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tv   News  RT  April 28, 2019 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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theme. in the stories that shaped the way the first of a summit between north korea's kim jong il and boosted by lateral relations and look to remove nuclear capabilities from the korean peninsula. russian national jailed in the u.s. for failing to register as a foreign agent but a lawyer says she's a victim of the current political climate in washington. his activities in the us were illegal. in of themselves but she got caught up in this. story. and saudi arabia comes under fire from the un and human rights organizations for a mass execution with concerns that the charges against the thirty seven mostly shia men but from.
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a low sunday just after midday here in moscow live from russia around the world to you review watching this is out international with me kevin i mean this weekend it's our news review of the week in the big stories that brought you over the last seven days and this is one of the biggest from a nuclear free north korea to bilateral relations with kim jong un met for the first time on thursday russia's far eastern city of olive oil stock hosted the summit after more than two hours of face to face talks the leaders expressed their willingness to further develop relations and tackle the situation on the korean peninsula. yes. we just had a fairly narrow one to one conversation we managed to talk about the history of all bilateral relations and about the present day and the prospects of developing those relations but of course we also talked about the situation on the korean peninsula and exchanged views on what needs to be done to improve the situation in the
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audience mr president we have just had a foreign exchange of opinions trace to face on all of this of mutual importance and i think you know the great times we are well into the day even though no agreements were signed it seems the ladies had a productive time in the two exchange souls on the sidelines of the symbol of the new childer suspect between nations and they wrapped up the talks with a lavish dinner apparently north korean state media already saying kim is ready for more talks this time in pyongyang in a patrol it was following the big butt of all stock summit or.
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literally minutes after the north korean supreme leader got inside his limo we were given the opportunity to come closer to his armored train. so unfortunately i won't be able to show you or see for myself any of the extraordinary facilities inside that tray that was used by cam john jones father i was trying to look through the window but obviously no chances and the security guards are. watch carefully to make sure that we don't touch it i've already been told off by the inside there are high tech communication facilities several conference room as well as luxury living quarters in the middle of the train there's a special room for him john moons wife and white next to separate carts for body
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guards there are two restaurants one is for the supreme leader himself and the second one is for the entire delegation there's even a special section for the leaders limo and they're the one that we saw on the station square that the massive armored vehicles can actually fit into one of those . well it turns out that in
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a sense john is counting on vladimir putin as a kind of a middleman in delivering his messages to the rest of the world leadership by the way mr putin's next destination is there you have it but it looks like chairman kim is hoping that his message will get all the way to washington through russia as well it's a. german king also be directly to tell the us about his position and about the questions he has in connection with the situation on the korean peninsula we also found out that the russian leader as confident that pyongyang. essential desire is inter national security guarantees guarantees for sovereignty and when it comes to dating poor ization according to mr putin the only way forward is through these kind of guarantees i would like to remind you that four years russia's peace road
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map was about mutual concessions from both sides of north korea on the one hand and south korea and allies on the other and china is backing this plan to well the russian president believes that for years every step forward made by washington was followed by two steps backwards. but we need some confidence building measures to be taken which could have been taken back in two thousand and five when the u.s. and north korea came to an agreement to waive it later on for some reason the american partners thought this was no it's enough that they needed to add something to this agreement that's when north korea with drew from the treaty if you're making a step forward in two steps but you'll never succeed. after what we heard on thursday it is definitely fair to say that there is a lot of potential in camp putin summit and by the way the president of south
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korea said that this summit in vladivostok should act as a springboard for further top ranked diplomacy between washington and pyongyang so chairman kim has been enjoying contacts with the most powerful politicians on this planet has two historic summits with the american president donald trump were followed by one with a lot of our putin and it looks like mr cameron knows what he's doing when he splaying his geo political game and if story spoke to a north korea says the summits part of the key mediation role that moscow can play and they can read put in she live. or. it looks like now he tried to see someone else to help north korea out in between recenter by a letter of a meeting between north korea and the us he was so sure that he can lead the
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meeting between the u.s. and north korea but now he is sick some help for put inside here essentially achieved a new election and or so now he can have a spotlight from the international community by playing the role for the korea over the korean peninsula as a peacemaker so it would be put his chips for today's summit currently now south korea having air exercises rivero u.s. and south korea cannot be free from u.s. pressure because of a sense for south korea it could be a good to have russia if russia can play the right role as a mediator because for south korea itself it could be a little bit tricky to work in between new u.s. and north korea. also in the way a gross national reboot was sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united
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states after she pleaded guilty to conspiring to work there's no registered foreign agent thirty year olds also tried to influence the national rifle association a lot of conservative groups in the u.s. several american political figures were suspected to be involved in the case too in the courtroom or a smoker motion lee about the effect this is had on her family. my parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they watched in the rural house in the city bureau i love them dearly but i harmed the morally and financially they're suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with who and now nothing remains but penitence. i have reasons to if she's not the main goal of the circumstances she had to put in was to break her will and forces to really acknowledge something she might not have
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done. so yet so they are trying to save face but to grab her seized her it would put her behind bars richard but there is nothing they can charge or wish to each and to avoid looking ridiculous they sentenced her to eighteen months just to show she is guilty of something. their father speaking exclusively to us said that he and the rest of the family had been expecting a very different outcome. we weren't prepared for such a rough and unjust court decision is
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a russian citizen and given all these investigations she's been caught up in it will even though the mother investigation had nothing to do with her nevertheless the us has found a coper it's a group over the past few months she didn't have any complaints about the condition of her confinement unlike before when she was badly treated and i was a bit discriminated against all of them were all in solitary confinement with will be allowed to two hours a night with oaxaca maria her lawyer is we all expected a different outcome whatever ticked but it's hard to say how life will be for mary and now the most important thing for us is that she returns home taking into account the. yen the week we also spoke to maria boot his lawyer about the case in the dangerous presidency believes it could set. i think it's impossible to separate from from the politics i think that there is a an underlying crime that he pled guilty to which you can make out under u.s.
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law but i think the notion of this would have been investigated or and the rest would have been made for a typical foreign national who wasn't russian and wasn't in the current environment or in the u.s. i think it's almost impossible to to believe that southern politics has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the case and it's one of those things where if the elements of the crime are there they were selectively enforced in the sense and so i think it's hard to argue. the charges unregistered agent it's not foreign it's not secret agent it's not intelligence agent literally it's just doing something for someone else as being their agent not of maria maria's activities in the us were illegal in and of themselves so there's no classified information there's no political sensitive kind of information given she was not paid by by the
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russian federation her she was supported by americans while she was here financially but she got caught up in this and she rushes hysteria. i would fear that other countries will start applying the same standards and saying that any american who went abroad to another country and it was involved in civil society organizations and social and met people and networks that's really all we're talking about doing are anything more serious than that and reported back on those activities some in the u.s. so i think it's very dangerous because i think if other countries adopt the same attitude you can get a tit for tat situation with countries grabbing civilians of other countries as leverage or for other reasons and i think it's a bad idea. this is not international on a sunday afternoon it's just coming up to forty minutes past midnight here in moscow right ahead of the headlines we brought you the last seven days recapping
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the human rights groups blasted saudi arabia in the week of the execution of dozens of prisoners convicted of terror and violent crimes what was the backstory that we've asked again when we come back. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development it only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what is it calling. magic the new type of digital currency the
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centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason because a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can't control my own financial death any it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the max and stacey. this was an interesting one of the wake swedish computer programmer arrested in ecuador for an alleged cyber attack on government systems is being finally lhotse visit is over the baby's parents were granted access to it in jail on choose day while his parents insist there's no foundation for the charges sweden's foreign minister is
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demanding ecuador explain this in a rest now all of it he's an expert in cyber security and also has a digital also is a digital privacy advocate he reportedly has links to wiki leaks to maybe that's the key in fact he was detained just off the whistleblower was arrested in the ecuadorian embassy in london earlier this month old his father told this you sons rights were violated. he didn't get to talk too slow or in the right time and he didn't get to me to counsel in the right time and there was so many wrong things that were done there everything else is that one book of poems and us that he has a lot of memory sticks and that is all. and that is not enough to arrest the person he rights activists say there's no proof of allah binny's guilt and a number of celebrities activists and politicians signed an open letter to the swedish government calling on it to help free the programmer doesn't quarter picked
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up the story. seems being friends with julian a sonship might just cost you your freedom as the wiki leaks co-founder was dragged into the back of a british police van another hacktivists shared a similar fate all of being he was arrested on the same day allegedly for working with assad and for several years now one of the key members of the week you leaks in a person close to me is to do the songe has lived in the uk with do and we have sufficient evidence that he has been collaborating with the best applies ation attempts against the government prosecutors charged me with attacking ecuadorian computer systems and their evidence laptops and encrypted u.s.b. sticks seized from beanies home president lenin moreno pointed to frequent travel as a mark of guilt suspecting being a visited a songe to do his bidding and one of the reasons he kicked out a songe was suspicion he was using the aqua dorian embassy as
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a hacktivist ecuador's interior minister says it will not be tolerated even if it's mere suspicion it is up to the justice system to determine if he committed a crime but we can't allow inquiry to become essential for piracy in spying that period in our history is over so just hours after assad was dragged out of the dorian embassy being he was detained in quito airport his lawyers say his rights were violated in many ways no charges no translator he was even denied bail and his parents fear for his safety it's a tough time for him and he doesn't really understand why he's. forty has been accused of. and this isn't just another hacktivist we're talking about here beany worked on the advisory board for a major european commission funded project called de code the initiative involves cybersecurity experts researching data ownership and technological sovereignty
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human rights groups and high profile figures are calling for beanies immediate release and also in sweden the big newspaper that has been. giving out these. petition or open letter to our prime minister. that he should be released and this has been signed of. about a hundred very. prominent persons from around the world it shouldn't be doing interest for anyone in ecuador or elsewhere to just know mr sachs several thousand kilometers north another assan sling tack to vista sitting in jail a us federal appeals court has denied chelsea manning bail after she was arrested once again in march and for what refusing to testify in court against a sarge it seems like any connection to wiki leaks can get you in jail so if you've ever rubbed elbows with julian a songe it might be better to keep quiet about it. international human
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rights groups have condemned a series of executions in saudi arabia this last week thirty seven men reportedly mostly from the muslim shia minority were killed on terror and violence related charges one body was even strung up in public after is executed human rights watch states these killings mark an alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty in the country further it also described the punishment as grotesque and expressed concern that those punished might not have received a fair trial our senior correspondent were goes to have reports. few things so as much fear into the hearts of your own people as mass executions the men were executed for adopting terrorists and extremists thinking and performing terrorists else to corrupt and destabilize security allegedly among their crimes was this respect towards authority some of them can you believe that like the king protested
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against him so serious with their crimes that one of those executed was also crucified yes crucified in two thousand and nineteen his body strung up for all to see for all to fear. today's mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the saudi arabia no authority and callous disregard for human life it is also yet another gruesome indication of how the death penalty is being used as a political tool to crush dissent from within the country's shia minority in fact almost half of those killed were executed after taking part in pro-democracy protests see the arab spring didn't skirt saudi arabia the shia minority rose up they wanted change better fairer life the king obviously thought
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they wanted too much. one of those executed by the way was sixteen years old at the time of his arrest attending a protest apparently he was still a kid now is an example you wouldn't believe how creative the saudis are when it comes to killing prisoners in fact the current king began his reign by staging a massive execution forty seven people bad it shot for crimes that included disobey and saudi rulers biggest blood show since the nine hundred eighty s. who said fictions and common peaked in two thousand and twelve one five people were
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strung up paralysis reportedly is also in a judge's arsenal seriously they can sentence a person to be paralyzed as punishment roots back to a four thousand year old law or that someone wrote on a stone pillar to throw a tooth. and literally in this case a knife or and i saudis took that stone very seriously in two thousand and five a court in saudi arabia ordered a migrants i gagged out as punishment for getting into a fight and putain also a favorite especially for theft chopping off people's arms and feet stealing and of course stoning reserved for crimes like being too friendly with the opposite sex what can you say you want to cherry on top saudi arabia's on the un human rights council waterworld. were reporting riyadh's defended his
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actions are saying it will not hesitate to punish anyone threaten the security and stability of the kingdom but the spokesperson for the gulf institute for democracy and human rights spoke to us and claims the saudi justice system often fabricated charges. it's not the first time which so very be you that if you know t. took clannish prisoners of conscience who hold dared to spoke out about the human rights violations in the country we've not just dad there and i think around five of their of their executive people who where really charged by terrorist leader is in charge and we don't trust. really entered issue system we don't trust how did how did the saudi authorities handled the magic especially against the british there's whole took to the streets to demand rights and freedoms and who spoke out about what was happening in the country. as most of the gulf kingdom saudi arabia
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uses is to do dishes to step to fabricated charges against their dissidents especially against the activists who spoke out or who used their social media outlets or rules participated in demonstrations there is a taboo in the gulf kingdom especially in saudi arabia no one is a low just beat about what's happening in the country. fun of the sunday some really sad news this weekend for you is loyal viewers but chiltern our colleague on the host of artie's financial show boom bust has passed away suddenly just three days before his fifty has birthday dynamism and passion for business greatly enriched the program we brought you which is one of the most popular shows on r.t. america before he joined our r.t. family was commissioner of the u.s. commodity futures trading commission he also worked on multiple local federal and presidential campaigns but friends and colleagues have described him as a strong and dignified man and say he treated everyone with respect to the host and
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political commentator steve malzberg remembers the whole evenly banter they share. i think that i might have been on the last show that he did which was several weeks ago and you know we had we had our usual fun on the air he always like to make it fun under some kind of little joke in the introduction or at the door or inject a little you more into it and it was just such a pleasure to talk to him all the time and i'd that's that's what i'm going to miss most of all is is chatting with him and and you know him being a part of my daily routine of my life in and he being allowed to be in some way a part of his and i'm sure boom bust will go on i know that that's what bart would want.
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this is the through a period of sort of supposed to exist first rather. than would begin well the minute he did it was not good to. lose and lose its appeal. for the good enough that all you want the solicitor going to bring in the man i'm interested in is a reversal of that meaning. and above well it was pretty good way to listen to kind of what you said to him which could be a little bit done but i come. here to. ask you in the news you know do you do you still i'm the lead here some i look to the mood in the kluge your country singers or.
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american politics its own american intensity and the notion that somebody's playing games at the margins of those election dictates believe it influenced the outcome is frankly frankly absurd new food to compare russia with the states to notice states has been fall back in influencing the domestic politics of other countries in the then russia. my seven years doing trucks my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one
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in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. a long sentence in this for whom minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. so
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everyone says they're o.-g. original gangster but twenty ten for me is really when the years begin the game theory has worked and people are entering users and speculators and market makers markets are entering it quaint space and this is exactly what the protocol was designed to do was pull these people in is an interesting phenomenon because the technology is right track there but there's something else appalled people and i call the big point derangement syndrome in that there is for the first time this mechanism that guarantees freedom and for the human soul it resonates and it draws you in and a lot of those folks in that period you could tell just by looking at them their eyes are like pinwheels and they.


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