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tree some historians believe sailors associated feminity with motherhood and protection but the struggle to keep up with modern times is sparking heated debate in society we took to the harbor city of course with her reaction. disagree tray i think nation is it all to do history and things like that i think that's quite important to keep our history so to square things being changed i think that so beautiful feigns and therefore they want to be friends. and i think we should change your major cities change for the safer change i mean if it's historically the bridge. for shooters and already i don't see any particular meter to change you personally. because we have a queen and if we had a king than the ships would be what do you think was. going to be angry. well spoke with a former submarine captain ryan ramsey he believes generations of sailors will be
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angered by such a move sure it is a safe haven for many scientists and actually they say that they see that capability because. it's not so much whether it's. a man or woman but actually some of the ships and they. then go after everything but it's what the ship. for the site is for that's for a moment to lose all history and tradition it's. also in the military. insists he won't reject purely because it comes from china. as far as. the five g. is concerned i can simply say what the word is that the news and go into a market open markets and old stories spoken to govern the market
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will come we are not checked in. some way because he's coming from because he's tried needs to be respect. a u.k. government leak reveals wall way will also help build britain's new five g. telecoms network that's despite the us putting intense pressure on allies to stop working with the company washington accuses wall way of stealing into her intellectual property embezzlement fraud and potentially spying for china through its equipment beijing categorically denies the claims but australia and new zealand have already adopted america's hard line against the firm. calling us kabul associate professor of political science at bluefield college in the us says britain's government is split on whether to follow washington's demand and ban war way. a leak from the national security council britain. is what. knowledge.
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there is that it is just the government and the british ruling close or are both the british government who want to stand with europe and go with what's best what's juba's what's best performance regardless of the threats of the united states and there are of those who want to do. with the united states and donald trump and his. holy for a prohibition against any other free market yours. a massive fire has engulfed a plant on the territory of russia's biggest missile manufacturers a fire area spread across twenty thousand square meters and the roof and one of the buildings of the plant has partially collapsed the fire was assigned to the fourth most difficult level of complexity over officials say it does not pose
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a threat to missile producing workshops of the manufactory or living buildings in the area. we now go back to our breaking news story this hour russian citizen maria butcher now accused by american authorities of conspiring against the united states and being a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months in jail cells or half that term having already been in detention for nine months which you know was arrested and detained in july at the end of last year she pleaded guilty to conspiring with a senior russian official to access the national rifle association and conservative u.s. political circles she's been convicted of failing to register as a foreign agent or course want to kill him off and we'll bring you more details and a few minutes after this short break.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing. what. i'm going to talk about football not the or else i just think i was going to the. by the way what is it that. the trumpet ministration is on an offensive around the globe as a candidate trump called out neo-cons for supporting american military interests now many of them work for the president and this is ministration the very idea of diplomacy is absent. threats.
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go back to our breaking news here on our t.v. russian citizen maria accused by american authorities of conspiring against the us and being a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months in jail she will serve half that term having already been in detention for nine months at the end of that she will be deported to russia now we did hear from her lawyer just after the ruling came down and he said that they were disappointed in the ruling but there is limited rights of the appeal and of course he did not have much hope for an appeal given that the process might take longer than what she has left to serve he did send a message to her family saying that they will try to get her home as soon as possible a little bit later in the program we'll have some live analysis of that story. the french president has gone on the defensive claiming he's done nothing wrong in
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dealing with the country's issues in a televised address on thursday night emanuel mccrone made an impassioned plea to yell of us protesters who've been demonstrating across the country for almost six months. as i please may. i ask myself the question did we take a wrong turn i think it's quite the opposite i believe that to lead a democracy today no matter the country has to accept not to be popular and i'd rather be responsible for and be unpopular rather than to seek to charm in such a way that would always be fleeting. micron also revealed the big tax cuts and the pensions boost he added that french democracy needs more decentralized government and rules for organizing public referendums charlotte has the details president michael may have spoken for almost an hour with the wind two ranging discussion of the things he'd like to do you over the next three years but what he was locked on quite a lot was the details so yes he talked about lower taxes but he didn't specifically
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say what that meant in terms of a figure it's my duty to defend a pragmatic reform will review eight hundred twenty twenty and if it's not effective or too large we will correct it one of the more controversial issues that michael also touched on was the reforms that he introduced last year in two thousand and eighteen and this was the reform to the wealth tax which for many yellow vests has been a very big bone of contention and so what has this movement and what have i taken away from this grand debate first of all we all heard this feeling of injustice fiscal injustice territory injustice social injustice the feeling is here it's imbedded and we must provide an answer well the yellow vest protest is be happy with what's been announced it's unlikely jumped on me i heard a speech which didn't talk about the you know of those demands no consideration about anything no evolution in purchasing power you know lower taxes. going to seem
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. stupid measures he can room for talk to people he can rosen and sit on them because all of this. it's useless it's only lights he takes this for idiots these protests have been some of the base violent in france for more than huff a century. old school says the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is politely. and a populist movement around is also scrapping and the elite school famed for high profile
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graduates as the institution a symbol of inequality. fellow i phone calls yuki i think to carry out reforms the needs to be abolished for the not to take pleasure in a bullish in the n.h.s. but you create something that works better as i described so yes i do not think that this case they can be any patching up a bit of a critical to getting. the national school of administration or the. as a top institution in the country it was established in one thousand nine hundred five and under took the initial training of senior french officials across and took the step as a response to months of protests against the leaders and although some have labelled it an attempt to shift attention from the real problems. puts a being made to put up a smokescreen so that we forget what the real problems are in france this is undoubtedly a distraction it's not a critical question who will ripley's the with another school because we will have
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to continue to produce senior officials political commentators on bricmont micron's moves will have a pretty limited impact. people are unhappy with this policy but what is true is that there is no united demand about what to do this is that school deans or the european union there is nothing as you can do because you have been one to force the sort of neo liberal it forms and of course and he's with that but even if he didn't can do anything about so it is the dilemma. is more social spending and more i mean less taxes but he says he does these courses it is going to take it i don't know how it's going to balance the budget was a workable is a bird it's a he seems to me that is used in the discourse of the discourse and trying to satisfy the sounding that is. content to be.
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both the u.k. and germany have praised china's plan for a massive global trading network and as the belt and road initiative a form for what is currently underway in beijing their leaders from your asian countries and further afield have gathered to share their views on how to develop economic cooperation reporting from beijing here's your stuff. well i have to say it is more than just a forum more than just a place for people to meet to talk and sign documents no it is a statement by beijing and those countries and representatives of international bodies and leaders who have come here today who have come to beijing it is a statement that this is a new way to boost global prosperity and also it is far from being just a regional event for instance the boat and road initiative and this forum have been cautiously praised by the european union have a listen to both the mode initiative has tremendous potential to spread prosperity and sustainable development to achieve as it does potentially seventy percent of the world's population a project of truly epic ambition the u.k.
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is committed to helping to realize the potential of the belgian road and to doing so in a way which works for all of those whose lives are touched by the project in the big used seats we have agreed that we don't want to sign any by a literal memorandums but together make necessary arrangements between the greater european economic area and the economic area of greater china we will take this promise seriously this tone goes into a bit of a contrast with what the united states have been saying in fact washington has been one of the most stark opponents to the whole belt and road initiative because they see it as a threat to their dominance and here's why because thing is this forum is merely a tiny part of a much larger scheme a much grander vision of beijing outlined its concept for the first time in twenty thirteen and since then it's been all about well investing into global infrastructure into building new major trade routes somewhat inspired by the you
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once prosperous silk road in fact he's a map showing you two key projects two key trade highways if i may say so that are being developed within the frameworks over this belton road initiative as for the rushed. leader vladimir putin he's of course here in beijing and when it comes to relations between moscow and china the two haven't really pulled any complements i should say when it comes to that and also both lattimer potentiating ping they shared their thoughts on why you they think the belton road initiative is so important. we work together to promote the high quality development of one belt and one route we are told the principle of extensive consultation joint contribution and shared benefits and have to create multilateralism that it's important to create an effective all in search of the risks of global economic
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political and technological space fragmentation an answer to the rise of protectionism the most dangerous form of which is the illegitimate one sided measures taken without any account from the un or even worse trade was well when it comes to action the sides are russia and china have already agreed to conduct joint military drills sometime in the near future the also announced the establishment of a new fund of a new investment fund and it is now it is said to gain of the net capital totally worth around one billion dollars and its key purpose is to streamline the process of investments of russia and china investments into projects within the framework of the bridge of the belt and road initiative and somewhat beyond that as well so i guess it is fair to say that russia for now has asia and its spotlight. we go back to our breaking news story russian citizen maria burton accused of
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conspiring against the us and being a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months jail by federal court before sentencing hearing ask the judge for leniency it noting that she was not in america under any orders and regrets her bands have unfolded. my parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they washed in their rural house in a savior and village i love them dearly but i harm the morally and financially they're suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with hope and now nothing remains but penitence. which you know was arrested and detained in july of last year at the end of two thousand and eighteen she pleaded guilty to conspiring with a senior russian official to access the national rifle association and conservative u.s. political circles she's been convicted of failing to register as a foreign agent or correspondent kill martin will be joining us with the details in just a bit later in the program which in his lawyer spoke to the media just after the
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court hearing. he was granted a five. one point one downward departure motion by the judge when we entered into plea agreement the understanding was that if you cooperate you will get a doubt barger motion but the government's decision to try to not supply guideline and then jack up. a base offense level essentially took away the departure motion with their left hand while. they offer it with their right. this up to the fact of departure motion was probably no. which she cooperated greatly in the government knowledge that that's the irony of this case the government believes or. you know you don't cooperate for fifty hours you get a five k. motion granted on your behalf because the government thinks you're a liar the government does you don't believe an outstanding governor believed or. they thought this sounds appropriate the judge agreed so well with already. in
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other news the green sources of energy show their potential in germany this week wind and solar power generated more than seventy percent of the country's electrical needs thanks to strong winds and plenty of sunshine but while the industry continues to develop there are fears it could cause big problems as well for example the impact it could have on the country's coal production many local communities depend on their minds as a major source of employment as artie's peter all over has been finding out. the opencast coal mine in the east of germany needed to the border with poland casts a black gone. out into the horizon merkel's government want to see coal phased out of use by twenty thirty eight and recently there's been loud voices of support from both here in germany and also in the wider world.
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the problem for areas like this is that upwards of sixteen thousand jobs in the local area either depend directly or in directly on this coal mine being operational i spoke to local residents and asked them where they sit when it comes to environment versus economy. all of the businesses in this area depend in some way on minus earning a wage is here and we hope coal production will still continue. without coal mining on the region will die it can't happen coal must not. think it is if the coal industry disappears then even more young people will leave this place will be like a retirement only in just a few weeks the european parliamentary elections will be taking place and it's in areas like this that conservative opposition party alternative that germany's looking to pick up votes also coming here in the state of brandenburg in september
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all important local elections and that's why they have to candidates campaigning hard with the local coal mining communities. we need a stable power supply which we won't have if we shut down coal we have coal in this region for many years to come and we intend to use it when water and solar are not enough in this area known as the loud sits there are seven mines that feed three power stations all in all they provide around seven percent of germany's a knew what energy needs as the country as a whole will germany take. almost forty percent of its power from coal the plan as it stands is to eliminate all that nuclear power by twenty twenty two and phase out all coal energy by the end of the next two decades the implementation of the climate change plan will accelerate structural change in many regions and sectors especially in the energy sector the goal of the federal government is to preserve
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the region's as energy regions of the future to create jobs and to avoid structural breaks and restrictions on international competitiveness the government in berlin promised a forty billion euro earlier this year to help mining communities with the transition however people in this part of the country on convinced that throwing money at the problem is going to help. money is not enough we need a clear plan before we go ahead and publish an end date for the coal industry we need to have a plan of what workplace it. all reputable science points to a need for us to change the way we impact upon the environment one of the biggest challenges though may be how to change generations of industry and life without to call feel germany. back to our breaking news story here on r.t. international russian citizen. accused of conspiring against the us being
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a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months in jail by a federal court before her sentencing hearing which in asked the judge for leniency noting that she was not in america under any orders and regrets how about this have unfolded. my parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they're washed in their rural house in a savior and i love them dearly but i harm the morally and financially they're suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with hope and now nothing remains but penitence. maria person that was arrested and detained in july of two thousand and eighteen at the end of last year she pleaded guilty to conspiring with a senior russian official to access the national rifle association and conservative u.s. political circles she's been convicted of failing to register as a foreign agent. which in this lawyer spoke to the media after the court hearing
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about the results from today's hearing clearly ripe for reform you've got an odd situation where maria could not have been prosecuted under civil farrah which is the one that everyone knows about through metaphor and other cases because she had no knowledge of the statute in order to tripoli prosecute under fair you need to have a willful violation so because of her lack of knowledge she ended up being charge of the more serious crime the foreign agent statute i think is an area that's ripe for reform if you take it seriously and literally the government's position in this case and applied to other circumstances you really end up in a in a pretty dangerous situation not only for foreign nationals here but i think for americans and abroad doing similar activities i think would not be thrilled with this but i don't know if i'd go that far then we have a overall a good process in this country i don't think she's in jail shoulders of politics but that anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this
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situation is one itself. and not cross live to our teams caleb mop and caleb what's the latest. well at this point we do understand that maria buton has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison and after that time she will be deported to russia now it's important to note that nine months have already been served so she has nine months remaining in a u.s. federal prison those are nine months time served for the time since she has been arrested now the lawyers say they will not appeal this sentence it will not be appealed and they they will allow this to proceed they will not attempt to get a new judgment a new sentence a new verdict however the prosecutor in his statement he made arguments saying that maria buton is actions harm to the u.s. political process that somehow by by her interactions with the national rifle
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association that it's alleged that somehow she harmed the u.s. political process and gauged in influencing in ways that were inappropriate and was doing so on behalf of the russian government she was swept up in hunts for alleged russian agents following the twenty sixteen presidential election now it's also important to note that she made a rather emotional appeal in court calling for her freedom and saying basically very emotional statements on her behalf saying she would very much like to be freed and describing the ordeal that she has been through so from what we understand at this point the judgment has been ruled there will be no appeal she will serve the remaining nine months of an eighteen month sentence and then be returned to the russian federation. artist kim up in reporting live from new york thank you for bringing us the latest on that breaking news. we'll continue our breaking news coverage of maria in the sentencing right after this
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short break. even. on due diligence to pursue class as i live it here did feel confident. funny. leave no. need to. be young. again beyond. it were should we have learned things and the smiles and this is it you know for everyone and why some people's minds so take our thing all the power just for themselves and to see that in the same way.
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we could only if you don't sort the whole book to just sit for the fall to do. so because you didn't sell something which is remove you know particular. measure typical someone playing if they don't thrill. the among the group was. to build them over a movie before you except your then he says the calls were false like need to go through the security just hold it where you go pick up. all. these. no. pity you
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will go. crucial if you do the. sin that. is the. divisive as this is the last stop that the push and i wish will forces. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time if we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill
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people outside of war and legally get away with. all of the fire crawls stillbirth all the trouble to be failed to point its hollow flying to k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist they are the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse all than the people who destroyed the world trade centers of those grow white. white. white. shirts seemed wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to stamp out just to become educated and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. russian national maria tends to eighteen months in jail by a u.s. federal court for failing to register as a foreign agent. knows lawyer says if she wasn't russian she wouldn't be in this situation. i don't think she's in jail shoulders of the baltics but that anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this situation as well so. as we see you complete the movie on house myself the question is did we take a wrong time i think it's quite the opposite the president micron defends his policies and the televised address but his attempts to diffuse yellow vest protest don't go down well with the target audience.


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