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tv   News  RT  April 25, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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i'll see you there. is an interim chairman king also wrigley to tell us about his position that in a putin says kim jong un has asked him to clarify his position to washington after more than two hours of face to face talks between the two leaders at their first ever summit also to come this hour human rights groups condemn as grotesque saudi arabia's beheading of thirty seven people mostly from the shia minority the body of one convict was even strung up in public following the largest mass execution in years also a un report claims government u.s. and international forces in afghanistan are responsible for more civilian deaths than the militants they've been fighting to get reaction from locals there. should
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be child or woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should ask the foreign forces about them but there is no one to walk we have come so we want the americans and i says to stop killing our people we don't want the u.s. and nato you. are welcome you watching r.t. international now the first ever summit between russian president vladimir putin and north korea in his north korean counterpart has reached its conclusion the leaders spent more than two hours in a closed face to face meeting discussing everything from the nuclear eyes ation to expanding bilateral relations during the press conference the russian president said that chairman kim asked him to try to explain his position to washington. it's . directly to tell the us about his position and about the questions he says
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it today with the situation on the korean peninsula. ok let's bring in our correspondent then in. a press conference that lasted around thirty minutes is pretty comprehensive mr putin got through. to bad we couldn't hear from chairman kim himself because obviously it would have been precious to hear the inside of both of them after this historic summit as you said first ever between the current leaders of russia and north korea however at least we were able to hear something from. the first question from journalists was about mr putin's personal impressions of the
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personality of kim jong un on some of the words he used to describe that was open interesting and thoughtful and according to. mr kim was able to elaborate on various ranging from. a lot of relations as you were saying things that have to do with the peace process at the u.n. but also they had a frank discussion about the specific ties and specific nuts and bolts of the relations between piano gang and washington now we were also able to make a conclusion that the number one thing that north korea is always looking for when it comes to talks with other international players is security and sovereignty for their country guaranteed. of that that they're looking forward to if they could
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be made by other important players in the region if they could be brought forward and this is pretty much what vladimir putin said all they need is security guarantees mr putin will be heading to beijing next where his going to meet the leader of china and journalist asked mr. will be ready to share the details of talks with. with other international leaders including xi jinping he said yes of course i'll be telling xi jinping about everything we talked about but more importantly something that you already mentioned whenever he meets american officials or that also can be done through diplomatic channels russia is right be to convey the details and the message from north korea to the americans in fact. even asked a lot of our putin to send a certain message to donald trump when he gets that chance another question another
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question you sorry from journalist was about. putin the thought was ready to get together with the american president donald trump again mr putin fell short of giving a direct answer to that question although he believes that or later this kind of summit will have to will have to happen because other ways there is no way out of the crisis on the korean peninsula. ok. well it's been saying that have been pretty good at this summit so let's take a closer look at the atmosphere in these talks and president putin welcomed his north korean counterpart in the far eastern city of boston.
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ok well we can bring in a body language expert now he's howard feldman he looks at this type of thing guessing what's happening really in the minds of people by looking at their body language howard welcome what you make of the meeting and the summit place. thank you very very good afternoon to you first of all i think it's quite interesting to take a look at kim jong un's body language when he arrived actually invited he was much more relaxed than if we compare him to how he arrived to the meeting with donald trump he was visibly a lot more comfortable with this meeting he seemed to be actually in a way quite looking forward to it what did seem to shift and that's perhaps because
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. putin wasn't quite wasn't there to greet him it either russian officials he was very relaxed during that time we see a shift in his body language slightly as he starts to get to greet. putin we can see that handshake was almost a little bit of a struggle for dominance and by the time they are sitting in those two white very uncomfortable chairs you could see there that their dominance has been established by putin it's been a very very interesting flow of of of power during the course of these discussions and when you mention that when they both sitting down and what's to give away what you look at here vladimir putin the. i think he's in charge. all right so there are a couple of things the one of the one of the interesting things about to blood to
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me putin and and we see this often with him in every he's meeting he's very protective of the of his own space it's very rare for somebody to come into his zone or close to his proximity so what we see is he'll stretch out and and shake hands with the in the zone of the other person when they shook hands he was quite dominant and kim kim jong would end by dominant i mean his hand takes a downward position we saw that kim troubled want to try and establish a bit of dominance there himself when he got to that point that's when putin kind of left got just quite a long handshake and i think that and shake was what was very important by the time that they were sitting on those chairs having that conversation it was very very little movement from king john when he was quiet. and comfortable in that position and we saw there there there it was leaning forward again maybe
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a little bit intimidating maybe a little bit frustrated there was definitely something going on there that that he wasn't quite comfortable with he was gripping the chairs a little bit putin does the side of it not out of discomfort but maybe more out of frustration and he was kind of leaning forward into their position. to v v v v v body language of kim jong il at the time he was turned a little bit away from putin he was trying to keep together in a very very controlled sort of a way so that would be my read on it it's fascinating to see because when i spoke to our tea soon in fact during the meeting when kim jong un spoke met with with donald trump we saw a very very different type of a of an a. at that stage we could see already that those talks weren't going to go well because trump was trying very very hard almost to nurture kim jong il and
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through this process you saw it from him you saw it from his aides and kim jong un at the time was a little bit more in control do you notice or do you think that the body language you saw at the summit was very natural or was it obviously something that the leaders thought about beforehand. and it's quite hard to hear you're not getting the line but the body language to. go ahead i'm sorry can you repeat that question. yes or no the body language at the beginning was a little bit more relaxed. but afterwards i i got the since there that that that it didn't go that easily for kim jong un and perhaps he didn't get out of this quite what he was hoping ok my final question howard i hope you can hear me now i don't know if you saw the departure of kim jong but what did you make of the
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body language when they were saying that farewells. so i didn't i only saw a slip out of it i didn't get a chance to see the whole thing but that is definitely i think there was a sense of relief that this was over actually for kim jong il. and there's no doubt that the summit was really about just having a summit the he it was an easier discussion in that it was really just about more about the historic event he was quite relieved when it was whether it was over but i don't think by any means that it had gone exactly how he was hoping that it would go ok fascinating stuff how to really get it till she apologized for this and delay this like conclusion of confusion but we got through that was howard feldman analyst and body language. expert thank you. to. leading human rights groups have been scathing over saudi arabia's execution this week of thirty
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seven men mostly from the shia minority on terror violence and unrest related charges the body of one convict was strung up in public following his execution among the exact acute it was a minor that's according to amnesty international human rights watch stresses it marks an alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty in the country they describe the punishment as grotesque with all the details is more against a few things so was much fear into the hearts of your own people there was mass executions the men were executed for adopting terrorists an extremist thinking and performing terrorists else to corrupt and destabilize security allegedly among their crimes was this respect towards authority some of them can you believe that like the king protested against him so
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serious with their crimes that one of those executed was also crucified yes crucified in two thousand and nineteen his body strung up for all to see for all to fear. today's mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the saudi arabia no authority and callous disregard for human life it is also yet another gruesome indication of how the death penalty is being used as a political tool to crush dissent from within the country's shia minority in fact almost half of those killed were executed after taking part in pro-democracy protests see the arab spring didn't skirt saudi arabia the shia minority rose up and wanted change better fairer life the king obviously thought they wanted too much.
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one of those executed by the way was sixteen years old at the time of his arrest attending a protest apparently he was still a kid now he's an example in fact the current king began his reign by staging a massive execution forty seven people back headed shot for crimes that included disobey and saudi rulers biggest blood show since the nine hundred eighty s. who said fictions and common peaked in two thousand and twelve and five people were strung up paralysis reportedly is also in a judge's arsenal seriously they can sentence a person to be paralyzed as punishment roots back to
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a four thousand year old law or that someone wrote on a stone pillar to throw a tooth and literally in this case a knife or a knife saudis took that stone pay. very seriously in two thousand and five a cordon saudi arabia ordered a migrants i gagged out as punishment for getting into a fight and beautician also a favorite especially for theft chopping off people's arms and feet stealing and of course stoning reserved for crimes like being too friendly with the opposite sex what can you say you want to cherry on top saudi arabia's on the u.n. human rights council what a world. but it casts the if there were saudi arabia has defended its decision to execute the individuals it does not hesitate to punish anybody threaten the
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security and stability of the kingdom a spokeswoman for the gulf institute for democracy and human rights to me aspect believes the riyadh's justice system does it does allow it to tackle anybody whose views do differ from the official position. it's not the first time which saudi arabia with the death penalty to punish prisoners of conscience who hold dared to spoke out about the human rights violations in the country we've not just there and i think around five of the of the executive people who where really charged by terrorists did or isn't trying to get we don't trust the. system we don't trust how did how did the saudi authorities handled the matters especially against the british there's a whole talk to the streets to demand rights and freedoms and who spoke out about what was happening in the country. as most of the gulf kingdom saudi arabia uses is
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to do show the system to fabricate the charges against the dissidents especially against the activists who spoke out or who was their social media outlets or rules participated in demonstrations there is a taboo in the gulf kingdom especially in saudi arabia no one is just speak about what's happening in the country. still to come a u.n. report has revealed that forces fighting militants in afghanistan have killed more civilians than the militants themselves will have the details just tough to bring. cheese holiday international memorial awards twenty nine c. the now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you are
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a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate send us your published works in video rich . go to war dot com t. dot com and enter now. with more makers manufacture concepts and instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous merry go round of the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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but over again now in afghanistan local governments he west and international forces have been responsible for more civilian deaths in the millicent forces they've been fighting that's according to a new u.n. report the findings reveal in the first three months of twenty nineteen almost six hundred civilians civilian deaths. documented in the country and pro-government forces are responsible for more than half of them the majority of the fatalities were the result of their strikes the number of deaths is up thirty nine percent compared to the previous year we asked locals for their reaction. among some of them you know we always requested from the american forces and the afghan government if you want to bombard any areas please take care of the civilians there don't target civilians for any child or woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should ask the foreign forces about them but there is no one to ask we
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have concerns. of our people have been killed or injured we have become widows children have lost their fathers people have lost our lives we want the americans and i says to stop killing our people we don't want the u.s. and nato here we will work with each other. and we request from foreign forces and afghan government forces and from the taliban that if you are fighting with each other do not use residential areas as a position if the american forces do not take into consideration the civilian casualties in afghanistan and they continue killing civilians by name in them insurgents the future will be very bad for them u.s. military forces have launched investigations after previous u.n. reports washington currently has about fourteen thousand troops in afghanistan most of them are involved in non-operational nato led training missions reports back in december claim that donald trump had decided to reduce u.s. forces in the country although there's been no sign of that been put into action
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the white house has been seeking the peaceful resolution of its longest ever war but there are concerns there any deal could lead to a new wave of instability in the region. we've spent close to one trillion in afghanistan all of that is the truth if you screw up on the day after a peace agreement a dramatic decrease in not only troops but financial support for the afghan government will mean the collapse of the government you have five hundred thousand some troops and police who are trained and have weapons you have sixty thousand taliban who are trained killers they want to be reintegrated plan for that a research analyst at the center for conflict and peace studies says it is interesting the afghan government only started to raise concerns about civilian deaths after relations with the u.s. soured yeah one garment has to. be responsible for this in an address concerns of the locals to protect them but
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a lot of the time when there were airstrikes in the air bombardments by the afghan or the american forces the one garment would not even come to condemn it in that it was unfortunate that the latest condemnation came after relations between kabul in washington deteriorated. that microsoft's fake news watchdog called news guard has turned its attention to the u.k. it's now labeled as trustworthy three tabloid newspapers the sun the daily mirror and also the daily star and that's not the only decision of the so-called blacklist that has been called into question is down the quarter reports. remember news guard that handy dandy microsoft program that tells you what is and isn't fake news while they're still hard at work putting little green checkmarks next to information they like in search engines use guards co-founder calls it applying
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a little common sense to searching information we're going to a ploy common sense to a problem that the algorithms haven't been able to solve we're going to dozens of journalists to read and review the seventy five hundred news information so it's common sense might not be enough if the admins are living under a rock the whole robert muller's report is out and many liberal tall tales about trump russia collusion have been debunked still a lot of those stories are marked with a big friendly checkmark trump sharing polling data with the russians check except it's not true muller subpoenaing bank records check but same thing not true trumps lawyer secretly meeting with a kremlin official in prague well at least they change the article a bit still a big check even though the title isn't exactly true in fact the checkmarks don't even have to do with how wrong the story is if news guard trusts the outlet they're
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good to go our green red reading signal if website is trying to get it right or instead has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda so i guess the takeaway from that is that outlets like the new york times and buzz feed's don't really have hidden agendas and if that sounds ridiculous to you don't worry news guard will make sure you know right from wrong soon enough what's interesting to note is their reaction is they're saying we are not necessarily acknowledging or passing judgment on the veracity and accuracy of the information we're just passing judgment. on these source of it these people this source this group this website this newspaper this whatever we give them our check mark we approve of them
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what they say wow we don't really necessarily pass judgment on that if you go down the list of all of those items which have passed editorial muster it's the same it's breathtakingly obvious to anybody that if your story or if you are source repeats this this trope that there was russian collusion affection of justice anything negative to trump it will be checked and approved without and me problem not misleading trustworthy they're a fireball job well done. and that's how things are looking today here not see we're back again they use your with more stories in the headlines in just half an.
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inch. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first character that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we all.
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what is it calling the coin is magic internet money the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor. of second or bank that's called it get us a lot for a reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the max and stacey.
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just felt. it was awful but your puppy from she's a local little woman. marshall could. the. reason for you. he. wouldn't.
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do that but simply that those he spoke to pushing a false. because he. said. that if you look. at this from me as you keep.
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i mean is it enough because i figure i don't parade honoring or picking on this and yet you. want to do the set of it for the seven of them in the models that they loaned the communications dollar movie. video to facebook on his own. even more didn't sit in a warm. room with the medical. liberties. resisting we can still do with the fictional isn't.


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