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you must tell him i mean books books you need to have stone you know you know. the cost of the. whole good start to another. day and i don't mention this idea for me only in paying almost all sorts of oil. your lead but. they let me ask are you missing for money. but all of us at million hits a skull but i like to hold it make people put him. here i have something interesting.
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find. it thinking about. this special little. you have no see they all have books. i think affect your beetle building in only and in the. name. and in place with all your. films called the hunted out they defeat the place a thought for thought tom ford if i'm going. who don't be a yes please if you saw some good known. tede or your butt move marks only the four year old
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this price has been so discussed sirius is sweden and it has the swedish academy and they they give out the nobel price they were furious when we invented this price so. it is lenin and you can see that he's made in china he says he's a little more chinese than russian in the. you know. well you know one thing some. call me to me. mantle calcutta horta comedy thursley alice don't we go out if said nobody fooled us but on top donnelly and in all means that all may be only aaron now or else got it there so also.
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well beyond. that i would issue. is. you know would you feel. the push or there would be. betrothal aurora in chile under the pinochet regime she was sent to prison for her left wing fields later she left for mexico whether she joins the maya indians in their struggle for the rights to live on that in life. or as a woman i'm worth a million and if they're out of the way i can. focus them on the other half of them want to pick it. up at the least that in a while but i found the last bucket that i mean i'm a fan though it's true. that
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a boy. around a background from. sun crystal the tourist capital of the mexican state of chiapas. in one thousand nine hundred four the city was taken over by the rebel it might indians who call themselves the zapatistas. she only that the case of the family is. love you long as they really should. if you're almost defines it part of your oath of fancy you. because she.
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would be found the way. to put it. so who post was it you need it was a pop up the more crass a lever that was this. i asked song sos principal is so limited as a limit is one that. cannot see in the last but these tests and ask only that is a yes i see on both of those the this is the time when we are on there and that alone will says you're here when you doing it out entirely out on the support even there those little squad ask a lot in. fact and the one says more sure look at it to escape the risk a you know when thoughts about this thing panther you i will not be thought up. foster. profits from the shop i used to support the separatist movement.
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i am a you go hand table you have a kid. i am no violence of any. how. could i be less careless was there is that a lot. of just one. come on let me show you my hotel in the beginning if you are going to be if you do you good you do then you are going to be in the. in the in been doing the do the good thing.
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so i need not only. bottle but. he'd get four minutes off the top people off hand up food get set up sign it off. to the people. in all the oil for the whole of the season.
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is just. an expression all the they would or should there. do you every should know how. can i fix the bus was hit by. a full hooper physical disease a good lesson to do could do to ensure their it could have you who should have you wish to pretend east. to mourn their loss that's almost. a month as a dancer she joined the turkish communist party when she was barely sixteen. i want to just study. in the european country and i was thinking germany i mean
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better education better education i books but that's technique. our life's going to like air in the morning we're going to business. we're working. this is for of our peoples if there's somebody else a pay your money you're a worker i think a lot of people are so we working and i can't slave why. i don't want to. play all of my class lives while the vehicles like from hungary. and we have what i think send this world's alex this is an e-mail for everyone and why and them some people's wants to take our things all the power just for themselves they are in charge and so i don't and steal me talking about wild's wife of course hungary and that's horrible i think.
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the suffering no place. called gall. who on nick's pretty good i would assure all who use the city because he said to be able to sit do. it. and you should m.b.o. . you know i don't need to deal. i was looked up so late. did leisure ness of the songs fall be able to play you know stuff that folds up at the book with the music to.
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i do think the numbers mean something they've met or us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens to. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be rich with six percent world market thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred three first circuit per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a mark but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business you know the mid one and only boom but. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing
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a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first. character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we are all hanged. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial
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merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room signals. i mean real news for the world. from. a computer poku li do that would you should. talk to people who those who do the work for delta buddy do give you can walk.
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in the open to go. to the custom. off base to go to. the do good i would do shore play it. so fair i would. say to them i need to. use a month of you can be no limit to the fight for justice but the opinion remained unchanged after the young turkish dancer to build. our fighter. not because of me because i want to change may have things in this far out i know i'm not alone about it and the people strike me wants to change.
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i feel all safe folks feel sympathy to lucian but it's the old days people just don't care about. helping themselves more. so we have just one life and we have to live this life like it was. just possibility abodes after my life. i have been plenty of times and protests while the pole small fire thing that activists. i was a. baby it's me many times and i see my life from just my front of my eyes because. i'm just i'm dying now i try to stay strong in my my insides yes they it's me and it's times without reason she wanted to remove the a lot of. confusion.
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she began if you. do know that. the door to future of our. the mexican state of chiapas twenty seven. hostilities against the government ended most of twenty years ago but in certain parts of the state to much still be greeted by men in mosques. to be one of those going to be. going for the one but it is going to look at the will of. the two political and it's not a. less consequential they like to see so.
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you know this is consequences this. is the only one that was business that i saw the most is about in the hopes to see. people. get a little bit. better. i. would check and see what i guess was about the stealth stumble. they told. you. about some of these posts. she. mustn't. laugh. was the most thoughtless and. i
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think it's not. just. in the domain. yes i mean the. i guess sort of the. isn't leaving no good only five days old is united live any kind of thinking where you're going to feel a little know what it is and i know this is illegal is the good. outweighs the good of it going in the. polls. not. even in a country as wealthy as sweet the truth revolutionaries work never in general has
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always been his most loyal comrade in arms because his wife. melania thinks the job is a good idea. to hold up a yellow good look at the slum oil law good for still about nothing and it makes the world and the show buoyant modelled outfielders told it man would be about the last thing on the hill that i'll think about enough is going. out in all the things i'll give it a b. and i'll give it a good idea of the money i'm a photo op so all the minute. you just go a little slow pace. or speak up on me and saw get me out so it would be. hard for me again let me skip let me.
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go off on the pulse of all that. will sell souls gospel or never get to get up. there to put it to make someone else's fault. yes that's. my sense. of the law yeah i. think so. yes but. it is also it. all scope of the more than scope and open you. know plumes complete you know some of them are going to say they're the reason our party is
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a quality of the night of your show and then they'll put you. on first or so duff and walk home. they want to scoff and overdo sunscreens also. they were the instrument this is going to do this. for. you. i love this. i'm going bald so. i usually wear something on my head. not so proud of my hair line. fortunately i'm not a linen impersonator so.
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as a cartoonist reporter and composite newspaper the proletarian is the swedish communist party's main mouthpiece. well that's a communist system marxist leninist of course i believe in the real lucia. i don't think that parliamentary democracy in the us democracy alone can be the means of creating. a good society which benefits all. and i want everything to stop. the skillful. in that city in the long. run it will get picked up so it will come out to
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the left on campus we're told that is the company of printing out down to the sewing. by real lucia and it does not necessarily mean storming the winter palace. and bayonets on and stamping all the border asean capitalists of course not revolution slint simply means. that one class takes over the power in society from an under socialism. has not been constructed in sweden although we have had a very strong well first state of course that alone does not make socialism the means of production have always been in private hands in sweden. for defeat the if
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we know to get healed could be healed do do do so baby put it to you. to do be do part of. the. it could be the least she told you so open. to do something to disagree you. want to come here hard for some part of this right. and i think it's. the dance happening. live like cameras there or they seem like that's not me
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my protest is my cards protest is my dance protests against the wild. protests against two teles and protests against to what's happening in this crowd it's not. so nice those that i mean. one could at the view that going and being said mean that i will be back when l. and i took a noise but on the course i'm like i was having not. spot they found their seat seen also got back on and also i'm also they found they didn't the name was gong. to go oh. oh push pull out of the net. yeah if you go your way too we. may see. something from you. or
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maybe. we will hit. meaning. conditionally to keep it as i live it here. only means to see it in arms you know meet you seen. the scene see as of two stasi often place the other lean in the east. appeared alone patio door despite. the good i will dr need it to be dick obese the boss coop. the two villeneuve stoppel i pity she was assigned to her mother because of all true blood to to lead them counted.
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six times or financial survival. when clusters go by you're just a five. then elf well reducible our. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is back into the global economy. for good only if you don't sort the rulebook to dismantle the sets for the faults of this. supper's you did something to me if you don't have to keep. playing well. they were among the group. to build them all the
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movies you did what you except your lead he says the calls for folks like me the call for the security just hold it where you go. oh. i. pity you well psycho. enclosure we're going to produce a. month . to discuss it as this is what stopped at the push i was. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and
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a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. if you think. i'm going to talk about football not be or else you can think i was going to do it . by the way ways of that slide here. shortly. but. i. i i.
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i mean. you. can see between voting. will take place in russia. details of the meeting have been kept secret. islamic state claims responsibility for a wave of deadly bombings in shoreline co on easter sunday the country's defense minister claims the attacks were in retaliation for last month's months ago of muslim law suppose in new zealand. and all to investigate the links between the us government and facebook as the social media giant introduces a new general counsel a legal adviser at the us they. believe that if they have a knife they already.


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