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i'm going to. take place. at the meeting has been kept secret. islamic state claims responsibility for a wave of deadly bombings on easter sunday the country's defense minister claims the attacks were in retaliation for last month's months ago. a new zealand. nor to investigate the links between the us government and facebook as the social media giant introduces a new general counsel a legal advisor the us. the us and.
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if they have it ready to shoot. high profile german reveals why it's so difficult to deal with the. hotbed of crime. today thanks for joining us this hour. i want to supply a shim is growing over the upcoming talks between vladimir putin and king john the kremlin's confirm they will take place in the city of light of all stock that's in russia's far east this coming thursday. and moscow and have been keeping the details of the first ever meeting between the russian and north korean leaders top secrets to trying to ease him out of all stock
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following the preparations. on any other day you would see a beautiful bridge behind my shoulder but now it's all completely covered in fog in fact the whole city of vladivostok is covered in fog which is i guess a perfect display a perfect reflection of all the secrecy surrounding the summit of vladimir putin and cam john until pretty much the very last day neither the location nor the date were confirmed every little detail was a top secret all that we heard from the north korean side was that the talks are due soon it's also. the chairman of the korean people sponte and supreme leader of our nation. will be visiting russia at the invitation of freshman president vladimir putin during the visit there will be a summit between conjunction and the russian president and here i am in the city of light of all stock where the people are completely in the dark about what's going
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on they are not completely sure whether they'll be able to get to work and the days that are coming something else that's being talked about a lot is that kim john is heading to vladivostok on the training that was always used by his father and you know what before that train enters into russian territory even wheels will have to be changed because of the different size of the railways and the two countries but it is also believed that kim john sr wasn't on that train she is believed to be here already and vladivostok making preparations in advance for her brother and let me remind you that she's a kind of a peacemaker someone who holds great influence over kim as it's believed she's often being cold vivanco of north korea she was present at the first historic unification meeting between pyongyang in seoul last. february during the winter
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olympics in south korea some people in this city have even said that they've already seen the limo of kim john and another rumor is that they literally had to dig under the gate of the local railway station to make sure that this vehicle can squeeze through so this is going to be chairman kim's first visit to russia his father though kim jong il visited russia three times last time it happened in two thousand and eleven obviously i can't help mentioning the political climate surrounding this meeting first of all i have to tell you that lately pyongyang expressed dissatisfaction with u.s. diplomats and the even demanded that u.s. secretary of state mike pumpin step down as the top american negotiator when it comes to contacts with north korea they want someone more suitable even in the case
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of possible resumption of dialogue with the u.s. i wish our dialogue counterpart would not be pumped but some of the person who is more careful in communicating with us mr pale though insists that he's still in charge we also have to remember that the last long awaited meeting between kim john thune and donald trump in hud noyo ended without any agreement being signed ever since then washington got back to sending out tough signals to north korea and it appears that chairman kim wasn't really happy with that and this could be the reason why he's now arriving here and vladivostok and the far east of russia. right to have gold cross the married told us what she considers to be the reasons behind kim's move. i think there are probably two reasons why he's going to russia one of them certainly is to send
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a very strong signal to the united states that north korea has as it were alternatives it has other possibilities better relations with the united states aren't its only prospect for the future so i think there's that on the one hand on the other i think it's quite interesting that. the american north korean detente those two summits happened without really any reference or any consideration of russia and obviously all you have to do is look at a map to realize that. north korea affects russia's security quite as much as it does america's security and maybe a bit more so i think it's entirely natural that. putin would want to meet kim and five subversive that russia would want to be involved if there's going to be any strategic change in that part of asia. for longer as president has promised
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to radically restructure the country's security forces over their failure to prevent terror attacks despite the fact they've received multiple warnings about the impending atrocity which islamic state on tuesday claimed responsibility for so if you go is joined by don't quarter for more on the story. isis is declaration came not very long after sri lanka's deputy defense minister said the bombings may have been in retaliation to the christ church routings last month and after an initial investigation officials said that these two to islamic terrorist groups that may or may not be connected to isis could have been working within a larger international terrorist network now the series of bombings that took place on easter sunday had a death toll now at three hundred twenty one confirmed deaths and another five hundred injured according to unicef even forty five children were among the victims now sri lankan authorities were actually warned a full two weeks before this series of bombings took place and the cabinet
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spokesperson has already taken to apologize for not picking up on the tip and that of the intelligence agencies they have been on the fourth of april international intelligence agencies informed us that such an incident could take place there detail group who is named christian churches in tourist destinations as the main targets as the government we are responsible for all of the story and we apologize to everybody let's go back to the claim that this attack was in retaliation for the new zealand shootings what exactly was said there well as of right now it's the sri lankan authorities that are making that claim but we just actually heard a statement from the new zealand prime minister who said that the this claim hasn't actually been backed by solid and from intelligence information yet and just to remind our viewers about what happens in new zealand on march fifteenth a mosque and islamic center were shot up in christ church new zealand now fifty people were killed another fifty people were injured and the twenty eight year old shooter was
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a self described white supremacist his crimes in the mass shootings he committed are considered to be some of the deadliest a new zealand's history. i . this is one of new zealand's kist days. the role of social media has been highlighted over both the attacks on sunday and in new zealand tell us more about that it's actually played a big part in both in the case of christ church the shooter put up a startling manifesto for the world to see across the internet and then he lived he live stream the first part of his terrorist attack and it actually took authorities
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quite a while to take it down off the internet and in the case of sri lanka authorities have actually already blocked a major social media platforms facebook whatsapp instagram and you tube are among them with others included and this is part of the government's state of emergency declaration basically so it's really situations like this where the dilemma between freedom of freedom on the internet and the possibility of terrorists using it as a weapon for evil comes to the forefront and we spoke to the former head of the u.k. counterterrorist security office chris phillips he thinks these attacks were prepared well in advance. to tank is clearly a long time in the planning and possibly even a month is probably not quite long enough to to do that but of course what it will have done perhaps is change the attack locations so the attack was going to take place almost certainly where it took place that may have been influenced by the attack in new zealand what we do know is that intelligence agencies were aware that
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this was likely to happen someone somewhere you know somewhere across the world as provided intelligence which within the sri lankan or thirty's it seems to have got lost so he doesn't appear to have been acted on well enough and we've had this this terrible attack but we've seen actually those two countries sri lanka and new zealand both of which are generally very very peaceful most people to go to those countries would say peaceful countries where these horrendous attacks have taken place german kickboxer turn security specialist is warning that the country's criminal underworld is now dominated by mainstream powerful foreign clans more on that after this break. still seems wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me.
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yet to see power does the consequences. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back to the program has become home to some of the biggest criminal clans in the world that's according to one of the city's most famous bodyguards michael kroger is a world kick boxing champion and while he claims to favor multiculturalism he's worried current migration policies have allowed gangs to thrive in the capital says the shuttle in germany spend the day with him in belin. if they have a knife they are ready to cut and kill if they have a girl there ready to shoot and kill. it there is a lot everyone has to abide by. there are firm believers in berlin like omar at. abu check out show crew these are big families and well known in the criminal world but you can't say all of them are criminal many have nothing to do
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with it. all. it will be a good job. because i just did it because i was peace and love. so i've been in this business since nine hundred eighty two but as one know almost every family even if i don't know someone they've heard about me then i'm a fan of multiculturalism i always speak very positively about it wasn't because many found themselves in the criminal world as a result of mistakes we have to give these guys some credit the german government hadn't done enough to integrate them then many of them couldn't get a job license for years and that's why they resorted to criminality.
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these clowns are closely tied together they're like a hole you won't see anything like that in german families they can bring together forty to fifty people in just half an hour. to visit i found a margin on business in one thousand nine hundred ninety four that's when the plan started expanding in there including pushing aside low. german groups until you learn under control the good farmers now totally controlling or including drugs prostitution and she has a lot of money. you
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know police has an investigative group that deals primarily with organized crime among families of arab origin as well as a group conducting intelligence activities including coming into contact with potentially dangerous criminal element. government policy completely failed thirty's totally under the situation they're trying to minimize the damage but it's not an easy thing to do. i cooperate with the police given the opportunity to be independent i don't depend on any clan my clan is the police it's. questions are being raised over the growing links between facebook and the u.s. government that the social media drive outs that's hired the u.s. state department's legal counsel as its own general counsel and vice president of
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communications a company says jennifer news that will oversee facebook's global legal functions and use that as a long career in u.s. government service with both the state department and justice department she was part of the team which drafted the controversial patriot act expanding government surveillance powers after the nine eleven attack or the new appointment comes amid unprecedented pressure on facebook to tackle the spread of misinformation and fake news on its part for parties egos that off takes a closer look at a firm as fact checking and fears over its trustworthiness. for the past two years facebook has been trying to convince the public it is taking a stand against fake news the program has been battered by controversies from criticism over how it's implemented to claims the impact it makes is little to none so how does facebook fact check new spokes well it doesn't instead of defectively has outsourced this function to a seemingly obscure journalism school. the
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pointer institute is a nonprofit based in florida it's nondescript anonymous in almost every way except for the fact that any fact checking service willing to partner with facebook has to get pointers approval and this is the type of testimonies they applauded on their you tube channel journalists to this important point or does for journalists is invaluable it's just so hard to separate. who i am as a reporter from. your point it was done for me. the. world. over it's time. training researching and informing journalists that look at journalism as a true wow i wonder how many more journalism students out there talking about their school like it's
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a sect they joined but so far pointer has licensed around sixty partners from all over the world good to go to fact check for facebook and many of them have a bit more in common than appetite for truth the thing they share is who they get their money from fact checkers from the u.s. the u.k. africa latin america the philippines and the pointer itself have been funded by the open society foundation and a media network either. one of them or both together they've donated millions to fact checkers so what are they and why are they so eager to invest. now the open society foundation was founded and is run by none other than george soros who invested more than thirty two billion dollars into the foundation and
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this open society foundation is known to do exactly that open societies or meddle in the affairs of countries all over the world have been proven to be a political weapon of saurus as for the the media network it belongs to another billionaire pierre media the creator of e-bay and just like soros is brainchild the network has been deeply involved in geo politics providing a steady flow of money for america's soft power ventures from funding opposition in other countries to creating puppet media outlets and there are plenty of other donors bestowing their wealth upon point and co not excluding the u.s. state department i expect to be there will be a very close interplay between the facebook checkers and the state department and that they will be really very respectful of the state department's point of view after all they're one of their paymasters so i think they will go out of their way
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not to contradict anything the state department says and to basically try to then discredit anybody who might be criticizing them so fortunately this is the antithesis of what most people think of when they think of freedom of media or freedom freedom of information now point and it's platoon or fact checkers say that one of their binding values is impartiality but sometimes that veil is quite easy to see through and i mean let me bring up one chart for you was showcased at a separating fact. from fake news panel by point i mean by different nisshin here the mainstream media and mainstream news are presented here as a victim and it is presented as an inherently one hundred percent truthful entity just cannot be fake news here and that's despite the fact that mainstream outlets have repeatedly embarrassed themselves with faulty reporting from c.n.n. to buzz feed ironically the outlet behind this graph but after all these story
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suggests neither the u.s. government nor the saurus like bunch spend their billions out of pure philanthropy and what this is clearly aimed at is to restrict the availability of alternative sources of information were they do is defend the establishment narrative and try to discredit alternative to this to the point of views which then they will declare to be non-factual or fake news according to their own fact checkers which are very very biased. and alleged member of a far right militia group detaining moderates at gunpoint near the mexican border has appeared before us federal court groups already detained more than three hundred migrants just in the past week alone they're still counting this is crazy illustrated here in base camp.
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michel hopkins was arrested on saturday by the f.b.i. over allegations he's a convicted felon in possession of firearms and i mean agency also claims in previously planned assassination attempts of barack obama hillary clinton and billionaire george soros all of which he denies. has been claimed hopkins was part of a group called the united consitutional patriots and said to be put on only comprised of military veterans armed with guns and tactical gear which operates in new mexico taming illegal migrants the group started to post online videos showing their so called work. and the group claims it's done nothing wrong and that there is a crisis at the border so it helps patrol the guards. hopkins also questioned why the f.b.i. only got involved after videos release of the actions of the militia group have though provoked widespread anger. regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone this isn't to reduce should not attempt to exercise
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authority results for law enforcement we do not condone private groups that take in force went into their own hands interference by civilians in law enforcement could have safety and legal consequences their actions undermine the efforts of our state to get new mexico families safe this is no place in our state we cannot allow racist armed to the july to kidnap people sick in the silence. or discuss the difference between protection and prosecution with international affairs expert george someway and political analyst they've perkins. how is this a situation that's to be encouraged or defended in any way well it all this economy courage and defend it on the other hand it is an understandable response to and on except it will situation so it should waken us to the fact that the law and also little corage is. not doing the job that they are supposed to do
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it's not necessary to come here and step across the border in order to get an asylum claim considered much comfort and ease is given to them to do that without crossing the border so my problem with the whole issue is is that they are being its own needs to do it they're being encouraged to do it by the left by the democrat party in america it's political something has to be done about this asylum i mean it is it is absolutely ridiculous that people come in illegally they borrow a child somewhere use that child as a problem apply for asylum and then because children we also rate. that you simply walk across into the country i mean this is this is a this is nonsensical someone said the militia might shoot someone guys running around with guns is dangerous a lot of people in america have been shot by illegal aliens so what's next here you know vigilante groups in cities vigilante groups in other places take you'll throw
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to into their own hands without any sort of training without any sort of. experience to be of about forty million military veterans with firearms training in combat experience or many of them trained in managing groups of hostile people one way or another we have as citizens people who are willing and able to do what the government is unwilling and apparently unable because of gridlock to do i don't worry about the american people i'm an optimist we have three hundred or four hundred million guns in the hands. one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty million american citizens no one was shot in america today no one was shot in america yesterday likely no one will be shocked america tomorrow the american people i'm talking about of the people who know and revere and understand the constitution they haven't really done anything terrible i mean all a gun apprehended people crossing the border illegally and then having
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a free and the. cold in the professional bolduc which role those that lines for the south join us again in thirty minutes for the latest global news updates. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective from time used to surprising us all to one all to be perfect. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. when lawmakers
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manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lives only the one percent i'm told. to ignore middle of the room signals. to leave the room getting real news is really. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. or somehow want us. to go on to be prosperous like before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. there should.
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be. from coal. broadcasting around the world covering all aspects of business and finance and how it affects you this is one but i'm kristie i've billy and barb are in washington d.c. we're glad you're on board coming up. debate of the u.s. census is now in the hands of the supreme court and with it the impact of the decision it could have on business to meet her off of the boss capitol helps us sort through this thing plus is there any way and there's
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a lot of movement in the markets today commodity traders lend us a hand to break it all down. and finally how can the eradication of debt help will tell your brain our t.v. producer brant aboard digs into all of that detail directly ahead but first let's have some headlines. a battle in the courts over the two thousand and twenty united states census leads our global report today as the u.s. supreme court hears oral arguments from thirty states and local governments challenging commerce secretary wilbur ross his attempt to add a question to citizenship to the two thousand and twenty census but just as this ruling could reshape the count of people which determines many other economic fundamentals including the distribution of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal government spending critics including prominent voices in business point out that the new question would intimidate immigrant.


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