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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 22, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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what is a bit coy coin is magic in a new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor. and second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason they're calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of this columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and find it hard to apollo eleven landing on to the axis stacey.
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hello and welcome to crossfire all things are considered peter lavelle what is the definition of insanity doubling down on the conspiracy theory and why russia may be the key to peace on the korean peninsula. talking some real news i'm joined by my guests here in moscow dimitri he's a political analyst we spoke nick international and in nicosia we crossed alexander christopher oh he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want now always appreciate it let me go do i cyprus first i want so i really have to. say
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watching the panels endless panels on c.n.n. and and miss n.b.c. it looks like a psychiatric ward and they're all going through some kind of group therapy they can't they can't even get past denial so they're doubling down that's what i'm calling this program your reaction. yeah peter i you know i really hope that they release an underaged acted mula report because you had the first time that they that they suffered this breakdown which was when barr gave his four five page summary they couldn't accept it now they have the redacted mueller report a month later and they still can't accept no collusion no obstruction i really really hope you did they release a third report so we can call the next cross talk triple down because they won't accept anything other then you know taking taking trump out of the white house in ariz judge jumpsuit in handcuffs when they've lost their mind yes but alex
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there will there certainly will be more reports but it's going to be the other shoe dropping it will be very interesting how they cover those reports are demon is that it's just part of the business model i mean they don't know what else to do other than attack the president of united there are many reasons to attack donald trump and his administration and many of his policies but this isn't it and they can't let it go it's there and it's a stockholm syndrome playing out your right to buy a group therapy a therapy of also there are kinds of progress on that and the simplest propaganda is an assertion you just say that something happened and people are basically gullible they want to believe what they hear and try to it's a cult it's a it's a it's a it's a secular religion for them or absolutely and look at what this report actually is says about the russian intelligence and while they go it's an assertion you know
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they rule. d.n.c. is sir and boss this information out of me or putin had an epiphany towards hillary clinton how do we know these things they never tell us if zone one closer hitler compares you to heed what if someone compares your country to the. third reich i think you would be an idiot not to feeling typical this person right well so and it's also cold first amendment my close a fault is that i think if someone calls a person hitler without any apparent reason for them and they special and keep the thing to do they insult that's the problem of the insult it's not the problem of the person who gets insult and that's right and they initiated this here let me go back to go back to cyprus here what i find very curious about this report muller actually gave the democrats and shorten the never trumper as a way out these ten theories about obstruction i find it very strange because he
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did an investigation and it goes one way or another indictments or no indictments this is a dead end is really what's going to keep the democrats in the never never trucker's keep them safe sheeted for the next two years because they don't know what else to do they are so invested in this ridiculous hoax that they have to keep it going because if they don't they have to admit they were wrong and these people don't have the moral caliber to admit they're wrong alex mueller did give them some some fuel to fire this hoax for maybe all the way up until two thousand and twenty peter but i mean the second part of the mule report all that really was saying was that trump is angry got angry that there yeah he's angry that they're investigating him for a crime that no one knows what that crime is so i mean they're investigating him for something that no one understands happened a lot of assertions like the most said a lot of assertions and trump is just you know mulling around the white house upset
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that's the entire second part of the report and here comes a bar here cuz barr who is going to do what trouble probably just in two thousand and sixteen peter barr is going to drain the swamp and the optics the optics of that press conference we've talked about it many times was bart take control into their. recall the manner and who was behind him like a deer that is just seen right head like this or rot rosenstein rod rosie was brought to huey and you could see it in his face yeah that's a very good point but demon you know from our perspective our side of the pond here . comes to the conclusion that there was no collusion but it damaged us russian relations amazingly so almost to the point of irrepairable so there is a consequence so we have a fake we have a hoax conspiracy but we have real policy changes that are very very dangerous emo
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it's not only the thirty five million dollars that are spent on the mueller's commission and there's a stack spade of money the real damage is much greater because not only do we have the sanctions and the mutual sanctions between russia and the united states and the euro then of course the e.u. at least five hundred billion dollars that's according to the united nations special report true on the case but add to this the increased military spending. you know the direct damage from the damaged u.s. or russia trade relations add to their increased tensions with china you know which were indirectly heightened by all of this add to these the tensions in the media is that's terrible and why did all of this stuff because of christopher steele's dossier and i was just amazed to know that is yesterday's wall street drawing though that this was from the last week after two years away invest or investigation hundreds so we need to be less endos and so in the midst of you would
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be used to have called into question christopher steele's assertions finding no evidence that a truck should have assessed all of this but trump fortune prostitutes the formula that sumo squad assertion alexander critic are going to have about. surgeons here doesn't even reach the level. ok i mean here we go here we have this this fake dot ca this this fairytale it is used for pfizer warrants and then you have jim comi in january two thousand and seventeen saying it is salacious an unverified but it was useful enough in front of a pfizer court this is what barr is going to show us we already know it he's going to give us the evidence he's going to connect all the dots go ahead alex yeah you know they hardly even mention the christopher steele reported in the mueller you know the final report that hardly mentioned the da ca this thing said thirty thirty
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five million they could have solved this entire case they could have cracked this case peter with a thousand dollars all they needed to do was get on a plane go to london go to the ecuador embassy you've got interview assad you've got it he cut a deal with him you got it extra. yeah you're right you're absolutely right accident so extradite steel bring them to the u.s. not extradited to the u.s. extradite steal bring them to the u.s. question him it's over then you understand exactly what happened the whole thing is one big farce it's all built on lies and they lied the whole way through peter for months buzz feed it has had on their site they've had their site the entire mike michael tracey pointed out that they had to retract the entire story that they were pushing about the mosque out hotel room about you know they can cope with a lie that trump you know prompted cohen to lie to the f.b.i.
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all these things they quietly retracted it and michael tracey pointed it out his twitter for months later you know it's a game it's very interesting is that what we're constantly. in our position in this our opinion our approach to it is that we are focused on facts but we have the other side again to go to the beginning of the program that lead the psych wards on c.n.n. and miss them b. c. they're driven purely by hatred and emotion facts get in their way that's why they don't use them well the first method of propaganda is assertion and the second is bandwagon everyone is saying it i mean this is the whole idea how can wall street journal not publish something in it when the washington post is published in it the new york times has published it well they all fake information on saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction this is the same story but carry it through the u.s. soil and the whole problem is that if saddam hussein progress on hussein even
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better to investigate this than mr mueller they will not need to hundred so indictments to crack basically a yellow breast story you know about these prostitutes. problem is that the american media and then american government would ignore it they just couldn't ignore mueller because they had been heaping praise on him for for many months and loco that basically abusing their report as the journalists it could be used to have debunked their reports claims that michael cohen. twenty one distantly met with graham an official sim proc to coordinate taking with the russian officials and of course but they sent several reports to prague in statement only several but he exists looking for a language that you just this repeated right there it appears. really it appears really ok this is this is what i'm getting to let me let me go back to alex in
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cyprus here which really interesting if you look at it. as a. political actor here it's really quite remarkable that he was saying to miller now he's demon miller you have jim comi you know the same kid one then the demonized one everybody that gets involved in this hopefully boring bar no pun intended that will get past it because of him because anyone that jumps into this is just grinded away ok go ahead alex go ahead yeah that's a great point peter the media has already turned on bar yeah but you know bar we've discussed this many times bar does it need is really not i'm just living up he's got nothing to lose exactly he has nothing to lose so he's doing this out of a higher purpose out of a higher calling and peter mark my words i know you probably think the same way rod rosenstein knows where the bodies are buried right rosenstiel and it's going to they also are what's this is good to be the material of another program which you
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will be on because we've already discussed it and we're still connecting our dots here last ten seconds go ahead well i would point to our attention to the fact that the nazis also used bandwagon the whole nation says yes it's over one thousand. so if you for the whole american media is decide you are going to tell you where we are right go to a break here i want to thank you alexander christopher for joining us in cyprus we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on real news stay with r.t. . we could only be done sort of. fish could use it for the. simplicity something you know back to a key. measure to focus on what's at play in.
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the among the group of us from the money. to build the most i mean we did what you except your then he says the poles with folks like me that the security just will deploy you don't pick up. i. don't. pay too well psycho. social we're going to produce a. monkey it is the. device if it is this is what i was to stop at the push and i was as.
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you know world's big partners. a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the. more of the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. and now to london where we're joined by marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics first magazine marcus thank you for joining us today you suggested me we
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do a segment on north korea and i'm very glad we did i hope that mike pompei o. is watching to find out how we may be able to return to north korea to lead the american delegation because apparently he's person and non grata the the north koreans accused him of being a talking nonsense and showing a lack of maturity well he's been doing that all over the globe where do we stand with north korea go ahead. well because there is a full of coming meeting between kim jong un and slightly mate who sings this constitutes a reward to nazi for russia so resurrect its soviet era for dominance in north korea because as i tool canal relations between north korea and china away from the late nineteenth full taste of the maids nineteen eighties lost was crew was a little curious most important part boss under mccall who bitch often bogus yeltsin's relations between russia and north korea it's a be
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a tense because both men of faith or its relations are south korea and of course china took advantage of that box in two thousand and nine st china now regards north korea as salsa before in its signs in its trade relationship with america and russia walkin russia gain lushington gain a lot of economic benefits in north korea for example who build in civilian infrastructure breaches eccentrics at yourself but also there isn't geo e.g. in paris if for russia because the americans as they're doing anything you're trying to surround russia in the far east surrounded them with basis but also a south korea is host to an american missile system which is aimed at russia's strategic nuclear its herons so if the russia can become again the predominance outside force in north korea then russia will be able to count the american the
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growing american military threats on its borders in the following the markets you already mentioned south korea. russia and china have come out with blueprints. or road maps to resolve the standoff on the peninsula and their longstanding ok and there and i think they're very via. well here you mentioned south korea russia has a good relationship with south korea is well and we know that it's the south koreans in after it in the wake of the failed to noyo summit which i believe was intentionally sabotaged by john bolton and mike pompei o m people like that this is an opening to deal with north and south korea simultaneously as and as i said in my introduction the peninsula they're looking at the entire peninsula go ahead and comment on that. well yes it's absolutely correct in the last twenty five thirty is
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russia has developed a very cool to all relationship with south korea and that is good for pace on the korean peninsula that is good for peace in the general region however the problem is that like turkey south korea is a strategic ally of the americans and that is not going to change and that is why the south koreans to the discuss of the russians a few years ago agreed to host an american missile system so that is why despite russia having good relations we have so it is absolutely imperative so russia's who will dispatch it which is being created in north korea because china is starts in to distance itself and its last can do that then it will help to secure its security in the far east because the american presence is growing considerably there ok demon go ahead comment was talked about well i agree with
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marcus i think that basically there is a big change behind all of these which is a challenge for russia for china for north korea and for a lot of countries in the region because what was the idea behind mr trump exiting the i.n.f. treaty they into media and the medium range missile treaty it was primarily an. europe it was a bold southeast asia you know i and they have prevents the united states from having their medium range missiles in southeast asia because they're too close to the former soviet union to russia so the trump wants to scrap the treaty in order to deploy them used in south korea in japan basically targeting china and this is the reason why china is even more opposed to scrape in their nine after eight years than russia and this is a challenge which board russia and china should face i guess nobody has any bright
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lights in in the washington consensus because it seems to me that maybe they should have had an international agreement on these missiles and we've been resolved in a completely different way the difficulties are going to be huge broad and maybe even bigger than we can envision now because in fact he will asians between the soviet union and north korea were pretty bad between one thousand nine hundred. eighty five because north korea supported mollies china. improved in the media and then in one thousand eight hundred nine gorbachev recognized south korea one hundred eighty eight and there was again a certain cool you know relations but still russia is the only country which south korea and north korea at least partially droste because you cannot trust mike but pale you cannot trust my companion russia is a neighbor it's in russia. and the reason why is south korea is driven towards russia is because. mike pouncey can afford
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a war on the korean peninsula south korea cannot join and cannot go back to you i mean there moaning we were hearing for from the administration the possibility of another summit i mean after the train wreck called hanoi what's the point and what would be different because the u.s. seems to have this need jerk reaction to anything it's always a to. a map from a list position i surrender and then we can talk all there's no way in the world north korea is ever going to do that and which said that's on this program for years go ahead marcus in london let me quickly just say something relations between north korea and china actually deteriorates it's in the one nine hundred sixty s. but return in-city presents you know paid i actually don't believe that the last mates in between trump and kim jong un was actually a failure because the fact is that an american presence and a north korean leader are actually sitting at the same table very fair in fairness
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it's that it's something better yes that is something to rejoice and you know it goes back to the one nine hundred ninety s. when bill clinton was considering a military strike against will react what if his generals sightings in an offense were going to war between north korea and america the american military would sustain something like one hundred thousand casualties south korean casualties would be something like one million so i think we should rejoice that there have been made since between truck trucks and kim jong il and now we have to talk about china in all of this china finds itself in a very difficult situation because yes trial is traditionally a close satellites in the area but at the same time china is becoming embarrassed when i speak to chinese diplomats they do feel somewhat embarrassed because of their relationship with with korea and the americans piling a lot of pressure on china's he used as leverage over north korea and the chinese
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didn't not want to do anything to jeopardize that trait relationship with america and rightly so because china's economic progress over the last forty years has been built on the basis of its trade with america and its investments in america so push comes to shock china will walk away from the grid in order to maintain its relationship with america and i do understand that yes. another interesting county out here i agree with marcus completely the fact that they're talking is very important considering history here but donald trump is really owned this this is his i mean it's not this issue isn't something that is going to be resolved because of the underlings around him again the boltons and the pompei and but he is taking this on board is i could make a difference i mean because we see you know very strange policy changes in syria and libya and this saying this is the thing that trump is own this is what he wants
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his nobel prize for is that enough as i could and i mean considering these other issues going on i just don't have a lot of confidence they're pretty skeptical i agree with mark marcus that they it's very important john had this meeting with trump but who was against the deal it was their american liberal media you know it was a rachel lando oh my god peace could break out or you could break out well they they suspected. of being soft on of supporting the dictatorship all of that nonsense we have been hearing that not from the republicans not from the hawks but from the simples dolls from their peaceniks you know people who proclaim themselves rachel maddow just a few years ago she proclaimed herself to be a pacifist basically are they they they will do everything in to scrap a possible deal between the united states and north korea and i tend to agree with the critics of trump that basically he just likes to be photographed next to
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celebrities and kim jong un is a sort of celebrity is so we remember how trump tried to get our smart publicity out of it as possible you know meeting kim jong un in the in singapore and by big but that's why results at the end of the day you're going to have to get some results here and that's when and considering even though i agreed that the leaders are talking the policy really hasn't changed in north korea is made it very clear i think of. even the deadlines going into the air let's not forget that right at the small mint millions of people are suffering because of the sanctions against north korea they included not only weapons about also fuel you know so people in north korea are suffering without fuel and this is something that we need to remember that's much more important than the four tops' of mr trump larry let me jump in i want to give marcus the last forty seconds go ahead marcus well i think when it comes to to north korea and america we mustn't have. expectations both countries. see each other's throats so to speak for well over sixty years we must rejoice in
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the start but they are now talking to each other but we must also recognize this the reason why trump is at its table is because. as nuclear weapons extend this way . instead of strong would not be threatened it's honest later as we speak absolutely wonderful point your last word absolutely right and i think that that i hope that the treatment of by the united states of north korea will not induce other countries smaller countries to get nuclear weapons because this is what included that i want to hear i just want you to is probably open implication of worms or we could talk about in nucular saudi arabia another nightmare scenario that's all the time gentlemen we have many thanks to my guest he remarks go to london and in cyprus and thanks to our viewers for watching us here arche see you next time and remember crosstalk rules.
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should this have i'm delighted to have as i live here good government. leader really need. a deep. we have many things on this miles and this is you know for everyone and why some people's also take our things all the power just for themselves and that is the way that.
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you know world of big. law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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sri lankan officials believe the deadly easter sunday bomb attacks which left almost three hundred dead were carried out with the help of an. international network. campaigning on a promise to stop the civil war in the east of the country and reopen dialogue with moscow t.v. star and political newcomer a lot of mirrors linsky secures a landslide victory in ukraine's presidential election. and the king of bahrain reinstates the system ship of more than five hundred people after an outcry from human rights defenders however is a problematic situation in the country.


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