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tv   News  RT  April 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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today there will no longer any exemptions going to zero washington says it will no longer exempt any countries from its sanctions on a rainy oil imports adjusting its own crude and that produced by gulf allies as the alternative. police are accused of cracking down on press freedoms after arresting reporters during the weekends yellow vest protests. and us democrats pledge to present a united front overcalls to impeach president says on news that the unredacted version of the miller probe. will be introduced to congress on made of us.
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have you with us this hour this is r.t. international. oil prices shot to six month highs of the u.s. announcement that it will scrap exemptions on crude imports to state my pump julie confirmed washington will not extend way visited granted to eight countries. today i'm announcing that we will no longer grant any exemptions we're going to zero going to zero across the board seems like washington d.c. is looking to escalate its campaign against iran to isolate iran now in his announcement pompei all bragged that iran has already lost about ten billion dollars and he said and his remarks that he emphasized basically that nobody should be doing any business with iran that any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not
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going to be worth the benefits if you don't abide by this they'll be sanctions now it's been about a year since the trumpet ministration unilaterally withdrew from the j c p o a the p five plus one nuclear conclusion that basically pulled the united states out of the nuclear deal that had been made with iran and now we see that there have been eight countries in the world they were granted waivers from the u.s. sanctions and allowed to continue buying iranian oil in exchange for the fact they were reducing it those countries were china india japan south korea taiwan turkey italy and greece those waivers are now being taken away the united states is announcing there will be no exceptions there will be no iranian oil they are saying no one should do business with iran and the countries who want to make up the difference should either buy crude from the united states or they should buy it from saudi arabia or the united arab emirates both the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have assured us they will ensure an appropriate supply for
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the markets and of course the united states is now a significant producer as well. i can confirm that each of those suppliers are working directly with the runs for more customers to make the transition away from iranian crude less disruptive now the people's republic of china which imports quite a bit of oil from iran was certainly not happy to hear this announcement when you go to china is opposes unilateral sanctions and low u.s. jurisdiction china's cooperation with iran is open transparent and legitimate and should be respected now turkey has also voiced opposition to this announcement saying it rejects this unilateral move from the united states we're waiting to hear from the european union which has long been an advocate of the nuclear deal and a critic of the way trumpeted unilaterally withdrew the united states from it so we're waiting to see further reactions that we've seen the reaction on the
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international oil markets this is a dramatic move from the united states. video agency took to the streets of tehran to get the reins reaction to washington's latest make. more the time if you want to proceed but we shouldn't rely solely on noise we have to get out of this huq supreme we decide we should do you this is an opportunity over the last ten years we have found ways that allow us to keep exporting some not at all worried in this respect kind of runs on oil exports but pressure would marry raining and it's us who are bearing the brunt. response to the u.s. move iran's threaten to block the strait of hormuz the world's key all artery transporting more than a third of international crude iranian foreign a nuclear affairs expert for c.r.b. told us u.s. sanctions are forcing tehran into a more combative stance. you are seriously. this unilateral economic warfare against iran jeopardizing economic well being of
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your and the people putting iran against the wall and therefore one should naturally expect a stiffer reaction from you ron which me in the form of implementing their threats industry and of who are more. the u.s. is urging courser to war with iran using all kinds of excuses. journalist organizations have condemned french police to reporters were detained on saturday during what was the twenty third consecutive weekend of yellow vest protest artie's shah the dubiously has more. well the two independent journalists were among the more than two hundred individuals who were detained by police arrested in act twenty three their names are gas fired plants and also lexis
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and we know that the paris prosecutor has said that they were arrested for participation in a group to commit violence degradation now the interior ministry has been talking about the arrests these journalists it said that the police c.r.s. these officers are out every week they're out to try and make sure that there is safety for the demonstrators and the journalist carry out these protests and also to cover these protests that have been happening now since november every week since november here in france but that statement from the interior ministry then goes on to say that if you. lists are deemed to have committed an offense then they are likely to also be detained and arrested by the officers on the ground now the national union of journalists in france sees that as being a threat and it has gone even further saying it believes that some journalists are being specifically targeted. there is a question the merging is their determination to intimidate journalists we have an
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impression some of them are being targeted since the other vast movement a pit the number of incidents targeting journalists when they're filming or photographing how has the walk the press and nimitz the coverage of events which represent crucial public interest. divulge ago. what journalists have been confronted with for months by security forces over the yellow vests movement is unprecedented all traders and very dangerous they interfere with broken all possible ways journalists are not given the access their press cards are taken away they're told we don't care about you cause you won't get through their equipment is taken away and broken their shop with them to ride guns as if by mistake obviously by accident then kneecaps have broken their tact and the injured in various ways this has been captured in numerous videos and photographs we have received already more than thirty complaints it's now five months since this protest movement began twenty three consecutive weeks of protests and every week
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sounds elizabeth says right to the streets to try and control this protests last saturday twenty three there were some sixty thousand offices deployed across france trying to control those protests and we've also seen the protesters turning on the police in recent weeks pacifically on saturday where there were protesters that filmed screaming at the police go kill yourselves let's take a look at the violence a lot yet and. protest. so what can put out the fire of these protests in. have been going on for so long in france president michael in hopes that the speech he's due to make on thursday to
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outline his response to the big debate this is the debate that they started to ask people what their issues were in france will actually crown the protests will it well i'm not so sure because so far nothing has been able to stop these protests. a little trump is suing a democratic led congressional committee for trying to obtain these financial records for the past decade claiming the demands politically motivated this is after the democrats requested an unredacted version of the miller report be passed to congress on may first the party is now considering whether to start impeachment proceedings against trump it may be that we undertake an impeachment nonetheless i think what we are going to have to decide is a caucus is what is the best thing for the country waters wholly and castro have said we should begin proceedings to impeach the president are you there year four see that possibly coming that there's another information there not only
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obstruction of justice but also on collusion or conspiracy whatever you want to call it to move forward with impeachment on this president the report says that there was no trouble russia can lucian during the twenty sixth the election campaign but couldn't determine if there was obstruction of justice from the president to the karens been assessing how the lengthy investigation ended with calls to victory from the oval office. for the past two years robert muller and his special reports have been the darling of news fodder miller's celeb status skyrocketed after he was tasked with answering one simple question have donald trump cheated his way into the white house with a little help from his friends in the kremlin what followed was two years of soap opera sized scandal and intrigue with bizarre rumors salacious gossip plot twists and an enviable cast list the anticipation for the premiere of the final report was
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like waiting for the latest tarantino whatever grisly tell it was about to divulge it was going to be all kinds of golden globe star good the thing is what dropped was a box office flop the people wanted scandal and humiliation they wanted shock and horror they wanted house of cards they got was mr bean the first official trailer of the much anticipated report was released by the general prosecutor william barr in march and it was savaged instead of the explosive finale promised what they got was the equivalent of they woke up and it was all a dream in one thousand nine hundred nine a.g. barr refused to release the department of justice legal opinion choosing to release a summary report and it was later revealed the characterized parts of the union in the summary and payers are like wait we paid thirty million dollars for that on a quest to seek out the scandal the democrats uncensored version of the report if there
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is juice in that report the dems are going to squeeze it out imagine what kind of sauce could be concealed under all those redacted pages but is it possible to breathe new life into a dead duck well maybe it is the director's cut of the mother report will include deleted scenes along with mothers and bars comments and under the sexed up new title and obstruction of justice. it's the same report same investigation just with some expert editing thoughtful repackaging and worrying for at least a couple of sequels before the twenty twenty alexion takeover i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings this is an invitation to congress to say you can do it using the impeachment power we want to remove him from office by gaining back our democracy and electing
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a democrat president you know i wouldn't support it. you know i don't think with the elections coming up we'll have an opportunity to voice what we want to happen the next four years would not mind him to be impeached because it would destroy the people. and it wouldn't do any good i don't think it would necessarily be good for keeping the country more unified there's a big partisan divide you are larry king host of the politicking show on r.t. spoke with former foreign policy advisor to terms presidential campaign that's george papadopoulos he said he was the first person charged under the motor investigation and pled guilty in october twenty seven t. is a quick preview of that interview. did you have a russian connection that's the that's the million dollar question that my answer is i've never been to russia i've never met a russian official in my entire life and actually all of my work leading up to my
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work my time on the campaign was very hostile to russia because i was in the energy business and the last thing you're doing as an american person is promoting russian interests why did you believe well look at the time i pled guilty i had been violently arrested at an airport ok i was under sealed i go i will go well i had seven f.b.i. agents essentially rushed me off of a shuttle bus at an airport after i hadn't slept in thirty hours i'm thrown into the back seat of a tinted black s.u.v. thrown in a prison cell without understanding why i was being arrested and i basically plead guilty without understanding exactly what the real case was against me what do you make of the homo investigation in my couple sentences i believe the investigation was designed for one reason the one reason only and that was to cover up surveillance abuse by the obama administration on people like myself mike flynn manna ford and carter page but unfortunately that's not going to happen because the
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president just a couple days ago or maybe last week was on hannity and hannity asked him a couple questions are you going to pardon papadopoulos and flynn he demurred and he said look it's a sad situation a look we'll get back to that later but right now the most important thing is declassifying all this fight to real the three o two and figuring out how this entire investigation started. sri lankan officials say an international terrorist network may have been involved in the country's devastating east this and they bombings and i'm on the story in a few moments.
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the housing crisis was the result of securitizing mortgages that were resold dozens of times like goldman sachs was betting as their own clients and they were engaged in massive fraud again belled out by timothy geithner and his friends and now they know of that controlled demolition of the housing market is that all the housing is concentrated in a few hands like blackstone as a gift from the friends of the central banks and the result is medieval.
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scores of british euro skeptics will be elected if force is the case to hold to you parliamentary elections next month a stark warning coming from britain's trade minister. european partners wants a fifth to disrupt if and resentful u.k. members of european parliament british m.p.'s again reject reason maze brigs of divorce till next month the day after the vote the u.k. will take part in e.u. parliament tree elections. meanwhile top level disagreements over the u.k. taking part in such elections have been voiced at the e.u. parliament i fear that it will continue. i fear that it will prolong the indecision. and i fear most of all that it will import the becks of mass into the european union and moreover that it will poison the upcoming european election day ok has the right and obligation to take part in
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this election they also can't agree to establishing a second category membership even wolf as an independent member of the of be in parliament to think that the rise of u.k. euro skeptics could force brussels into a rethink in bags and talks if you get fifty euro skeptics or even thirty euro step to which i think would be a reasonable number you have to see where the concern is for the european parliament they know that this election is a big election for the european union because they expect and the polls are showing that about one hundred sixty to one hundred seventy euro skeptics will come from germany sweden italy hungry conan and if you have thirty british m.e.p. the number there for could be up to about two hundred and two hundred opponents of the european union could make a lot of trouble if they do see large numbers of euro skeptics all joining up
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together creating problems in the legislative process delaying it slowing it down or maybe even stopping it and that will give an impetus for the council of the commission to perhaps say maybe we can renegotiate in some way so that we can get these euro skeptic brit's out. state of emergency is now in force in sri lanka following a spate of bombings on easter sunday that left two hundred ninety people dead and hundreds more injured and that it will allow police to detain and interrogate suspects without a court order fish from the country said monday that they believe the attacks were carried out with the help of the international terror network. we do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who are confined to this country there was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded special forces also blew up a van near one of the churches that was targeted witnesses reported it had been
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parks that since the explosion on sunday. we heard a loud bang and we fainted that's all i remember we heard a loud explosion and everything collapsed we managed to protect the children but when i came here i found out that my son in law and my son had died. i wish to express my heartfelt solidarity with the christian community affected one it was a prayer and with all the victims of such cruel violence. the
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government temporarily blocked social media in the wake of the attacks and that it was done to stop the spread of false information i discuss the move and its implications with journalists dissent bottle and barrett bros. a lot of show you start happening with the social mobile it's all over the world more and more going around at a concert and who gets what could happen. to free use of the snowball it's all over it's now being looked at as a as a negative role that's being played by the likes of facebook if we look at the the christchurch attacking israel and and now the fears of the authorities in sri lanka the tool of social media over the last decade has been used in a number of great ways you can look at the arab spring you can look at the growth of the independent alternative media in the united states and really around the
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world you know they want to prevent certain hate content or hate speech from spreading and so even before it spreads we're now starting to see actively suppressing of access to the internet maybe access to facebook the governments of the world as well as the tech companies and some of the media are promoting and portraying social media i have difficulty accepting that they are and simply doing this out of the kindness of their hearts and out of to keep the you know the people from having access to graphic content i do think that it benefits governments of the world once they start censoring certain parts of the internet what is happening all over and what happened. that creates. some governments but want to prevent. speech to explore after one of two situations the problem is that you are at the same time you are preventing the people to communicate for instance in atlanta to use what's. going
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to popular a lot of people cannot communicate with their own families there is that i mean we can't just say the government is making it up can we have seen the darker side of humanity does emerge in in the wake of terrorist attacks the negative element it is a reality is that anybody who has been involved in any sort of media creation whatever type of content creation you do whether writing articles making music. you know part broadcasting part you get really ignorant hate for sometimes ugly despicable comments online and there are people who you know they do this anonymously you can find things on the internet right now that are much more graphic than anything you can see in the new zealand shooting video you can see much more graphic things on hollywood films and on you know the nightly news but those things are allowed to continue to be on the web when there is a terrorist attack floods of information come in pictures videos comments and claims and it's increasingly difficult to know just what is true that awful lot of
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fake stuff that's put out and i would make the argument that increasingly deliberately fake information is being spread now how on earth do you try and organize control these situations and filter the information we hope soon all the time. people trying to create three information not baldoni. once went through you know. it's not nothing new for a journalist generally it's always through that simply trust check real or not so we can do the same job like staying with us this evening here on r.t. international my colleague daniel hawkins opening of right up to date just over half.
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her. new guy. i'm. not allowed to live. with this manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the crime and merry go round to be the one. doing all middle of the room sick. to lose money. what is the definition of insanity doubling down on the conspiracy theory and why russia may be the key to peace on the korean peninsula.
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that would lead need to lable bo more. needlepoint do it because it did. you know turban one hundred seventeen the bolsheviks led by vladimir lenin seized power and set out to build the most equitable society on of the fall on the other countries followed russia's example but so far the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. you could be. fairly easy a lot of woosh only by did got up when we were shown. can
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we even remember the events of a century ago and if so why is that we went out in search of people who view russia's nine hundred seventeen revolution as a global event. festival we went to visit a leftwing ideologist and famous french philosopher. so. maybe it's not supposed to know that your books focused on the bust of teeth. and the. difficult for me to address. the world as your idiot but jiko pretty cheeky feet as if to pose. yeah let's go on to produce on the top of. your post ben clearly prove beyond a reasonable mona but a little present in a push to be did you know you do do you know. don't care what the.
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does it. eliot i am that. only i'm leak it. ok for fat it leaf it on testimony when you have a minute i thought or a phony display that. so dating is both a committed communist and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. you must tell him books books you need. to. start another. day and i don't mention this idea for me only in
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paying. your lip but. you mistake you for money. but on the. million hits. people put him. here i have something interesting. if. finally. it came out.


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