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tv   News  RT  April 29, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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today's headline story synagogue shooting in california was reportedly inspired by the mosque shootings in new zealand last month we asked the question is deadly fundamentalism spreading across all the religions. food and beverages. picking up indian farmers over of potatoes that go into the company's best selling chris brown. as the european union prefers for a general election against the rising tide of nationalism. less than five percent of europeans are aware the voting begins on may twenty eighth.
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live from our international news center this is our to your warm welcome to the program my name's union o'neil first today more on saturday's deadly shooting in a synagogue near the californian city of san diego it appears the sole person who died in the attack a woman jumped in front of the rabbi to shield him from gunfire the police have detained a nineteen year old man in connection with the incident which took place during a service to mark the jewish holiday of passover where the suspect reportedly posted an anti semitic message online before the attack president trump said that the shooting quote looks like a hate crime the city's authorities say the community should stay united. someone filled with hate. when am. attacked the congregants at the
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hub out of our way an attack against our jewish brothers and sisters. fortunately that person was apprehended and now this community comes together a horrible loss of life. well the suspect who's in detention in california is said to have been motivated by last month's mosque shootings in new zealand. and he's not the only killer inspired by the mosque attack the easter sunday massacre of christian church goers in sri lanka has been called the retaliation for the new zealand atrocity too with terrorism retaliation hitting communities our senior correspondent. looks into be escalating trend of religious violence. it's not about your color it's your creed and it's dissolved this time faith was the alleged gunman made anti jewish comments the blasts charges during the holiest
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day on the christian calendar a shooting incident at a synagogue mass shootings at two mosques police tonight are stepping up patrols around mosques nationwide we could almost pinpoint the moment it went big again. with. al qaeda opened the floodgates is the missed radicals at first but the idea spread. now anyone can grab a gun drawn to the grave in a. manifesto optionally go live and facebook can kill and kill three major
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attacks last two months first of all is that they're connected they're feeding each other. new zealand white supremacist slaughters dozens of muslims during friday prayers men women children that like their customs see religion we new zealand we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can turn racism because we are an enclave for extremism we were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things. sri lanka islam is zealots who it's
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a stretch to call the muslims slaughter hundreds of christians again men women and children prayer time as they celebrate easter revenge they claim for new zealand is going our this will be completely suppressed or create an environment of peace and freedom for the people of this country you know. san diego california a madman attacks jews in a synagogue on the last day of passover has a problem with judaism and its ways claims he was moved to beat it by the massacre in new zealand have no illusions if it can happen in new zealand no where it's really safe. a lot of fear mongering and a lot of like. media soundbites that have created an atmosphere of despise for the other like that particular group out of out there want to take
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our lives they want to kill us and as a result we have to stand up and defend ourselves there is an environment that literally was already greetings kind of mindset however now they've incorporated the studied bottom types that they reached out to i say and been inspired by the very same people that they hate the violent acts those so that's the way that i would personally explain the situation it's having a knock on effect and there inspiring each other which is absolutely crazy but this is why we are where we are on hatred breeds hatred it's self-sustaining the thing with killing and excusing it is being in the name of god is that it never ends it only gets worse. another story we're closely following
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today american food and beverage giant pepsi co is facing a backlash after suing for small time potato suppliers in india with the local government no valen to support the farmers it seems the multinational might face a pottle the case marks a low point in a relationship but they say back to the nineteen eighties when they first pepsico potato plant in india was opened and it's a partnership the company has been keen to advertise. pepsi co feels proud to partner with farmers all across india through various agricultural initiatives as they shared their experience of working alongside pepsi co. well pepsi co claims the four farmers grew a variety of potato which the company has exclusive rights over for their biggest selling chris brown lays the potatoes were grown without the company's knowledge or permission and was reportedly seeking damages around six hundred thousand dollars
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the company however no says it's willing to drop the claim but there are conditions to the offer the u.s. corporation has suggested that the farmers become part of a collaborative potato farming program that means they buy seeds and then sell the potatoes back at a pre agree price not if they don't agree the farmers would have to grow other potato varieties but the farmers say pepsi co is violating their freedoms on fabricating laws here i don't know why pepsi co claims that it's in the right according to indian law nowhere in india or in the world for that matter do you find a law that prohibits farmers from growing potatoes where did pepsico get this law from the go has violated our basic freedoms with this lawsuit the see that we have broken their patent rights how can they dictate what we can or cannot grow. unless every year we buy seeds from within the farming community we never buy them from any specific company and have no agreement with any company came and told us we
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wanted to do business because they promised us a higher price and then filmed our farm they came as traders and were inquiring about the varieties we grow i told them we weren't sure of the variety but it's just white collar potatoes it's only when we receive the court notice that we realize who those people really were. this is a fight that's got support there is an increasing call across the globe for people to boycott pepsi co products an activist from the alliance for sustainable and holistic agriculture told us that farmers are becoming aware of their rights and companies won't be able to indiscriminately bring cases like this forward in the future. the farmers now clearly know that the indian legislation is on the promise that it allowed to do so exchange. save seed from a crop that is being in good order from appropriate tree seed but just from
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a company and they are even allowed to send cents let's see if the seed in this case provided they don't back it live billet and sell it doesn't but i did see it and these families are certainly not doing it this should have the freedom to choose what they want to goo as the only side. euro skeptic and right wing parties are on course for significant gains in next month's european parliament election if the polls prove right but research suggests that only a third of europeans are even aware there's a ballot out all let alone the plan to vote.
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well our europe correspondent peter all of us been taking a look at the elections a big main issues and particularly this time around from a german perspective. there's less than a month to go the citizens will elect the next european parliament and while there's expectations of a slight increase in turnout the e.u. pollsters have published that less than five percent of citizens so they knew when they're supposed to vote if you win during it's between may twenty fifth for the twenty sixth if you break down the euro per day syrian to how those surveyed in member states of the question do you know when your country will vote in e.u. parliamentary elections well top of the class is multi where seventy three percent of those surveyed got it exactly right staying behind for extra lessons though it's the netherlands where a paltry twelve percent of those polled knew which dates they should be voting on
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almost forty percent of germans nailed the e.u. pollsters question however a separate poll taken domestically by hugo found that almost half of people didn't know who any of the nine leading candidates for seats in the european parliament were which isn't great when you think about the important job they do in the impact they can potentially have on everybody in the use life i'm a one out of four people could pick a month for adventure out of the lineup the c.s.u. man is only standing to be the european commission president one of the most powerful and important jobs in the whole of the european union in similar territory of twenty six percent we have nicolas of the free democrats doing a little better though we have alternative for germany's your miten on thirty five percent of those who were polled being able to pick him out of
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a lineup and then on thirty nine percent we have the social democratic party's catarina we can only presume that ms bali the current justice minister against them . extra recognition due to the fact that she showed willingness to appear on different media outlets to put across their argument that europe has external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at across the u. s. of those polled said that they were definitely going to vote i asked people here on the streets of berlin what they made of the surveys and whether they intended to cast a ballot. will you take part in the european election. yes yes i have no clue when it comes to politics just do you know when the parliamentary elections will be held but i don't know when exactly it's on the twenty sixth of may i think sometime in the spring a somewhere is even you know who this is no. and the next one.
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is that they're not really in the spotlight for the most part these are counted it's no one's ever heard of three weeks ago until the european citizens will elect the next e.u. parliament or at least they will remember which date they're supposed to turn up to vote on a piece for all of our. efforts by of a new york times to tackle anti semitism have taken a hit after printing an offensive cartoon and we'll take you through all but right after this.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be. considered to be crooks that's what the folks three of the ten people are. interested always in the logs. six.
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sixteen minutes into the program welcome back the new york times has been forced to apologize for printing an anti semitic cartoon it appeared in the papers international edition depicts the israeli prime minister as a guide dog leading president trump who's wearing dark glasses and a skull cap but new york times says publishing it was an error of judgment since deleted it here's what some people in tel aviv think about the. i don't think we have to be so sensitive and keep on bringing up anti-semitic things every single time we see them i think. it's for sure and i'm to share my photo i don't think. that cartoon is anti-semitic because it goes back to the old days in the forty's where the dish termer used to used to have germans and americans were germans and
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jews. portrayed as dogs or or a lapdog for american policy and it's unbelievable and unacceptable reaction in israel's biggest city there well in the united states the reaction we heard centered on finding the line between satire and sensitivity. i think the real problem here is the fact that they've kind of misrepresented the jewish identity around israel and around politics and i think it's much deeper than that although i think is important i understand it's a cartoon kind of thing in a time where things are kind of sensitive and we have to use caution in how we express ourselves and i don't think it's anti semitic i think it's interesting and i think that it shows that china has a lot of influence in israel. what is particularly embarrassing for the new york times is that it's been trying to lead the way in tackling anti semitism it's
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accuse the left wing politicians such as u.s. representative. british opposition leader german corben of the semitism over their criticism of israel and his critics are a philanthropist george soros we discussed the paper's approach with legal on media analyst lionel an attorney jennifer bring. this is the new york times. the old gray lady the standard of journalistic excellence the newspaper that doesn't hesitate to point and that cues in finger and say you you whoever you are your anti semitic or your homophobic or your islamophobia you're massaging his dick there very quickly that they said in a review this is anti semitic why didn't they think this before the worst reason would be negligence that they don't review cartoons dado. basically know their own work product so what is interesting is that in this
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particular case the new york times is finding itself perhaps hoist by their own put tard forced to apologize and you notice nobody even argues today if you look at it we have six major companies that own most of the mainstream media outlets in the united states that includes the new york times and so you're talking about a very small pool of a narrative that's fallen into here and most of that is political anti donald trump anti conservative politics anti-republican you have just a couple people framing a certain narrative that's a certain political leaning and you also have a blind hatred of tunnel trump so much so that you overlook how this might offend many many people. ok something that got our notice this week you true apparently been working overtime to promote our tea content on its site the american t.v. news anchor rachel maddow sees it after picking up on a calm tensions washington post article let's go through it details how an r t show
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covered alleged russian interference the findings of the molar report was recommended by the largest number of other you tube channels no other news channel got as many recommender accounts the discrepancy was highlighted by monitoring group go transparency following mottos tweets people were quick to point to her apartments double standards. death no one's lives were threatened by a conversation between two award winning journalists about the massive this information campaign you've waged on the minds of suggestible democrats but they are endangered by the cold war you've helped to stir up chris hedges won a pulitzer prize are in matter just one izzy this you tube is so much better than the war mongering conspiracy lunacy that comes from you you should be ashamed to make good people and good content in such a base and mccarthyite way. well you should the spirits the transparency findings
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it is in fact a company which was set up by a former employee of the video sharing giant it say's its systems are currently designed to only promote quote more authoritarian or authoritarian have as sources now the host of the show in question i spoke to him yesterday chris hedges he says that american media outlets are striving to keep russia great life. its decision to peddle a conspiracy theory about russia that turned out according to the mohler report to be untrue and so they are attempting really to spin themselves out of this by claiming you know that the report had legal ease and that really there was collusion with russia there was obstruction of justice by on the part of donald trump it exposes the bankruptcy of the corporate media and the american press which spent over two years peddling
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a fantasy instead of focusing in fact on the real issues and it sells i mean let's not forget this is about profit c.n.n. made more money last year and i think i've ever made in their history rachel maddow is the top rated show in probably the prime conspiracy theorist even at one point talking about how in the midst of a cold snap the russians were going to cut off our gasoline we're going to freeze to death i mean it reached out level of absurdity but it brings in the dollars they peddle this narrative of fear one way or another and it makes them money. right moving on of lot of more putin has said that mutual are jewel citizenship for both russians and ukrainians would be a win win situation for you you know the new craniums in russians they are brothers moreover i believe that this is one nation with their cultural linguistic and historical features but it is in fact one nation if we have joint citizenship
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russians and ukrainians will benefit. well for more the story that stross live now authorities double quarter relations between moscow and kiev really have been scraping the bar of the last number of years so tell us how did this talk of jewels citizenship actually come about while you and it all began last week at the beginning of a back and forth of statements between vladimir putin and the newly elected ukrainian president vladimir selenski now putin said that russia would fast tracked applications for russian passports made by residents of the people's republic of lugansk and yet now these ukrainian territories decided to declare independence from the western backed government after your oh my don in two thousand and fourteen he later said that this perhaps would extend to all ukrainians and selenski respondents of putin's statement actually he said that the kremlin shouldn't try to seduce ukrainians into russia and that his wrists and he gave
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a tit for tat response about that. we will provide ukrainian citizenship to people of all nations who suffer from a three tier e and corrupt regimes first and foremost to russians who are suffering to the old most more than most of those stats don't really back up to the. claim about russian suffering though since you're on my down over two point five million ukrainians have moved to russia in search of work asylum citizenship all those things and that's in comparison to the one hundred twenty six ukrainian passport person recipients last year who were of russian origin but today's putin statement clearly set made it clear that the kremlin sees mutual citizenship between the two countries as a way to solve real suffering in the region. artie's don't quarter taking us through that. ok we're going to cross to some brits r.t. problems in just a moment here. r.t.
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international and then if you've got the time and the inclination i'll be right here in thirty to keep you updated on the day's big stories. let me. let. my seven years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one
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in the united states is drug abuse the sort of the users in the prison populations who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. certain sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of this it's just it doesn't get easier. seems wrong. just don't call. me. to get to shape out just to come out to and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i'm afshan to have seen you what you're going underground and while we're away we'll be screenings of your favorite episodes of the season coming up in this show canadian psychologist professor jordan peterson elevated by neo liberal war supporting media like the new york times and guardian comes to going on the ground and the first muslim woman to sit in parliament british pm in a suit in a british media political class complicit in deadly islamophobia all the civil coming of the days going underground to first the rise of identity politics is long been accused of masking the horrors of neoliberal stereotype of disguising class
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conflict as the driving force of the march of history but on next guest sees not only identity is the enemy to fulfilling lives but marxism and socialism joining me now from toronto in canada is clinical psychologist on the international bestselling author of twelve rules for life an antidote to chaos professor jordan peterson jordan welcome to going underground let's just begin with what do you think it says about free speech in britain that cambridge university made an announcement this week saying they weren't going to invite you to speak i think it says more about the nature of the universities in general than about free speech in general i mean i don't feel that my disinvited taishan has compromised my free speech ability because i have so many platforms on which i can discuss my ideas but i think that it was handled in an unbelievably unprofessional shoddy and cowardly way i mean i was never even notified formally that this invitation occurred i found
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out about it through the grapevine and i have no all still have no real explanation for why it happened. only able to surmise the reasons i think that our guy was in cambridge in november. and i did a very popular talk there and there was lots of student interest and interest out the faculty of divinity as well and i was really looking forward to working with the experts there on biblical issues and i thought it would have been a very good collaboration for everyone given the popularity of the biblical lecture series i did a year ago and i think it's i think it's sad and i think it's sad and shoddy but i also think it's deeply reflective of how powerful logical the universities have become to be clear you didn't tell them you didn't want demonstrators outside the lecture hall as when you were speaking this is clearly a sign of deliberate. no platforming and censorship well i presume so
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as i said i haven't had any official notification let's just get to some of the work i mean how key would you say and your work has been your opposition to socialism and marxism in of course the bestselling book as well given at the moment the word socialism of course has a bit of a renaissance here with jeremy corbyn and in the united states with but he has you know i'm particularly concerned with the more radical end of the left distribution or the left part of the political distribution as well as the identity politics people on the right. you know there are i live in canada it's a moderately socialist country i think that there's been there's the introduction of certain forms of legislation that have been formulated by the same order left that i think have been beneficial to people. i think the problem is that as.


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