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were. the most family do you mean my family we always specially don't have summer time and spring time well i did go fish and you basically here we try to catch a lot of bass you've got big mouth bass small mouth bass and also you've got blue deal in us. sometimes you can catch
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a catfish but the most time we're after bass with fish you just saw in the past the time away and make spits more reliance and so that's why we try to come out here and feed and get away from you know everything basically. my dad you know told us the fish and we know we told them the fish they live fish and we spend a lot of summer out here most of the summer. we rarely ever see black people featured so i get out here today as i got a smell near. her. august twelfth was a tragic day here in charlotte so many things happened. you have
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a memorial for have a who passed away tragically because of hatred here in our community. many people got together to try to. show that we needed a change here in the city. ran into us humans because they had hatred for another race that is not fair that is not just that is inhumane to take life because you feel defeated. the study is now named as the higher way. that tragic day and sell this little history. you haven't any luck. the wind's blowing in plus it just got done snow in two days
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ago i don't i won't catch most fish today when it's windy you just it ain't a good time to fish when it's real windy like a deer so i will probably just go on go out and get some pizza or something and about two weeks will be back nope catch a ton of fish because it'll be a lot warmer and away on a calm down cos i profoundly beat you. jesus christ and his death on the cross and resurrection again no distinction was made between white and black and died and rose for all people. martin luther king worked very hard to end discrimination and segregation within the united states he led a very peaceful nonviolent protests marches in areas where black folks
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african-americans were treated very much as second class citizens areas where they had. to ride in the back of the bus for public transportation or they could not eat at the same counters with caucasian people and through his efforts a lot of that discrimination that was beleaguered at the time and enforced has been done away. the efforts of martin luther king who was assassinated very young are commemorated here for his work that christ would not have people segregated and treated as second class citizens. just a couple of years ago we had riots in this city and the police department was shown to have some prejudice and would treat african-american citizens in particular unfairly when it came to our force. so no we're not there but we're working on it.
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right family was going on family. guy. doing a special show where i live right here this saturday. and then i want to just put on my st louis because st louis is law enforcement in the prison the business is always a lot of corruption in the going on there but just overall when it comes to the prison system it's a racialized torches system if you want to just be very honest there was the situation in new york there was a brother who was held in new york in a prison all right as i went without being charged and they were just going to hold him there and that's the thing that they do now they get people could have been in jail don't actually charge them with anything they can't afford bail and they just draw out when they can go on trial they have to prepare people psychologically for the big executions and that's where we're leading right to right now basically giving people the police the green light to brutalize will go against the constitution and brutalize people and they're just yelling at applauding the and
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that type of mentality is again naziism. i was born in detroit in a partially raised the a but i was also raised in birmingham alabama down in the south of moment thinking largest in all of the civil rights movement that was like the heart of it is now then birmingham alabama is racism against black people it was more systematic they incorporated it in the system and i noticed that as a very young child in the school system i notice that black children we were treated differently than the white children the white kids would act out and do whatever and they would just give a barely a reprimand but black kids who would do the same thing they would get funneled into
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special education classes they would get expelled i've always from that point wanted to know the ins and outs of systematic racism. this was like in the early seventy's when they started to take away the housing discrimination laws in made it bad you have to rip houses and brick property and it has to be equal legally there was a white flight and that took all the money in the world and the resources out and it just left the shell of the city and the people who are impoverished and they blame the poverty on the peoples blamed a lot of the ills of detroit on just black people it's just that black skin just black people being in control and best going to turn the place into a ghetto and always white flight.
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any protection at all when you have the president of the united states encouraging law enforcement to brutalize people that comes out on. so we have zero protection they can come and blow our brains out at any given time and we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people outside of war and legally get away with it you can't kill nobody you know of the country and get away with it you can't do that in north korea you can't do it in russia you can't just go and kill somebody and then just walk away in and in get acquitted how can you be the beacon of democracy how can you be the gate keeper of the world and you have that rule. i know the media out here will always try to call me a leader a black lives matter specially the people at fox news they were real good at telling me that a lot of people consider myself a leader because i'm in a prison where i can be harmed and i can't do anything about it yet so i'm just
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another victim of white supremacy trying to figure out how to get up out of the prison of racism obama was just a tokenized black person the white supremacists they do magic tricks they like to say ok we're going to give you one black person and put bet one black person in a high position and now everything is equal you have nothing to complain about and put in one black person in a high position means absolutely nothing because a systematic white supremacy is a group phenomenon so tokenize in one black person and saying ok he's the leader over here he's the president he's the governor he's the mayor they did that for a lot of black cities by the way in the one nine hundred seventy s. they made a lot of black people mayors of these cities but they had no real power because they didn't have the power to allocate resources.
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i got the car ready. to deal with that. it's a factory but. you know coincidentally. majority white city detroit michigan make sure they started right in the blacks and from the south that's where all the car from made it our factories and now it is nothing but a war zone in michigan is tennessee the whole city council there is black and when
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we went in protest the good smith as we start looking into the city council for trying to remove the confederate monument we looked into a majority of anybody only see the council in memphis tennessee have criminal records of embezzlement still in money been caught prostitutes cocaine. yep still in office cincinnati ohio that's a horrible place are shootings up there on a daily basis stabbings ripens killings each state major capital washington d.c. the capitol united states itself washington d.c. as i war zone and they will tell you in washington d.c. do not go out by yourself after eight o'clock at night you will get robbed stabbed or write to as our own capital they tell you to fairview not go out it might be you know you think. they are all. right. things driving this reach voters are. very much if you were there this is all the chance. five cents of that was. defined by their
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government wants to make it look like whole united states were all peaceful one half the race would have ever. and then it's nothing like it i mean even though they've been pushing immigration down our throats now for feed two years we segregate our sales and the government figured that out you know the whites you know it's called white flight when we say oh neighborhood get too dark we have to just pack a movie we want to send our kids the majority white schools are going to be able segregation starts every sunday in america you can say that this places and a great it we're all happy and peaceful but every sunday at eleven o'clock that's when the world becomes so great every day and it's called the church because whenever my there's a church we go to white churches the black stallion their black churches and the mets going to play and whatever catholic that's one segregation of stark's the school segregated prison segregated i mean that's just the way it is the way it's always. been living that's what. i don't think he'll be doing.
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was show as though show me was people really hate each other those are all right white supremacists they hate us and they want to kill us which was charlottesville show me was to d's white supremacy as these all right folks are full of hate and if they have weapons i really. do tactical training in near ready. they want to hurt people they came down here with weapons in a day of deliberate a fight. america needs to be born again america needs of rebirth we need to acknowledge our sins.
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we need to repaint and we need to build a new we're better america without racism without. the news of racism never existed. beneath a politically impulse and needs to come. from. but ideally to normandy for. been. giving political guidance to the process and so basically what i'm waiting for he's an author political impulse ideally extending from the moment you see. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my system just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united
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states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. a lot of black people you know in this area they like to stick to what we call projects which is free housing the students going to work and paying their bills and taxes and stuff like that and supporting
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a family they didn't know what free housing which the government here actually gives there. and they give their what they call the stamps where they feed their families and they don't have to worry they paid even their lives my feel for the and so the majority i would say ninety five for scene and it lives in the projects of this black community they don't work and they sit there for money and they're selling drugs see the children teenagers you know younger my kids in there are already addicted they ruin their lives in a community there's always a high crime rate robbery people's houses being broken deal where their kids in that middle where they're specially doing it to elderly white people kicking their doors knowing that they can defend themselves. raping a lot of white women and they're doing it even in public places like this black guy looking these tynes is runs a beat still live in hell lot of this white woman and now they're in laser they're
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down i. want to dream her a lawyer and they started trying to say all these people are just as good as are equals will go ahead of years of trying to the result want to play with the wife and still have that she would be allowed to rob and steal and right thing to deal with. oh where's that. right. that is not.
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every black person in america is not trying. to do the team for seniors got older generation black people actually one of you were. in their house and proud of their employees they don't like their kids and the racing league is going on and they're disgusted by it and for the new generations they have no morals latest song they don't care if the chief when they have a house there and kerry is not. where they can all baby mommas fall when encouraged me and you know they know that they're great and generous change they don't care oh yeah. this is same here i'm in a blacks here want to round the system as much as they can they don't want to do nothing i mean they actually were from new york they'll tell you something's going
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on up there i mean they want to sit on section eight housing and not work and that's the thing and the more babies they are going to get and that's why i used to walk around and get gas stations grocery stores i got back to the kids lagging behind them and nine times out and they got their kids dragging their kids. to here big it always been a bit free you know even if it didn't pay for food shelter lights wired their t.v.'s. for the theater. anything of any day over there if you're so depressed like white people the white people are really. when people ask you why software why do i have friends who suffer in the system of white supremacy globally it's a prison system understand that under that system there's different forms of suffering we should be in the prison to begin with but i've had friends who were
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railroaded into a jail system who i've got friends with one life in jail over drug charges right now. i know people who are killed by law enforcement i know people who were murdered and their murders were never solved see that's what happens with black people when we die there is no big outcry on who to potus this is why we see so many people killed and murdered with complete impunity because there is like an unwritten rule that if you are a person classified as white if you have a good enough excuse you can kill harm a would do anything to a black person. the parents would slaves the grandparents were slaves. they might have been slaves like i said over a hundred and two years ago get over it is the way i look at it leave. a lot of white supremacist groups are stuck in stupid shit you look at the civil
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rights movement you look at the black panthers you look at other groups that were composed black people fighting for rights in the f.b.i. the cia a cointelpro they made a dead business to get up to get in there and disrupt these groups highways it that a group dead has been savagely murdering black people for over two hundred years and this country is still exist. the reason the claims rose the goal of why the supposed to resist tyranny basically period the white race why raise your. glass break glass and cigars so we did not be removed who are members were that's one of the main reasons why the where the because you have members who are cops you have those who are share of
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your doctors lawyers ever my was a proven fact as one out of three americans was in the court believe that prison sounds like a large reward to your we've had several presidents of those in the. south american tradition. there for the editor of the road for your. life that's what i am i have a route which means i'm a leader or a wizard agree morrow beings grand dragon which means he's over the state. which is a great part means he so profits are counting off for the class then why rufus madrid with. what we see here in america is hundreds of years of racism. and right now black last matter it's you know white people like tino people muslims christians
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whoever did feel the way that we feel you know gays are part of this fight to feel the way we feel we fight. racism is alive but it's concealed when the racism resurface in american a real way when a black man became president no one wants us to come out of the shackles it was a wall for when they wanted to pull us out of slavery it was a war right on american soil because we were coming out of savory people don't want to see us rive you live in poverty you live in these destitute situations you're hurting you're in pain now we have this thing called to interfere to. where are white folks and other young professionals coming in in pushing poor people i did a ghetto right gentrification is racism they're pushing us out a lot of communities landlords a reason to rinse up and they can't do anything about it we came right because
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we're fighting we're teaching a lot of fight back a lot of good for me work we could do this type of work but look at what's happening like nolan gives us about poor people until wait until until they're fighting for themselves. just thirty minutes of the road at least three people died between saturday night and sunday night three people die every night through drug violence and gang violence some black just. because they don't like people they'll kill them white people i mean as every weekend at least three to four people die thirty minutes over and that. the cops already know that's that's pretty much as a war in the streets every day. but maybe the covers up they want the world a favor this is a peaceful america the great united states no this is a concrete jungle and it's a war you're all the you got me be here really want white people brainwashed white
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you with even school and the kids now you feel that it may not be proud of being like this. and me every white and white is knowing me you know and three three with everything else. i mean. america has always great. the bad thing about america too is through the media that make it look to the world that america tries to put on a show i mean that's what we as a puppet show is what america does through their television and their media they try to make it like it's all peaceful here in the united states this is a great place to live no we're actually in a communism. ation right now we can't even have freedom of speech here if your wife you are here you got no freedom of speech here your beliefs pretty much have to be kept inside the house because they'll come take your kids away from you they will if they find out what i believe in that i'm a klansman they'll try to take my kids from me and all i want to do is live separate from all the other races i rather be around my home that's all i won't
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just like god in. all of them pray for racial words no holds barred and just go on and the the knowledge of these people where they can go about their country as well a lot of this is a race war. the k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist they have the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country ok and they're dead to me they're worse off than the people who destroyed the world trade centers they're worse off than people who go and shoot night clubs full of innocent gay people love the k.k.k. is still worst terrorist organization because american government allows them to exist and that's the problem they need to destroy disband the k.k.k. .
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clansman all. the rights. of nation. of the ku klux klan. klansmen so that been allowed to cross. all the fire crawls stillbirth all the trouble of mystery failed to point its hallowed plank to show her pride is born to follow their gates to be healed by the hearts and hands of all clans so be like from sea to sea. when the fire crawls we glory beneath that sacred glow my oath was made under the scrolls that show ever live in song and story i swear it's like child ever face god gives me a call son crowned me and we're not flint that beauty and who the law will appeal
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the fight for white supremacy white power. white power. white. the. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to stay in the home field where everything is familiar with on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about
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football not the or else you think i was going to the. by the way ways of them sliding here. welcome to maximize your financial survival guide. looking silently or mentioning them. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates are watched as a recurring.
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saturday's synagogue shooting in california was reportedly inspired by the shootings in new zealand last month we look at the. spreading across the world. stage victory in. the far right. first time in over four decades. with indian farmers over potato.
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this monday the twenty ninth of april live from us.


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