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a u.s. army veteran who plotted a terrorist massacre after converting to islam. a new court documents. covering in a security measure in response to the easter sunday bombings which claimed more than two hundred fifty lives. picking up battled with farmers over. the company's best selling chris brown. a german for the european commission's top job. he will block north korea a project designed to pump russian gas into europe that is burning.
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and a russian eisold bride talks about being tormented by her past and. not as a regional but as a real. story was a peculiar. relationships with my family people. here most going to watching our national live from our studio with me welcome to the program some news just in a u.s. army veteran who converted to islam was reportedly planning a mass killing of christians jews and police in revenge for the recent shootings in new zealand according to newly released court documents quoted in the us media the suspect was arrested in california on friday this follows
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a recent surge in hate crimes with a religious motive in the us all the senior correspondent looks into the alarming trend. it's not about your color it's your creed and it's as old as time faith was the alleged gunman made anti jewish comments the blasts charges during the holiest day on the christian calendar a shooting incident at a synagogue mass shootings at two mosques police tonight are stepping up patrols around mosques nationwide we can almost pinpoint the moment it went big again. looking at records that. al qaida opened the flood gates is the missed radicals at first but the idea spread.
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now anyone can grab a gun rant and rave in a manifesto optionally go live in facebook and kill and kill three major attacks in the last two months worst of all is that they're connected they're feeding each other. new zealand white supremacist slaughters dozens of muslims during friday prayers men women children that like their customs see religion. we new zealand. we were not a target because we are
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a safe however for those who hate. we were not true isn't for the sake of violence because we can darn racism because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for. very fact that we are none of these things. sri lanka islam is zealots though it's a stretch to call the muslims slaughter hundreds of christians again men women and children prayer time as they celebrate easter revenge they claim for new zealand is sealed in our this will be completely suppressed or create an environment of peace and freedom for the people of this country you know. san diego california a madman attacks jews in a synagogue on the last day of passover has
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a problem with judaism and its ways claims he was moved to beat it by the massacre in new zealand i have no illusions if it can happen in new zealand no way it's really safe. a lot of fear mongering and a lot of like. media soundbites that have created an atmosphere of despise for the other like that particular group out of out there want to take our lives they want to kill us and as a result we have to stand up and defend ourselves there is an environment that literally was already breedings kind of mindset however now they've incorporated the certainly modern times that they reached out to i say and been inspired by the very same people that they hate the violent acts those so that's the way that i would personally explain the situation it's having
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a knock on effect and there inspiring each other which is absolutely crazy but this is why we are where we are hatred breeds hatred it's self-sustaining the thing with killing excusing it is being in the name of god is that it never ends it only gets worse following the atrocity in sri lanka that left more than two hundred fifty people dead the government has banned face coverings in public and emergency north but it angered the country's sizable muslim community our guest gave us their views on this story. it is very much a person in most of the lives who put many muslims yes it is right muslim center and much more liberal compared to their counterparts but i've since. august and wonder this for that matter but then we also talked about the individual rights to women to follow their specific religious obligations and where does it stop. is
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it not going to move into the next and. afterwards when it cools down the problems marriage and what denmark i'm also this gives a kind of lip service to the extremists with this in the society who might target the muslims and arabs in the long run in the south from a despotic lee alright we'll have to see how all of the government is going to continue to get elected it was an extremist buddhists that carried out the massacres in sri lanka it was extremists islamicists let's get a couple of things clear here so isn't it absolutely reasonable that sri lankan government takes what ever measures it seems appropriate to secure the lives of sri lankan citizens who is going to be. compromised by the very act of trying to make sure that security services can check the visibility of those people who could potentially be about to carry out
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a terrorist incident that's the reason for doing this you know and i think it's very sensible and i think it's really peculiar that anybody would oppose the state house the responsibility of looking after the interests of the masses on the basis of that it can take these mages but this should not become a long term because if it does extend beyond a specific period of this emergency laws then you become becomes a part of the states are part of it and that clear division between sri lanka's multireligious religious fabric and let's not forget the muslims have been. at the receiving end of the conflict in the scene why is most from the tamil in the side as well as a buddhist majority side so they might feel that they are being pushed out in this new twist and they are being regarded as the new enemies in the society but it wasn't and they didn't suddenly get of islamophobia this was an attack by a radical i did mercilessness the christians it slaughtered them in their hundreds
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and you're talking about islamophobia c'mon listen if some of them women in sri lanka feel you know at a disadvantage because of this particular temporary legislation then the people the blame or their coreligionists who carried out it's the atrocity not all muslims are terrorists i absolutely agree with this one but on this occasion all the terrorists were muslims you deal with it. as one of our guests mentioned the muslims in sri lanka have faced growing hostility since the easter sunday atrocity and many of them now fear for their future. and they look at the. logic a levy had been effective to be honest. to be never. see you. have considered this.
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but. they are ideologies this has nothing to do with. me have to freeze many consequences because. there are extremist terrorist behavior. are not part of. the muslims. american food and beverage giant pepsi co is facing a backlash after suing for small time potatoes supplies in india and with the local government now vowing to support the farmers it seems the multinational might face a battle they case marks a low point in a relationship that dates back to the late one nine hundred eighty s. when the first pepsi co potato plant in india was opened a partnership the company has been keen to advertise. pepsi co feels proud to partner with farmers all across india through various agricultural
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initiatives as they shared their experience of working alongside. pepsico claims the four farmers grew a variety of potatoes which the company has exclusive rights over their biggest selling chris bryant lays it says that potatoes will grow without the company's knowledge or permission and was reportedly seeking damages of around six hundred thousand dollars the company however now says it's willing to drop the claim but there are conditions to the offer the u.s. corporation has suggested the farmers become part of a collaborative potato farming program this would mean they buy seeds and then sell the potatoes back at a pre agreed price if they don't agree the farmers would have to grow other potato varieties but the farmer say pepsi co is violating their freedoms and fabricating laws. i don't know why pepsi co claims that it's in the right according to indian law no where in india were in the world for that matter do you find
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a law that prohibits farmers from growing pretty really pepsico get this law from the go has violated our basic freedoms with this lawsuit see that we have broken their power rates how can they dictate what we can or cannot grow. every year we buy seeds from within the farming community we never buy them from any specific company and have no agreement with any company came and told us we wanted to do business with those they promised us a higher price and then filmed off. they came as traders and were inquiring about the varieties we grow i told them we weren't sure of the variety but it's just white collar potatoes it's only when we receive the court notice that we realize who those people really were. a russian student who attempted to join islamic state and is now out on parole has shed light on the details of a time trying to join the terror group and then imprisonment in russia our correspondent. met with. first one on one interview since her release.
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it's been only three days since about a former moscow student was released on parole from a russian penal colony she was convicted for attempting to join icily terrorist and she was sentenced to four and a half years but she spent two years in a colony and i spoke to her i asked her about her time in the penal colony about her thoughts and her future and about what she thinks now for all the decisions that she made that glad to life behind bars told me that it is difficult for her to talk to the process but she wants to be open about what happened. because. i want to show myself not as i was probably originally showed but as i really am that my story was
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a peculiar listen not of an old bald isis but about just simple relationships with my family with people this is my deeply personal story the story of my family i want to tell and show people myself and not be afraid of me. she also gave some advice to those who are struggling and even those who are thinking about joining the ranks of terrorists or special for still celebrities i just think that what happened to me was also related to my low self-esteem uncertainty in myself and it turns out that women hold on to their husbands and their they hold onto them so much that they may not even understand their ideology they do not understand why to go there there has been see so no discussion and is very important to believe in yourself you rude mean something if he says you have to go so what who cares what she says. but also told me about how she coped worst time that she spent in a penal colony. i felt
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a lot of that moment about what was happening and why it was happening actually very difficult thoughts they go round and round and round sometimes it takes you to the point of depression because you can't get out of this g.h. and you don't want to think about it you want to turn away and run but it is still there and then understand that i can't leave this story behind me it will always be part of me. but i was released on parole and she can't leave the city without just there is asian she seemed rather confused as she has no wood detail to plans for her future now she said that her freedom hasn't yet sunk in and that still it's a lot to grasp for her she only said that she wants to get back to normal life. here a skeptic and right wing parties are on course for significant gains in next month's european parliament election if the polls prove right but research suggests that
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only a third of europeans are even aware there's a ballot at all let alone how they plan to vote. i europe correspondent peter all of a now reports on the election from the perspective of the blocks because power germany. there's less than a month to go the citizens will elect the next european parliament and while there's expectations of a slight increase in turnout the e.u. pollsters have published that less than five percent of citizens so they knew when they're supposed to vote if you win during it's between may twenty third for the twenty sixth if you break down the euro per day syrian to how those surveyed in
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member states of the question do you know when your country will vote in e.u. parliamentary elections well top of the class is multi where seventy three percent of those surveyed got it exactly right staying behind for extra lessons though it's the netherlands where a paltry twelve percent of those polled knew which dates they should be voting on almost forty percent of germans nailed the e.u. pollsters question however a separate poll taken domestically by hugo found that almost half of people didn't know who any of the nine leading candidates for seats in the european parliament were which isn't great when you think about the important job they do in the impact they can potentially have on everybody in the use life i'm a one out of four people could pick month for adventure out of the lineup the c.s.u. man is only standing to be the european commission president one of the most powerful
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and important jobs in the whole of the european union in similar territory of twenty six percent we have nicolas of the free democrats doing a little better though we have alternative for germany's your miten on thirty five percent of those who were polled being able to pick him out of a lineup and then on thirty nine percent we have the social democratic party's catarina we can only presume that ms bali the current justice minister. extra recognition due to the fact that she showed willingness to appear on different media outlets to put across their argument europe as external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at the cross the new a of those polled said that they would definitely going to vote i asked people here on the streets of what they made of the surveys and whether they intended to cast a ballot. will you take part in the european election. yes
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yes i have no clue when it comes to politics do you know when the parliamentary election will be held soon but i don't know when exactly on the twenty sixth of may i think sometime in the spring or somewhere. you know who this is no. and the next one. is that they're not really in the spotlight for the most part these are candidates no one's ever heard of three weeks ago until the european citizens will elect the next e.u. parliament or at least they will they remember which date they're supposed to turn up to vote on peace for all of us. one of the contenders for the top job who putin just talked about is causing a stir in political circles at home in germany one friend of arab or has just said if elected as european commission president he'd use his power to block
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a major north stream to gas project designed to deliver russian fuel directly to europe it puts him at odds with germany's official stance on the pipeline. i'm against this project it's not in the interests of the european union because it will increase dependence on russian energy resources as the head of the european commission i will use all available laws to block north stream to. and fred has been at the helm of the center right european people's party since twenty fourteen it's a collective of other parties which held seats in the european parliament and his tenure he's called for mechanisms to control quote way would. official new opinion positions he's also a known critic of the perceived dependency on russian energy their visit latest remarks against north stream two has come under fire at home in germany. i find it rather strange that manfred weber let us germans know that he's against this project through polish newspaper and we're talking about our country's interests
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name to reliable and i think we shouldn't play with the future of our country. and friend of their but does have some support of a non stream to germany's green party has called the project dubious from a geo political point of view north stream two is currently under construction and is designed to deliver gas from northwestern russia to north eastern germany the pipeline supporters say that blocking the project would lead to gas shortages and higher prices earlier we talked to a political analyst in the pearland center for caspian region studies who says it's a bit of a stretch to claim europe is hoped on russian gas. peace and out of electoral campaign to attract voters and you know there are a lot of countries in eastern europe us and so ours europe who are not in favor of north stream and to gain the votes of those waters he is you know campaigning against we are not depending on russian gas this is completely do some formation in
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my opinion because russia has only a small share of slightly sort of sort of five percent of the your gas supply so you have so many other suppliers so i mean we have a lot of other g. traveling notes in europe which are you know only used by thirty percent we have navi as a key supplier from the dos we have still. we have false africa from the south so we are not much dependent russia is dependent on the european market. in new york times has been forced to apologize for printing an anti-semitic cartoons it appeared in the papers international edition and depicts the israeli prime minister as the current dog eating president trump he's wearing dark glasses and the skull cap in new york times says publishing it was an error of judgment and has since deleted it here's what some people in tel aviv have been saying about the image i don't think we have to be so sensitive and keep on bringing up anti-semitic
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things every single time we see them being that it's for sure photo i don't think the same. political. cartoonist anti-semitic because it goes back to the old days in the forty's with this storm are used to used to have germans and americans were germans and jews. portrayed as dogs or or a lapdog for american policy and it's unbelievable and unacceptable in the united states the reaction we had centered on finding the line between satire and sensitivity. i think the real problem here is the fact that they've kind of misrepresented the jewish identity around israel and around politics and i think it's much deeper than that although i think is important i understand it's a cartoon kind of thing in a time where things are kind of sensitive and we have to use caution in how we
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express ourselves and i don't think it's anti semitic i think it's interesting and i think that it shows that china has a lot of influence in israel. what is particularly embarrassing for the new york times is that it's been trying to lead the way in tackling anti semitism is accused left wing politicians such as u.s. representative law and british opposition leader jeremy corbyn of anti semitism of their criticism of israel and hit out at critics of billionaire philanthropist george soros we discussed the paper's approach with attorney jennifer braden and legal analyst lionel. this is the new york times. the old gray lady the standard of journalistic excellence the newspaper that doesn't hesitate to point and it cusins. you you whoever you are your anti semitic or your homophobic or your islamophobia your messiah
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didn't stick there very quickly that they said in a review this is anti semitic why didn't they think this before the worst reason would be negligence that they don't review card tuesday you dolt. basically know their own work product so what is interesting is that in this particular case the new york times is finding itself perhaps hoist by their own put tard forced to apologize and you notice nobody even argues today if you look at it we have six major companies that own most of the mainstream media outlets in the united states that includes the new york times and so you're talking about a very small pool of a narrative that's fallen into here and most of that is political anti donald trump anti conservative politics anti-republican you have just a couple people framing a certain narrative that's a certain political lean and you also have a blind hatred of tunnel trump so much so that you overlook how this might offend many many people. the u.s.
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is ready to ramp up and recent warnings to the u.k. ever allowing chinese tech giant while way to help build its five g. network. cybersecurity officials in washington are saying they could be forced to withhold intelligence from. what we really have here is a loaded gun is something that western democracies who values human rights should think very carefully about if they want to give that to an authoritarian regime with very different values about the use of data while we and the chinese government have repeatedly denied us allegations that while we equipment pose a security risk claiming that the u.s. has not offered any concrete evidence what is your strategy in countering those claims the way we look at it is there is a combination of intent capabilities and opportunity i think there the statement might someone saying well we're going to the intent of the keep ability might happen more easily with in china or author or tyrian regime and so that's much
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easier if you hide underneath the security aspect and the potential security threats even though nothing has been found in a while we would quit we've got separate testing facilities set up in the u.k. and in europe and there's been no influence of the whatsoever. despite concern in washington while a has already conducted trials in a number of european countries including france and germany the u.s. has accused the chinese firm of money laundering forward and faffed of intellectual property while also claiming beijing uses its telecom that point to spying while he has denied all those allegations. we had from the evasion center as executive vice president told us the security issue is being flagged by the u.s. a part of the growing trade with china i think the main reason is. it's technology and competitive and i mean basically the u.s. is behind on technology while we're leaving the area it's growing could china
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potentially buy or eavesdrop just like it's been shown that the u.s. spies on. just adversaries but allies its own citizens and as we've discovered recently be even opposition political candidates i do not believe it security reason i think we're using these things to increase the trade negotiations potentially with china it's basically a component of hybrid work where we talk about what the internet gave them the new capabilities on on now in five g. the whole next generation of that and to be simply put yourself years behind. the economic suicide. america's face of diplomacy as secretary of state might pompei it came to light russian interference in fact in the twenty sixteen us presidential election and will continue to be a threat for decades to come. the russians interfered it happened in the run up to
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the election in two thousand and sixteen that we have that we have the mission now to make sure this doesn't happen in two thousand and twenty there were threats or elections ninety seven before. they interfered or elections in the eighty's and we should expect in two thousand and fifteen twenty fifty the russians will be at it still i must say i was stunned at his reference tonight. hundred seventy four in the one nine hundred eighty s. what is he talking about i mean we're talking about the era of gus hall the communist party when he ran for president was zero supported this was the time of the of the old soviet union what relevance does that have today the idea of putting more sanctions round by round is simply this that russia is our eternal enemy they were our enemy under the soviet time their enemy and now they will be our enemy in the future this is the kind of a man a kenyan binary mindset that simply has no place it irrational political discourse russian wasn't the only target from my pumpin as he spoke with janis iran that was
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on the list to terror on has been facing us strong arm tactics and extended sanction since washington with from the twenty fifteen. last week the trumpet ministration also ended all the temporary ravens running in oil imports including china and turkey and pump a a promised unbearable conditions for anyone looking to continue trade with the middle eastern nation trust ministration recently announced sanctions and no more waivers ok and turkey and china have said there are going to be undeterred so what now sovereign nations make their own choices individual businesses inside of that will make their own choices what we can do is prepare a sanctions regime that makes it incredibly costly it's a case of bullying runamuck the us is opposing the rest of the world trumps isolationism.


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