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tv   News  RT  April 30, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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i. choose a morning from moscow an american veteran turned alleged. is arrested in california for plotting a massive attack on christians and jews officials say he was seeking revenge for the mosque shootings in new zealand last. coming up to we speak exclusively this a russian student who attempted to join islamic state she's been released on parole now though after spending almost two years in prison. this is a new russian spy scandal surfacing in the media literally a fisherman in norway meet a friendly way. with a neighbor no less of a big brush. good
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morning it's eleven am this choose the thirtieth of april in moscow life marty h.q. kevin only here for this thirty minutes live news updates think she company a u.s. army veteran has been arrested and charged in california over alleged bomb plot according to the justice department the twenty six year old was planning a massacre on christians and jews kalam open as the story. federal officials have raised an indictment for an individual who has just arrested named mark stephen domingo now this is a u.s. army veteran who served in afghanistan is now charged with attempting to carry out a large scale terrorist attack as revenge for the incidents in new zealand the shootings in new zealand at the mosques that killed a number of individuals that apparently motivated mark stephen domingo to plan to carry out a terrorist attack in los angeles and take the lives of scores possibly hundreds of
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individuals here is some of what the indictment says in online posts and in conversations with an f.b.i. source to express support for violent jihad a desire to seek retribution for attacks against muslims and their willingness become a mosque according to the affidavit following an attack on a mosque in new zealand on march thirteenth domingo posted the must be rich now the f.b.i. says it used confidential human sources to acquire information about domingo essentially began when he was posting on internet forums calling for revenge and retribution for the new zealand attacks and from what i understand federal officials first began talking with him on the internet then they set up in person meetings in those meetings he expressed a desire to attack a rally that was set to take place in california he purchased hundreds of nails and these nails were apparently to be used in an improvised explosive device they were
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to be shrapnel that would then be detonated and kill everyone in attendance if possible now from what we understand he is now in the hands of federal officials and he will soon be appearing in federal court to face charges for planning this large scale terrorist attack now people are looking at these incidents the the shooting in christ church in new zealand the recent incidents at synagogues across the united states the attacks have taken place in churches and noticing a disturbing trend where places of worship seem to be targeted by those intending to carry out terrorist attacks. and acts of religiously motivated violence so we'll be waiting to see what happens next as the individual mark steven domingo twenty six years old u.s. army veteran is set to face these charges after being apprehended kellam open the ok stephen i'm sorry mark stephen domingo is alleged to have said he would swear allegiance to i still if the group were in the united states this comes amid growing international fears about planned i still terror attacks were just two months ago course president trump saying that the militant groups caliphate in
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syria has been defeated questions all the long lines with these people gone so it's thought domingo's planned attack was in retribution for the shootings in christchurch new zealand last month there fifty people were killed in that tragedy after a gunman who previously expressed white supremacist views opened fire on those worshipers in two mosques some of the shooting was live streamed on facebook meantime the other recent tragic events in sri lanka were also linked back to new zealand by the authorities the motive for it is remind us of their the tragedy eight bombs went off from a south asian island on easter sunday killing over two hundred fifty people it was targeting churches it was targeting luxury hotels and what turned out to be a string of attacks and now in a move designed to boost public protection the sri lankan government has banned female face coverings in public but that sort of mixed reaction it angered the country's sizable muslim community of course the second largest minority group in sri lanka here in r.t. we discussed whether or not it was
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a prudent security move or another possibility to inflame religious hostility in the region. let's get real you know over two hundred fifty people have been massacred in sri lanka and the i fully support the sri lankan president for this temporary security measure i imagine a scenario where the security forces people who are covered up and then could say that would you know who they where their identities are not clear to us so that kind of allows for the muslims to move freely across the society if those women had their faces shaded by a head covering then clearly a c.c.t.v. image would show nothing so there is a logic to this if you follow me you know it's just it's just be explicitly enabling security services to dent of i and of the jewels in the act of or planning to carry out massacres in this instance of hundreds of christian people christian
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people so i think it's reasonable why not support it as the head of human rights watch has only argued it is a needless restriction what you daws is sort of creates a sense of helplessness among the muslims they might feel that one by one our rights have been taken away fundamental rights it's been supported by the largest muslim group in sure lanka so where's the argument most of them supported sure like and supported i supported who wouldn't support it but the males are talking about their individual rights the rights of women to follow their specific religious obligations and where does it stop who is going to be. compromised by the very act of trying to make sure that security services can check the visibility of those people who could potentially be able to carry out a terrorist incident but the reason for doing this there could be the islamic hard
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line conservative argument but having said that the state has the response. of looking after the interests of the masses on the basis of that it can take these mages but this should not become a long term because if it does that creates a division between sri lanka's multireligious religious fabric so there is arguably islamophobia across the international system this was an attack by radical muslims or christians it slaughtered them in their hundreds and you're talking about islamophobia c'mon this is nothing to do with islam phobia this was christian a phobia not all muslims are terrorists i absolutely agree with this one but on this occasion all the terrorists were muslims you deal with it. next a russian student attempted to join islamic state in syria spoken to me this is exclusive for you shedding light on her motivation and the consequences of her actions she's
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been released on parole right now after more than two years already in prison and she's given some cautionary advice to and wants to follow in her path. because i'd say guy i want to show myself not as i was probably originally showed but as i really am that my story was a peculiar lesson not even all about isis but about just simple relationships with my family people this is my deeply personal story the story of my family i want to tell and show people myself and not be afraid of me i just think that what happened to me was also related to my lower self esteem and certainty in myself and it turns out that women hold on to their husbands and go there they hold on to them so much that they may not even understand their ideology they do not understand why to go there yet their husband sees or no discussion and is very important to believe in yourself your word means something what if he says you have to go and so what who cares what he says and i thought a lot at that moment about what was happening why it was happening and actually
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very difficult fools they go round and round and round sometimes it takes you to the point of depression because you can't get out of the education that you don't want to think about it if you want to turn away and wrong but i just still there and i understand that i can't leave this story behind me it will always be part of me. the face of american diplomacy secular state my pompei always claim that russians have been interfering in american elections since the nineteen seventies that will continue to pose a threat for decades to come he says. the russians interfered it happened in the run up to the election in two thousand and sixteen we have the we have the mission now to make sure this doesn't happen in two thousand and twenty there were threats or elections ninety seven right and they interfered our elections in the eighty's and we should expect in two thousand and fifteen twenty fifty the russians will be added still i must say i was stunned at his reference to nine hundred seventy four
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and the one nine hundred eighty s. what is he talking about i mean we're talking about the era of gus hall and the communist party when he ran for president was zero support and this was the time of the of the old soviet union what relevance does that have today the idea of putting more sanctions round by round is simply this that russia is our eternal enemy they were our enemy under the soviet time they're our enemy and now they will be our enemy in the future this is kind of a manichean binary mindset that simply has no place in a rational political discourse. different story but simply a kind of a next norway is also preparing for some russian meddling decisions in fact he did apparently this time in the form of a friend the beluga whale that apparently approached fishing off the country's northern coast sporting a camera mount on a harness bearing and this is the clever bit the name of the big russian city he said to try and kill what eels in the story for us. here's a situation
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a cute white sea mammal starts playing with a couple of fishing boats. the little. creature clearly wants to grab people's attention and even tries to pull straps and ropes. the crew treats the little whale with some yummy snacks but realizes it's probably peeved by a tight harness around its body. because it takes a while and some real effort to take the straps off the unfortunate friend the white chap swims away enjoy the harness clip is branded equipment st petersburg which turns out to be a real washing firm making extreme sports equipment now how about this story. a group of norwegian fishing vessels have survived an attack. alas the boat
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the tide harness round its body with the name of the lot of putin's hometown on it made locals think the whale was a russian navy weapon norway is now on high alert amid fears russia could have trained entire teams of sea creatures for spying and combat missions some of you might roll your eyes and think what a weird paranoid freak out well i'll tell you what pretty much all the media out there reported the encounter of norway's northern coast and in some cases my impression of the catchy coverage wasn't too much of an exaggeration whale found off noways coast believed to be spying for russia. does a new alleged russian spy it's a below go whale colonel beluga off of course if it says st petersburg on that thing the cute creature must be
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a russian spy or not to underestimate what britain is probably a better word the luger whale found wearing a harness to carry camera could be russian weapon whales trained by russia's military maybe harassing fishermen from nato ally in no way ok i'll tell you a secret the likes of the russian or u.s. navy's started training seem for things like the mining rescue operations spotting underwater threats decades ago just google it but it never really put their neighbors in panic mode this time though beluga whale with russian harness raises alarm in norway i just hope those who wrote this do stay away from some of the following displays of russian humor.
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but the serious stuff after the break this is art international folks are watching this tuesday morning with me cover though in saudi arabia host an investment summit with global finance chiefs similarly undeterred by last year's murder of journalist jamal khashoggi just one of the stories ahead for you. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy don't foundation let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to preach. that you're going to be close this is what will before freedom or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water out. there should. be. is this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. to
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cookouts those expressed so. that seems cool such. a special projects funded. on i'm your best bet is the end of it for the teacup. now the mountains of waste only grow higher. again good morning after year in the financial wilderness saudi arabia has been ushered back into the fold of some the world's biggest firms gave riyadh their seal of approval last week at an investment forum there last year they boycotted a similar gathering of course over the murder of the journalist. a senior correspondent reports. the smell of money can be intoxicated or even a year since the gruesome murder of washington post journalist jamal has shoji and
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the worldwide condemnation over a saudi official suspected role in it but it seems enough money can sway anything throughout last week who's who of the financial elite hunkered down together at a saudi financial summit i find it's a very important interesting place for us to build a relationship the transformation of the region has been quite amazing the list of speakers and those in attendance was impressive top dogs from banks including h.s.b.c. morgan stanley j.p. morgan chase sausage the asian our former e.u. prime ministers the v.i.p. real deal juxtapose that with a conference the saudis held in october dubbed davos in the desert at was talk sic c.e.o.'s investors made their excuses left and right and center but not for long
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because the you resistible smell of money soon returned the factors issues in the press does not tell me i must run away from a place ironic given that he said that at the ritz hotel in riyadh where eighteen months ago dozens of saudi dissidents and royal rivals detained apparently tortured and forced to give up billions of dollars to the king so who cares if an outspoken journalist was butchered and dissolved in acid who cares if saudi arabia just executed thirty seven men reportedly for political reasons crucifying one of them whose saudi billions could be just the thing to make america great again. saudi arabia very rich country we defend them. thing.
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they have nothing but cash. you know you have people wanting to cut off saudi arabia they've bought four hundred and fifty billion dollars i don't want to lose them i call the cain i like the king. i said king. we're losing our founding king and you have a lot of money. the it's bad for business is bad for everyone so perhaps goes without saying that with some things it's best to forget like murder torture mass executions and depression i mean put yourself in the very very expensive shoes the c.e.o. of investment firm black rock manages more than six trillion dollars in assets trillion for reference the us government budget for next year is just under five
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trillion i'm a talking about trillions of dollars human rights and well just people generally become a little less important that's not to say the c.e.o. of blackrock is a bad guy now mr fink was recognized last november by the crisis response group the international rescue committee for his spirit and passion for humanitarian causes real people guy charity and all that said the smell of money of trillions does crazy things to you so no you can go on boycotting and criticizing saudi arabia but the guys with the money hold the strings they're interested it's business as usual. cybersecurity officials of the united states are warning britain against allowing the chinese tech giant quire way to help build a five g. network their washington says the company's untrusted vendor in cooperation may
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endanger intelligence sharing with the u.k. if it happens where we really have here is a loaded gun is something that western democracies who value human rights should think very carefully about if they want to give that to an authoritarian regime with very different values about the uses of data for ways already conducted five g. trials in a number of european countries including france and germany the u.s. those accuse the chinese firm of money laundering fraud and theft of intellectual property something it strongly denies we heard from a european asian affairs specialist who says there's no evidence to prove the company was spying. i think there's a statement of my someone saying all is going to the intent of the capability might happen more easily with in china our authoritarian regime and so that's much easier to hide underneath the the security aspect and the six potential security threats even though nothing has been found in a while with equipment we've got separate testing facilities set up in the u.k.
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and in europe and there's been no instances of whatsoever i think the main reason is. is technology and competitiveness i mean basically the u.s. is behind on five g. technology while he's leaving the area is growing could china potentially fire eavesdrop yes just like it's been shown that the u.s. spies on. just adversaries but allies its own citizens and as we've discovered recently even opposition political candidates i do not believe it's security reasons i think we're using these things to increase the trade negotiations potentially with china it's basically a component of hybrid warfare and to basically put yourself years behind that. that's economic suicide. and finally as a side was maybe too much well on his mind. ninety years.
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it will magically between canada and china can really have a very high. you were able to make such time for the tremendous friendship that we celebrate every day between canada and china thank you shinzo happy to turn it over to you that was the canadian prime minister having a pretty bad day at the office during his meeting with these japanese all the signals but china as you heard was among the most discuss topics he did not intentionally background recently china arrested while ways chief financial officer of course outrage in china and damaging relations so far this tuesday morning from r.t. international thanks for watching revici didn't run the world while i was kevin i would check out our site dot com for the latest from us as it happens if you go up illustrate your mobile device have a good day. the to. seriously folks go through
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a period of sort of full scale the first flood if. you're dealing with someone you would believe that it was my job to the wellness them. losing is its ability. to get rid of that all you want the solicitor got it would put me on that i'm interested in said liberal still it was god you know you'll know paul. enough well it was pretty but craig was a. kind of watches there too which could be a hope of coming down long ago but i come. here to your room you're in the news you don't produce or storm the lead here so my look down from moods should show during the clue a trick of crackers some are going to.
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make it is manufactured to sentenced him to the public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is. one else so it's seemed wrong. but old quotes just don't hold. any gold yet to shape our distinct concepts of. and it gains from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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they can come and blow our brains out at any given time if we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people outside of war and legally get away with. all of the fire crawls still brilliant all the troubled history failed to point its hollow flame to k.k.k. exists because america wants it to exist they are the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse all than the people who destroyed the world trade centers are those grow white. white. white.
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joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i don't want her oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh well we. know we right. now. i. am in the race i don't know what.
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readings and sal you take. we are taking our signature back yes those were the six words spoken by us president battled trump at the national to the national rifle association crowd sent them into a wild applause frenzy of the manual summit in indianapolis on friday where trump unexpectedly been a speech here is he not that really other expectedly told the exuberant crowd and the world that the united states of america would not ratify the united nations two thousand and fourteen arms trade treaty you see according to the un the international arms treaty was designed to regulate the international trade in conventional arms from small arms the battle tanks to combat acar aircraft all the way up to warships all in an effort to help better control the widespread availability of misuse of weapons. former u.s. president barack obama signed the treaty back in two thousand and thirteen but the united states you see when we know there's really ratified the deal trump went on
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the all the crowd quote under my administration we will never surrender american sovereignty to anyone we will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your second amendment freedoms and that is why my administration will never ratify the u.n. arms trade treaty yes donald those are strong words but. very very little on how shall we say you know understanding of what the treaty covers and how it actually works mainly because you know that u.n. arms treaty only regulates international international sales of weapons not domestic sales difference international domestic rachel stall the managing director of the stimson center at think tank and consultant to the arms trade treaty process decried trumps decision saying quote today the president once again walked away from america's leadership role in the world and undermined international efforts to reduce human suffering caused by irresponsible and illegal arms transfers. smell
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that air guns arms treaties broken promises and billions of dollars on the line i think it's a good time to start watching the hawks. but. the . real this is what. the bottom. like you that i got. with. this. welcome are going to watching the hawks i am tyrrell vinter and i'm happy and. people know and then. the second amendment where are the united nations rights around treaty the work. order or this particular treaty in your this treaty and particularly international domestic two very.


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