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when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . russian national maria. eighteen months in jail by a us federal court for failing to register as a foreign agent. knows lawyer says if she wasn't russian she wouldn't be in this situation. i don't think she's in jail shoulders of the baltics but that anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this situation as well so. it's like the. movie i also myself the question that we take a wrong time i think is quite the opposite the president micron defends his policies and they televised address but his attempts to diffuse yellow vest protest don't go down well with the target audience. i heard
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a speech which didn't talk about the yellow vest amounts to seems to think that stupid measures he couldn't really. talk to people he takes a swing. they're watching aren't international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned seven pm welcome to the program we start with breaking news this hour as russian citizen accused of conspiring against the us and being a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months jail by a federal court before her sentencing hearing and i asked the judge for leniency noting she was not in america under any orders and regrets how events have unfolded . my parents discovers my arrest on the morning news they're washed in their rural house in a savior and i love them dearly but at home the morally and financially they're
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suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with who and now nothing remains but penitence which in that was arrested and detained in july of two thousand and eighteen at the end of last year she pleaded guilty to conspiring with a senior russian official to access the national rifle association and conservative u.s. political circles she has been convicted of failing to register as a foreign agent but his lawyer spoke to the media after the court hearing clearly ripe for reform you've got an odd situation where maria could not have been prosecuted under civil farah which is the one that that everyone knows about through metaphor in other cases because she had no knowledge of the statute in order to criminally prosecute under fair you need to have a willful violation so because of her lack of knowledge she ended up being charge of the more serious crime of the foreign agent statute i think it's an area that's ripe for reform if you take it seriously and literally the government's position in
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this case and applied to other circumstances you really end up in a in a pretty dangerous situation not only for foreign nationals here but i think for americans and abroad doing similar activities i think would not be thrilled with this but i don't know if i'd go that far then we have a overall a good process in this country i don't think she's in jail fold because of politics but i think anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this situation is one itself. be cross live now to our to scale up and caleb take us through what happened. well we've got an eighteen month sentence being handed down to maria boot and she will be then deported back to the russian federation after that sentence is completed now it is important to note that nine months of the sentence have already been served that's time served for the time since her arrest that she's been in federal detention in the united states now her
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lawyer will not appeal the sentence this is the sentence that will stand things are as they are she will remain in prison in the united states federal prison for the next nine months before being deported now the prosecutor in in his remarks to the judge argued that she had harmed the u.s. political process that somehow her behavior with the national rifle association had somehow influenced the you us political process in appropriately on behalf of the russian government that she was operating as a foreign agent doing so without having registered and somehow harming the united states now it's important to note that she was swept up in the aftermath of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election in which there seemed to be quite a sweep going on by federal officials looking for russian agents alleged russian agents individuals that could be charged with being russian agents and this was in response to the allegations that there was somehow russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election now before her sentence was handed down those in the
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courtroom her rather emotional speech from bhutto herself in which she talked about the fact that she did not enter the united states as an agent she entered the united states simply as a student and that she had come here with purely good intentions she described the ordeal that she's been through how her family has suffered hearing about her arrest from abroad and at this point after hearing the emotional appeal we then heard the sentence that was handed down she's been convicted of being an unregistered lobbyist and not registering as a lobbyist so at this point despite the fact that u.s. media has played up the idea there is russian spies. involves some espionage thing she's been charged and at this point pled guilty and convicted of a centrally being a lobbyist lobbying without properly registering without filing the proper paperwork so we now understand that after serving the remaining nine months in federal prison she will then be deported back to the russian federation artie's
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killed off and reporting live from new york thank you. we're not joined live by anthony webber independent political commentator for more on our breaking news if we can bring in our guests now anthony weber what is your reaction to this sentence both the fact that she's been convicted and the length of the term. well what aides say does seem growing by your comments apply all the people who. this is being blind out look or should. just so you should nancy russian agenda which has been going all in the usa since the american presidential election started trying to associate. with the. with russia with the elections and song was in fact it is being nothing to do with russia but there is this agenda of china russia not me who how which are it's
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there is no let me do you know i've studied certain a date i don't know me all the western well. many people in the us and well won't be friends with russia are we we don't want to have sex with low peace and it does seem as long as you're commenting to so that she didn't finish it off with some great not to clone humans or lobby us. to go to joe seems really her that's all. it seems if she'd been somebody of a nationality this probably wouldn't term happens at school. she was just being made use of his or her support not see the question i mean. obviously we don't know what's going on behind the scenes the director of the absolute role truth impossible she was a russians i have been going by what we've heard outside and fought doesn't seem
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asserted she was in a hurry to take in to ensure position to. carry out spying activities so you know i think that will things be in a variety to be almost virgin herself came out and said that she didn't know that she needed to register her activities and if she had known she would have done so without delay why do you think that wasn't taken into consideration. well i don't i think it should are being taken into consideration. and i think will countries. there are nationals or countries shouldn't be told very. embassies what they should and should be allowed to get out to what we should protect so. yes she and she probably should upset sometime but if she genuinely didn't know i think that should have been taken into account. see. hotch. says
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a boss happens when you look at the fact that even if i wasn't chaser john your inspiring his puppy if it wants to copy this very minor. goes on with old trees of the wealden or course in america many countries are. are is for a lot of the european countries. the un some of the key to all states as well but the. nationals will be full the u.s. for its always points sort of. true to say contrary sorry sorry sorry our i think one has got to look at the whole picture and it doesn't seem fair it seems if you will russia international will light tricky but. be be cool. i don't think it
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makes the democratic process all of the democrats or digital process look very good or even or because. how greece recently was cited search. she'd propre should just have a suspended sentence for being rational but it actually was. it's a small sutra yes you know one wonders how many much will serious since off in voting out the national currencies where it never gets the cool it's. nothing is it is thought. it does seem sorry it's because she's a rational national it's richest we need to be prospering desolations praetorian the united states. russia. you know common enemies victory is sure it is happening chara funk parents listen and russia's
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taggerty role in. battle so too to be against russia are trying for a notebook secretaries not see the launch of the homeowners. they expect this to be season and spun by democrats the so-called proof trump russia collusion. re s. . are useless as much will which is going on which hasn't come to a full. recovery we have a problem with this tea party system in the united states where the american people are it's the last sunday to represent marriage stress because i know a lot of americans. are profound but i have to choose them or castle have to choose the public and really know in the unproper very represent their interests
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but because there is this battle between democrats and republicans are you know who coast is next presidential elections are coming up so are a number of people all they are responsible go to secure a white house attacked the nationals what will of the for our not our country or indeed are not like country just. made chris cool guy. is not responsible behavior who plays because rich model politicians are going to have acts it interested pro peace well stability well tomi but not this one gets it right doing live without the country it will be one of the liberated have some american polish or should be seeking peace and stability in the wild fantasies that all. politicians are you know i have to sit very exactly r s
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m s s how they receive the support of the american public when the american presidential elections trouble. now after the hearing britain's lawyer warned that this ruling will be disturbing both to foreigners in the u.s. and americans abroad do you agree with that i think there is a danger there but there could be innocent victims to. our guy your problem who respects to this i don't think it helps our relationships on rolling stone age however was it doesn't he is a full rusher in particular her to. be calm not to react so in fairness to president previously be all right very good or not. are quite small publication so this is where well readership is very important.
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do you expect this hunt for so-called russian agents to continue in the united states. yes i think i think it will do even if it's. cool to look for. spies or agents of other countries they would seriously damage the interests of the united states i don't i can't see every. influence and russia actually trying to damage the interests of the united states assad so yes i think that will continue because russia has become the convenient for will go on and if a person who will pop was in the ball down russia's shoulders that they conveniently avoid the pages grow up a scratch on the somebody who many important issues which should guide them to take victory only in the united states and the united states are
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a lot of serious issues ribs need to be sort of how about if you don't take some guy all about who russians and russian american politics though not. want to take the attention off of these issues which are so substance purpose a number for a politician who's really sort of the sense of poetry from the engine a certain number of other countries to actually treat our image suggests that he earns his rates. very convenient for that soon there how will the focus only on russia and russia russia whose role a lot by themselves are up to the unites therians independent political commentator anthony webber i think you so much for your time and your insights on our breaking news today ricky. the french president has gone on the defensive
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claiming he's done nothing wrong in dealing with the country's issues and a televised address on thursday night emmanuel mccrone made an impassioned plea to yell of us protesters who've been demonstrating across the country for almost six months. as i please may. i ask myself the question did we take a wrong turn i think it's quite the opposite i believe that to lead a democracy today no matter the country has to accept not to be popular and i'd rather be responsible and be unpopular rather than to seek to charm in such a way that would always be fleeting. across also revealed the big tax cuts and the pensions he added that french democracy means more decentralized government and use rules for organizing public public referendums artist charlotte has the details. president michael may have spoken thought almost an hour with the wind two ranging discussion of the things he'd like to do you over the next three years but what he
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would lacked on quite a lot was the details so yes he talked about lower taxes but he didn't specifically say what that meant in terms of i think it's my duty to defend a pragmatic reform will review eight hundred twenty twenty and if it's not effective or too large we will correct it one of the more controversial issues that michael also touched on was the reforms that he introduced last year in two thousand and eighteen and this was the reform to the wealth tax which for many yellow vests has been a very big bone of contention and so what has this movement and what have i taken away from this grand debate first of all we all heard this feeling of injustice fiscal injustice territorially injustice social injustice the feeling is here it's imbedded and we must provide an answer well the yellow vest protest is be happy with what's been announced it's unlikely jump on me i heard a speech which didn't talk about the you know of those demands no consideration about anything no evolution in purchasing power no lower taxes. good to see these
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stupid measures he can rule the program won't talk to people he can rosen and sit on them because all of the. useless it's a little ice he takes just what idiots these protests have been some of the most violent in france for more than hall's a century. old school says the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is poor we. live.
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in a populist movement ron is also scrapping an elite school famed for high profile graduates as he dubbed the institution a symbol of inequality. i phone. i think to carry out reforms the needs to be abolished not to take pleasure in a bullish in the n.h.s. but you create something that works better as i described so yes i do not think that this case they can be any patching up a bitter because they don't get people from the national school of administration or the as a top institution in the country it was a solid and one nine hundred forty five and under took the initial training of senior french officials across and took the step as a response to months of protests against leaders of other some have labelled it an attempt to shift attention from the real problems.
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political commentator john burke one believes micron's moves will have a pretty limited impact. people are unhappy with this policy but what is true is that there is no united demand about what to do this is that school dean said the european union there's nothing he can do because you know i've been one to force the sort of neo liberal it forms and of course i gaze with that but even if we didn't can do anything about it so is the dilemma. more social spending and more i mean less taxes but he says he does this because he said this is going to take you to i don't know how it's going to balance the budget was unworkable as a bird it's a nice thing to read it is used in the discourse of the discourse it's time to set these frightening things and it seems that israel has the content he. has right to privacy it may have been violated while he was holed up in the ecuadorian embassy and london
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a un representative is down best getting whether or not that's the case. cases reported because it is a very special set of circumstances where a person who was not formally on the detention. was subjected to. the ones now assessing whether decision to place the wiki leaks co-founder under strict surveillance violated the universal declaration of human rights was arrested earlier this month when he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy where he had been claiming asylum for almost seven years he may now face extradition to the united states after being charged there was conspiracy to hack in government computer. international attention through his wiki leaks project which publishes the leaked documents that incriminate governments all around the world his organization is behind some of the biggest disclosures of classes classified information ever.
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i know i. cut. you to. wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service talks like
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a hot cold turkey. to talk about this more we're now joined live by the former consul of the ecuadorian embassy in london. now do you think that the songes rights were violated. i thank you for having me definitely definitely i think we have to differentiate two periods during the seven year stay in the embassy the first six years roughly when. i protected him. because the u.s. prosecution and the last with a new government. came from protector include persecuted and. definitely definitely human rights. were violated his privacy was
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violated he was subjected to isolation and communication for more than seven months without internet without telephone without deceit there's apart from his lawyers doctors being itself is a very very gross human rights your nation to of somebody who was not serving a sentence of somebody who was not a prisoner. he was a political refugee. apart from that the surveillance that was descrive many outlets. he didn't have privacy at all. we know now that all his meetings were. surveilled and recorded on video and audio including
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his meetings with lawyers his meetings with his doctors breaching what the professional secrecy. which is in itself. right that everybody every professional has so his rights were violated severely in the last year by the government of. who was supposed to protect him it. became in persecutor basically. what do you think about the way his case has been covered in the media have you noticed a change in the town. were. very very disappointed on how the important thing here the fundamental thing here which is the persecution of a journalist. that is lasting. how long nine years since
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they started the investigation of a wiki leaks and julian assange. and if risk of extradition of a journalist for the crime of publishing truthful information about war crimes corruption mass surveillance. is being. basically. is not the focus of the media coverage the focus of the media coverage became the day to day behavior of julian assange in the embassy and he's relationship with ecuador which is not the point here because the government of ecuador in order to. distract from the main problem is presenting a smoking screen. is distracting us with a smear campaign. lying. lying about julian's assigned
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relationship with dorian's inside the embassy his behavior his alleged breach of asylum conditions which. are basically a smear campaign i was. for six years. spend nearly two thousand five hundred days. i witnessed myself how respectful was the relationship with all diplomats all. towards him and reciprocally from him towards us a couple of isolated incidents with the security guards they do not abide behavior from julian assange where he was the victim always i can assure that because i was there for six years. and that news coverage do you think that it had an effect on
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public opinion at all. it does have an effect on public opinion many many people basically go for what the media are publishing. and obviously. you have to attack the personality you have to defame the personality if you don't want if you don't want the public opinion to support. the one the very cool challenge the more powerful nation military and economically nation in this planet so. yes it is very sad very sad but i. trust that civil society if you look at what human rights organizations are saying if you look at what the freedom freedom of
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expression organiser. asians and even even the big some of the big media. all seem to do down the signage extradition to united states because it will said the very very vile precedent for any journalist any work. anywhere you would anybody would be adrift. of. united states trying to implement extra third retaliatory. drug. legislation in order to punish those who are publishing the truth about war crimes corruption my surveillance anything that united states doesn't basically approve. for before it to be published. former consul of the ecuadorian embassy and london thank you so much for coming on the program and sharing your unique perspective.
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thank you. a recap of our breaking news story this hour russian citizen maria bush and accused of conspiring against the us and being a russian agent has been sentenced to eighteen months jail by federal court she will serve half that time having already been in detention for more than nine months her lawyers want to appeal the sentence but have strongly condemned the verdict warning it sets a worrying precedent for both foreigners in the u.s. and americans abroad we'll keep you updated with all the waves on that story after this short break. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in. the stand and since you just the dance the right questions and the right in.


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