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tv   News  RT  April 22, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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sri lankan officials believe the deadly easter sunday bomb attacks which left almost three hundred dead were carried out with the help of an international network. campaigning on a promise to stop the civil war in the east of the country and reopen dialogue with moscow t.v. star and political newcomer a lot of years olinsky secures a landslide victory in ukraine's presidential election. and the king of bahrain reinstates the system ship of more than five hundred people after an outcry from human rights defenders however the problematic situation in the country perceives
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a little tension from long term in the us. a warm welcome to the program from the whole crew here at r.t. international in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. first breaking news on our team international the easter sunday bomb attacks that left two hundred and ninety people dead and hundreds more injured intra longa were carried out with the help of an international network that's according to government officials in the country we do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who are confined to this country there was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded. the reuters news agency is reporting another blast has been heard a short distance from where police today discovered eighty seven detonators at the capital's main bus station police are trying to determine if the devices have anything to do with sunday's deadly attacks though the blast that has been heard is
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thought to have been an explosion due to police trying to diffuse a bomb. we heard a loud bang and we fainted let's all remember we heard a loud explosion and everything collapsed with managed to protect the children but when i came here i found my son in law and my son. i wish to express my heartfelt salute darcy's to christian communities affected one
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that was oppressed and with all these victims of such cruel foreigners. we cross live now to slim come our but welcome to the program you're an international relations and defense expert now do you think it's the scale of yesterday's attacks which led to long and officials to believe an international group was behind them. thank you very much for being right and we are think. that's total just lazing and nothing is certain yet although initially the blame has been expressed about some extremist. islamic or mad we can see less invasive words only from feeling sorry for you don't want it or he'd. thought he did much but there is no concrete evidence yet that as people who've actually put through to the phone where they know what they're both twenty and who have been
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arrested a suspect and other top israeli city eleven car is. trying to get out with a dick with some international lens so that is not certain yet but having said that let me give you my own analysis the sophistication of this. bombing in which your long tough there has already to do learn how you know ahead fos you toady long years old like bart when they were fighting the somme and you and ten years of civil war which ended effectively into for the ninth so this is after ten years all for relative peace in syria long cut that civilian guy has been traumatized once again and pakistan's people stand united with our brothers and to learn is highly condemn that act of targeting the christian community when nobody fully prayer in the church is on the instrument. that there is one and that it's
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a loss of innocent human lives that is highly condemned noble pakistan has your children man subject to do this kind of what endless acts of terrorism for the last one thousand. years was a scam in afghanistan so she lent case one can do that all always stood by pakistan you know when most of the cricket team of the sports team. not coming to bugs to the lung because the only country despite being targeted once by terrorists in lahore the picketing where the players were ruled it didn't cut and never. budged and destroyed by the sun and they were not as he didn't tend to come on the people do people got addicted with the high and heart bleeds along with the student people who feel really really really sorry. but as the guards the internet are left next
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is a time when the have to wit and see who would be but there had to be the potent hand in it as i mentioned there have been a number of arrests but the government is set to declare a nationwide emergency starting from midnight does that suggest that they're still at threat. as i heard. the prime minister and the depends minister there are still experts saying. that there could be more. but let's go your attention to lose the. terrorism has happened. targeting three high end what and which are high security and loved ones i mentioned the targeting we chose just. can't be a simple act of terrorism by already small or small the mighty which is always not very well known but only they were known for going to live in some but it.
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other than that they don't have any history with that but the question was flat and such a method of operation it doesn't appear to be. a small party has to be a bigger hand behind this so when we said we have to see that who would like. to go back you didn't pay all tend to a war going to situation that they had already been through more than three decades . we have to look at the thrilling kind of relations with pakistan or all that tourists have said that's mission problems where it's all over the world and you know sectoral hogland and thousand. tourists come to colombo into long. term will be flooding. so there has to be some country doesn't want that then when if you do with this silly income or about international relations and defense
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expert thank you for your time and your comments. thank you very much. a total political outsider famous for playing a president in a t.v. show will stop acting for the real thing after winning ukraine's presidential election with must about now counted vladimir selenski has secured a landslide win over the incumbent petro poroshenko earlier my colleague and her former step two acts on a boycott because of our chief political talk show world apart about the vote for change in ukraine. well i think political technologists and analysts will be trying to decipher this victory for months if not years to come you said that people voted for change yes i would agree with that but i think it's also difficult to understand what exactly led them to make such a decision i mean the one clear indication would be the polls prior to devote which show that almost half of the ukraine in the electorate said that under no
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circumstances they would vote for the incumbent. that shows you that he had very very very strong negative speech are supposed to benefit from because while you listed some of his campaign promises he's usually criticized for being very very alive on substance he didn't actually make many complain promises and he's unwilling to deliver and will is still very much in the up and why people voted the way they did push and. project an image of a strong watch on lead in the standing up to russia's president vladimir putin given the last would you don't question how much of a factor that played in the election i think it's it's an interesting point to consider and i would just add that it's not only he complained that focused on that his entire policies for the last three or four years focused on standing up to do russian aggression and given that these elections produced the highest margin of
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victory in the ukraine's. recent history i mean. you've got almost three times as many votes as per cent i think the ukrainian electorate is getting a little bit tired of that kind of message and that's not nothing surprising because people in every country first and foremost want bread and butter issues economy living standards education health care etc i mean at the end of the day every country has a different politics but people in all countries want the same things and i think one of the big. his mistakes was to stress so much his wartime wartime image at the expanse of the promises that he made five years ago i think it's also going to be quite a bit of a challenge for the lansky as well because the ukrainian electorate has a very short political fuse they like president one day they totally dislike him two years later i mean in thirty years that ukraine has been independent they only
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elected one president for the second term and that's i think one of the reasons why sudan ski's already saying that he's only going to stay for one term because securing the second one would be increasingly difficult and i think maybe he will fill that portion because spain if you years down the line. for more on this we cross to former british diplomat dr william mounth and it will come to the program now the lewinsky says his victory has united the country is this just initial euphoria or could he possibly be correct. it's correct initial public relations but under the surface of course there's absolutely no no uniting whatsoever i think we need firstly to look at history as always the origins we have to remember that the ukraine has a very rarely been a real cropper country like in the sense that france or germany are. only for founded some for most ability back when he was
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a member of the soviet union before that you have mongols messing up the moscow relationship you have poles and at least the way that whole mess and it really wasn't until the early twenties till stability was found i mean that's the first thing to remember also the also home go connection atavism and hatreds now. on top of that you have a lot of different groups in the ukraine the further west you get the more polish lithuanian and anti russian you get at the further east you get the more russian it becomes the ukraine has a history of massive foreign interference except of course during the soviet union . another point which i think we need to make is that some people will be comparing . zelinsky to the italian girl or the five star movement but it is a stable country so the green experiment worked a lot of italians and the corruption voted for the law the comedian as well won't
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be quite the same here now i think you want to give the man a chance but there are already a lot of conspiracy theorists coming up because he is possibly at least according to the israeli press which i've looked at the only jewish prime minister outside israel now this leads to all kinds of conspiracies theories because it's a very christian country and so people will be asking themselves is he an out an auxiliary in this type i think not. i don't think he would like people like bond there on the memory of bombed out a very much. of course we were nazis and who exterminated to exterminate thousands and hundreds of thousands of jews the big question to ask is who will be advising him who we are going to choose to try and achieve some form of under the surface stability i think that the main question another point i should make is that perhaps a positive point is at the russia haters like timor schenkel. think of probably
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snuffed out now forever and that's a good thing so basically he can hold everything together and balance things with a clean slate juggling as you have to juggle and becomes a friendlier towards moscow then we might you never know see. some form of stability eventually coming along any more questions yes now is the length he is untested completely as a politician and will find quite a lot on his plate as president why do you think ukrainians overwhelmingly believe he is the best choice for the job because they are literally sick of nearly everybody else in political life they know that there's a massive amount of corruption they know about the instability caused by by the ukraine being interfered with but by and i have to say slightly unstable people like you tory and nuland nato late understand that and i don't i think they're
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beginning to realize that they don't want to be the subject you know the object of other people's external desires i think perhaps lately wish to have some form of independence to make their own decisions about relations with foreign countries rather than this is made by people quite clearly influenced by the nato military industrial congressional complex at and the fanatics i think so i think probably it's of could be seen in a positive light because it's huge i mean seventy three percent even if it's only or whatever. but yes find dr william mountain former british diplomat thank you for your time welcome. by. more stories right after the break.
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seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. to shape out these days as a kid and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. trump said many times that you know we got big. advantages you know with moving the embassy to jerusalem there with the mission of jerusalem as our capital. he said that there would be some painful things that israel will not like either so this is why i think the palestinians should come with opening the minds to the to the negotiations.
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and. welcome back journalist organizations have condemned french police after two reporters were detained on saturday during the twenty third consecutive weekend of the yellow bus protests are to charlotte n.c. looks into the story. well the two independent journalists were among the more than two hundred individuals who were detained by police arrested in act twenty three their names are gassed by the glance and also alexis curry learned a we know that the paris prosecutor has said that they were arrested for participation in a group to commit violence or degradation now the interior ministry has been talking about the arrests of these journalists they said that the police c.r.s. these officers are out every week they're out to try and make sure that there is
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safety for the demonstrators and the journalist carry out these protests and also to cover these protests that have been happening there since november every week since november here in france but that statement from the interior ministry then goes on to say that if journalists are deemed to have committed an offense then they are likely to also be detained and arrested by the officers on the ground now the national union of journalists in france sees that as being just right and it has gone even further saying it believes that some journalists are being specifically targeted. there is the question the merging is their determination to intimidate journalists we have an impression some of them are being targeted since the yellow vast movement appeared the number of incidents targeting journalists when they're filming or photographing hampers the work of the press and nimitz the coverage of events which represent crucial public interest it's now five months
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since this protest movement began twenty three consecutive weeks of protests and every week thousands of officers are out on the streets to try and control this protest last saturday at twenty three there were some sixty thousand officers deployed across france to try and control those protests and we've also seen the protesters turning on the police in recent weeks pacifically on saturday. where they would protest is filmed screaming at the police go kill yourselves let's take a look at the violence marred yet another protest. so what can put out the fire of these protests that have been going on for so long
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in france president michael in hopes of the speech he's due to make on thursday to outline his response to the big debate this is the debate that they started to ask people what their issues were in france will actually call the protests will it well i'm not so sure because so far nothing has been able to stop these protests. the king of bahrain has reinstated the citizenship of more than five hundred people and falls a wave of condemnation from international human rights group almost one thousand national have had their citizenship revoked since an uprising in the country back in two thousand and eleven many opposition figures were in prison at the time or fled abroad. breaks down the situation in the country. this really is evolution look here if someone's being a nuisance like activists or the opposition a normal dictator would get rid of them but it's messy and everyone complains
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in bahrain they've come up with a novel way of getting around that it's simple and genius new citizenship new voice the un high commissioner for human rights is deeply concerned that one hundred thirty nine people in bahrain were convicted of terrorism after a mosque trial which reportedly did not meet with international fair trial standards one hundred thirty eight of these people so all but one had their nationalities revoked standards man did it works since two thousand and twelve according to the americans for democracy and human rights in bahrain authorities have revoked the citizenship of nine hundred and ninety nationals the third of them just last year among them the move the undesirables the human rights defenders the political activists journalists and so on everyone who can't seem to
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shut up this verdict demonstrates no through source of weaponized the aba dhruva case of citizenship to punish normal average bahrainis. and guess what happens if you complain about it yeah he loses us citizenship or get jailed or exiled this is win win for the king anyway. so much for everyone out. they need the glamour of the formula one there is a farmer sinister side to bahrain revealing the country is a deeply repressive state where anyone critical of the government can be jailed merely for posting a tweet yes but the king is also merciful he takes with one hand but gives with the other his highness's issued orders to reinstate the citizenships of more than five hundred people citizenships so if you were sentenced to life in
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jail you still and die in prison but as a citizen how much more mercy do you want understand also this is been a stressful time for the king he and his family really didn't like the arab spring all that commotion and protesting and cools for democracy in common is they really didn't like it or go violent clampdown. bahrain was different from the other arab countries oh sure they bashed protests the heads in like everyone else the difference is no one really cool for the king
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to step down france and friends didn't bomb it like they did libya the u.s. didn't fund rebels in the islamists like they did in syria europeans didn't call for regime change like they did in egypt you know why because bahrain is a friend home to the largest u.s. and u.k. naval bases in the region holding the pre stages title of major non nato ally. these gulf partnerships are critical to achieving shared regional objectives defeating isis countering radical islamic terrorism protecting global energy supplies and rolling back iranian aggression with friends like these who needs human rights bahrain can get away with murder and the west will turn a blind eye and i mean a blind eye they know full well what the king is up to what his henchmen commit what suffering they heap on the people human rights issues included allegations of
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torture arbitrary detention political prisoners arbitrary or removal interference with privacy restrictions on freedom of expression the press and the internet substantial interference with the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of association remarkable well bomb syria over mere ruelas tweets sanction iran just out the habit at this point threaten then they are in to feel meddle in its politics trample its sovereignty because well because but bahrain with its torture abuses farcical courts and a king drunk on power. that's where they draw the line apparently that's just going too far in our strategic approach it is important to acknowledge with a degree of humility that there are some things that beyond bowed to change the
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authorities in bahrain claim the country's security has faced an intense threat and our actions have been aimed at achieving stability the interior minister blames terrorists who could coordinate it with iran iraq and he has been a group in lebanon for undermining peace in the region we spoke to former m.p. pharaoh's who came under government pressure himself bahraini and won't receive a great amount of international help to restore their human rights. i was part of the first group were their citizenship being revoked and segments of november two thousand and twelve and they start with our group and that was. an order from an assessment to deal no evidence or no claims is being given to us political and economical rights you will lose it and you don't have any access to the health care nor to they do cation i describe it like add
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a social death unfortunately there are those standards and the foreign policy or many western countries mainly u.k. united states it has so much of it pratik the police see when they did well that allies when the international community hit especially more rights internationally did a good thing in all the reports that i was i was asked to type of the humor as well issues in bahrain particularly but meanwhile is being back though telly by these international allies the united kingdom and i think the states and not only that event they are supporting them internationally and they mention in many of their speeches that bombing is going on right track while they are proud to have such as eyes so we see there is no logic behind it. that are global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website r.t. dot com for the details on all the stories and many more.
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for more. politicians to loosen up a little. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some want to. let you go right to be prosperous like the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our lives. yes sure.
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for. us that would lead to lable bo more. to it because it's. been one hundred seventeen the bolsheviks led by lenin seized. to build the most equitable society on earth. on the other countries followed russia's example so for the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. you could be. fair. i will surely buy did get up when we were shown.


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