on it as vigorously as possible because attorney general barr wants to represent our trouble i think he should resign they are calling for barr to resign a traitor a sellout they scream and they want mueller himself the darling just a few months ago to be hauled before congress the mueller report and did nothing those who hated trump hate him more and vice versa if anything this report is going to tear america and americans further apart but hey i got to tell you at least incapacity a factor is a happy. of course as for russia itself the report claims there are facts of moscow meddling in the election in a sweeping and systematic fashion respondents saying the west occasion shows no
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evidence of such actions as expected there was a wave of responses wealth of the release of the report here's some of the views of all guests share with us. they still can't get to a point where the president clued in with russia in fact they say quite categorically it did not happen so then why would the president knowing he is innocent obstruct buller put that in as a matter of pure politics as a sop to the democrats who are on the commission twenty five attorneys all of them democrats most of them hillary supporters a large number of them hillary donors and we had to do something in the report to make them happy why did this investigation even begin i mean was there wrongdoing there was there you know falsification of documents to get pfizer warrants there's a lot of embarrassment here we're talking about millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars of time wasted if things happened for something that legitimately had no basis in fact and any evidence that might have been presented
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to start this similar investigation all last night we had chuck schumer saying that well how dare william barr you know come out and speak before we get the report what kind of report with this fee after that we're going to start hearing about how the redactions are the way a way to hide the real truth and it's really never going to and we're going to continue to see one thing after another with trump but they went immediately from russia collusion to try on taxes trying financial statements and william bars obstruction so i mean the arguments haven't stopped yet they're not going to stop but we do have what seems to be a very conclusive case of absolutely no collision. from the system as it is with last monday's fire that ravaged the truth on cathedral in paris investigators believe the blaze may have been the result of ongoing restoration work so that evening's easter vigil normally held in the cathedral was moved to a nearby church off the dramatic scenes of the historic spot collapsing shook the wells. not. only.
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you know says there are two fronts which is burning reduces his or her to francis's earth of paris and so that's a part of our culture we are losing tonight says signature notre dame is the heart of paris it is grander it is monumental it is horrible to see everything we had to learn going up in smoke centuries of our heritage.
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yeah i love. was. a live. live. i said. it's very sad it's one of the great monuments of france i'll leave that far away so it's devastating but a monument like this is burning. and in motion. i say this to someone else that we will rebuild this great cathedral together we will appeal to the greatest talents to help restore not true them because this is what the french people expect and it is what our history deserves our destiny didn't draw in for the video agency right place shows where the fire
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tore through the eight hundred fifty year old building as you can see from the images the damage is extensive of a cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in europe. pulls in about thirty million visitors every year. the roof both collapse the bell tower was there was one of the north rose window both built in the thirteenth century were saved so too was the cathedrals most precious relics the crown of thorns short of dubin skew tended a visual off the front of the. crowd has two. plus salma share about one hundred fifty meters away from a not cathedral this is one of many vigils being held around france vigils taking place in other cities is just new york. president mike corn has said that he will rebuild not done cathedral and he said he will do that within five years.
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we will rebuild not even fully and i wanted to be completed in five years we can do this there was a huge reaction a huge outpouring from people as a result of that fire last night here on the streets of paris thousands upon thousands of people gathered and they watched and waited with great breath to try and find out what was going to happen and how much damage there would be the card actually erupted into huge celebrations and claps and that was after the news came that the firefighters the king on that fire had managed to be able to stop the building from collapsing which will of course say that restoration work well there was a reason that they didn't use the water from helicopters and that's because they were trying to keep that structure stable and they thought that if the pressure of water coming down from helicopters that could actually cause further damage to not
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donations have been coming in thick and fast many people described their hearts as breaking for that. fire some had said that paris had had it so great that. it's french heritage it's part of art that burns with it when managed to preserve it for eight hundred years and today unfortunately it went up in flames i think it touches everyone it's poignant it's heartbreaking the firemen did all they could but there are some things will never get that image of. shocking we find comfort in the fact that there are no victims but it's our french historical heritage and we all share memories of when we visited but now it's fragile and other buildings like this one are fragile a former deputy director for the u.n. heritage agency says not have to go through reconstruction rather than restoration
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. now all we can destruction that they want yesterday and all this is gone. we have to completely different things and what would have to be. really i mean the construction. of a major construction project this will be difficult to say today. much of course certainly on the order of that many many hundreds of millions of dollars even in a way was also a symbol of what modern society can do for a modern because you know about one hundred years ago hundred years ago if you know when two major more. regimes and there's been. two. people generations so i remember a feeling i think. we have to renew the safeword. be able to.
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bring that to the future to. the aftermath of the blaze gave renewed focus for the latest yellow vest protests weeks of relative calm turned violent during saturday's demonstrations with anger directed at a wealthy french donors who pledged vast sums of money for the cathedral's repair within just hours police are braced for trouble and deployed tear gas and water cannon in paris. i.
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know they were executing the mail they quote we have to save money but why do they give so right away for a monument and for nothing else all of our lives is going to them are not true dollars for all the people of reach people can afford to give millions to repair it at their vocation and not to damage charity helping the poor we denounce a government policies that have allowed this only dogs to reach themselves they can hand out charity money but really it's because of those people that we have so much inequality in trunks but unfortunately if we always have strong mobilization we're going to express our goals more and more in stages of all we specially hope that the government will accept our demands of french billionaires and wealthy families and race the bush the cathedral powder nations with one mogul project hundred million euros in international affairs analyst we spoke to thinks the stark display of inequality has frustrated many in france who are struggling to get by. they're shocked by the fact that in one night the very rich people can give more than one
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billion euros to rebuild. it's not a problem they're giving money to rebuild the problem is that all these people making very very rich these last fifteen years at ten years ago we had three timeless billionaires there were thirty governors now there are one hundred. their wealth is growing very fast and they using all the opportunities given by the european union and the french cease and desist pushed by now by a million records who send their money away in offshore countries and where the shocking for the universe is that that money that they're giving by people that are very kind it should have been already in the in the hand of the state of up to five thirty am here in moscow that's it for the south join us again in thirty minutes for the latest global news update.
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the housing crisis was a result of securitizing mortgages that were resold to dozens of times and the like goldman sachs was betting against their own clients and they were in days of massive fraud they get bailed out by timothy geithner it is friends and now they go of that controlled demolition of the housing market all the housing is concentrated in a few as like blackstone as a gift from their friends of the sons of banks and the result is medievalism. we put them so. big it is little reject. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go to the pros which it was before
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three of them or can't be good to. induce the holes in the waters of. this should. come on welcome to all the parties there is a lot of talk about reform at the united nations podium and a lot of working against it in the u.n. corridors that's not simply. un members have always guarded against the system being hijacked by others in the united nations after a change when its own system is structured in a bay to cement the status quo as
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a means of ensuring neutrality to discuss that i'm now joined by helen clark a former prime minister from new zealand and a former administrator of the u.n. development program. but i'm clark it's such an honor talking to you thank you very much for your time the last time we talked you were in the process of running for the post of the new u.n. secretary general the job that you didn't get because four out of five permanent members support it someone else and i know that you believe that it was partly because you were a woman what made you reach that conclusion well i think jindal was an s.p. but i think there are clearly other major s.p.x. as well one of them is just straight geopolitics the person who succeeds must not in the end have a veto from any permanent member and secondly there's the issue of style of general and in reality the great powers have never knowingly selected a sixty general. who was going to speak truth to power some have
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surprised the coffee anon for example on the issue of the iraq war but generally people who are. known as strong leaders like myself. they're probably a little bit threatened particularly when they're women because strengthen women assume a little bit differently for the strength of men but having said all that i have no regrets i think it's important that many women ran the majority of candidates were women from what i know it was the u.k. that supported here i can do this if i am one hundred percent sure that it was only due to your professional qualities and not that change of commonwealth solidarity. firstly the u.k. always said they thought it was time for women secondly they also were on the record as saying they were looking for leadership qualities so i wasn't the only person they supported they would have supported others as well but certainly they
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were very open to me you said.


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