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that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing. to the max and stacey. synagogue shooting in california was reportedly inspired by the mosque shootings in new zealand last. question is deadly fundamentalism spreading across all the religions. in the program the food and beverages giant pepsi co comes under fire for picking up the indian version over potatoes that company's best selling crisps. contender for the european commission. will block nord stream project designs of. europe as official we've got reaction from germany coming up.
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live from our international news center this is our t a warm welcome to the program i mean and o'neill first today more on saturday's deadly shooting in a synagogue near the californian city of san diego it appears the sole person who died in the attack a woman jumped in front of the rabbi to shield him from gunfire police have attended one thousand year old man in connection with the incident which took place during a service to mark the jewish holiday of passover the suspect reportedly posted an anti semitic message online before the attack president trump said that the shooting looks like a hate crime the city's authorities say the community should stay united. someone filled with hate. when i am. attacked the congregants at
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the bottom of our way an attack against our jewish brothers and sisters. fortunately that person was apprehended and now this community comes together a horrible loss of life. you have a suspect who's in detention in california is said to have been motivated by last month's mosque shootings in new zealand. and he's not the only killer inspired by the mosque attack the easter sunday massacre of christian church workers in sri lanka has been called the retaliation for the new zealand atrocity too with terrorism on retaliation hitting communities it seems our senior correspondent iraq goes d.s. has been looking into the escalating trend of religious violence. it's not about your color it's your creed and it's as old as time faith was the alleged gunman made anti jewish comments the blasts charges during the holiest day on the christian calendar a shooting incident at
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a synagogue mass shootings at two mosques police tonight are stepping up patrols around mosques nationwide we could almost pinpoint the moment it went big again. but the news reports that. al qaida opened the floodgates is the missed radicals at first but the idea spread. now anyone can grab a gun rant and rave in a manifesto optionally go live in facebook and kill and kill three major
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attacks in the last two months worst of all is that they're connected they're feeding each other. new zealand white supremacist slaughters dozens of muslims during friday prayers men women children that like their customs see religion. we new zealand we were not a target because we are a safe however for those who hate. we were not true isn't for the sake of violence because we can darn racism because we are in on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things. sri lanka islam is zealots though it's a stretch to call the muslims slaughter hundreds of christians again men women
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and children prayer time as they celebrate easter revenge they claim for new zealand is are this will be completely suppressed or create an environment of peace and freedom for the people of this country you know. san diego california a madman attacks jews in a synagogue on the last day of passover has a problem with judaism and its ways claims he was moved to beat it by the massacre in new zealand have no illusions if it can happen in new zealand no where it's really safe. a lot of fear mongering and a lot of like. media soundbites that have created an atmosphere of despise for the other like that particular group out of out there want to take
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our land they want to kill us and as a result we have to stand up and defend ourselves there is an environment that literally was already greetings kind of mindset however now they've incorporated asserted bottom times that they reached out should i say and been inspired by the very same people that they hate the violent acts those so that's the way that i would personally explain the situation it's having a knock on effect and there inspiring each other which is absolutely crazy but this is why we are where we are hatred breeds hatred it's self-sustaining the thing with killing and excusing it is being in the name of god is that it never ends it only gets worse. to another headline stories american food and beverage giant pepsi co is facing
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a backlash after suing for small time potato suppliers in india with the local government no volume to support the farmers it seems the multinational might face a battle the case marks a low point in a relationship that dates back to the late one nine hundred eighty s. when the first pepsi co potato plant in india was opened a partnership the company has been keen to promote babsy go feels proud to partner with farmers all across india through various agree cultural initiatives as they shared their experience of working alongside pepsi co. pepsico itself claims the four farmers grew a variety of potato which the company has exclusive rights over for their biggest selling chris brown delays it say's the potatoes were growing without the company's knowledge or permission and was reportedly seeking damages of around this month's six hundred thousand dollars the company however now sees its willing to drop the
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claim but there are conditions to the offer the u.s. corporation has suggested that the farmers become part of a collaborative potato farming program that means that they buy seeds and then sell the potatoes back to a pre price if they don't agree the farmers would have to grow other potato varieties but the farmers themselves say pepsico is violating their freedoms and fabricating laws. here i don't know why pepsi co claims that it's in the right according to indian law nowhere in india or in the world for that matter do you find a law that prohibits farmers from growing potatoes where did pepsico get this law from saeco has violated our basic freedoms with this lawsuit the sea that we have broken their patent rights how can they dictate what we can or cannot grow and let every year we buy seeds from within the farming community we never buy them from any specific company and have no agreement with any company came in totally wanted
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to do business with those they promised us a higher price and then filmed our farm they came as traders and were inquiring about the varieties we grow i told them we weren't sure of the variety but it's just white collar potatoes it's only when we receive the court notice that we realize who those people really were and those gentlemen are getting support there really is an increasing call across the globe for people to boycott pepsi co products and activists from the alliance for sustainable and holistic agriculture told us that farmers are becoming aware of their rights and companies won't be able to indiscriminately bring cases like this forward in the future. the farmers now clearly know that the indian legislation is on dave's a promise that a lot too so exchange c. save c save seed from a crop that is being good ordered from appropriate tree seed but just from
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a company and they are even allowed to sell set seed let's see if the seed in this case provided they don't back it live billet and sell it doesn't but i did see and these families were certainly not doing it this should have the freedom to choose what they want to goo as the only side. all right let's move the program on our euro skeptic right wing parties are in course for significant gains and next month's european parliament free elections if the polls prove right but research suggests that only a third or so of europeans are even aware there's a fall at all let alone how they plan to vote.
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our europe correspondent peter all of our reports on the elections main issues from the perspective of the blocs biggest power germany. there's less than a month to go the citizens will elect the next european parliament and while there's expectations of a slight increase in turnout the views of pollsters have published that less than five percent of citizens so they knew when they're supposed to vote if you win during it's between may twenty third to the twenty sixth if you break down the euro per day syrian to how those surveyed in member states of the question do you know when your country will vote in e.u. parliamentary elections well top of the class is multi where seventy three percent of those surveyed got it exactly right staying behind for extra lessons though while it's the netherlands where a paltry twelve percent of those polled knew which date they should be voting on
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almost forty percent of germans nailed the e.u. pollsters question however a separate poll taken domestically by hugo found that almost half of people didn't know who any of the nine leading candidates for seats in the european parliament were which isn't great when you think about the important job they do in the impact they can potentially have on everybody in the use life i'm a one out of four people could pick a month for adventure out of the lineup the c.s.u. man is only standing to be the european commission president one of the most powerful and important jobs in the whole of the european union in similar territory of twenty six percent we have nicolas of the free democrats doing a little better though we have alternative for germany's your miten on thirty five percent of those who were polled being able to pick him out of a lineup and then on thirty nine percent we have the social democratic party's
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catarina we can only presume that ms bali the current justice minister. extra recognition due to the fact that she showed willingness to appear on different media outlets to put across their argument europe as external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at across the u. s. of those polled said that they were definitely going to vote i asked people here on the streets of berlin what they made of the surveys and whether they intended to cast a ballot. will you take part in the european election. yes yes i have no clue when it comes to politics do you know when the parliamentary elections will be held but i don't know when exactly on the twenty sixth of may i think sometime in the spring a summer zeevi you know who this is no. and the next one.
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does that they're not really in the spotlight for the most part these are counted it's no one's ever heard of three weeks ago until that european citizens will elect the next e.u. parliament or at least they will fall if they remember which date they're supposed to turn up to vote on peace for all of our. listing in germany a politician there who is after the top job at the european commission sees that if elected he to use his power to block the major north stream to gas project designed to deliver russian fuel directly to europe it puts him at all two of germany's official stance on the pipeline. i'm against this project it's not in the interests of the european union because it will increase dependence on russian energy resources as the head of the european commission i will use all available laws to block an old stream to modern fred webber has been at the helm of a center right european peoples party since twenty fourteen it's
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a collective of other parties which hold seats in the european parliament under his tenure he's called for a mechanisms to control quote wayward e.u. states who go against the official european union positions is also a known critic of the e.u. is perceived dependency on russian energy latest remarks against north stream two has come under fire at home in germany. i find it rather strange that manfred weber let us germans know that he's against this project through a polish newspaper and we're talking about our country's interests named era libel and i think we shouldn't play with the future of our country mr verver does have some support over north stream to germany's green party has called the project juby is from a geo political point of view north stream two is currently under construction is the zine to deliver gas from north western russia to north eastern germany it's been a point of contention for e.u.
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members in the us mainly centered on concerns about energy dependence on russia but the pipeline supporters worry that blocking it will lead to gas shortages and higher prices and this discuss some of those issues now with me here during feldman is a political analyst at the berlin center for caspian region studies at the free university of berlin welcome germany is one of the few european countries which has consistently showed support for the north stream to pipeline how surprised are you that mr faber is so against the official position or otherwise. thank you for inviting me for this interview i was a bit surprised when i saw it last week in the newspaper but on the other hand mr bieber is not known as a pervert and he's involved electoral campaign to attract voters in a lot of european countries and as you know there are
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a lot of countries in eastern europe us and south europe who are not in favor of north's treatment to gain the votes of those waters he is you know competing against. also it is against the interests of his own party because the prime minister of the variables stating clearly that. is in the interest of germany as well as other. actress to germany the chancellor of economic and energy affairs and so on and so for us it's a big aspect north stream too is predicted to to lower gas prices for e.u. consumers but mr verver sees it is still not in the e.u.'s interest because it will increase dependence on russian energy i put it to use the dollar is concerned i've weighed the benefits of price cuts especially in germany which currently pays the most in europe. been the most for the electricity but if it
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comes to gas germany has a long cooperation vis the soviet union address russia it was obvious you know successful we are not as much dependent as russia is dependent on the european market i mean look simply on the. grid of. you know from siberia to europe and you can changes over overnight on the other had we have so many other suppliers i mean we have a lot of allergy notes in europe which are you know only used by thirty percent we have navi as a key supplier from the north we have still the netherlands we have passed africa from the south so we are not depending on russian gas this is completely. disowned formation in my opinion because. russia has only a small share of slightly so it is thirty five percent of the. gas supply so i mean this is not a clear signal of dependency and the russian gas is first of all very cheap it's
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a sheep is if you look at the contracts and if you look on the market so it is a very come for the not only german industry but also for the european industry you know can i just briefly expound on something you said earlier is some critics have been accusing mr weber of trying to use nordstrom too as a political tool to. when support from eastern european countries not just from his own voters that are against the project how how likely is that and what is the goal there. you know i mean he's known. but off the main opponents in the city you see as you. party east. it is not only here but it's also the chairperson of the foreign club we know about what and from the parliament and he belongs to this faction and he sees that it's not only to attract more electorate in eastern europe as i already mentioned but
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all too small to follow the past which a lot of countries are doing dollar like united states that mark poland and the parts of the baltic states saw it is a bit surprising but on the other hand if you look what you stated in the past and what you wrote for instance of the fund for. so he was never a supporter of this project which is not a political project which is economic a project you know run by several companies from western europe and the russian federation thank you very much for your time today matthias material dorn felt political analyst at the berlin center for caspian region studies at the free university of berlin. a russian student who's been paroled after serving her first sentence for trying to join the slum mixtape has been facing reporters this afternoon we picked on the story after this.
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to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so you want to be president and she. wanted. to write. this is like the before. can't be. interested in the. doing those manufacturing jobs also start to innovate because that's where the innovation happens on the factory floor so the factory floor is been moved to china as you point out though. we moved all of our jobs manufacturing over to china now all the innovations in china so we don't it's not it's not created in california built in china is going to be created in china built in china.
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twenty two minutes into the program welcomed by the new york times has been forced to apologize for printing an anti semitic cartoon it appeared in the papers international edition on the picks the israeli prime minister. leading president trump who's wearing dark glasses on the skull cap the new york times says publishing it was an error of judgment and i sincerely doubt it here's what some people in tel aviv helping saying about the image. i don't think we have to be so sensitive and keep on bringing up anti-semitic things every single time we see them i think. it's for sure and i'm to share my photo i don't think.
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that cartoon is anti-semitic because it goes back to the old days in the forty's when dish termer used to used to have germans and americans who were germans and jews. portrayed as dogs or or a lapdog for american policy and it's unbelievable and unacceptable so it's the thoughts in israel of some of the people there in the united states the reaction that we heard centered on finding the line between satire and sensitivity. i think the real problem here is the fact that they've kind of misrepresented the jewish identity around israel and around politics and i think it's much deeper than that although i think is important i understand it's a cartoon kind of in a time where things are kind of sensitive and we have to use caution in how we express ourselves and i don't think it's anti semitic i think it's interesting and i think that it shows that china has
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a lot of influence in israel well what is particularly embarrassing for the new york times is than it's been trying to lead the way in tackling anti semitism it's accused left wing politician such as u.s. representative omar british opposition leader jeremy corbin of the semitism over their criticism of israel critics of billionaire philanthropist george soros we discussed the paper's approach with attorney jennifer brief go on media analyst. this is the new york times. the old gray the lady the standard of journalistic excellence the newspaper that doesn't hesitate to point and excusing for. you whoever you are your anti semitic or your homophobic or your islamophobia your messiah didn't stick there very quickly that they said in a review this is anti semitic why didn't they think this before the worst reason
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would be negligence that they don't review card tuesday you dolt. basically know their own work product so what is interesting is that in this particular case the new york times is finding itself perhaps hoist by their own put tard forced to apologize and you notice nobody even argues today if you look at it we have six major companies that own most of the mainstream media outlets in the united states that includes the new york times and so you're talking about a very small pool of a narrative that's fallen into here and most of that is political anti donald trump anti conservative politics anti-republican you have just a couple people framing a certain narrative that's a certain political leaning and you also have a blind hatred of tunnel trump so much so that you overlook how this might offend many many people. russian student who attempted to join the slum experience has been speaking to the media in moscow she was released on parole last weekend after
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serving part of her sentence in a penal colony let's go live now to our correspondent in the cost of a who was the press briefing matina indeed what was said there. just as you mention you know not russian student not a lot of good are will of a has been released on parole following her to fiction for attempting to join myself here in stances. i now she was actually sentenced to four and how three years behind bars by a moscow court and that happened in december twenty sixth and now this monday she has said just how deep a media conference where i she said that her freedom hasn't yet sunk in and that still and so lodz to grasp for her for her i was speaking to the media she also once again called her actions a mistake because she also said that she holds her story's going to set an example
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and now hold on others to a wood to change their minds when i think about her story and that her story is going to be like an example of how this can happen what can happen. to the jews just regret us to a hope of to so much time have to sue many years the situation is different today i hope nobody wants to go there today and i believe that my story played a role here and others listen to you but if there are people who are into groups that are i hope they will listen to i hope they will change their mind that i think a hundred times and relies that have goodness gracious here is her parents both her father and her mother were with you but with her during that press conference where her father said that hundred so people actually asked him for how
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to return their relatives or children and that he called he even cruel does situation a mass phenomena now her mother once again remembered to the horrors that's how she told them to horrors so it was there a family had to be through. part. of this mission the to remember he's been on the run. both are showing her sentence of imprisonment for a term of four years and six months with the sentence being served in a general regime penal colony.
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order difficult for me to believe but i think this is just. about it seems quite tired of all the media attention that she god since she has been released now she said that she has a lot of plans but it's still too early to elaborate on those plans or gave any sort of the details as she says that she wants to see her friends to spend more time with her favorite dog that she missed so much basically she just wants to her life back and to return to a normal life yet thanks very much for bringing us up to date so all involved artie's been in a culture. where backcross talking in moments with peter and then after that i'll be here with thirty minutes of up to the moment news and views from our moscow h.q. .
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