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the words you idiot but jiko look pretty weak if it is a feat to pose can ya like. your post been clearly proved beyond that imo not required but a little present in a push to be did you know you do do you don't need to don't care how many. good does it. ok for. a minute. or. less the dating is both a committed communist and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. you must tell him
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books books you need to have. your young preacher to talk to the. doctor and i'll go look so i crawled to. the end that almost the same idea for me only in paying. your lip but. they let me ask you mistake too for money i didn't do it. but on the set. to hit a school but i like how horrific the people to put it. here i have something interesting.
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yeah. funny. it came out. this special all these. you have no see they all have books. and like i said your beat all the fault building and only an elephant it might be lonely and in. the d.n.a. it's a live and in place and go home with all your own. get into that one else things call for how to get at it if enough that we thought of or thought him for the thing on intellectual quest the whole dog from the i get treated you saw some hundred lonely tede or your bouts move marked only the four year old this
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price has been so discussed sirius is sweden and it has the swedish academy they they give out the nobel price they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he says he's a little more chinese than russian in the. well you know one thing some. call me to me. multiple calcutta horta comedy thursley allah simply go out if said nobody fooled us but on top down literally and in all means that all may pay only aaron now or else get it out so also. leno. yeah. well beyond. that i would issue.
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is still again. just. the push and there were a few. bitter thora in chile under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico when she joined the maya indians in their struggle for the rights to live on the line. now as a woman i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can. focus them on the other half of them want to pick it. up at the least that in a while but i found the last bucket that i mean i'm a fan though it's. not
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a boy. around a cracker out from. the. sun crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might indians who call themselves the zapatistas. she only is it a case of the family is city do. love you long. should there but if your own. part of your own. because she.
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would be found the way. to put it. so who post was it you need it was a pop up the more crass to leave it there who's this. song sos principal is so lame as a limit is one that. i. cannot see in the last but these tests and ask only that is a yes i see on both of those the this is the time when we are on there and that alone will says you're here when you doing it are entirely hard on the support even there those little squad ask a lot and then on sent the the. back and the one says more tour look at it to escape the risk a unit went to us about this they bought a plant they do i will not be thought up. foster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist movement. i am
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a you will hand they will you have a kid. i am no violence of any. how. could i give us a careless was that i was just wondering. come on let me show you my hotel in the beginning if you can do it in you good you do then. you. believe you been doing good in the believe or good thing. the blame game.
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says. and so did we not only about a minute but. yes bought into the pretty innocent. he got form it also the. people on the pet food s.f. found it off. to the fullest. he ate all the oil for the whole of the season need to feel like.
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it was. an expression all. they would do should their. stuff do you every should know how. can i fix the bus was hit by. a fall who put physical disease goo left on to do could do to ensure their it could have you who should have you wish to pretend east. to mourn their loss on its last. month as a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i want to just study. in the european country and i was thinking germany i mean better education better education the books that they have techniques. are
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life going to like air in the morning we're going to business. we working. this is for of our peoples if to some a pay your money you're a worker i think a lot of people are so we working in that kind of slave why. i don't want to. claim all of my class lives while the sniffles like from hungary. we have other things and this world this is an e-mail for everyone and white film some people's wants to take our things all the power just for themselves they are in charge and so i don't and steal me talking about wild's hungary and that's horrible i think.
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the suffering nor. called all. who only explain. the suit do the suit do duty blue suit do. it. you know i don't need to deal. i would look to obsolete. you know stuff that folds up at the. housing crisis was a result of securitizing mortgages that were resold to dozens of times and then
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like goldman sachs was betting. they were engaged in massive fraud again bailed out by timothy geithner it is friends. of that controlled demolition of the housing market is that all the housing is concentrated in a few hands like blackstone as a gift from their friends of the central banks and the result is medieval. you know world of big. and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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conclude your book lead do would you should do to polish would. you do that would have to do give you. all produce wrong. there's out of place to go. the do good i would use your poor. sophy i would.
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need the approval. in your skills or months of you can be no limit to the fight for justice but the opinion remained unchanged after the young turkish dancer to build. me. a fighter. not because of me because i want to change may have things in this for us i know i'm not alone about it when the people slack me wants to change. i feel all safe folks feel sympathy for lucian but it's the old days before this i don't care and want to stay there looking themself more sapphic just so we have just one life and we have to live this life medical. progress possibility of
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boards after my life. i have been. protests while the past was fighting with activists. i was there a minute silence. me many times and i say my life from dust my promise my ass because i think i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes they fix me and at times we outraised she want me to remove their lot i will. she be honest she won't fall. into i know. personally she just really version of. the mexican state of chiapas
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twenty seven. just to hostilities against the government ended more than twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state they might still be greeted by men in mosques. to be going to going to see that is going to say a lot but it is going to look at the will from the mentality it was not too political and it's never going to just pass because he pulled me into it but i didn't see out of that's going to quiz or the like to see so. you know this consequence is this going to be a limit if you're not is the only one the last place you're still going to leave us is about on the books too sick to get legal because i like you know me other less money left over. to. the people.
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that's a little like. a regular and. i . would check and i said would i kiss was a puppy. stumble can the city of those be able to get a. good old like you because. you put a modest saudi in the some of these posts says she will sign your name as the king see and use composing the. plan. was that it was the muslim is it good for live to tell me what is this must be. just. guessing i mean the that. gets into the lineage is some legal good night only five days old is united of any kind of concern are you going to yes or no what it is. i know this is illegal is
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that. apple isn't to go in the. polls. not. even in a country as wealthy a sweet true revolutionaries were never a sound as always his most loyal comrade in arms because his wife. melania let me tell him it's a good un. we all took a yellow good look at the saddam oil but still nothing to fix that and the
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slow old modelled up here still a bit smelly i must have the feeling that alcohol in office will. kill the thing up. it would be a. good idea i'm not saying i'm a photo op so all the that. you just go a little slow pace there. more space audience so you got to get out so let's be. honest or make it in that big hits me. i'm just i'm also a lot of them will sell souls get off the old or never get it up. and they have to think of putting things off because it. puts it on the. start to finish it up for yet again and yet if somebody. like it sets up another spin
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off yeah i. think so saying no to be out there yes but it. is an option but. it is also what they ought to do it and who is then scale up the. whole scope of their lives so more than scope and open you. are going to say there are parties and the amount of your show. in the middle from your. own first so the one home. there are the score for an older sunscreens also. they were the instrument to some scooby doo just.
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to know for sure. if you. i love these hats i'm going bald so. i usually wear something on my head and. i'm not so proud of my hairline. unfortunately i'm not a little an impersonator so. as a cartoonist reporter and composite for gottenburg newspaper the proletarian is the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well that's a common this is a marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia. i don't think that
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parliamentary democracy in the us democracy alone could can be the means of creating. a good society which benefits all. good and i wouldn't be so quick to stop to answer some of the system people. in that city in the world become them and move on them and the people in the book on it would be think that it will come out that polls and less on camp will do that is the company of kearney i don't want to it's not.
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my real lucia and it does not necessarily mean storming the winter palace. and bayonets on and stabbing all the boers or asean capitalists of course not. revolution simply means. that one class takes over the power in society from under socialism. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well first state of course that alone does not make socialism the means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for the feel. safe way to do b. departed computer these would. be ten east.
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bay you open. to destroy you. think it's. happening. live like cameras. like them. my presence is my heart's protest is my dance. against the wild. protests against two. protests against two that's
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happening in this. sony's those that i me and. at t.v. that's going to have been said that i will be as well and i took a noise but on the course i'm like i was having not s. they found that at the scene seen also got back on and also i'm also they found they didn't the nameless kong can't even watch all the. office fall out of the net . he just knew we. may see. something from him. or maybe. we will have. evening soon to be pursued as i live it he's only been
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seen in towns you know you seen. the scenes. of two stasi often played the other lean mean beast. appeared alone. despite. the good i would. need it to be dick obese the boss group could. convey. a pretty through most of. the news of all true blood to do lead from county to. trump said many times that you know we got beer or let's say advantages you know
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within the embassy to jerusalem the mission of jerusalem is our capital. he said that there would be some fancy things that israel will not like either so this is why i think the palestinians should come with opening the. and mine's to the to the negotiations. for good only if you don't sort the book you just meant enough as good use it for the file to do soon. some version i'll sell some properties to me if you know but to a kid i fell false. already making it baffle so much at play if they don't play well. they were among the group walk on me as a mom. to belittle them if they did it well yeah except you're then he says the calls with folks like me the folks at the security take his hold it while you go pick up.
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i. will. pay you paul sancho. wall enclosure we're going to produce a. plane sitting. in his old suv to devise into this mess is what i was stopped at the push and i was full force as. i didn't think the numbers mean something they've mattered us was over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families did. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich with six percent of the world market goes thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred three per second per
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second and that when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overrule. the only number you need to remember one. one business you know for the mid one and only. i say i.
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am announcing that we will no longer grant any exemptions for going to zero. washington says they will no longer exempt any countries from the sanctions on a reign in oil imports suggesting its own crude and produced by gulf allies as the alternative. french police are accused of cracking down on press freedoms after arresting reporters during the weekends yellow vests protests also took on. world. trying to officials believe that the deadly east sunday bomb attacks which left almost three hundred dead carried out with the help of an international network.


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