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book books a need to have stole your young preacher to talk the call to the. pain yeah you know it's all good to start another girl to. the end i don't miss a body out for me only in paying i'll still sort of oil. your lead back home on the let me answer you mistake too for money i didn't do it. but i lost it defeats mostly it's a skull but i like to hold it make the people sick to put him. here i have something interesting.
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yeah help. find. it to came out. to. this special all these. you have no see they all have books. i think affect your beat all building in only and in the. name. and in place with all you. yet it's not without sounding off on how to get out that if enough to please a thought for thought tom ford if i'm on intellectual quest the whole don't fall be a yes please if you saw someone did known he'd haul your bot move mark.
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the foot this price has so discussed sweden and it has the sweetest academy and they they give out the nobel price. they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he says he's a little more chinese than russian in the. well you know one thing some. call me to me. month old calcutta horse the common east nurse or the other simply go out if said nobody fooled us but on top down literally and it means that all may be only era now or else started aircel also. yeah. well beyond. that i would issue.
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has said. you know we're still. pushing there were a few. bitter thora in chile under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico when she joined the maya indians in their struggle for the rights to live on that unless. there is a land i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can. focus them on the other half of them want to pick it. up at the least that you know law that i found the last bucket that i mean i'm a fan though it's true. that
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a boy. around our back i'm proud of her. son crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might indians who call themselves the zapatistas. she only is at the case of the family is it did the levy along those they really should they're. your own different see it part of your oath of fancy before tommy because she. would if all the way.
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over to put it over to a new belfast old boss initial social process if you need it as a possible. democrats you leave out of the who's this here. song sos principle is to limit as a limit is one that. cannot see in the last but this to us and ask only that is a yes i see on board of our laws the this is you don't who are on their in their low dosage of the here when you when bitter human tyrant alert on the support even there those little squatters gallatin own sent the door knob in the back and the answer is more choice look at it to escape government scare you know ventus about this they bought a panther you i will not be thought up i see on foster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist movement. i am
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a ugle hand they will have a kid. i am now avalos our very own law how. could i give us again this was that is the law of the land of. cologne let me show you my hotel we believe we need you to be in the boot you good you do then you are going to be good in that you been doing good in the good to the good did the boob tube and the. good the would. be. good.
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to be. booed. and so we're not only the. fatah force he believed the innocent. he got form it tosses the body politic and our food sign it off closely for us. in all the oil for the whole world to seize a leader for oil. industry
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. and express your view they would or should their. stuff do you every should never. think to buy into books for who put physical disease goo dude you could do that every should there you could have you who should have you wish to pretend used. to mourn the loss on its last. month as a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i wanted to study. european country thinking germany i mean better education better education about the dance techniques. our
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life going like camp in the morning they got presents. we watching. this is for america peoples if. they. pay your money you are a worker i think a lot of people are so we were talking about cannabis later why. i don't want to. let all of my class live while the sniffles dying from hungary. we have other things in this world this is an email for everyone and white film some peoples wants to take our things all the power just for themselves they are in charge and seventeen and still me talking about dogs hungry and that's horrible i think.
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the suffering with no. goal. guo nix pretty good i would assure all bruce the city because he said to be able to sit do your shoes if. you should. lead to support you know i don't need to deal. i was looked up silly deeds. did leisure ness of the saddam's fall be able credit you know stuff that folds up at the book we looked on basically. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to express. some want. to be precise it's like the people. can't be good. interested always in the. city. you know world of big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist for the more growth we give them the sooner we are all hand.
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conclude your book lead do would you should. you do the research but you do give you. all. there's out of place to go to. the do good i would use your poor put. so fair i would.
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do my duty up to. you and your skills or months of you can be no limit to the fight for justice but the opinion remained unchanged after the young turkish dancer to build a. fire to our son not because of me because i want to change may have things in this for us i know i'm not alone about it when the people slack me wants to change. i feel all safe. no sympathy for lucian but it's the old days people just don't care and want to stay without looking themself once have just said we have just one life and we have to live this life right of course. i should ask
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possibility of boards after my life. i have been my style some protests while the pulse was fine. that activist i was there a minute minute silence babe left me many times and i say my life from dust my promise my ass because i think i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes they hit me and at times without trace she will need to be a lot i will. you know. she won't call who. do i know. personally she just really version of. the mexican state of chiapas
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twenty seven. just to hostilities against the government ended more than twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state you might still be greeted by men in mosques. to be going to going to visit that is. the one that is going to look at the will from the mentality that was not too political and established in the just because you commented about it in seattle that's going to questions they like to see so. you know this is consequence is this going to be a limit you cannot is the only one the worst place you're still going to live most years about i'm not supposed to get legal because i like you know me other less money left over i was. feeling.
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a little like. a regular and. i. would check in. it would have this was about these stumble cadmus you give those be able to get a. little lucky because. you put a modest saadiq to the some of these posts says she will sign your name as the king see and use composite. plan. as the bowl is a good fit and live to tell me what is it must be. displayed in the. guessing i mean the that. gets into the linear is to leave it all good night only five days old is unity of any kind of thinking only of a few yes i know what it is and i don't know if this is a legal is that. apple is in the of and will be in the.
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polls. not. even in a country as wealthy as sweet the truth revolutionaries were never it sounds as always his most loyal comrade in arms is his wife. sally in the book tell him to sit up. we all took a yellow good look at the soft oil but still nothing to fix that would end the
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show oh it low held up here still a bit now would be a bit off the field that al it was an officer. you know looking good be a. good idea somebody on the bottom up so all the that. you just go a little slow pace the. boys speak of the audience get me out on the lips be. hard for me to get in that ring it's getting even me. i'm just i'm lost but all of that will sell souls gospel or never get enough. to think of putting things off because it. puts it on. the whole different level yet again and yet that's not it no money like it said stop another spin
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off yeah i. think so saying no to be out there yes but it. is an option but. it is also what they ought to do it and who is then scale up the. road. all scope of their. scope and open you. are going to say the parties are going to have a moment of ritual in the mail from you. going first so duffy was home. there for the scoff the older sunscreens also told the they were the instrument to do this. is to know for sure.
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i love these hats i'm going bald so. i usually wear something on my head and. i'm not too proud of my hairline. unfortunately i'm not alone in impersonator so. as a cartoonist reporter and composite i forgotten berg's newspaper the proletarian it's the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well they're so common is this a marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia. i don't think that parliamentary democracy in the us democracy alone could can be the means of
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creating. a good society which benefits all. of it means that you have to stop being. the skillful. in that thing in the long haul ya beat them and move on them and pull the ball down it will be a thing that will come out the tolls and less on camp will do that is the company apparently i don't want to it's not. my real lucian it does not necessarily mean storming the winter palace.
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and bayonets on and stamping all the border as the capitalists. of course not revolution simply means. that one class takes over the power in society from under socialism. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well first state of course that alone does not make socialism the means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for the feel. safe way to do b. departed computer these would. be the least. open. to destroy.
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our. life like cameras. like. my my protest is my heart's protest is my dance. against the wild. protests against you. protests against to it's happening in this.
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sony's those that i mean and. see ya learn today at the v. that are going to have been said that they will be out when l. and i took a noise but on the course i'm like oh s. of a not a not s. bought up they found that if a see seen also a back under and also i'm also the if and then it the nameless kong the more check all the. office lot of the net. the just to. make haste see. something for me so any need or maybe just. will help. eating soon decide to keep it as i live eat here. in the mean seen in towns you know meet you seem. kind.
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of to soften up the place the other lean mean least. appeared to. despise. the good i will need it to be dick obese the boss coop good. this is hope i'm pretty sure most of. these of all true ability to do lead them to . join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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max geysers financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause a report. shows seem wrong but old quotes just don't hold. me. to shape out these days comes to educate and in game training equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. we could only be those for the rulebook. simpers you did
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something that is truly real but took you off. that plane. though you among the group was. the movie did well yeah except you're then he says the pulls with folks like me the focus of the security just hold it where you. both. will. feel pity you will. be always bald while the closer we're going to produce a. signal. it is the soup. this is what i was up that the question i was is.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. you somehow want to. have to go right to be cross that's what before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of my house. the city. there.
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is a lot of. breaking news as moscow confirms talks between vladimir putin and kim jong un will take place in russia's far east on thursday the details of their first ever meeting have been kept top secret amid security concerns. also this hour islamic state claims responsibility for sunday's bomb attacks in sri lanka or shift more than three hundred lives. plus r.t. investigates the links between the us government and facebook as the social media giant introduces its new general counsel a legal adviser at the us state department. doesn't have a lot of leverage to quote kill.


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