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russian national maria butanol is sentenced to eighteen months behind bars by a us federal court for failing to register as a foreign agent. i don't think she's just politics but that anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this situation is for. journalists to leak sensitive information on arms sales in the yemeni war appalled in for questioning by french intelligence. on a project to become britain and germany hailed china's beldam road trading network initiative as the country's take part in
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a major economic forum on beijing's plants. good evening and welcome this is r.t. international. start with our breaking news story that russian citizen maria buton has been accused of conspiring against the us and being a russian agent and now sentenced to eighteen months jailed by a federal court between his lawyer spoke to the media after the sentencing. clearly ripe for reform you've got an odd situation where maria could not have been prosecuted under civil farrah which is the one that everyone knows about through metaphor and other cases because she had no knowledge of the statute in order to be criminally prosecuted or fair you need to have a willful violation so because of her lack of knowledge she ended up being charge of the more serious crime the foreign agent statute i think is an area that's ripe for reform if you take it seriously and literally the government's position in this
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case and applied to other circumstances you really end up in a in a pretty dangerous situation not only for foreign nationals here but i think for americans and abroad doing similar activities i think would not be thrilled with this and i don't know if i'd go that far then we have a overall a good process in this country i don't think she's in jail for old because of politics but i think anyone who thinks that someone who wasn't russian would be in this situation as one itself puts in a civil hoffa time having already spent nine months in detention killam open has the details those who were in the court room heard maria buton to give quite an emotional speech prior to her sentence being handed down she talked about how she came to the united states not as an agent or an operative but with purely good intentions and what a nightmare her family has been through this is some of what maria buton a said to the court my parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they're
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washed in their rural house in a siberian village i love them dearly but at home the morally and financially they're suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with who and now nothing remains but penitence. now the prosecutors in the d.c. courtroom argued that somehow maria buton his activities with the national rifle association had somehow harmed the political process of the united states significantly they argued that by being an unregistered lobbyist and working behalf on behalf of the russian government inside the national rifle association that she was in severe violation of u.s. law and had somehow harmed do the u.s. political system and done a great deal of damage now the judge did then hand down a sentence of eighteen months in federal prison now nine months of that will be time served that will be the time that she's been held since she was initially
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arrested so only nine months remaining in federal prison and then after that time she will be deported from the united states back to russia now what's interesting is that maria bhutto was swept up in the aftermath of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential elections in which talk of russian agents and russian meddling and russian subversion seemed to be quite widespread there was quite an atmosphere of fear and in that atmosphere she was swept up and it appears that now after months of being detained after quite a bit of time in which it was it was reported that she was held in solitary confinement in rather harsh conditions that she now has nine more months to serve in u.s. federal custody before she will be allowed to return home to her family so people are seeing this is kind of a conclusion to the case as at this point her lawyers are saying they will not appeal this verdict. the russian embassy in the u.s. has already reacted to the news saying the buton is a political prisoner they have demanded immediate release. it's been
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a guess bruce marks is an international law attorney also a former state senator over in pennsylvania good to have you on bruce we've outlined the a case i just wonder what your reaction was to the sentence. i think it's a very unfair and very harsh sentence for what maria did. the u.s. government has overplayed its hand from the beginning of this case creating the impression she was a spy she was nothing of the sort they even allege that she traded sex for her secrets which they had to retract. it's hard to see the decision by the department of justice other than attempt to retaliate against her for exposing some of the allegations about her. what do you think that legally the big concern about bhutto was what kind of
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a threat or concern the cheapos. well you know i don't think she posed any threat because i think it's important. to look at how this all originated she's a great woman she grew up you know in i guess siberia she had her own business month in moscow and then became a student here she fervently believes you know in the right to bear arms would like to see that implement it you know in russia and she came up with a plan to get funding from a rich russian businessman and. a former russian government official for what she was doing the government even cited it's called the as it's called her diplomacy plan she wasn't trying to that to be an agent of the russian government she was trying to get on a bit to help her and what she thought was a good thing the effort to improve relations between countries doesn't make her
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conviction then more of a technicality she says understand the defense argument was a shit they didn't even know she was supposed to read that which i suppose is that it's an easy defense to claim well i'm not sure i agree that's a valid defense generally of the united states your lack of knowledge of all you know isn't a defense or expected to know what the law is but in fact she didn't know and it's really whether that's a defense it's just indicative of who she was she was a young idealistic naive person who was trying to actually promote better relations between united states and also to promote the right to bear arms and yes she did violate the statute because she had connections with the russian government official but that's not the type of violation that should have resulted in a total of a year and a half in prison do you think that the representatives should have appeal this sentence or was it just
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a case of well actually things could get worse if we do that. well i don't know that things could get worse but you know practically speaking the way that you know the wheels of justice move in the united states and we're pretty good system but nonetheless by the time that an appellate court would probably consider and decide this the nine months that she has remaining in her sentence will pass it's actually going to be a little less than nine months because she's you know exhibit good behavior and in fact if you could have another second i would also add in. she immediately recognized you know that she had done something wrong she fully cooperated with the department of justice she met with them she was interviewed with them extensively i'm like manaf work for example there's no allegation that she was untruthful she was truthful she was interviewed by you know congress she said that everything you know that a person should do who would like to receive lead leniency that's
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a shame that the government saw fit to to seek here to have set us given everything you've just said she you know as she said she didn't know that she was supposed to register she fully cooperated the sentencings you know custodial sentence seems to me a layman quite hawse to think there was some element of politics in this whole not . well i don't i can't say you know the judge it was an element of politics by the judges and for you know the judges or the judge had discretion but they often you know the further to the request of the government in these type of proceedings i do think there were there was politics of the department of justice i mean there's an i'm a person who believes in the deep state there are people there who make decisions that the president that these people you know don't really interfere with or supervise and i think as i say there was a retaliatory aspect to this because of the government making the false out. ations
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about her and then having to backtrack. and want to put it to having the is there a possibility no it wouldn't have looked very good if playing it out publicly if you have a russian citizen you know the accusation that somehow they represented the government and they were just allowed to you know walk walk away especially given the media coverage she's been labeled supposed to know as you know a spa a russian agent i mean just publicly would have a particularly good would it well it did the trick the department of justice created their own problems by making the false accusations about her but you know the model of the department of justice is that the department of justice wins when justice served so it's not it shouldn't be about the department of justice you know getting. a scalp you know you know from somebody that they can you know show around the justice in this case again with her circumstances she didn't know about she says she didn't know about the statute she was acting in good
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faith she sought the funding because she needed it. and it was a very short time period which she was doing this in the in the sentencing brief that the government you know provided that there were people who violated the statutes who got sentenced because they were they work at the f.b.i. that's a big difference and this woman there were people who were who you know who did this for thirty years secretly. she did nothing of the sort she was caught up in the euphoria of the trompe campaign and in somebody like trump winning and she wanted to try to better relations between the two countries which i you know i think is something that should be encouraged not opt out just based really appreciate you coming on to give us your analysis of this story bruce marks is my guest international law attorney thank you. thank you. if we go into the news now french journalists being grilled by intelligence service
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is a breach of national defense secrecy after they leaked sensitive data about weapons used in the war in yemen as details. they appeared to have exposed a government line but now it's three journalists all the ones being investigated they've been summoned to appear before the french general directorate of internal security or the d.g.a. s.l.i. after a feeling of confidential note from the country's intelligence services it showed the french government knew weapons that sold to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates were being used in the conflict in yemen a fact the government has repeatedly to know right that's left thousands died and pushed millions to war to the brink of starvation it's been described by the un the world's worst humanitarian disaster.
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this investigation by the d.g.'s only has provoked theory with journalists from thirty seven french outlets signing a letter defending their colleagues this document the publication of which in no way jeopardizes the safety of french agents on the ground was revealed because of its obvious interest to the public they have done only their job to bring the citizens attention information of public interest on the consequences of french arms sales at the center of all that this storm is a classified no. by francis military agency the d r m revealed by these journalists it showed forty eight french season guns were being used along the
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sound the game in order that tanks and fighters sold to the u.a.e. are in action and its miss our guiding technology may have been deployed as well it reveals french ships are serving in the blockade of the yemeni ports directly leading to diet food and medical shortages in additional battalion of sees a truck mounted how was that had been deployed the yemeni border on the saudi side to bring the number of cesar's in that area to forty eight as of the twenty fifth of september twenty eighth see about forty you. tanks are observed in a fixed defensive position and advance positions in the west of the seventy or so tanks deployed by the u.a.e. as part of the operation the french government has continued to repeat the line that weapons that sold to saudi and u.a.e.
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were only being used for defensive purposes but this note was written back in september contradicting those claims the concern now is that this investigation by french authorities is about putting pressure on these journalists to break their professions most. to reveal their sources charlotte even ski ulti paris. the u.k. and germany have praised china's plan for a massive global trading network known as the bill to vote initiative the forum for which is currently underway in beijing their leaders from your asian countries and further afield have gathered to share views on how to develop economic cooperation reporting from beijing his he's done. well i have to say it is more than just a forum more than just a place for people to meet to talk and sign documents no it is a statement by beijing and those countries and group presented to absorb
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international bodies and leaders who have come here today who have come to beijing it is a statement that this is a new way to boost global prosperity and also it is far from being just a regional event for instance the boat and road initiative and this forum have been the cautiously praised by the european union have a listen to both the mode initiative has tremendous potential to spread prosperity and sustainable development to achieve as it does potentially seventy percent of the world's population a project of truly epic ambition the u.k. is committed to helping to realize the potential of the belgian road and to doing so in a way which works for all of those whose lives are touched by the project in the big used seats we have agreed that we don't want to sign any by a literal memorandums but together make necessary arrangements between the greater european economic area and the economic area of greater china we will take this promise seriously this tone goes into a bit of a contrast with what the united states have been saying in fact washington has been
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one of the most stark opponents to the whole belt and road initiative because they see it as a threat to their dominance and here's why because thing is this forum is merely a tiny part of a much larger scheme a much grander vision beijing outlined its concept for the first time in twenty thirteen and since then it's been all about well investing into global infrastructure into building new major trade routes somewhat inspired by the you once prosperous silk road in fact he's a map showing you two key projects to key trade highways if i may say so that are being developed within the framework of of this belt and road initiative as for the rush. in leader vladimir putin he's of course here in beijing and when it comes to relations between moscow and china the two haven't really pulled any complements i should say when it comes to that and also both lattimer potentiating ping they
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shared their thoughts on why they think the belton road initiative is so important . we work together to promote the high quality development of one belt and one route we are told the principle of extensive consultation joint contribution and shared benefits and after create multilateralism know what it is important to create an effective on search for the risks of global economic political and technological space fragmentation and onset to the rise of protectionism the most dangerous form of which is the illegitimate one sided measures taken without any account from the un or even worse trade was well when it comes to action the sides are russia and china have already agreed to conduct joint military drills sometime in the near future they also announced the establishment of a new fund of a new investment fund and it is now it is said to gain of the net capital totally
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worth around one billion dollars and its key purpose is to streamline the process of investments of russia and china investments into projects within the framework of the bridge of the belt and road initiative and somewhat beyond that as well so i guess it is fair to say that russia for now has asia and its spotlight. we want to get rid of the nuclear weapons that's the message from donald trump in a wide ranging interview where he also welcome moscow's efforts to help denuclearize the korean peninsula the us president named two countries that must also scrap their atomic arsenals. we want to get rid of it real clear weapons we all have to get russia has to get rid of them in child hours to get rid of it tops call comes just a day after the pentagon's top policy official said that u.s. nuclear forces are now playing catch up to beijing and moscow deputy undersecretary david trachtenberg added that he would try to counter russia's confidence we're
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trying to take some modest steps in order to lower russia's sense of confidence that what they are doing gives them some kind of exploitable advantage that could lead to a miscalculation on their part that we absolutely do not want to see. julian assange his right to privacy may have been violated while he was holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london your representatives now investigating whether that is the case. you supported because it was a very special set of circumstances where the person who was not formally on the detention. was subjected to. ok the u.n. is now assessing with a record as decision to place the wiki leaks co-founder district surveillance violated the universal declaration of human rights zones was arrested earlier this month when he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy where he'd been claiming asylum for almost seven years he may now face extradition to the u.s.
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after being charged with conspiracy to hack a government computer. in the science gained international attention to his wiki leaks project which publishes documents that incriminate governments around the world as organizations behind some of the biggest disclosures of classified information ever. i don't i i do. i i i.
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i. love my daughter but i thank you very much. i. thank wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence sort of talks like a hospital because it's over. and we had interviewed a friend after the song sweetest your highness of all star and he was sure the rights of the wiki leaks from man were violated numerous times. of course to give you. that rights violations on a daily basis. that goes basically without saying honesty is currently detained if for no other reason than being a journalist and so you know this is think is probably one of the most important
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developments that has happened part of recently and that is roughly nine years of returns where discussions and have concerning it whether. it's legal. and replaced or. just one little. reason. charges as far as you know we don't have only substantial evidence only. to start with and the second issue is that. even with the early days. as the last. relationship between journalists and the source. according to the arguments of the court as far as i understand it at least it was just. his source material if that is illegal are you serious in journalism is as such you know.
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this week the race for the u.s. presidency in twenty twenty stepped up a gear after the former vice president joe biden threw his hat into the ring democrats are hopeful that they can pick a candidate to topple donald trump but only plenty of support and to get that they're considering extending voting rights the prison it's people in jail can vote now here is why i view but i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible people but people who are in convicted in prison like the boston marathon bomber they should be able to vote i think we should have that conversation but it's not just prisoners democrats want to get into the polling booths and the young one of twenty democratic presidential candidates has also suggested lowering the voting age to sixteen republicans have come out against the move saying it would give the democrats an unfair advantage. of the many say it is the economy that will determine the outcome of the twenty twenty election which
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could potentially be the key to a trump tree recent c.n.n. poll shows more than seventy percent of americans are positive about the u.s. economy a record number since two thousand and one in particular more than fifty percent pleased me with trump's handling of the economy unless predict a healthy economy coupled with low unemployment to rising wages mine just lead to a second term for trump political expert and author gina loudon believes the democrats have lost touch with the average voter. most americans think once you kill people and you take away their right to be alive your rights are pretty much negated at least until you've served out your term in prison and in in some cases even as you know in the united states we are going to the death penalty regarding murder because we believe you relinquish your rights when you take another life they realize now that the basic americans out here that people are the recall of joe sixpack in america the guy this just working his job trying to provide first family he's not going to vote democratic or because the democrats have gone so far
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regressive left that they've lost their rank and file old school democrats that used to vote for them and in fact not only have they lost on president trump has removed them then and has become the president really of the average american so the democrats realize they have to go someplace else they're quite desperate and they're willing to let criminals and children vote. britain's queen may be happy with the saying god bless sir and all who say but it seems a maritime museum in scotland isn't it's begun referring to ships as it to appear more gender neutral the move comes after it was found people have been scratching off references to boats as she first information signs or the museum's director says the vandalism wasn't the reason for the swap but instead to recognize changes in society despite this the british marine industries federation says that they're organized. if you will continue the centuries long tradition. referring to boats as
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she dates all the way back to at least the fourteenth century some historians believe that soul is associated femininity with motherhood and protection but the struggle to keep up with modern times it's sparking thing to debate in society we took to the harbor city of portsmouth for reaction i disagree tre i think nation is a lot to do with history and things like that i think quite important to keep our history so i think would be a shame i think the boat so beautiful feigns and therefore they ought to be friendly therefore she. should changer to me just change for the sake of change i mean if it's historically the bridge. pre-marriage and the ships and already i don't see any particular need to change you personally we thought that it was called because we have a queen and if we had a king then the ship would be a he was. very angry. and we also spoke with
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a former submarine captain ron ramsey who believes that generations of sailors will be angered by such a move. is a safe haven for many scientists and actually see that. capability. is not so much with. a man or woman. named after everything but it's what the ship. for this. for a moment we lose all history and tradition it's. also been the. while the u.k. appears no closer to heading out of the exit door it seems that one french diplomat is still looking to the future and he's predicting the country will be left out in the cold once it leaves the european union an observation that's not gone down too well in westminster.
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ukraine has vanished every time the british military is meeting with the american military the americans are talking about the french. until there's a french president's boston the oval office we will not take any lessons in having good relations with washington. the white house is still in lafayette square and it's not sure if you know these jeremy but i hear there is a big old fridge that you in up in new york base. ok join me for updates in half an hour. all.
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right. more welcome to sophie i'm going to. starts with break away kosovo remain frozen the serbian government finds itself facing a tie it of protests sweeping across the balkans is europe's is set for a shake up i ask any serbian foreign minister. the streets of cities capital yet the president remains defiant and hell bent on consuming his balancing act between east and west.


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