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of this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we are all. the leaders of russia and north korea conclude their first ever summits after more than two hours of face to face talks both are to move through it and in conjunction expressed a willingness to work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. because some german king also regent rickly to tell the us about his position and about the questions he says in connection with the situation on the korean peninsula. human rights groups condemn as grotesque saudi arabia's beheading of thirty seven people
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said to be mostly from the shia minority one person's body was even stronger up in public following the largest mass execution in years. also a un report notes government the u.s. and international forces in afghanistan are responsible for more civilian deaths than the militants that they've been fighting against we get reaction from locals. for the child or woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should ask the foreign forces about it there is no one to walk with him so we want the americans and i says to stop killing our people we do when the u.s. and nato here. join is the same thing this is all to international. the first ever summit between limit putin and conjunction has come to an end the leaders of russia and north
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korea spent more than two hours in a closed meeting discussing everything from denuclearization to expanding bilateral relations corresponded to trying to summarize this events from the city of light of a stock. well it turns out that in a sense john is counting on volodymyr putin as a kind of a middleman in delivering his messages to the rest of the world leadership by the way mr putin's next destination is beijing there you have it but it looks like chairman kim is hoping that his message will get all the way to washington through russia as well but it's. directly to tell the u.s. about his position and about the questions he has it today and with the situation on the korean peninsula we also found out that the russian leader as confident that pyongyang essential desire is international security guarantees guarantees
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for sovereignty and when it comes to dealing korea's ation according to mr putin the only way forward is through these kind of guarantees i would like to remind you that for years russia's peace road map was about mutual concessions from both sides of north korea on the one hand and south korea and allies on the other and china is backing of this plan to well the russian president believes that for years every step forward made by washington was followed by two steps backwards . but with some confidence building measures to be taken which could have been taken back in two thousand and five when the u.s. and north korea came to an agreement however later on for some reason the american partners thought this was know if they needed to add something more to this agreement that's when north korea with drew from the treaty if you're making
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a step forward two steps back you'll never succeed. after what we heard on thursday it is definitely fair to say that there is a lot of potential and kim putin some. and by the way the president of south korea a few hours ago said that this summit in flat of austar should act as a springboard for further top ranked diplomacy between washington and pyongyang so chairman kim has been joining contacts with the most powerful politicians on this planet his two historic summits with the american president donald trump were followed by one with a lot of our putin and it looks like mr kim knows what he's doing when he splaying his geo political game. let's take a closer look now at the misfit during the talks and how president putin welcome to north korean counterpart investors far east.
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of the language expert how it felt and breaks down what the leaders movements could say about the. one of the interesting things about of that to me putin and and we see this often with him in every he's meeting he's very protective of the of his own space it's very rare for somebody to come into his zone or close to his proximity when they shook hands he was quite dominant kim kim jong il would end by dominant i mean his his hand takes all that downward position we saw that kim troubled wanted to try and establish a bit of dominance very himself when he got to that point that putin kind of left
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got just quite a long handshake and i think vet and shake was well was very important by the time that there was sitting on those chairs having that conversation it was very very little movement from king john when he was quite. uncomfortable i think it was a sense of relief that this was over actually for kim jong un. and there's no doubt that the summit was really about just having a summit the he it was an easier discussion in that it was really just about more about the historic event he was quite relieved when it was whether it was over but i don't think by any means there there it had gone exactly how he was hoping that it would go. international human rights groups have been scathing over saudi arabia's execution this week of thirty seven men reportedly mostly from the shia minority on terror of violence and unrest related charges the body of one person
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was even stronger in public following his execution human rights watch states marks an alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty in the country discard the punishment does teske against reports. few things so as much fear into the hearts of your own people as mass executions the men were executed for adopting terrorists and extremists thinking and performing terrorists else to corrupt and destabilize security allegedly among their crimes was this respect towards authority some of them can you believe that like the king protested against him so serious with their crimes that one of those executed was also crucified yes crucified in two thousand and nineteen his body strung up for all to see for all to fear. today's mass execution
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is a chilling demonstration of the sodium review no authority is callous disregard for human life it is also yet another gruesome indication of how the death penalty is being used as a political tool to crush dissent from within the country's shia minority in fact almost half of those killed were executed after taking part in pro-democracy protests see the arab spring didn't skirt saudi arabia the shia minority rose up they wanted change better fairer life the king obviously thought they wanted too much.
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one of those executed by the way was sixteen years old at the time of his arrest attending a protest apparently he was still a kid now is an example you wouldn't believe how creative the. when it comes to killing prisoners in fact the current king began his reign by staging a massive execution forty seven people behaved it short for crimes that included disobey and saudi rulers biggest blood show since the nine hundred eighty s. who said fictions and common peaked in two thousand and twelve five people were strung up paralysis reportedly is also in a judge's arsenal seriously they can sentence a person to be paralyzed as punishment routes back to a four thousand year old law that someone wrote on a stone pillar to through
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a tooth and literally in this case a knife or an eye saudis took that stone very seriously in two thousand and five a cordon saudi arabia ordered a migrants i gagged out as punishment for getting into a fight and pew taishan also a favorite especially for theft chopping off people's arms and feet stealing and of course stoning reserved for crimes like being too friendly with the opposite sex what can you say you want to cherry on top saudi arabia's on the un human rights council. what a world. realize defended its decision to execute the individuals that it will not hesitate to punish anyone threatening the security and stability of the kingdom the spokesperson for the gulf institute for democracy and human rights for years beck believes that the saudi just the system cracks down on those whose views differ
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from the official position. of the first time which so very be you that if you know t. took clannish prisoners of conscience who hold dared to spoke out about the human rights violations in the country we've not just there i think around five of the of the executive people where really charged by terrorists due to them trying to we don't trust. i really enjoyed your system just how did how did they get through to you handled the magic in the eighties that british soldiers hold took to the streets to demand rights and freedoms and who spoke out about what was happening in the country. most of the gulf kingdom so the idea being if you did you show the system to fabricated charges against their dissidents especially against the activists who spoke out or who lose their social media outlets or rules
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participated in demonstrations there is a taboo in the gulf kingdom especially in saudi arabia no one is a low just speak about what's happening in the country. former us vice president joe biden has announced that he's entering the twenty twenty race for the presidency although it didn't come as much of a surprise his plans have been an open secret for some time early polls show he's currently the most popular counted as among the democrats but the road to the white house for biden could be littered with potholes from his past skill and more but explains. now joe biden is a long time democratic party superstar he has a long career representing delaware in the u.s. senate however growing numbers are concerned about his record let's not forget that he supported george w. bush's invasion of iraq and pushed the lie about weapons of mass destruction saddam is dangerous the world would be a better place without him but the reason he poses a growing danger to the united states and its allies is that he possesses chemical
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and biological weapons and he's not the me too candidate by a long shot not only does joe have his own touchy feely proclivities but he jumped over the need to hill way back in one nine hundred ninety one when she was accusing them supreme court nominee clarence thomas of sexual harassment it is appropriate to ask professor who anything any member were shoes to ask her. to. the depths of her credibility and joe's also a lock him up guy he was one of the most outspoken supporters of bill clinton's one thousand nine hundred ninety four bylane crime control act which led to an explosion in the u.s. prison population which critics now see as a big problem joe is also a big supporter of the death penalty even calling for its expansion biden crowborough was before us calls for the death penalty for forty
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fifty one of states is. why the newspaper recently wrote that something to the effect that biden has made it a death penalty offense for everything would jaywalk back when bill clinton's crime bill passed joe biden was such an outspoken supporter he said quote i'd like to be running and have someone use the crime bill against me welcome to twenty nineteen joe at this point your biggest opponent bernie sanders actually wants prisoners to be able to vote socialism is now a favorite word among young people and your tough on crime talking points might come back to haunt you now the twenty twenty democratic primary is still a fair way off but if joe biden thinks it's going to be just a typical action you may be in for a big surprise kaleb mop and artsy new york. a raft of democrat moves appear to confirm a shift to a progressive agenda democrats blocked a republican proposal last month to prevent illegal immigrants from voting the
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research finds that may be more because on authorized migrants overwhelmingly vote democrats democrats also push to lower the voting age to sixteen that was rejected by the house. joins me on the line those that speak to get gina so they could students democrats wanting groups like immigrants who tend to vote for them to actually get the chance to vote . it's not surprising they realize now that the basic americans out here are the people that we call him joe six pack in america the guy that's just working his job trying to provide first family he's not going to vote democrat it is more because the democrats have gone so far regressive left that they've lost the rank and file old school democrats that used to vote for them and in fact not only have they lost i'm president trump has reigned them in and has
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become the president really of the average american so the democrats realize they have to go someplace else they're quite desperate and they're willing to let criminals and children vote. trump in commenting q. you tweeted that biden's rival democratic hopefuls have quote sick and demented ideas any idea what he was referring to that. well i mean infanticide is a horrible thing that this country i think is is thrown by but regarding this particular recent announcement of biden saying in burnie in particular saying that he would go along with the boston bomber for example being able to vote he said that he has rights that he believes i are just authentically his for being born in america most americans think once you kill people and you take away their rights should be alive your rights are pretty much negated at least until you've served out your term in prison and in some cases even as you know in the united states we
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order to the death penalty regarding murder because we believe you really are right when you take another life. as i understand joe biden is actually the favorite to get the democratic nomination stage is that surprising when you consider you know he's tried to do this twice before and failed not too long ago he was getting a lot of heat for being a little bit too touchy feely with members of the female persuasion how do you assess the fact that he's somehow the favorite. i just don't think they have very many options on the side of the democrats honestly they've they've gone so far away from their base that they don't really have particular issues to run on other than you know identity politics saying someone is too white or too old or those sorts of things which makes joe biden quite the interesting front runner in the democrat race i believe joe biden's most popular day on the ballot is probably
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today the day that he announced and i imagine from there his popularity will go down i don't see how a party that has only one issue. you really of identity politics can possibly choose joe biden of all people who will be i think the oldest person to ever serve as president as their new what progressive liberal i mean it's almost comical if it weren't sort of pathetic. jane appreciate you coming on my guest sound political analyst and author jean alone to thank you. appreciate you guys staying with us this evening more news coming up after this short break. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next about different clubs on one hand it is logical to signal from fields
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where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. what not to give you. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to do. by the way what is it that flying here. join me every first week on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back in afghanistan local government u.s. and international forces have been responsible for more civilian deaths than the militant forces that they've been fighting that's according to a new u.n. report the findings reveal that in the first three months of this year over six hundred civilian deaths were documented in the country most of the deaths come from airstrikes conducted by international forces led by the u.s. and nato and the victims is up almost forty percent on the same period last year we asked locals for their reaction. no more than you know we always requested from the american forces and the afghan government if you want to bombard any areas please take care of the civilians there don't target civilians for any child or woman killed in afghanistan the afghan government should ask the foreign forces about them but there is no one to watch we have concerns. of our people have been killed or injured women have become widows children have lost their fathers people have
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lost eyes we want the americans in isis to stop killing our people we don't want the u.s. and nato here we will work with each other. that we request from foreign forces and afghan government forces and from the taliban that if you are fighting with each other do not use a residential areas as a position if the american forces do not take into consideration the civilian casualties in afghanistan and they continue killing civilians by name in them insurgence the future will be very bad for them. u.s. military forces have launched investigations of the previous year and reports washington currently has about fourteen thousand troops in afghanistan most of them are involved in non-operational nato led training missions december it was reported president trump would reduce u.s. forces in the country whether there's been no sign of that being put into action the white house says he's for resolution of america's longest ever war but there are concerns that any deal could lead to a new wave of instability in the region. we've spent close to one trillion in of
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gana system all of that is a true if you screw up on the day after a peace agreement a dramatic decrease in not only troops but financial support for the afghan government will mean the collapse of the government you have five hundred thousand some troops and police who are trained and have weapons you have sixty thousand taliban who are trained killers they want to be reintegrated plan for that. meanwhile just a day after the un report on afghanistan was published amnesty international and there was have released a report on civilian casualties in the syrian city of rock art for twenty seventeen it finds that the u.s. led coalition was responsible for the deaths of more than sixteen hundred civilians ten times the number admitted by the us government writer and commentator abdel bari atwan thinks the us must stop such practices. people are killed the dog. will be bobby's daughter bobbi you know civilian areas they are bombing schools so i
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think this kind of bombardment should be stopped because this city and people are paying the price for this american up close these and that prompted the words i believe the american troops american administration is fully responsible for. among the sabean in particular you know more than a thousand people were killed i mean it kind of misty she was in a sponsible because the supposed to be in control of they actually should be. responsible will be found to be done for much of the community should actually take action against. but with a place for you in just over half an hour see that. girl
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who remember this famous french will you the new way the pock back in the sixty's i think mostly but well yes and tell the audience right happens they eat themselves to death yes and it's really kind of violence actually hard to watch but it's gross they're burping and farting and puking and just keep on eating and right that's blackstock berkshire hathaway jamie diamond working themselves to death on the school. and they themselves will perish and take their entire country down with sound because they can't stop there's no editor and their minds are like goldfish in a bag of food just keep themselves. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president i'm sure. you somehow want to be rich. if you're going to be cross it's like the full three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should. we could only be dull sort of. sit through the. simple as you did all sounds simple but it is true me if you don't have to keep. playing well. then you among the group was. a movie you did before you accept your then he says and pulls with folks like me the wealth of the security just hold it where you go.
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oh. well sancho. closure we're going to produce a. month . to the pacific that this was what i was to stop that the pollution i was fulfill says. the united states relations with russia or iran have never been particularly cordial but under the presidency of donald trump both took a downward spiral there have been so. sanctions attempts at isolation and a badge of evil from both moscow and to iran how are the to the leveraging american
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and. welcome to the alex i've been through and the second of our series on the issue of violence in the communities of london this national crisis has dominated the headlines in recent months one of the few issues to break through the breaks it domination of the media and must make sure we examine the politicians reaction to rising levels of knife crime this is how the london mirrors office responded a spokesperson for the mayor of london said the major stop listing was first of
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violence adoption unit in london bringing together local councils the health service community groups and others to work on a shared approach to preventing people from turning to violent crime in the first place we know the causes of violent crime a complex involved a city of problems all of which is made worse by government cuts to the police and preventative services we are working hard to challenge the perception of the safe to carry a knife and the violence adults knew that will seek to better understand where to make positive early interventions. city hall grew and their expertise from scotland in developing the violence adults knew that for london and senior represented some scotland's violence adoption unit are included in the partnership reference group. that's the london mayor the home secretary and campaigners across the board have now seized on the public health approach to knife crime pioneered in scotland more than a decade ago so this week we asked the form a scottish justice secretary kenny macaskill
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what these lessons really are whether they can be applied south of the border. the mere underbid the home secretary can recognise that the underlying solutions need addressed equally balance it with the public reassurance when one can get through this but the got to address underlying reasons and equally the also got to be able to give reassurance to young people who are afraid at the moment that they will be protected the policeman but they are to make sure that the passion who might use a knife will be detected but first your tweets messages and e-mails in response to last week's show alister says is anyone keeping kind of the number of scottish initiatives that have since been copied by westminster or the labor party i have no idea maybe you could start a list it's a good idea faces really enjoyed this episode what an inspiration prince says dr mark prince will be most certainly was to mike says once again tackling issues bereft of westminster what a cracking shield guard mackenzie also speaks of dr mark prince
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a steward in the loss of the son says fabulous as always but dr mark prince that was supressed and touching not for the first time watching your show i was deeply moved by his story the authorities in london seem very reluctant to take advice or listen to anybody though which is very sad if not i reckon it's finally donal says stop and search randomly at school entrances and major events will help he also suggest an on the spot community service of two hundred hours for any forest offense i care very much he tweets and e-mails now the home secretary speech in east london last week was his first on crime his commitment to move to the public health approach has received a cautious welcome across the political parties the public health approach which is something i announced towards the end of last year and that again was through listing to experience from both other parts.


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